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Best anime about countryside that make you feel awesome

Nature always treats you well, whether in real life or the virtual world! It soothes the soul and pacifies the mind. “Peace” is what it grants to its seekers. The same can be said for the anime capturing countryside visuals.

Countryside anime, yes, you heard it right! And I disagree with your thoughts on Japan and its entertainment world.

Japan does reflect modernization and extreme pace! I agree that this concept is communicated in most anime series. Everyday city hustles, modernization, high-school dramas, office conundrums, fights, and spies are all themes in the urban world.

Does this mean Japanese rural beauty is left untouched by the anime word? No!

“Inaka” is a Japanese word for its rural landscapes. The anime world truly touches the glory of its peaceful rural Japan. I bet you will be surprised to see how well this countryside concept is depicted and conveyed to the rest of the world.

For a second, these countryside anime will question your image and perception of modern Japan. So, here goes the list of the top fifteen “Inaka” of the anime world catering to all genres, from emotional melodrama to humor to jaw-dropping fights!

1. Non-Non Biyori Makes The Rural Lifestyle Seem Endlessly Exciting

Non-Non Biyori Makes The Rural Lifestyle Seem Endlessly Exciting

Want to cherish the peaceful life and nature’s bliss? Non-Non Biyori is at your fingertip!

It’s not just the pleasant rustic lifestyle; the characters knitted in the series make it more interesting.

This series pictures the beautiful town of Japan named Asahigaoka. Like the rest of the towns, this town also has a school. What makes it more interesting is the number of students enrolled in it. Only five students enjoy studying here.

Akane happens to be the lead character, along with her four friends. These students are quite mischievous and mostly held responsible for creating chaos in the peaceful town. Apart from the nagging, these kids also enjoy the love and care of the dwellers.

Don’t be surprised to see the tall green mountains, peaceful public commute, routine errands, and rustic lifestyle creating a serene aura on the screen and touching the viewer’s mind too!

2. Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 6

Natsume's Book of Friends Season 6

Are you fascinated by telecasting the spirit world in rural human provinces? Then this anime is for you!

“Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 6” anime has all you need to satiate your curious eyes and mind, too! A beautiful countryside terrain along with Natsume’s encounter with the spirits.

Takashi Natsume happens to be the gifted child with both the sixth sense and his granny’s “Book of Friends.” Both these gifts help him to communicate with the spirit world.

As you know, spirits can be good and evil too! Watch this enthralling epic to discover the hidden secrets of the spirit world, the exorcist’s quest to avail that precious book, and Natsume’s struggle to protect it from falling into the wrong hands!

3. Barakamon – Master Calligrapher Rediscovers Himself

Barakamon - Master Calligrapher Rediscovers Himself

Can you tell me what hurts the most to a renowned artist? Is it the dwindling creativity or the negative comments? I would say both!

If the artist is the most diligent person, like Seishuu Handa, he will embark on an inner journey to find his true self. What is the best place to sync with oneself other than the countryside terrain?

Barakamon is one such anime that focuses on the famous calligrapher named Seishuu Handa and his inner journey to kindle his creative side once again.

A course of events follows, and he gets violent at the veteran. It’s not his negative comments on his work but the questionable allegations about his originality that make him crazy!

Goto Island happens to be his new home. Things went a little offbeat to what he expected. Will the Island residents accept the newly arrived artist and let him stay there peacefully? See “Barakamon: Master Calligrapher Rediscovers Himself” to discover his further story.

I must say, owing to the scenic beauty and tranquility of the Island, this anime holds the second position in my best anime about the countryside list.

4. Wolf Children Rain and Snow

Wolf Children Rain and Snow

What will a single mother do to protect her kids? Especially if the kids happen to be hybrid, a fusion of humane mother and wolf father?

Will she run away to hide her kids’ original self? Or will she face the brutal world expecting misery and grief for her specially gifted kids?

The former option seems more secure, and Hana from the “Wolf Children Rain and Snow” chooses unhesitantly!

Do you know Hana’s story? Let me brief you in short: Hana was a pretty and intelligent girl. She fell in love with the wolf-guy and got married. She became the mother of two wolf kids.

It was a happy-go-lucky family settled in the woods. A tragedy tormented the family’s existence. She started living in disguise from the outside world to fill her husband’s void and protect her special kids.

“Wolf Children Rain and Snow” is a beautiful story of a single mother striving to protect and nourish her kids in a countryside land.

5. Mushishi Is A Somber Journey Through Japan’s Wilderness

Mushishi Is A Somber Journey Through Japan's Wilderness

It’s a tale of deep dark woods, eccentric life forms, and human encounters with mysterious creatures!

