What is Bakugo’s Favorite Color?

In the series, Bakugou’s favorite color is not outright mentioned. The series mostly focuses on his abilities, which are explosive, competitive, and complex in nature. Besides this, it also focuses on his complex relationship with his peers rather than his personal life, like his favorite color.

However, Fans associate him with an orange color, which reflects his fiery personality and hero costume accents.

The Significance of Color in Bakugo katsuki’s Costume Design

The Fiery Red:

Bakugo’s hero costume isn’t just shy about using red. There is a good explanation for that. Red is a color of fire and it is also a color of passion. And yes, it is also a color of danger and reflects Bakugo’s explosive ability to spark up a situation.

But also, it points us in the direction of his intense desire to be the best. Every time Bakugou gets into his suits, It’s like he’s putting up the armor ready to charge forward with all the fierce Behavior we have come to expect.

Bold Orange Accents:

There is this time when he wears orange, which is not just there to make him look flashy or to make him look good, but it represents how enthusiastic and how he is attracted to the color orange.

And it makes him stand out, which draws out eyes. Whether he’s in a fierce fight or just taking a time out and hanging out, this color puts more importance on that. And despite his rough exterior or how it looks, Bakugou likes to be recognized. And he aims to be a hero that everyone looks up to.

Does Bakugo Have a Favorite Color? Fan Theories and Insights

Green: A Rival’s Influence?

Fans have speculated and have come about, of course, feelings towards green. Because he has a completely complex relationship with Deku, whose costume is something that is a power glow with orange color, we can come to ask ourselves that green actually represents something that Bakugo aspires to or perhaps sometimes envies because it is a color that is tied to growth and calmness. And with both of these qualities, Bakugo struggles but he needs to embrace to truly mature as a hero.

Explosive Like Silver:

Some fans argue that if Bakugou gets to pick a favorite color, it might look like silver because silver seems sleek, high-tech, and undeniably very dope. Silver mirrors Bakugo’s cutting-edge approach and how his flashy and top-of-the-line abilities work.

Final Thoughts

Color is not just a design choice. It is a small hole that you can peep into Bakugou’s soul because his costume tells us a story about someone who fights with his hot temper and his burning ambitions.

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