Best Police Anime to Watch in 2024

Best Police Anime to Watch in 2024

How often have you watched crime shows or stories with police investigation involved? If you are a regular viewer of crime story investigation series, you must know how much fun they can bring to our pastimes.

Stumbling upon clues and solving murder mysteries from a viewer’s perspective, waiting for more twists and turns in the crime stories must be fun, right?

Police in any show are the undervalued heroes and deserve more appreciation. They are the ones who do all the legwork to solve the criminal cases, too. They face all the criminals face to face and also face the consequences of fighting with the violent criminals and getting hurt.

The role of police and police investigators is highly important for the general public to live free from fear. Hence, they deserve to be viewed in the anime as well. Hence, we start our topic, “Best Police Anime To Watch in 2024”.

22. Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

This is an anime where two cop buddies solve a dangerous drug mafia case. They both are dedicated to wiping out the drug plague from the area of their focus. They are searching for a newly invented drug, “Anthem,” and working towards preventing it from entering the streets.

The two detectives from the special law enforcement unit SEVEN-O are up for this task. The highly experienced Doug and the novice detective Kirill Vrubel both form an unlikely companionship for solving the drug mafia case.

They both want to use their skills to combat and navigate through a world where crime, corruption, and evil prevail. Their opposite personalities make up for their drawbacks and help them form a strong two-member team as they strive to take on challenging tasks.

21. Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041

The world where psychic powers aren’t allowed if they are the theme of our next anime, “Night Head 2041”. Wait a bit, the two heroes of our anime, Naoto and Naoya Kirihara, have psychic abilities and are on their way to avoiding prosecution.

Takuya Aramaki is the leader of the special police Environmental Preservation Bureau. This unit works to suppress the use of psychic powers. Both the brothers start to work together to reveal the hidden truths of human potential and its extent.

When they get to know about the police conspiracies going deeper into exploring power and freedom.

20. Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

Beautiful Bones_ Sakurako's Investigation

High school students Shotaro Tatewaki and Enigmatic Sakurako Kujo are obsessed with bones and are brilliant Osteologists. They study bones and try to get clues for bringing new clues to keep the investigation going.

They visit crime scenes to collect bones or skeletal remains and examine and conduct scientific experiments to find new clues for police investigation.

While solving these criminal cases Shotaro gets to know more about Sakurako’s past and also learns where she gets her motivation from. This anime has many mysteries which are yet to be uncovered.

Moreover, a lot of complex drama is involved for a profound impact on the viewing audience.

19. Patlabor: The Movie

Patlabor_ The Movie

The police anime is all about a futuristic world where industrialists use giant robots to do their labor jobs. The industrialists want to create a new city of Babylon that fully operates on robots. But the government sees this as a big threat that can put the population at risk.

Two police officers, Azuma Shinohara and Noah Izumi, start to investigate.

18. Burn-Up Scramble

Burn-Up Scramble

A comedic anime involving police officers about crimes happening in Tokyo in the year 2023. The anime explores the dark sides of a society that constantly expands its trade in society and has its own dark sides.

The peace and security of the world are at stake due to the emergence of more and more violent criminals and organizations. The government is forced to take these matters seriously and has to react fast.

17. Tokko


It has been 5 years since the massacre of Machida took place. In the same massacre, Shindo’s parents suffered a terrible and untimely death. This is what made Shibuya decide to join the cops’ team to reveal the secret behind so many people’s murders.

Shibuya is teamed with a superhuman force that works to exterminate the zombies by using the saber Tokko.

16. New Dominion Tank Police

New Dominion Tank Police

Newport City is troubled by spider tank’s terror, whisking the police awkwardly, trying to take measures of control. To name a few characters in the story, Bonaparte, Leona, Brenten, and the Puma sisters compete with each other and they all are good at using technological weapons.

This police anime is truly amazing as something or the other is happening in every single episode. You’ll hardly ever feel bored. In simple words, “peace” doesn’t exist in this police anime.

