Our Journey - How We Started?

Firstly, we met on Instagram. We were a small group of friends who loved talking about anime and manga. We created a group that included more anime fans online. Later, we came to know many people started to request recommendations for top anime & manga.

Also, more experienced Otakus joined, and they helped the newbies know about which anime they should pick as a starter according to the genre they prefer. There used to be polls and debates as well about which anime character is better.

Now, as our community got huge, we decided to assist just those people who are in our community when there are millions of anime fans frequently looking to get the best advice on which anime to watch, which manga to read, and alerts about the upcoming anime series! With this in mind, our team started the website “,” where we will share the best anime, characters, and manga suggestions of all genres based on our watching and reading experience.

Also, we’ll share the latest alerts about anime news. So, don’t forget to follow our social media accounts, where we frequently share polls, reviews, and suggestions to stay updated with the latest anime news!

If you wish to be a part of our team or ask us for any anime recommendations, feel free to contact us. Our team is frequently active to assist you!

About Us

A group of otakus operates We started this platform as a team, as we’ve been watching anime for years. Our main motive behind making this platform is to provide honest opinions of anime, its characters, and manga to fans who want to know more about anime. With our anime-watching and manga-reading experience, the information you’ll find on Animesalerts will be 100% authentic.