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Best Sad Manga That Will Tear Your Heart Up

Sadness is the emotion that connects us to our innermost core. People connect more deeply when they share their unfiltered emotions.

It’s the extreme situations that make people push out their real emotions as they are. Happiness is an emotion that is felt inside, whereas sadness is an emotion that is released and expressed outside.

When two people share their pain together, it helps them to connect on a deeper level. Happiness helps us in forgetting who we are even for the slightest moment whereas sadness helps us remember who we are.

Experience makes a man. The difference in experience makes different individuals.

The real talent of a storyteller is to write something so deep that it could make the reader shed a river of tears. It can even make them feel strong emotions because manga has the ability to portray extreme emotions very skillfully.

Here are our recommendations of the best manga that will make you bawl out your eyes for sure.

13. Hanshin: Half-God

Hanshin_ Half-God

The “Hanshin manga : Half God” is the manga that tells the story of conjoined twins Yudy and Yucy. Yucy is the timid younger twin who takes away all the necessary nutrients that were meant for the older twin, Yudy, to stay pretty. Yudy is the older twin who is better at using her brains than Yucy.

Yudy wants to get rid of her parasitic twin; an opportunity comes her way, and she is fast to grab it. Both twins got operated on medically, but a terrible consequence happened mid-way. Yucy couldn’t survive it.

After Yucy’s death, her surviving twin, Yudy, took over everything she envied from Yucy. She even took Yucy’s face after surgery and became a goddess. Her life became normal after that.

But Yudy’s happiness soon fades away. Yudy starts to feel the absence of her twin sister Yucy. Moving alone still feels more like a punishment than a blessing now.

Yudy feels disgusted by her wrongdoing and is left to live alone with a void in her heart forever.

12. The Sickness Unto Death

The Sickness Unto Death

Futaba Kazuma studies Clinical Psychology and is required to enter the psyche of his patients. To help them, he has to uncover all their fears and sadness.

Kazuma comes across a weird mansion inhabited by a young woman named Emiru.

Emiru is suffering from a life-threatening incurable disease. Her hair turned white due to the disease. If you touch her, her body temperature is that of a vampire.

No psychologist was able to identify the cause of her suffering. Her blood pressure fluctuates a lot without any medical reason.

It’s up to Kazuma to take his turn as a doctor to resolve Emiru’s suffering. Will Kazuma cure her of her mysterious diseases and save Emiru? Or will he be too late to do that? Emiru’s fate relies on Kazuma now. This sad manga story is bound to make you cry.

11. Solanin


Meiko Inoue is a 23-year-old college graduate. All the dreams that she used to live to fulfill have now disappeared. She now lives a boring and aimless life with her boyfriend, Naruto Taneda. She has nothing to look forward to.

This kept on happening until one fine day, Meiko saw sadness in her eyes and decided to face it head-on. She knew she couldn’t go on like that anymore.

It was her inner calling for change, and she took her first step to welcome the change in her life by quitting her job and starting afresh.

But thankfully, Taneda didn’t leave her alone and followed her too. They both quit their jobs and decide to bring back their band, just like their old days.

But choosing your dreams over the rough way of life is not very easy. How far will they be able to stick with this decision?

10. Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

Ikigami_ The Ultimate Limit

Governments across the world keep on coming up with new policies for the development of the people. The sad “Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit” manga is based on the theme of a Japanese government that shares the importance of life.

The government came up with this policy under The National Welfare Act.

As per dictated by the National Welfare Act, people aging between 18 and 24 years will be randomly chosen to donate their lives for the sake of their country.

The unlucky people who receive the notification of “Ikigami” will be put into a nanocapsule, which will take away their lives.

9. Half And Half

Half And Half

Half and Half is a sad manga anime story that covers the story of a bullied girl named Hina-chan. She got labeled as the ugliest girl in the school. It was only Hina-chan’s friend who stood by her side because of whom she was able to carry on all this while.

