Best Comedy Anime That Will Make Your Stomach Hurt From Laughing

Best Comedy Anime That Will Make Your Stomach Hurt From Laughing

Life’s real essence and meaning is to make you happy; for one to be happy, there is a need for some laughs. Hence, I decided to come up with these amazing anime comedies to make your day.

Some of them you might be popular and familiar with, but I bet my list is the best, and it will leave you longing for more.

Let’s venture into the list I have prepared for you, my lovely audiences. After this, don’t forget to tell me in the comment section below which has become your favorite anime comedy.

15. Shimoneta


In this comedy, there is a boy by the name of Tanukichi Okuma; his father is a well-known, notorious person who is against the sexual purity laws. This guy is trying everything in his power to be near his old friend, a girl named Anna Nishikinomiya.

Tanukichi Okuma never got the idea that the vice president was eyeing him. Ayame Kajou’s curiosity and wanting to know more about Tanukichi was triggered by Tanukichi’s behavior and activities.

Using unlawful force, violence and intimidation against certain policies is not good. The teens in Shimoneta were left in a stressful situation that led to sexual inactivity after the official prohibition of sexual content.

In this case, now comes sex terrorism, where the terrorists are now spreading what is prohibited. They are now distributing photographs that have to do with sex, which is offensive to the general public.

Viewers discretion is advised because this comedy is R-rated, which means it has some content that is not acceptable for kids. This comedy is amazing, and it will leave you wanting more.

14. Prison School

Prison School

This is based on the story of 5 boys who joined a certain superior and outstanding girls’ high school in the outer parts of Tokyo.

These were the first boys to join because the school’s policy had recently been amended, and boys were allowed to be part of the school. The name of the school is Hachimutsi Private Academy.

With their naughty and unacceptable behavior, the boys were put behind bars for a month for misbehaving. They had peeped through the washroom while some of the girls were having a bath.

By the time of joining the boys were so happy and thought it would be like paradise. The boys were unaware of the nightmare to come or how their lives would be a living hell. However, during their time in prison, the boys became more notorious and worse than before.

13. To Be Hero

To Be Hero

This comedy focuses on a plumber who has an appearance that is not bad, but he has some dirty elements. He is just a plumber and every little second of his, he is around women trying to show off his capabilities and skills.

Just by looking at a lady, he could tell your hip size. Should we call this a superpower? Well, he actually had superpowers.

It has an awkward sense of humor, and its setting is pretty dirty and not really attractive to the audience. The characters of this comedy are a real comedy just looking at them, the way they were made is outstanding.

12. Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omar Dake ka yo

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omar Dake ka yo

This comedy will drive you crazy; imagine having two dates and both girls telling you the same thing. What could that be when the guy is handsome and cute? They don’t like him, but they are interested in his best friend.

Amatsuyu is so good at being playful and having a sweet tongue when trying his luck on girls. He went on a date with two girls, his old friend and the student council leader.

Despite Amatsuyu being so good at flirting, the girls were not interested. They both wanted Taiyou, who is Amatsuyu’s best friend.

Now, the worst of all this to Amatsuyu and the most interesting part for the audience is the girls asking for his advice to get his best friend. Imagine someone rejecting you and asking for your help to get someone else’s attention.

The whole drama unfolds when he accepts to take the responsibility, how will he help two girls get one guy? Who will win the race? This will leave you crazy; get your copy and have fun.

11. Isekai Quartet

Isekai Quartet

This show shows where Isekais should be developed and coordinated in various aspects into a well-developed and established series. This show is a great one and should not have been left to give incidental production results.

This show is the highest and climactic point of the Isekai style and category. This is the perfect match for those of great interest in isekai style.

10. +Tic Elder Sister

+Tic Elder Sister

This is a comedy show that portrays different themes, which include prostitution and indecency. This is shown by the way the relationships in the club were handled.

It was just a one-night stand, and the condition of the relationship was never to call again after that. It sounds pretty cool, right? It was some kind of hit-and-run scenario.

The show is based on three students, Hazuki Okamoto, Iroe Genma, and Makina Sakamaki, who are having fun in the club with other colleagues. The whole show is full of dialogue that will not allow you to shut your mouth. It is a bar after bar, and it will make your day.

9. Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss Him, Not Me

This comedy focuses on a girl who is really crazy and fond of gay relationships. Kae Setinuma is one of a kind who always imagines impossible things and crazy things.

She is obsessed with guys dating themselves, making her delusional whenever guys get along; they are already dating. Could she have a solid reason for that, or is she just insane?

This delusion hits so hard that she sometimes even tries to get guys who approach her date amongst themselves. This is something so crazy, and the way she does it will make you laugh your lungs out.

8. Daily Life of High School Boys

Daily Life of High School Boys

This anime comedy is based on different types and kinds of activities children do to have fun and enjoy their day. The show is more like our daily life events and activities, some of the things we once did and some of us still do.

However, at some point, naughtiness and perverted behavior are somehow depicted in this show. The best and most amazing part of this wonderful show is that it is just funny, and that is all portrayed by the characters.

