Best Female Cosplayers With Highest Followers

Best Female Cosplayers With Highest Followers

As anime fans, we all have certain wishes to be like our favorite superheroes. Being like them means we desire to develop similar qualities to our favorite anime characters. Our resonance with the specific anime characters, built to match our ideal core beliefs, makes us do that.

Sometimes, we even like to dress like our favorite anime characters just because we like them. This dressing up is termed as ”Cosplay,” and the one who does the act of cosplaying is called a “Cosplayer”.

Cosplaying helps anime fans bring themselves closer to the magazine’s imagination and the nearest experience of bringing fantasies to life. Because, who knows, you might actually start believing in superheroes or at least feeling like a superhero through cosplaying!

But being a good Cosplayer is not so easy. It demands some skills, pretty good makeup skills, knowledge of design, and sometimes even good sewing skills, which could come in handy for some. Here is our list of best female cosplayers who have the highest number of followers prepared for you:

Cybergirl – Alodia Gosiengfia 

Cybergirl - Alodia Gosiengfia

Alodia Gosiengfia, is a famous Filipina Cosplayer in the world. She is known by the name Cybergirl among her followers.

She was also called for judging other cosplayers at a string of anime conventions. She got recognized for her cosplay through her appearance at various cosplay events. She also judged cosplay shows in the year 2003.

Her popularity factor in the cosplay community also got her endorsed in skin product ads and promotional events at some sushi restaurants. Anime costumes are fashionable as it is, and being a Cosplayer, Gosiengfia even got called to create some fashion line products and more.

Being a Cosplayer indirectly means you are a hardcore anime fan, which also means that anime dialogues are learned at your fingertips. Her talent for delivering anime characters’ dialogues also got her to work as a dubbing artist with influential people in the Philippines.



Sakura is our next one, whom people also call “The queen of Eve Cosplay”. Her original name is Amie Lynne. Amie entered the cosplay world around 2009.

It was a life-changing moment for Amie Lynne when she first tried on the costume cosplay of Code Grass. This inspired her to become a Cosplayer artist, and she started her journey in this field. She crafted her cosplay costumes, whether it be the costume of “Final Fantasy” Sakura resembling from head to toe.

Although her cosplay attire is amazing, she insists it’s her hobby.

Tron – Ani Mia 

Tron - Ani Mia

Ani Mia started her cosplaying career in the year 2001 as she got her exposure in the cosplaying community. Although she was connected with the cosplay community, she didn’t fall in love with it right away; it was during the period of 2008 when she started to discover her love with this art form.

Her love for cosplay didn’t go in vain, as it let her gain popularity throughout the world as a world-famous star Cosplayer. She was also among the famous cosplayer judges.

Her modeling background helped her to a great extent in wearing her cosplay costumes. Her figure is suited greatly to a variety of cosplay attires.

Star Guardian Xayah – Sioxanne

Star Guardian Xayah - Sioxanne

Sioxanne is a famous cosplayer best known for cosplaying the character from “The Star Guardian Xayah.” She is one of the lead models in the anime world.

She bargained for her career as a cosplay artist with the Spiral Cats group, which was just like group Tasha. She had to leave her group in the year 2013. However, she is still an active cosplay community member while focusing on her studies.

She is a fashion design student, and with her 8 years of cosplaying background, she will surely shine in the fashion field and design stunning outfits. Her specialty in combining all the rock fluorescent colors on her clothes and hair makes her stand out from other cosplayers in her field.

Sword Art Online – Houshou Marine

Sword Art Online

One of the very experienced females at cosplaying, Houshou Marine, stands as the lead. Houshou Marine shined in the eyes of her audience for her SAO (Sword Art Online) cosplay.

She takes pride in designing her complex, high-quality costumes. Every time she makes an anime costume, she designs it perfectly to embody the characters she wants to portray.

Her fame reached its peak when she became the most notable spot for her character “Sakuya” from the “Touhou” series.

Shinobu Kocho – Monpink Mon

Shinobu Kocho - Monpink Mon

@monpink_mon is the most popular cosplayer from Taiwan. Shinobu got obsessed with cosplay from early on – so much so that she could be easily spotted at any cosplay events whenever cosplaying activities were held. She was generally seen in colorful cosplay costumes at regular everyday activities such as grocery shopping.

She also cosplayed the Character of Kocho from the Demon Slayer anime.

She played multiple cosplay characters well. While cosplay was just a part of her anime likes, it was her artistry that attracted so many fans attracted towards her. The way she added dimensions to her costumes was incredible.

Pudding – Nenko 

Pudding - Nenko

You won’t be able to pick one of your favorite cosplays by the Taiwanese icon @nennenko.

She has been portraying famous anime characters from different genres in her signature ‘Lolita’ style. Her makeup skills are at an extremely precise level.

Nenko was her dream project. She even launched her brand keychains for many anime fans. You can grab one of her launched keychains; you’ll like to keep them as souvenirs.

Arthur Pendragon – Reika

Arthur Pendragon - Reika

Known for her incredible art of embodying opposite genders, Arthur Pendragon is a big name in the cosplay industry. Her I’d is @reika_Japan. She can cosplay both masculine and feminine genders in her demonstration equally.

She portrays “Fate/Pendragon” in her special style. She learned sewing skills quite young, which helped her craft the most intricate costumes in just a few days. She is one of the very well-known cosplayers royalty.

Dolores – Amanda Castrillo

Dolores - Amanda Castrillo

This character cosplay was a memorable one. We must thank @amandajustvibin for warming up all the corners of our hearts with her attire of Disney Dolores from “Enchanto” cosplay.

She is straight from the Disney princesses. You may look at her and question, is she even real?

