What is Bakugo’s Favorite Animal?

In the series, there is no explicit mention of Bakugo’s favourite animal. Even in the manga, there’s no mention of this in any sort.

This is mainly because the series focuses on his explosive abilities, the way that he trains to be a hero and his personal growth rather than the details of his personal life.

While fans sometimes come up with theories based on his personality and certain aesthetic elements in his life, any result from those speculations about his favorite animal is not grounded in the serious canon.

Fan Theories: Decoding Bakugo’s Likes and Dislikes

  • Spicy or Sweet: there is a live update among the fans of Bakugou about whether Bakugou would prefer spicy food to match his explosive nature or if he likes sweet food in secret. While the anime confirmed any of these rumors or speculations, it wouldn’t be fun to imagine him secretly having a stash of candy, maybe under his bed or something.
  • Music to Pump Up the Explosions: ever wondered what he listened to while training? This is a question that most of the fans and I included theorize to know. And it’s probably something to do with how he intensely fights. Maybe we can think of him listening to heavy metal every time while he’s training or maybe hard rock, but it’s easy to picture him using the beats to keep his adrenaline high.
  • The Great Cat Debate: So, does he like cats? That’s a big question, and some fans notice him being affectionate, and they might start to think that he is a cat person, given the nature of people who like cats. They have a soft spot because they spotted this in Bakugo’s character. And considering his fierce independence and quick temper, cats could be his pet spirit animals.

Character Insights: What Bakugo’s Preferences Might Tell Us

  • Training Over Everything: Bakugou’s commitment to being number one gives us hints about what he prefers and anything that makes him stronger or more skilled. And his love for all things committed isn’t just a trait he possesses. It is a lifestyle that he leads.
  • Preference for Solitude: unlike his peer Deku, Bakugo prefers to be alone, which goes hand in hand with his focus on self-resilience. And his dislike for teammates gives us a little information about how he trusts his abilities above everyone else’s.

Uncovered Details: The Lesser-Known Aspects of Bakugo’s Personality

  • A Secret Planner: He is a strategic genius who goes unnoticed because Bakugo isn’t just about using brute force. He carefully plans his moves, which tells us how he’s analytic in nature, contrary to the more common perception.
  • Respect for Tradition: Despite his modern hero tactics, Bakugo deeply respects the hero fundamentals he got from his family. And this mixture of tradition and innovative nature in his training plan is a quiet but very important aspect of his character moving forward.
  • Hidden Vulnerabilities: beneath the tough exterior that he protrudes, Bakugo is very dedicated to his friends and might even fear the thought of losing them. These vulnerabilities surface a lot in the series regarding his character, but it gives us a little depth to his otherwise tough persona and explores these aspects.

Bakugou helps us as fans connect with him on a much personal level beyond the explosion and his anger. Whether you are trying to analyze his choice of snacks or his taste in music, each detail we analyze adds a little bit of razzle dazzle to the puzzle of Bakugou Katsuki both as a hero and as a person.

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