Are Bakugou and Deku Cousins?

In the series “My Hero Academia”, Bakugou Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku, also known as Deku, are not related or even cousins. They are just childhood friends with a complicated relationship that changes throughout the series.

There’s no connection that points to them being family. Instead, the bond that they share is defined by their shared history, rivalry, and differing hero philosophies. The main story focuses on their growth from rivals to comrades as they navigate the challenges of becoming heroes.

Relationship Between Bakugou and Deku

Deku and Bakagou’s relationship is one of the most interesting friendships you’ll see in any anime. It’s not even present because their journey from childhood drivers to something resembling friends is complicated, like watching a slow-motion version of fireworks on display.

It is messy and bright and hard to look away from.

The Evolution of Bakugou and Deku’s Friendship

1. Childhood Flashpoint: It all started when Bakugou and Deku were kids. Deku was a quirkless dreamer, and Bakugou was a talented, handsome hotshot guy. Bakugou’s bullying could have turned them into lifelong enemies, but instead, it set the platform for some serious character development.

2. Hero Academy Tensions: The real shenanigans started to happen when they both got into UA High School. Because Deku suddenly started getting a bit of a quirk which completely changed the dynamics between them. Bakugou had to deal with not just being the only special one, and Deku had to learn to be able to defend himself. This shift was the first step towards mutual respect, though it was sometimes grudging.

3. Rescue and Realization: A turning point. During the summer training camp, Deku was trying ceaselessly to save others, which started to rub off on Bakugou’s tough exterior. And it wasn’t a full turnaround, but it began to make Bakugou look at Deku in the sense that maybe he was just not a weakling after all.

Myth-Busting MHA: Debunking the Bakugou-Deku Family Theory

There are a lot of theories out there that suggest that Bakugou and Deku might belong to lost brothers. And we’re here to tell you that that is not true because while their dynamic is intense enough to have any family drama, they have no blood connection. It’s all about the connections they share, which are emotional and their history, not the shared DNA.

And this theory probably comes from their deep understanding and the high stakes of their rivalry.

Character Dynamics: Bakugou vs. Deku, Rivals or Relatives?

1. Rivalry Roots: The rivalry between Bakugou and Deku drives a lot of their personal growth. Bakugou has a fierce determination and explosive power to clash with Deku, who has a strategic mind and empathy, which makes every showdown a lesson in contrast.

2. Growth Through Conflict: Every fight that they face, even if they’re harsh words that they are saying, is not just a teenager lashing at each other, but it is a stepping stone in their character development. Because every interaction that they have is brutal. In the end, Bakugou ends up learning about humility while Deku finds his backbone, and it is through their clashes that they actually both grow stronger, not just as heroes but as individuals as well.


Bakugou and Deku’s relationship is complex, a dance of pride, rivalry, and mutual respect, from throwing punches to having each other’s backs when it counts.

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