15. Peacemaker Kurogane

Peacemaker Kurogane

Here’s a historical police anime that revolves around the story of a cheerful and high-spirited 15-year-old boy. His name is Tetsunosuke. He became orphaned when his parents died, and Tetsunosuke decided to become stronger to take revenge for his parents.

His goal is to take revenge on the powerful extremist assassins who belong to the powerful clan of the emperor. Tetsunosuke’s next strategy is to join Shinsengumi, who are a powerful group of warriors known amongst the people as “the wolves of Mibu.”

14. Himitsu – Top Secret

Himitsu – Top Secret

With the theme of police story and crime, “Himitsu – Top Secret” is another good anime to be explored.

The police are technologically advanced and can display the memories of a dead person.

With this method, they can solve crimes that were impossible to solve before. But is that morally correct? Society fears unknown people might be lurking around to access the secret, sensitive memories of the dead people.

But there is another question: will going through the remembrance of the dead folks affect the investigator’s psychology?

13. Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

Are you ready to view a supernatural police anime where the protagonist, Robin Sena(15-year-old witch) wields pyrokinetic abilities? The STN-J organization has appointed her.

She is on a mission to hunt and capture the witches who use their witchy powers to fulfill their malicious purposes.

As Robin starts to work with her teammates and search for the bad witches, she discovers their past and the truth of their organization. On her journey, she faces a moral dilemma and faces problems and disbalance between her duty and a witch’s true nature.

12. Active Raid

Active Raid

To combat the crimes and terrorism happening around Tokyo city, a special police unit is employed. This unit consists of Eight members. These are not just humans; they are exoskeletons, called Willwears.

This story is set in a rather modern time zone, where two police inspectors with opposite personalities work together under their Asami Kazari.

Will these eight-member teams be able to succeed in controlling the crimes and terrorist activities, still remains a question. This question has arisen due to facing an ethical dilemma by following the bureaucracy.

In a technologically advanced society, where criminals are getting more and more advanced, how these police officers handle it is still a lingering question.

11. Hyper Police

Hyper Police

“Hyper Police” is a perfect blend of goofiness and a serious storyline. You won’t be able to watch this anime with a serious face, as the anime provides us a pretty silly plot and funny characters who will make you laugh a lot wherever the story has comedic episodes.

This anime has humans and monsters who coexist together, and at the center of the story is Natsuki, who is a human hybrid. Natsuki has to handle cases that involve violence and demon harassment.

Being a hybrid mix of a monster and a human doesn’t make her shy away from showing her favoritism towards humans and anime friends.

10. Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo

Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo

If you prefer a police anime that doesn’t let you take your eyes off even for 10 seconds, this one’s for you. This anime is full of hilarious moments and will get you hooked instantly.

Kankichi Ryotsu works at a police station situated at Kameari Park. He doesn’t have to worry about too much crime because there isn’t much crime happening around the city.

But how would it be when the police officer himself becomes a bit shady? Well, let me tell you, he never loses an opportunity to make money via betting.

He does at least some stupidity every single day in his police station, but still his coworking fellows love him a lot. I can’t say the same about his boss, though.

9. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Tsukiko Sagi, a popular plush designer, was assaulted by a kid who threatened him with a baseball bat. The kid has yellow roller skates. Tsukiko’s colleagues follow a hoax call and want the police to do an open investigation.

As the police start to search, they soon discover clues regarding the assaulter whom he nicknamed “Batman.” Things run out of hand when the media discover this story about the “assaulter Batman”. This is when Paranoia starts to invade Tokyo.

8. Future Police Urashiman

Future Police Urashiman

One of the most amazing 80’s gem anime, “Future Police Urashiman,” is a great police anime to watch.

What attracts most of the audience to this anime show is the interactions between Antagonist Fuhrer and Protagonist Ryo.

The backstory of the anime leads to Ryo, who accidentally gets sent to the future due to the occurrence of a strange phenomenon. Ryo just wants to return back to his original time period.