7. Barakom


This show is based on a child who is becoming a nemesis and in great trouble. It is a show that is natural without the featuring of aliens or using any superpowers. Barakom has got some sense of realness as it is developed from a story of someone’s daily life.

One day, the boy physically attacked a grown-up in a disrespectful and defiling manner after losing his temper. Sei Handa is somehow cool and of good character.

Do you think it was his fault for disrespecting a grown-up? Well, in my own opinion, I think he was pushed to the limit. We all have those limits, and when we reach some point, our brain somehow stops functioning.

He is taken to Goto islands to think deeply and carefully about his behavior, and it is a place with a plethora of nosey old men, cocky children, and everything in between that starts to hassle our leading character.

6. The Devil as a Part-Timer

The Devil as a Part-Timer

This show is the most extremely amusing series, and without watching it, you might think it is one of the imaginary superpowers of anime. It has the most strange and unusual comprehensive plot.

It consists of a Demon Lord by the name Satan of Ente Isla, who was once feared but is now leading a peaceful life on earth. You must all be wondering how he got on Earth; he was defeated by a hero, Emilia Justina, and was forced to retreat to Earth.

I advise you not to judge this anime series without checking on it first because it is not what it appears to be. I have watched this anime countless times and never get tired of it because of its cracking jokes.

5. Grand Blue

Grand Blue

Before I dive into my own point of view, is this an entertaining comedy? This is an amazing series that consists of misunderstandings and awkward virgin friends.

It also consists of those kinds of men who get drunk, and after getting drunk, they remove their clothes and become naked. The way these guys look when they are angry makes them appear as if they were badly torn out from Attack on Titan and will leave you speechless.

This show is full of comedy anime and consists of overall entertainment as well as enjoyable characters, which are the most important features of a comedy. It also has a basic story of a new college student who was excited and enthusiastic about starting college but was not calm about it.

Unfortunately, it does not go as planned from the moment he is forced into a diving club, and all the club members drink. Later on the leading character ended up getting rid of his fears and learnt to love diving.

4. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Haven't You Heard_ I'm Sakamoto

This show is based on a guy by the name of Sakamoto; he is one of a kind and is unique as well as outstanding.

He has some extraordinary ways and means of doing strange and supernatural things. His appearance description is beyond words is not just a handsome guy but charming, confident, elegant and extremely worldly.

We all know that no one is perfect, but when it comes to Sakamoto is an exception to that saying.

Despite being his first day, his elegant and extremely worldly appearance has already started charming girls, and they are all over him.

On the other hand, guys are drowning and sinking in jealousy and are already starting to dislike him. However, beating Sakamoto’s level of elegance and smartness brain-wise is an impossible quest.

3. KonoSuba


In my own opinion, I guess KonoSuba has the best and most amazing anime ensembles. Specifically the core cast of Aqua, Kazuma, Darkness and Megumin. What do you think about it? Am I right?

Kazuma Satou almost died in a car accident, fortunately he survived, and a beautiful girl was before him when he woke up. Aqua claims to be a goddess, and he offers Satou an opportunity to go to another realm.

Aqua gave Satou a condition: allowing him to take only one thing to that realm. What will he bring with him to the other world?

As they were transported to another fantasy world full of adventure, a demon king owned and controlled the realm. Satou brought the goddess herself as the only thing he could take with him.

Of all the things, why did he choose the goddess herself? There is a problem because Aqua still wants to solve many world problems, but Kazuma now wants to live a cool and calm life.

This show can never go old and still be memorable, regardless of the fact that it did not get a great deal of public attention for a long time. The show remains fresh and pleasant to watch, despite the monotonous characters.

2. The Disastrous Life of Saik K.

The Disastrous Life of Saik K

This is a series about a high school sophomore, Kusuo Saiki; when he was still a kid, he made a vow and promised not to show off his capabilities but to keep them a secret.

However, his skills and talent gave him hardships and made his life a living hell. How does his abilities make his life difficult? There must be an explanation for that, and I don’t want to spoil the fun; grab your copy and enjoy.

The show is full of jokes which will keep your mouth open while laughing at the jokes. This makes it restrain you from closing your mouth since you will be laughing the whole time.

As for it is the little things that count as well as making me fall in love with this show, what about you? Also, the way Saiki is literally always complaining should be appreciated.

Saiki is just done with everyone, might be something wrong with this guy? Let me know in the comment section below.

1. Gintama


This show is more like Family Guy because it resembles and has an imitation style of Family Guy. It has some pretty cool and amazing fights, and it is funnier as compared to Family Guy.

It is a riot anime, which was caused by a great misunderstanding between the two; the Amanto and Shogunate. After the alien creatures, a.k.a. Amanto invaded Japan, the Shogun tried to fight, but their efforts were in vain.

What was the reason behind the Amanto invading the Shogun? The Shogun then decided to surrender because they could not defeat the Amanto. This however, led to the vanishing and obsolete of the samurai spirit.

There is no doubt that Gintama is a gag anime show. According to your own point of view, what led to the obsolescence of the samurai spirit? Could it be something that has to do with the uneasy agreement? This is the best riot anime, which is a great start for those who want a laugh.

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