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Best Vampire Manga (List of Top Rated Romance Vampire Manga)

Vampires! Doesn’t this word give shivers to your mind? For me, it creates an adrenaline rush and makes me lend a listening ear to its fictitious facts!

Vampires are my favorite anthropomorphic characters and must be yours too! I guess that’s why you are crawling here to dive deeply into the vampire cult of the anime world! Needless to say, they are the glittery diamonds of the storyline, which also imparts mystery, cruelty, and romance!

Yes, you heard it right, these blood-sucking creatures are passionate lovers! Their fidelity and cruelty are the most talked about aspects in varied folklore. Why does this anime world stay behind to portray these lovely, cruel beasts in their intriguing plots?

I would say fill your bowl with strawberries because as you reach the end of the list, you will crave more to go straight to the chosen anime! I present the top 18 Best Vampire Manga list, which rules the anime world!

1. Bakemonogatari


Tell me the most common phenomenon: what happens when a Vampire bites? Either you die or turn it to his kind, right?

That’s what has happened to Koyomi Araragi in the series. He did survive the vampire’s attack but ended up being the one! After a lot of troubleshooting, he found a cure to nullify the vampire’s curse and tried to live a normal, humane life.

Do you think he succeeded in his quest to remain vampire-free syndrome? Whether you call it a curse or a boon, that attack bestowed him with the supernatural abilities to foresee the situation.

The story and the animation are intriguing. The well-crafted characters add a pie to the mysterious vampire realm. This “Bakemonogatari” is one of the epic creations of Nisio Isin of the manga world.

2. Hellsing


I love to sing the name “Hellsing! Hellsing!”. Is it the same case with you, too?

Why not? The anime fans are well aware of what Hellsing has stored for them. It’s a fantastic series, with much bloodshed, killings, drama, and mind-boggling animations, too!

Curious to know the story? Here it goes.

We have a hero disguised in a vampire body to fight the corrupt people! He is none other than Alucard, the main protagonist of the series. His only motto is eradicating all the mysterious creatures threatening the country!

Watch this good guy as he unravels his vampire viciousness on the dreadful opponents. For Hellsing, I would say reading is not enough; you need to watch it to get the real feel!

3. Bloody†Mary


Are you scared of the name” Bloody Mary”? Does it remind you of the horror it has stored for you to tremble your legs with fear? Wait and read for a while before you make any assumptions.

The name is deceptive if you think that blood follows the events! Well, it’s actually the opposite; this vampire named Bloody is averse to killing humans and drinking their blood! In fact, he becomes a savior for Ichirō Rosario di Maria and saves him from the attack of other cruel vampires.

There is an interesting story behind Ichiro’s blood being alluring to the vampire tribe. I won’t reveal it, though. What’s the charm of watching a series if I can say everything?

I would say I do watch this “BloodyMary,” besides this blood-sucking drama, it has an element of romance too! Shh! It’s between two men; girls are far away from this plot!

4. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Are we witnessing a saga of a whole vampire tribe led by their Knight? Let’s get a gist of it.

I have heard of night schools, but functioning for the vampires is unusual. In the Vampire Knight manga, the headmaster of the Cross Academy runs a special night school for the vampire clan.

Nobody knows this secret school except her adopted daughter, Yuki. Does Yuki know about her past? It’s still a mystery!

Do you know friends? The story has not just one tribe involved, but many vampire clans all with intervened rivalries and desire for supremacy.

Expect a lot of cunning plans and ruthless battles if you have hit the “Vampire Knight” series.

5. The Case Study of Vanitas (Jun Mochizuki, 2015 – Present) 

The Case Study of Vanitas (Jun Mochizuki, 2015 – Present)

Do you think the Books have power? And that, too, the power to eradicate the whole vampire clan?

If you have not come across such mystical books, “The Case Study of Vanitas” will guide you to this mysterious journey of what books can store! The Noé Archiviste in the series is in search of an interesting book named “Book of Vanitas.”

What wisdom is hidden inside will be revealed upon its discovery.

