What is Deku’s Favorite Color?

The “My Hero Academia” series does not outright state what Deku’s favorite color is. Rather it focuses more on his journey of wanting to be a hero and the battles he faces rather than on personal preferences like favorite colors.

However, sometimes, as fans, we are always open to speculation, and associate him with the color green, which reflects his hero costume and hair color.

Why Green Represents Deku’s Ideals in ‘My Hero Academia’

  1. Symbol of Growth and Vitality: as we all know, green is the color of life. And green is also the color of renewal and nature. For Deku, whose real name is Izuku Midoriya, green represents growth, from someone who doesn’t have a backbone to someone who is now viewed as a hero. And this color reflects where he comes from, showing that even the smallest seedling can grow into a mighty tree with the right amount of tutelage and perseverance.
  2. Calmness Under Pressure: green is also a color that symbolizes a form of tranquility and calmness, which are the qualities that Deku strives to maintain, even in combat or any situation that requires him to outlast. He always remains calm. This ability is important to make him make quick decisions to save his life and help him turn the tide in his direction.
  3. Hope and Positivity: in a world as crazy as that of My Hero Academia, green stands out as a beacon of hope. And Deku encompasses all of this hope. He’s not just fighting bad guys. He’s also fighting for a bright future. His green suit subconsciously reassures the people around him that he saves that hope for a greater purpose.

Deku’s Visual Identity: More Than Just a Favorite Color

  • A Nod to His Idol: the green in Deku’s costume isn’t just something he picked out of his personal choice. It is also a tribute to his hero, All Might. While All Might’s costume is primarily blue and red, Deku’s green adds a uniqueness to the twist of the homage. And it shows us his role as the bearer of one for the next generation.
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: in a pool full of heroes, it is tough to be able to stand out. But Deku’s strong green suit does that because it makes it a visual marker and a one-of-a-kind suit both in terms of his powers and his heroic way of thinking. Because when you see green lightning bolts across the street, you know that this is Deku, who’s about to do something cool.
  • A Visual Cue for Viewers: for us as viewers, Deku’s green coloration makes him somewhat recognizable in an instant, and it puts a limelight on his actions and development throughout the series. It’s a clever use of visual storytelling that helps us connect with Deku’s character.

Final Thoughts

So, Deku’s color was not explicitly stated in the series. But even though it wasn’t specifically stated, looking at his character, green isn’t just a style choice; it is a deeply symbolic part of who he is and leaves us with a glimpse of him.

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