What Episode Does Bakugo Kiss Deku?

In the series “My Hero Academia”, there is no instance where Bakugo kisses Deku because the anime focuses on the development of the two characters in terms of their rivalry and how they started working together to become heroes.

The relationship dynamics between the two are complicated, and it is built on respect and competition, not on romantic interests. Any references to a kiss between these characters are likely taken from the fans, not the actual anime or the manga.

Misconceptions in Fan Theories about Bakugo and Deku

1. Rivals or Frenemies: there’s a lot of talk in the fan community about whether Bakugo doesn’t like Deku. Or if it’s just that tough love that they have between each other. And some fans stand on the grounds that they see hidden friendship signals every time Bakogu snarls at Deku.

But let’s look at the records. Bakugou is a complex character and is a complicated person. He has complex feelings for Deku and mixed admiration, jealousy, and commutative drive. This sometimes actually looks like a bit of wrath around the edges.

2. The Hero-Villain Theory: a theory that suggests that Bakugou might tend to be the bad guy because of his explosive personality. Yes, that’s a big misread because Bakugou’s heart is set on some aspect of him being a hero and his rivalry.

The Evolution of Rivalry and Friendship in MHA

I remember when Bakugou usually used to toy with Deku back in their school days. Those were tough times for Deku. Because Deku had no backbone, Bakugou was about trying to show off his explosiveness.

  • U.A. High School: as they both got into the U.A. High School, things took a turning point. Because Deku got his first quirk all of a sudden, Bakugo wasn’t the only one who shed the limelight because the rivalry just actually started here when Baku had acknowledged Deku, not just as a former victim, but as one who was competitive against him.
  • Joint Training Battles: throughout the series, every training they had together and every fight they shared slowly transformed their bittersweet rivalry into something that is a form of respect between the two.

Key Moments in Bakugo and Deku’s Relationship Development

So the sludge villain incident is what you’re going to look at when Deku jumped in to save Bakugou from a sludge villain without possessing any powers.

It was a wake-up call for Bakugo because he realized that this guy was tough, and it showed him that heroism isn’t just about power but also about courage, which Deku actually had.

  • Sports Festival Arc: this was one of the turning points where Bakugo wanted a fair fight against Deku. He wants to validate that he is better, but he also begins to see the guts that Deku possesses through his actions.
  • Kamino Ward Arc: when Deku rescued Bakugou, it finally started to sink in for Bakugou that Deku is truly someone he can stand on and perhaps even become a friend.
  • The Big Share: when Bakugo learns about the One For All secret, it is a major moment for him. He had to confront his weakness and said to open up to Deku, leading to a more honest, but it was still a bit complicated interaction pattern between the two.

Final Thoughts

The real scope of Bakugo and Deku’s relationship is complicated because they push each other to improve. They often challenge each other to push their limits, which provides a kind of competition that is rare.

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