Watch this dark saga, as it will throw all the malicious acts as well as the red moments to adore your romantic heart!

6. Blood Alone

Blood Alone

When the vampire manifests havoc on the humans, one has to show courage to hunt them and kill them.

Blood Alone starts with one such Vampire Hunter named Kuroe Kurose, the series’s main protagonist.

Detective by profession, he has an eye for spotting the deadly vampires and helps him to support his survival.

Soon, things change for this hunter, and the situation gets more troublesome as he adopts the lone girl. This girl is not a normal human; she turns out to be a novice vampire and is looking for help to fix her emotions.

What follows next is a mystery, and “Blood Alone” is there to satiate your curiosity. You must watch it and tell your friends whether it’s worth watching once or watching it repeatedly!

7. Vampire Hunter D (Hideyuki Kikuchi, 2007 – 2014) 

Vampire Hunter D (Hideyuki Kikuchi, 2007 – 2014)

Everything about this anime is dark! Dark characters, a darker plot, and the dark red bloodshed!

I am sure you will witness the utmost horror and heart-trembling events as you advance in the Vampire Hunter D manga series. Why not? After all, it’s written by a well-known horror series writer.

Imagine yourself in the medieval age, where vampires dominate the human world. Where blood thirst and turning to hell is the only death wish granted! Amidst this night, a ray of hope shines, and the horror of becoming a vampire subsides.

No doubt, Vampire Hunter D turns out to be a savior, but only he knows what he has to trade off to mitigate this terror in the human world.

If the dark figures scare you, hold someone tight as you might be witnessing even the dark faces popping out from their hands!

8. Millennium Snow

Millennium Snow

Good to know that vampires do have traditions! Hilarious, isn’t it?

Here the vampire Toya is bided by tradition. It is compulsory for him to get married and have a wife. The wife who will stay by his side for a thousand years!

But, he finds a little girl named Chiyuki, who is suffering from a deadly heart disease. She might not stay for that long with him. They have found a remedy to this situation.

The bride is ready, but the groom doesn’t like humans and blood too! Imagine what happens next in a series of romantic mysteries. “Millennium Snow” must be one of the true love millennia in anime.

9. Happiness


Don’t loiter in the street alone at night; who knows who will come and bite you? This is the general wisdom imparted by our elders.

This adage sounds true in the case of Makoto Okasaki in the “Happiness” Series. This decent school boy turns out to be the victim of notorious kids and one mysterious lady.

For Makoto, school kids’ pranks are manageable, but that cruel lady’s death bite turns out to be deadly! The next morning, he realizes the unusual changes and finds himself to be a monster.

Bloodthirst and escapism from the light turn out to be the utmost need. Do watch “Happiness” for your happiness, as it has nothing to do with the happiness of Makoto Okasaki in the series. What follows in his life is only horror!

10. Bloody Kiss

Bloody Kiss

Wow! What a name! “Bloody Kiss”? Will this story give us a glimpse of aggression and love? Let’s take a short ride to know a little more about it!

Let’s be transparent about the reviews. It’s not one of the manga that hit the audience for a long time; I feel it’s still worth enticing for a while. And here goes the gist of what Bloody Kiss has to serve its viewers.

There is one affluent girl who was born with a golden spoon. She is an heir to her granny’s castle. She is fortunate to inherit not only the pompous adobe but also the mysterious staff!

Watch out fellas, the luxury of being served comes with a bloody kiss to a vampire! Kuroboshi will do anything and everything to allure this exquisite girl, Kiyo.

Will fate tie the knot of this strange couple? Watch further only in “Bloody Kiss” by Kazuko Furiyama manga series.

11. If You Wanna Destroy This World

If You Wanna Destroy This World

Imagine, folks, you are having a delicious dinner at the restaurant, and Vampire is also having one! Don’t worry; this turns out to be a good guy and has a helping hand.

Soon, a car accident follows on the street, and the subject is lying on death bed. The vampire in the restaurant turns out to be a savior. The only problem is the life he chose to give is of his own clan, turning that injured lady into a vampire!