She takes the art of cosplaying to another level with her dedicated efforts. Her anime deception will take you with a single blow.

Riven Arcade – Randomnaizer

Riven Arcade - Randomnaizer

We can’t deny the fact that @aspirinaspra is a perfectionist cosplaying who works around the clock. She designs her costumes, wigs and makeup with utmost perfection.

Her perfection could be seen via her Instagram post where she cosplayed “Riven” from the anime series “League of Legends”.

Her Riven character wields a large blade against the enemies. She is a fierce sword fighter who wears colorful pieces of costume, which goes well with the funky Armor boots!

Secret Agent Miss Fortune – Rinnie Riot

Secret Agent Miss Fortune - Rinnie Riot

Here comes a world-renowned Canadian cosplay artist who creates digital anime versions of Western anime characters. These character costumes come from Disney, the Cartoon Network, and the Warner Brothers.

She can perfectly play all the Chinese anime cosplays. She got recognition for her cosplay for Ronnie. Her obsession with cosplay started when she started gaming.

The Secret Agent Miss Fortune’s character was superbly nailed by her. How she aligns with the context of her cosplay theme is fun to view.

Raiden Shogun – Yayahan

Raiden Shogun - Yayahan

A self-taught China-based amazing cosplayer, @yayahan, has already crafted more than 300 costumes and taken the popular seat in the cosplay world.

She was also on the cover of video games, anime films and comic books. She played with her creativity and created more original cosplay costumes. Her constant efforts made her appear as a guest judge on “The King of Nerds” a popular TBS reality show.

She dressed as “Genshin” and “Raiden Shogun” and was often praised by the audience. She was also featured in a Syfy program, “Heroes Of Cosplay”. She is one of the lead voices of the cosplay community.

Esmerelda – Castle Emerald

Esmerelda - Castle Emerald

The lady with the heart of gold. Yes, we are talking about Esmeralda, who is dressed up in the costume from the anime “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame”.

Are you starting to feel nostalgic without seeing Disney’s favorite princesses? Forget your nostalgia because cosplayer Esmeralda is here. She can pull off any Disney princess’s attire on herself.

She is stunning at doing this. Be ready to get knocked off as soon as you see this female cosplayer.

Spider Demon from “Kimtesu no Yaiba.” – Jinx

Spider Demon from _Kimtesu no Yaiba._ - Jinx

Jinx is one more cosplayer artist who explored her love for cosplay, starting from “Windborne Bard” to Spider Demon from “Kimtesu no Yaiba.” She made her appearance crystal clear by turning from a novice into an expert cosplayer artist.

She became famous for her character revealed by Jinx-inspired cloud-inspired tattoos covering her body, and her “pow pow” was so cute! Her wacky character portrayal from “Fishbone” was the finest you’ll ever see.

Ulala – Airyucat

Ulala - Airyucat

With her mysterious rainbow-filled appearance, Ulala, a cosplay artist, will knock you down with her beautiful artistry. She is second to none when it is time to style herself with a new anime character. Her handle name is @airyucat. Ulala is an exceptional cosplayer you’ll ever meet.

Ulala from @airyucat is the master at flaunting pigtails as she made herself into a replica of a “hairdryer”.

Rainbow Brite – Akuriko

Rainbow Brite - Akuriko

This colorful cosplay artist is too cool for channeling none other than ‘Rainbow bright’ from the show of the same title. She is a regular cosplayer artist and she won’t be stopping cosplaying anytime soon. Her recreation of Rainbow Brite

Her character is a wonder treat for her audience. She is worthy of all the praise and love she received. Beyond her cosplay, she is extremely cute, and this is why her character spells cute!

Cotton Candy Garnet – Sailorxtasy

Cotton Candy Garnet - Sailorxtasy

Cotton Candy Garnet is a woman filled with the art of cosplaying.

Her wacky and whimsical portrayal from “Steven Universe ” is truly astounding. We have to say that Cotton Candy Garnet is our favorite among all her portrayals. She, as a cosplayer, agrees it was her best. Her handle is @sailorxtasy.

Check it out soon and be ready to be amazed. This cosplayer leaves no stone unturned whenever she has recreated the anime character she wants to recreate. She makes sure to include every little detail, like the character’s third eye and colorful afro, in her get-up.

Her two-piece cotton candy outfit is too sweet for the eyes to handle. We can’t help but hope that @sailorxtasy wears her anime attire very gracefully and makes it her statement.

Itachi Uchiha – Sheetal Khushi

Itachi Uchiha - Sheetal Khushi

If you are a cosplay artist or in the field of cosplaying, you would have always thought of trying to do Itachi Uchiha’s cosplay. Itachi is the most favorite character. He is like a dream character everybody wants to cosplay.

Suppose you are trying to cosplay Itachi Uchiha, the former Anbu international criminal from “Naruto” checkout cosplay from @ii_boss_girl_ii’s. That is why females will help you in finding new ideas.

Cosplayer @ii_boss_girl_ii’s will impress you for her attention to specific details. She had included the replica of Itachi’s headpiece and his Akatsuki robe. The journey of @ii_boss_girl_ii has been amazing till now, and we believe she will continue to do the same.

Daki – Neomachi

Daki - Neomachi

A stylish villain is all that you need to get into action as soon as you arrive in the cosplay world.

Daki is the super stylish villain from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. She is undoubtedly amazing for her exclusive fashion-dressed villains in the “Demon Slayer” anime.

Her left-hand works to nail the anime character as soon as she likes it. The character sides that she reveals are going to make you spellbound as you will notice the details in her cosplay like never before.

Hence, we must mention that her artwork goes beyond just DIY-ing a cosplay costume. She is the chameleon of the cosplay community.

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