If this introduction fascinates you, then this anime is for you!

Let’s explore a little more in Mushishi’s world of mysteries. Ginko is the main protagonist of the anime series. He is a Mushi master. Do you know what Mushi stands for in the Japanese language?

Supernatural beings with mysterious capabilities to alter human lives are referred to as Mushi.

Ginko is set forth on a journey to find and control the Mushi, who negatively affects the humans. It’s an interesting epic with exceptional Japanese rural landscapes touching the serene divine of human lives!

6. Yuru Camp△

Yuru Camp△

If you are an adolescent, especially a girl, how would you like to spend your vacation?

If the tall mountains, green grasslands, flowing streams, and clear sky fascinate you, then this anime is for you!

Meet Rin Shima from Yuru Camp anime, a tracking enthusiast like you!

She loves to spend her vacations in the mountains amidst nature. And Mount Fuji happens to be her favorite tracking site. She is brave to travel alone. Pitching tents, gathering wood fire, and cooking in the adventurous land fascinates her.

Do you think her solo journey will not make her cross the roads with a stranger? Another wanderer named Nadeshiko is lost in the unknown land, and Rin becomes her savior.

Initial reluctance is converted to long-lasting relationships. Will these duo be able to embark on a similar journey together?

Yuru Camp is truly refreshing and touching anime picturing the glory of vivid landscapes.

7. (Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow) – Return to the Inn

(Hanasaku Iroha_ Blossoms for Tomorrow) - Return to the Inn

If the ancient Japanese hotel fascinates you, then this anime is for you!

The story not only pictures the traditional but is vocal about the miserable plight of a debt-ridden mother. Do you know who pays the price of huge debts?

It’s Ohana, a little girl who is forced to live with her grandmother in a remote town. To her surprise, her granny runs a traditional inn. Her initial struggle to adjust to the remote lifestyle ends with a learning note. She becomes more mature and intelligent in her granny’s company.

Don’t expect this relationship to be smooth; it has ups and downs.

I’m pretty sure the “Hanasak Iroha” anime has stored wise lessons and countryside landscapes to adore and widen your perspective towards life.

8. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro

Does the story of Alice in Wonderland fascinate you? I am pretty sure “Mythe Neighbour Totoro” anime will brigiveu!

goosebumpsIt’s the tale of two girls named Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe, who discover magical terrain in rural Japan. Their life gets filled with adventures after they meet Totoro. Totoro is a huge spirit with a good heart.

Amidst the poor plight of their mother, these two sisters have something to cherish in their lives. They enjoy playing with mysterious creatures, growing trees instantly, and flying in the air with Totoro.

This fund turns out to be a serious problem when Mei is lost. Will Satsuki be able to find her sister alone, or will she need the help of her magical friends?

Watch “My Neighbour Totoro” to unravel the mysteries of rural Japan and enjoy the enthralling storyline.

This anime is about rustic landscapes adv, adventurous trips, and mother-daughter and sibling relationships to cherish for a lifetime.

9. When They Cry

When They Cry

The title itself sounds despairing! Are we expecting the tears and wailing of the rural residents?

Definitely yes! It’s not just a rural landscape; be ready to move forth and back with time travel, too!

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s go through the overview of the story!

When They Cry, it will make you cherish the countryside landscapes and cry for their mysterious past. Are you curious to know what happened in 1983?

A mysterious massacre occurred in the town of Hinamizawa during the cotton drifting festival. Villagers are hopeful to bring back the lost lives and rejoice in the golden days.

Are you curious to know how? Furude Rika and his unseeable companion, Hanyuu, turn out to be their savior. They have time Travel abilities.

“When They Cry” turns out to be an interesting epic, with superhuman abilities, rustic landscapes, and a mysterious storyline. Watch this anime more to know what lies ahead in the lives of Hina Miwa Miwa villagers.

10. Sakura Quest – The Manoyama Queen

Sakura Quest - The Manoyama Queen

Let me briefly tell you how Yoshino Koharu ended up in a small town. She was finding it hard to get picked in the Tokyo job market. You know how it is when the competition is high.

This leaves her with no choice but to go for anything that she could do; she even tried the idol agency. When she least expected it, she received a phone call with the news that she was being offered to become the queen of Manoyama.

We now know the drill. Of course, it was a small town. Things weren’t as exactly as she had offered, but regardless, she didn’t go back. Now, she should learn, unlearn things, and adjust to her new reality.

11. Summertime Render

Summertime Render

Usually, orphan kids have strong bonds with their foster families. Their love can go to any length to protect and take care of their angels. It doesn’t matter whether they have to fight normal human beings or supernatural entities. They are firm and determined kids.