As Ryo searches for a solution to go back to his time, he also works as a police officer in the futuristic time period. He solves his day-to-day cases in the most unique style.

7. Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor

Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor

“Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor” is the anime story of a police officer. Its story time is set up in a technological future. This technologically advanced society works to create laborers and big-size robots.

But even if society is technologically advanced, still this doesn’t mean that the criminals would stop committing crimes.

There are a lot of technologically advanced unethical individuals who commit crimes. To control these unethical crimes, the police headquarters has created a special patrol unit they call “Patlabo.”

6. Mobile Police Patlabor

Mobile Police Patlabor

Tokyo’s Patlabor police are the mobile police, which enforces laws on the companies that use robots and humans as laborers.

The anime takes place in the futuristic time zone. Where the robots do all the work instead of humans. These robots are humanoid machines doing the labor work for different industries.

There are two special police vehicles from section-2. There is a special police team made for catching any labor related crimes, they are called Patlabors.

The team is also tasked to solve political conspiracies and the internal matters of the police department’s internal rivalries. All in all the anime focuses on dramatic action and creating comedic situations. Patlabor is responsible for enforcing the laws in an advanced world setting.

5. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell_ Stand Alone Complex

An elite group of police officers from the Security Section 9 are led by a cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi unit united to fight against cyber-terrorism. As high-profile crimes are emerging, more and more corporate conspiracies are coming out.

The police officers are working very hard to solve these crime cases, which are interconnected throughout the world. This anime will hold you tight!

4. B: The Beginning

B_ The Beginning

A psychological thriller anime show, “B: The Beginning,” takes place in the tech-advanced place of Cremona. This is the story of a detective named Keith Flick from the Royal Investigation Service Unit.

Detective Keith is called back to the royal headquarters to solve the case of gruesome murder crimes committed by a mysterious killer, B.

The anime also explores the story of an ordinary boy who has extraordinary supernatural powers. When both storylines simultaneously combine, the real mystery of crime & vengeance gets revealed. Detective Keith responsibly solves this case.

3. You’re Under Arrest!

You're Under Arrest!

If you aren’t much fan of heavy crime police investigative stories, then “You are under Arrest!” brings a light hearted storyline for your enjoyment!

“You are under Arrest!” is the story of two female police officers, Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa. Both these ladies work at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department of Traffic Division.

Both Natsumi and Miyuki handle traffic-related issues, and do whatever is in their power to combat crime and develop a sense of comradeship with their colleagues.

This anime has a variety of elements like comedy, action, drama, and action, which can be great enjoyment for you. It also displays how the two female officers handle their challenges and joyous experiences as they serve to protect the public.

2. Psycho-Pass


Set in the setting of a dystopian future where the Sybil system governs the society. This system is governed by technology, which can mark and analyze a person’s criminal intent.

In short, this technology can find criminals and provide them a Psycho-pass. This anime follows the life of a rookie Inspector, Akane, and her partner, Shinya Kogami. They both work for the Public Safety Bureau criminal investigation team.

Both Tsunemori and Shinya are required to test criminals and give them Psycho-pass readings.

As time passes by they both soon start to question the Sibyl System. Is this system ethical or not? Is technology good for governing human behavior? You can explore all this while watching this anime.

1. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

“Detective Conan” is a famous animation series that is full of detective mysteries focussed on the life of the genius student Mc Shinichi Kudo. Shinichi is a brilliant student who has the great genius abilities to solve cases on the detective level.

One day, Shinichi spots two weird men and decides to follow them, but he accidentally witnesses some disturbing illegal activity.

Shinichi gets caught while witnessing the criminal activity. The criminals give him an experimental drug and leave him behind to die with the effect of the drug.

The criminals’ strategy became disadvantageous for the criminals because Shinichi survived the ordeal till the next day. With the effect of drugs his brain has developed and he has become highly intelligent.

To hide his real identity, Shinichi disguises himself as Conan. He calls himself Conan Edogawa and helps solve the cases. I loved the opening song so very much.

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