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Best Black Anime Characters That Will Steal Your Heart

The birthplace of anime art is Japan. Hence, you would be thinking its characters too would look Japanese. But that’s not the case. Anime Characters mostly look caucasian.

Despite being an anime fan I haven’t seen many black characters. Hence, whenever I find one, their prominent tanned skin really attracts my eyes to them.

If you too want to know the rare few black anime characters you have certainly come to the right place.

But mind you, not all these black characters are heroic in nature, be cautious because you may stumble upon a few evil one’s too. Some black characters even appear as antiheroes.

Now, you must have a very strong idea what the article is all about. The article talks about the best Black anime characters that will make your day!

Prepare yourself up,  because the list is going to be pretty long. The list includes 25 best Black anime characters that truly entertain you to the level..

20. Bob Makihara

Bob Makihara

The very first black guy on our list is Bob Makihara. Whenever we talk about black people, most of them are concentrated in South African lands.

This notion is somewhat true because Bob Makihara is also from South Africa. Being from a far away land makes him seem like a stranger. This is the reason why people on the show call him “the stranger”.

Bob sets himself apart from this general idea, because he has blue eyes, which most of the black people don’t have. You may even get confused by his Japanese sounding surname, his surname should have been African isn’t it?

Even I become confused by this black anime guy. But this interesting combination can be seen as one of his  beautiful physical features.

Bob’s past still remains a mystery because there’s not much information available about him other than his father. His father used to be the first lieutenant commander in the United States.

The information we got about his years of life is , he used to call himself the Knuckle Bombs. Talking about his physical attributes, Bob’s hair has long dreads and his body is muscular.

Physically he looks very strong. I can understand why he used to call himself Knuckle Bombs, that’s because he is so strong.

His friends list is topped by his best friend Souichiro Nagi, whom Bob had met in elementary school. Bob also has a girlfriend, her name is Chiaki Konoike. She loves him very much.

19. Nils Yajima

Nils Yajima

Nils Yajima, is a black anime guy who first appears on the television anime show titled “Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try.”

My first view about Nils when I first saw him on the television show, was that he only cared about studying Plavsky particles in science.

In the beginning I thought that he was just playing Gunpla battle for fun, but later I realized no, he actually loved Gunpla. His love for Gunpla battle was revealed after he  styled with two other guys named Sei and Reiji.

18. Claudia LaSalle

Claudia LaSalle

Claudia La Salle is a staff member on the big spaceship Macross. She takes care of weapons and how to move them around in outer space. She and her close friend Misa Hayase often talk about love stuff.

They help each other with relationship problems, like figuring out how she feels for Hikaru Ichijou which is tricky to deal with sometimes. This makes their friendship very special! She has a close relationship with Roy Focker.

17. Michiko Malandro

Michiko Malandro

One other black anime character is Michiko Malandro. She is one strong woman who went through a very rough phase in her life due to which she ended up in jail.

Facing unjustified imprisonment for trying to save Hana from her abusive parents. She entered Hana’s adoptive parents home on a scooter through the window.

She has a unique identification mark on her stomach, it is a mysterious tattoo. Like every woman, she too fell in love once in her lifetime, it was with Hatchin’s father. She had good views about Hatchin’s father, she said it herself that he was a good man.

16. Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko Jackson

Our next black anime character is Atsuko Jackson from the Michiko and Hatchin anime series. Both Atsuko and Michiko are from the same orphanage. She had arrested Michiko 12 years ago. Michiko likes to tease her just to make her angry by calling her”Jumbo”.

The term Jumbo is a Portuguese word used for a dark-skinned human and it is also used for Syzygium fruit. Even though Atsuko faces contradicting feelings towards Michiko, her kind heart isn’t able to resist helping Michiko, whenever she faces trouble.

15. Marik Ishtar

Marik Ishtar

If you have stumbled upon Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime and manga series, you must know another black character Marik Ishtar from it. He is the owner of Millennium Rod.

This Millenium rod enables him to gain control of an individual’s mind. By Wielding this power, he created his own secret evil organization.

Marik is hell bent on taking his revenge against Pharaoh Atem. But, Atem has infinite powers, so to achieve his revenge, Marik has to gain the double power from Yugi.

However, he has to take possession of three powerful Egyptian God cards to achieve this. So, how will he obtain these three cards of Ra the Winged Dragon, Silfer the sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor?

When Yugi enters Egypt with his friends to find the forgotten past of Pharaoh, he is welcomed by Marik’s sister Isis and Odion.

Yugi and his minions try everything in their hands, for Pharaoh’s soul release. For this they have to defeat Zorc and reach the palace where Pharaoh’s soul will be released.

Marik has to defeat Atem, for which he requires to understand Atem’s battle. There is a duel being held between Atem and Yugi soon. What a much better opportunity than this for Marik to see Atem’s battle tactics.