Her friend used to always say words of encouragement to her. This motivated Hina-chan to feel confident in herself, and she even got to meet her first boyfriend and fell in love.

Even though things started running smoothly, she still had to move to a new place for her family’s reasons.

Hina-chan is not ugly anymore; she turned into a beautiful girl and even got herself a handsome boyfriend. But as time passed, Hina-chan never completely forgot about Itsuki, even after so many years.

But nostalgia is bound to follow one way or the other and soon Hina-chan felt this missing feeling for her loving friend, Itsuki.

One day, Hina-chan visited her grandmother’s place to speak about her missing feelings regarding her friend, Itsuki.

But there was a beautiful surprise waiting around the corner for Hina-chan at her grandma’s place! As soon as Hina-Chan entered her grandma’s house door, she saw a beautiful woman at her place walking outside; it was none other than her best friend, Itsuki!

8. Bitter Virgin

Bitter Virgin

Bitter Virgin is the sad manga story of a handsome playboy. His name was Daisuke Suwa. Daisuke used to live alone with his single mum.

At school, Daisuke’s flirtatious nature got him to be seen as a girl magnet. Daisuke just needs a girl with long hair and a slim waist to go after them.

However, this is not the case with his classmate “Hinako Aikawa, “the most beautiful girl in his class. Daisuke despises Hinako and never makes a move on her. He even calls her a “Sweet Virgin”.

One day, Daisuke escapes his school and hides in a church nearby. The church was empty, so Daisuke got seated on a chair in the confession room.

This is when Haniko comes inside the church. She mistook Daisuke’s voice for the voice of church priests, giving her the saddest confession.

7. Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April

With a promising future waiting for him, Kousei, the genius pianist, received admiration and his share of devoted fans.

He was happy with his life, but sadness was just waiting around the corner for him as his mother suddenly passed away. This left him trauma-struck, and he despised his faithful partner.

For years, he kept on mourning and his despair continued and turned into constant sadness. This sadness got him falling into the dark pits of depression. Fortunately, someone was there to get him out of his dark cage. This person was Kaori.

Koaori was playing the violin to her own heart’s desire as she forgot all the rules and techniques and just played the instrument as she pleased. It was Kousei’s first time hearing Kaori play the violin, which lighted up her eyes for the first time after so many years.

Her sadness soon started to take a positive turn as her depression slowly started to fade away. This was the first time she promised herself to bring herself out of depression.

This is a truly sad but amazing manga story that will shake up your heart and make you cry.

6. Our Happy Time

Our Happy Time

“Our Happy Time” is a beautiful, sad manga that will let you explore different types of unbearable emotions in a single go.

Juri Mutou is a famous pianist who left behind her career for her mother. This made Juri despise her mother to the level that she attempted multiple suicide attempts. This is where her aunt came in and lent her a helping hand.

Juri requested her aunt to help her visit a death row inmate whose name is Yuu. He was given the death sentence for killing three people, which made feel disgusted inside.

As days went on, Yuu couldn’t live with the guilt and attempted suicide multiple times, even before his death sentence arrived.

Is there any hope for transformation in their lives? Watch the anime to know more.

5. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

A rare, handsome, beautiful, smart guy, Ash Lynx is a pure genius. But there is only one problem with him; he is a ruthless killer.

He murdered a renowned mafia boss, “Dino,” “Papa Golzine. Before killing Dino, Ash got very close to him and became his close companion.

Dino had no clue about Ash’s plans. He was building a gang of criminals under Dino’s nose. Dino let his guard down and paid a very big price with his life.

A reporter named Enji Okumurab came across kids of early age who became criminals; this was the same time when Enji met Ash.

News regarding a series of gruesome murders started to come in and a name popped up constantly. The most popped up name was “Banana Fish”.

You must be thinking where’s the twist? The twist here is Ash got framed to be seen as a murderer whilst the real murderer is still roaming around on the streets, marking his next target.

Enji gets swirled into the matters of Ash, who in search of the real criminal throws the whole town into stupid chaos.