Interesting story, isn’t it? I bet what’s more is its characters and the upcoming events! Watch the “If You Wanna Destroy This World” manga series for more mystery, fear, and a little romance!

12. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Do you think vampires can be treated on par with humans in a human-dominated society? The answer is a big “NO”!

Orange Marmalade is a series that tries to portray the smooth relations between humans and vampires. Bohr’s blood replaces human blood, but the seducing sweetness and lust of human blood still persist among vampires!

Vampires have gained a little assurance and acceptance yet their presence amidst the humans is still annoying. Living in disguise is the only option for them. Yet a series of events happens which reveals the reality of the Baek Ma-ri and his ancestral bloodline.

Portraying lust and resistance, “Orange Marmalade” turns out to be an enticing epic!

13. Chibi Vampire

Chibi Vampire

There is always one odd one out in the family. The same applies to vampire families also!

Imagine a vampire bites you to give you her magical blood! Hallucinating, right? Karin in “Chibi Vampire” does this to her victims, making them magical and partly supernatural beings. On the other hand, her brother dislikes her and is fond of the lustful blood of beautiful girls.

Expect a lot of vampire family drama and a growing irresistible love affair! Must watch if you are one of the belligerent kids, as Karin is to her clan!

14. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Once again, the title indicates a rosy-cozy love story!

Can you guess what happens to the failing students in a school? Expulsion and school-shift, right? Tsukune’s case is worse than that! He ends up in an unconventional school where the students are monsters. No human is allowed to enter, or he meets his dead end!

Must say Tsukune is a brave boy and brave enough to stay in the trap of a vampire Moka! Even after knowing Moka’s dreadful reality, he sticks to her! Love has no eyes, and Tsukune truly validates this wisdom.

Curious to know what Rosario is in the series? Well, it’s Moka’s disguising cross to hide her vampire form. Why she wears it should not be difficult for you to guess! She is a vampire; she loves human blood and human beings, too!

One of the eye-catching vampire epics, where vampires, demons, werewolves and malicious creatures are seen struggling to co-exist with the human world.

15. Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood

A sci-fi animation filming the two malicious vampire clans, one of the Earth and the other of Mars!

When these two giants collide, what happens to the humans dwelling on Earth and on Mars is misery. It’s a highly vivid anime with marvelous characters and imaginations to satiate your action-packed bloodshed thirst!

“Trinity Blood” is a must-watch for science fiction plus vampire fans!

16. Delusion


Vampires, too, are fond of curating their sketches as humans do. Madam Song from “Delusion” is a solid example.

She, at the age of 80, asks a budding artist to draw her image. What a novel idea to treat an upcoming birthday! There is nothing wrong with vampires getting themselves painted if they spare the artist!

It’s always a crisscross to wish for a vampire, and “Delusion” best caters to this ideal fictional situation to their viewers. It’s a must-watch series if you are a fan of vampires, ambiguity, and excellent visuals!

17. Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak

Monsters sound good in tales, but what happens if they cross your way? Heart-trembling and mind-numbing situation arises, am I right?

Steve and Darren’s fantasy ends when they happen to meet the mysterious Vampire in the circus. I must say they are lucky enough to survive but are forced to choose the living hell for them.

“Cirque du Freak” is a fantastic tale encircling the friendship saga and the vicious monsters of the vampire world.

18. The Vampire’s Plans to Die in Peace

The Vampire's Plans to Die in Peace

Wow! Really, Vampire wishes to die, and that too in Peace? Sounds deceiving!

For Luna, the novice vampire, this is a dire wish! She wholeheartedly wishes and crafts plans to end her life. Many such past attempts have failed, but she is hopeful with this newly laid plan. She even shares her secret weapons and hands it to his liberator.

Let’s see “The Vampire’s Plans to Die in Peace” to know more about Luna and her dreadful life. The story is long and going slowly, so make sure you spare enough time to enjoy every nuance of it!

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