14. Darui


Our next black anime guy is Darui. He is the right hand man of Fourth Raikage. With his level of skills, it was obvious that he became the Fifth Raikage. He also used to be a disciple of Third Raikage and trained under him.

He became a skilled ninja under his apprenticeship and learned 3rd Raikage’s special black rai technique. Darui’s special techniques got him to be chosen for safeguarding the Fourth Raikage.

Later on he was given the leader position for heading the Allied Ninja Forces. This force was responsible for being at the frontline battlefield during the fourth ninja world war.

With his level of skills, it was very easy for him to defeat the Gold and Silver brothers. This all worked as a base for Darui’s career to become the Fifth Raikage.

13. Kaz Kaan

Kaz Kaan

Another black character Kaz Kaan is a very outspoken person. He can act as a demon slayer in one moment and the very next moment he can be seen performing his duties as Caprese’s official boy.

He is a decent bachelor, and a polite person. He may seem like an elegant man, but he may cross you any moment with his selfish behavior.

Although I feel that only thinking of our own is not the quality of a good person, I still had to include Kaz kaan in this list for his tanned black looks. I remember the moment when, Kaz liked Lexy just to make Cathy jealous, for me he seems like a great teaser.

12. Edward


The free spirited androgynous black girl, Edward is a young Hacker. She is just 13 years old. Wow, he sounds like a talented girl for a hacker!

People call her by the short name, “Ed”. But her full name is “Edward Wong IV”. Her character is filled with childish nature, whenever she feels happy she starts singing childrens rhymes.

I find this really weird, because this girl hardly walks most of the time she either jumps or crawls or runs. I just want to know, why are her feet always naked? She also speaks as if she is a third person.

Her birth details aren’t known. I could only find out that she spent her childhood in an orphanage. She was abandoned by her father, Appledelhi Siniz. His name is too long.

She is friends with a shy boy who’s name will make you laugh! It’s Tomato. Being a hacker has its own advantages, because Ed knows a lot about computers. Stay cautious, her charm may even hack your heart!

11. Muhammed Avdol

Muhammed Avdol

We all love to represent ourselves very perfectly in front of others and build a good image of ourselves. Muhammad Avdol too is self conscious about maintaining his self image.

He is the key person in the Stardust Crusaders. You may see him as Joseph Joestar’s Egyptian friend and an advisor to conquer DIO. he also provides the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls.

Avdol is a master of Fire handling technique. The technique he uses is called the Magician’s Red. You can figure out that Avdol is a serious person with a responsible personality. He has never been partial towards anybody. In my view he can become a very good leader also.

10. Kuzan, a.k.a. Aokiji

Kuzan, a.k.a. Aokiji

The minor antagonist from the ‘Foxy’s Return Arc’ anime “Kuzan” was a former Navy Admiral. He was first revealed by the name Aokiji.

Prior to this post, Kuzan was appointed as the Fleet Admiral by Sengoku. But life had other plans for him as he lost his position to his competition Sakazuki. He had to resign from the Marine post.

Facing the humiliation, he goes and joins the Blackbeard Pirates and turns into an antagonist of the Marineford Arc.

9. Andrew Gilbert Mills

Andrew Gilbert Mills

We know Andrew Gilbert from the Sword Art online anime. He was also trapped inside the Sword Art Online (SAO) along with 10,000 other players.

Andrew is a merchant by profession and owns an Algade shop on the Aincard building 50th floor. After finishing playing the Sword Art Online game, he returned back into the real world.

He again started playing the (Alo) Alfheim Online game. To make a living, he runs Dicey Cafe with his wife.

8. Mr. Popo

Mr. Popo

A humanoid robot who is devoted towards a person who plays the role of God of the Earth. His name is Mr. Popo.

It may sound a bit funny to hear that this humanoid is slightly overweight. But the question that arises in my mind is, how can a robot eat so much that it gets overweight lol? I thought that robots must be perfect!

You must be wondering how a robot made it to our list, it’s because Mr. Popo has black skin. Hence, he is relevant to our topic. His black skin,  large lips, round eyes, no nose and no hair makes him look super cute.

No doubt comes to my mind seeing the dedication of this humanoid robot towards his lord Dende. Just like us humans robots too have a certain lifetime they may be able to function efficiently. Still Mr. Popo goes beyond his limits to protect his master lord Dende.

Mr.Popo is given the charge of training Goku and his teammates. This training is for the purpose of making Goku and his teammates ready to face Piccolo, Vegeta and Nappa and win the battle against them.

It is only after that, Goku can retrieve the Dragon Balls and make a wish to resurrect Frieza’s Victims.

7. Jet Black

Jet Black

The 36 year old former police officer, Jet Black is known in the anime community by the name “Black Dog”. This indirectly tells us about his black skin, hence he belongs to our list of black anime guys.