4. Story That A Girl Dies

Story That A Girl Dies

“Story That A Girl Dies” anime is the sad manga story of a student named Haruka, who received the unfortunate news about her shortened lifetime. She only has months to live.

Hearing the news of her own death, Haruka decides to make good use of the remaining days of her life. While doing so, she met a tomboy girl named Mochizuki Chiho.

Chiho, too, desired to get a new change in her life by changing her ways of life. Both girls started to help each other and soon became friends. Soon, these friends also became friends.

Chiho’s goal was to turn herself into a lady. Haruka took this chance to help her out.

As the time of Haruka’s death was nearing, she started to feel more and more guilty because she would soon leave Chiho alone to deal with her problems all on her own.

She is also told about how Chiho will feel when she is left behind alone with nobody by her side to be her helpful guide. How will Chiho deal with the sorrow of losing her friend?

3. Into The Forest Of Fireflies Light

Into The Forest Of Fireflies Light

Years old, Hotaru Takegawa starts to wander around ancient woods to visit her beloved grabdfather. But the little girl lost her way. The girl felt terrified of the darkness, and suddenly, a spirit appeared near her, and her heart immediately lit up.

Out of a curious human habit of touching and knowing things, the little girl tried to touch the ghost. But as she tried to touch the spirit the spirit vanished away.

The spirit shouldn’t be touched; it’s the rule. But the helpful ghost still took the risk of being touched, just so it could help the little girl find a way out of the forest.

Haruto felt like thanking the spirit and promised to be back with a gift but was refused. Instead, she was told never to come back home again. Why so? For knowing that, you must watch the anime!

2. To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

If you are familiar with the Japanese manga “Mushishi,” you will get an idea of how sad the manga of “To Your Eternity” could be.

When you are sent as an unknown being on the Earth planet. How would you feel if there is no emotion, no will, no identity of your own? How would you survive? And what if you are able to take the shape of anything you wish for?

This thing from the galaxy first took the shape of a rock. Next shape it acquired was of an injured wolf. Can you believe if we say that the alien thing even acquired the consciousness of a wolf and met its first human owner.

Now the wolf lives with the young boy who lives in a village where it’s constantly snowing and the weather stays cold.

The young lad started searching for a legendary Rakuen located beyond the sea. But during his travels the boy became injured on his way to search Rakuen. His wound got infected, and the boy awaited his death.

The boy dies alone and terrified, and this is how the wolf learns its first emotion of grief. With nobody and nothing left behind, the wolf sets on a search for more new emotions. It can be easily understood that the anime is very unique.

1. Oyasumi Punpun

Oyasumi Punpun

Turning into an adult is no cakewalk. Passionate optimist Onodera had to learn this in a very harsh way.

Learning everything the hard way can be called the basic theme of this sad manga “Oyasumi Punpun”.

Maintaining serious relationships is not very easy.

He learned how tough it is to cherish and maintain the relationship with a special girl you cherish. He learned the transition process from a naïve ignorant boy into a full-fledged adult.

Well, he got to know that it is not the people you look up to who will not disappoint you. Life displays a reality and we have to helplessly accept it. He saw his father abuse his mother. Afterall all, you won’t learn hard lessons the easy way.


For the cleansing of the soul, crying is necessary. Crying is often an emotion that many people do not want to experience, but it can’t be denied that crying is still one of the most essential processes before healing.

Sadness is the most real emotion that expresses our truest human who’s inside. Without facing sadness, you wouldn’t know how to cherish the feeling of happiness.

But there is another drawback of feeling too much sadness for too long: you may start to go numb if you don’t do something fast to recuperate soon.

Sadness is expressed in the form of long-distance relationships, heartbreaks, and grief. If you can find somebody to lean on in sadness, the outcome will be completely different.

By watching sad manga, you can connect with the same emotions that you must be dealing with. Who knows that by watching sad anime manga, you may even find a healing solution from watching the saddest manga stories.

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