“Summertime render” portrays the story of one such orphan kid named Shinpei Ajiro. He lost his parents at a young age and started living with the Koufune family. He formed a strong bond with Yushio and Mio, daughters of the Koufune family.

He definitely went to Tokyo for higher studies, but his heart stayed on his home island. The death of Ushioi brought him again to the same place to bring justice to Shinpei.

What seemed natural death was actually a mysterious one! Have you heard of the “shadows” and their malicious effect on human beings? If not, then this anime is for you, which will take you deep down the folklore of Japanese shadows and countryside landscapes.

Again, the fascinating storyline will bring a thrill and unravel the mysteries of Ushio’s death. The question arises as to whether Shinpei will be able to protect Mio and fulfill Ushio’s death wish. Watch “Summertime Render” to satiate your detective instincts amidst the serenity of remote islands.

12. Shiki’s Disturbing Narrative Is Genuinely Horrifying

Shiki's Disturbing Narrative Is Genuinely Horrifying

Just because it’s a countryside-based anime doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be plain and boring. This series, with a touch of horror and mystery, is something you deserve as an anime enthusiast.

In a small town called Sotoba, the peculiar Kirishiki had just moved into an isolated mansion. Soon after their arrival, people just started dying without any clear explanation. Of course, you know this would disturb the once peaceful and quiet village.

The whole series will keep you hooked and guessing because you can’t even tell what’s about to happen next. All the events were slowly progressing, and each episode got scarier and scarier.

Villagers were afraid and anxious, which clearly shows their horrific situation. Characters were all victims of what was to come that they were not even sure of. I bet you will love this.

13. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

This story doesn’t just happen in the regular countryside but in the middle of the mountains. There is a very visible difference between the expensive Kunugigaoka Middle School and a tiny, worn-out house that accommodated all the dropouts and hooligans of the 3E Class.

They are not taken seriously by their peers for obvious reasons. There seemed to be no light regarding their academics, and they were unlikely to make it. Looks like all the judgments made toward them are about to end.

The national government assigned them to destroy their new tutor, who was a danger to Earth. Do you think that this will change the way people look at them? Their octopus-looking professor, Koro-sensei, had already ruined the moon, and Earth was his next target.

By the time we reached March of the following year, he thought he would be done with the whole planet. When the students set out to kill Koro-sensei, they realized that it wasn’t going to be as easy as they had thought. Their rival was so fast, and l highly doubted if they could catch up. Their earthly weapons could do little to no harm to Koro-sensei.

Believe it or not, these students haven’t had a better teacher than him. He was concerned with their excellence and wanted to harness their assassination skills.

He believed in them; he thought they were invincible, and hopefully, one day, they would join every other student at Kunugigaoka. Nagisa Shiota and all the other students had no time to spare.

They were left with little time to know Koro sensei’s weak spots. The whole planet was depending on them. You can only imagine the pressure that they had on their shoulders.

14. Kaze No Yō Ni Is A Beautiful Tale Of The Japanese Countryside

Kaze No Yō Ni Is A Beautiful Tale Of The Japanese Countryside

This is one of the series that displays the quiet and calm life in the countryside. Sanpei is the main character who lost his family in a fatal accident. He lived alone while being a beekeeper.

One fateful day, he comes across a girl, Chiyo, who had been stung by a bee. The course of his life changed because, after this incident, he went with her to her hometown. He had nowhere else to be. Once he settled in Chiyo’s village, he started farming in fields no one was using.

After some time, he disappears into thin air without leaving a word. Chiyo hoped he would return to her, so she waited. The good thing about this anime is that it won’t rush you or throw all the information at once.

Slowly showing you what living in a Japanese village would look like. Honestly speaking, this is a touching story that l know will make you won’t regret watching.


Japan has a vast area of villages and small towns from Hokkaido to the Southern islands. You might be able to visit this or look them up on Google or something.

Isn’t that boring? Luckily, anime fanatics can get a variety of this while doing what we love most: watching anime. Sometimes, they show us even real-life moments or horror.

But doesn’t it just make sense that horror appears more scary in a small, isolated town in the middle of nowhere? Whatever genre you are into, you know you can trust anime to have a variety, and you can choose what resonates best with you. Some characters love staying in the village and being as far from the noise as possible, and some just find themselves there.

Whatever the situation is, we are thrilled to be part of their journey. Sometimes, our hearts beat uncontrollably because of the uncertainty. I am confident that I gave you the best countryside anime, but you know you can always have your personal favorites, so make sure to let me know which ones are yours in the comment section below.

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