Are you excited to know more about him? If you are, how can I hold back from sharing too. He is physically very tall and has a muscular build, his head is completely bald and shiny. I don’t understand the reason behind him carrying a beard without a mustache.

Jet has a friend Spike, whose personality is completely opposite of him. Jet has the quality of being courageous and he has a liking towards multiple subjects.

I get nerdy vibes from him. But when I look at Spike, he has a laid back personality and follows a lazy way of life. But it’s not like he doesn’t have any good qualities. His selfless nature out-weights his lazy personality.

Jet used to work as a police inspector at ISSP (Inter Solar System Police). He lost his arm during an incident and later it was replaced with a prosthetic cybernetic arm. He kept this arm as a memento to always remember this dark history of his past.

Later on, Jake became disgusted with all the corruption, and together with his injury, he decided to leave ISSP. So, he works as a freelance bout hunter nowadays.

6. Killer B 

Killer B

If you have seen Naruto then you might remember this ninja rapper who is always rapping when fighting with his opponents. Moreover, he is so obsessed with rap culture that he even speaks in a way that sounds like rap.

Killer B is the current vessel of the eight-tailed Jinchūriki, and he has even managed to become friends with his Jinchuriki, which allows him to use the full extent of its power. His achievement is something that is never seen before in the history of Kumogakure.

When B was a child, he used to go on missions with his partner A, there he realized how talented his brother was compared to him, so he deeply admired him. Using his eight swords and powers from his eight tailed beast, he overpowered Taka’s entire team of veteran ninjas alone.

During the Second Shinobi World War, B stood his ground against Kisame Hoshikagi, who is Sasuke’s partner in Akatsuki. Later, Kisame had to even escape using the Two-Tailed Beast.

During this war, He has also fought with THe Flash of Konoha, Minato. Later Minato even praised him for his extraordinary abilities

5. Katara


The water bender of the Water Tribe of South Pole, Katara is a fictional anime character from the Avatar series. He is the last remaining water bender of Nickelodeon.

Considering his young age, he is just a 14 year old boy. It was Katara and Sokka who found the last Airbender Avatar, who had been missing for the last 100 years.

Katara accompanied Anag to defeat the Fire Nation and to restore the peace among the four nations.

If you are curious to know the meaning of his name, Katara is derived from a portuguese and spanish word Catarata. The meaning of the word “Catarata” is waterfall.

We can notice Sokka’s water bending abilities since the beginning of the series. Initially she was only an apprentice but as time passed by she learned to take better control of her powers.

With her refined skills she is able to heal people. At the end of final season, Hama teaches her “bloodbending” technique, which adds to her skills.

4. Canary


If you entered the property of the Zoldyck family by mistake or were caught trespassing, then you will have to face the wrath of the Canary. She is an apprentice butler who has devoted her utmost loyalty towards the Zoldyck Family.

She has a round face, with thick lips, and a small nose, her eyes are gray, and she has dark purple hair which is tied in thick tufts. She has dark brown skin and usually wears a Zoldyck family butler uniform.

Canary always acts as a ruthless person who wouldn’t bat an eye after killing her enemies. However, When Gon meets her for the first time he says that she is not as heartless as the rumors say. But, Canary doesn’t agree with his claims and tries to deny it.

3. April


First of all, I would like to say that the names in this anime makes it very confusing, since they are based on dates and months, so don’t get confused.

April is an agent for MI-6, and her history is shrouded in mystery. She has been working with other agents of MI-6, namely July and November 11. November 11 is the leader of their team.

April loves alcohol so much that she even asks to be paid in the form of booze. In a drinking competition she won’t lose to any man. However, During the missions their coordination is perfect, and it also increases their chances of success.

After she finds out about the death of November 11, she goes there and becomes emotional. April can also operate well Solo. We can see her in solo action when she was tracking down Amber.

2. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

Afor had a very awful experience in his childhood, as his father was killed in front of him. So, after this event Afro has only one goal in mind, which is to take revenge for his father and take the number one spot.

Therefore, he works hard to become the best swordsman, and travels around, defeating tough opponents. Now that he has achieved the number two, he is ready to challenge number one and take his revenge against the number one, who killed his father in his childhood.

1. Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach is a very easy going girl, she likes to surprise people with her transformation. Moreover, she often transforms into a cat and speaks in the tone of a man, this makes people believe that she is a male.

Even the creator of Bleach manga, Tite Kubo has stated that she is one of his most favorite characters from the series, and it is an enjoyable experience for him when writing her story and drawing her character.

Yoruichi Shihōin is also a close friend of Kisuke Urahara from a long time. She was one of the first persons to help Ichigo and his friends to free Rukia from the clutches of Shinigami.

So, Did you enjoy the list of our Best Black anime Characters? and you can also let us know about your favorite Back anime characters.

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