Why Can’t Nanami Use Domain Expansion?

Nanami cannot use domain expansion because he believes the technique is way too risky and requires a lot of resources. Nanami’s combat style is more calculated and conservative, which focuses on being more efficient.

Rather than just outward brute force and domain expansion, it needs the person to have a lot of cursed energy and can leave the person trying to use it vulnerable if it is not used properly. Instead, Nanami prepares using a ratio technique, which is more predictable and less draining.

The Risks and Requirements of Domain Expansion in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Domain expansion is not something that is easy to use. It is an incredible technique, but it also comes with its own risks and many requirements that make it a little bit of a poker game.

To begin with, it consumes a lot of cursed energy, and for a pragmatist like Nanami, who values efficiency and sensibility in battle, the high energy cost makes domain energy less appealing to him.

  • Risk of Counterattack: when a sorcerer casts a domain, they create a space where their technique amplifies significantly. But if an opponent can counter with their own domain, the original caster could be in a lot of trouble being trapped in an enemy’s territory. Nanami, who prefers to keep his barrels clean and controlled, would naturally avoid opening himself to such gambling.
  • Complexity and Precision: the execution of the domain expansion requires a lot of error-free tactics and control, which can be taxing even for the most skilled sorcerers. Nanami’s fighting style is all about being able to maximize the amount of impact with a little bit of effort. So why would he overcomplicate things with a domain when he can efficiently rattle an opponent with a well-placed hit?

Nanami’s Ratio Technique Versus Domain Expansion

Nanami’s signature technique, the ratio technique, allows him to divide his target into 10 sections and identify their weakest points to strike with enough Precision.

And this method aligns perfectly with his philosophy of Jujutsu. So why use brute force when he can take out an enemy with surgical accuracy?

  • Adaptability in Combat: Nanami’s ratio technique gives him the domain expansion capability, which is highly flexible. And in the heat of combat, being able to maneuver around in a flexible way can be other than just raw power. Being able to focus on his technique, which is dynamic and flexible, gives him the ability to respond to any situation without the constraints of casting a domain.
  • Energy Efficiency: keeping his energy in check means that Nanami can fight for a longer period, while other sorcerers might be able to make themselves tired with a flashy domain attack. Nanami can reserve his energy, ensuring he never gets caught in an off-guard position or is too tired to continue to fight.

Why Nanami’s Strategy Works for Him

Every sorcerer in the series has their kind of fighting style that goes hand in hand with their abilities. For Nanami, avoiding domain expansion isn’t just a tactical choice; it is a way that reflects how he is a pragmatic member and approaches life and his battles.

He knows that his strength makes him avoid unnecessary gambling strategies. And it makes him focus on what he does best: taking down curses with efficiency and style.

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