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Anime like black summoner you wish you watched before

The story of Black Summoner is about a guy named Kelvin. While reincarnating, he got an option to trade his memories for powerful abilities, and being a gamer, Kelvin lets go of his memories to achieve great powers.

Black Summoner is undoubtedly a masterpiece in the vast world of isekai anime. But since it’s only 12 episodes long, it leaves you craving for more isekai action. Therefore, after extensively looking at every isekai anime, I have compiled some of the best ones similar to the black summoner. So, enjoy them while we wait for the second season of black Summers to arrive.

In this anime, the protagonists are transported to a world of magic and fantasy. There, they find companions or go on solo adventures while completing quests and engaging in epic battles.

1. My Isekai Life 

My Isekai Life

The story of My Isekai Life follows a guy named Yuji Sano. Before getting transported to another world, he worked to the bone as a typical corporate guy. After coming into this world, he gains powerful sorcerer skills from a mysterious voice. Yuji is a monster tamer who can use powerful magical spells.

The most interesting thing about this series is Yuji’s journey from being a corporate slave to a powerful adventurer. In their previous life, Yuji was so entangled in work that he had no time to enjoy life and hang out with friends.

Still, after coming to another world, he finds joy in those things by making new friends and enjoying his life while discovering more about his powers.

Like Kelvin from Black Summoner, Yuuji works hard and grows stronger to survive in this unknown world. Moreover, one is a summoner, and the other is a tamer, so their abilities are not much of a difference since both of them fight using monsters as their companions.

Both of them have good personalities and help others. So, “My Isekai Life” is an anime with a powerful main character, a decent storyline, and charming characters.

2. Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer

The story of the beast tamer follows a guy named Rein. Who is a member of the hero’s party and can communicate and tame monsters. Rein meets powerful monsters who become his most loyal companions during his journey.

Suppose we discuss similarities between Beast Tamer and Black Summoner; Kelvin and Rein can tame the beast. Both of them are also characters who are reincarnated into another world.

3. By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods

The story of “By the Grace of the Gods” follows the life of a middle-aged man named Ryoma Takebayashi. After his only relative passed away, Ryoma was left alone in this world. He spent most of his time at work. After his death, he got another chance to live a better life with the help of the gods.

After Ryouma gets reincarnated into this new world as a child, he starts his new life in this unknown forest. He lived a quiet and peaceful life while improving his skills and enjoying his surroundings. But his life changes when he saves the lives of some knights in the forest. After that, the duke invites him to live with him in the town.

Ryoma is a tamer who tames all kinds of slimes and uses them daily. He uses slimes to start different businesses, such as laundry and cleaning. If you like isekai anime, which involves trade and commerce, then you’ll love this anime.

What sets it apart from the other anime on the list is that it heavily focuses on the slice-of-life element. Moreover, some mysteries are waiting to be uncovered as the story progresses. So it will keep you hooked and not let you get bored.

4. Rising of the Shield Hero

Rising of the Shield Hero

There are many similarities between Black Summoner and Rising of the Shield Hero. In both anime, the main character gets sent to another world and gets mysterious powers.

In Black Summoner, there is also a scene where Kelvin buys a slave girl. Furthermore, this anime also has multiple seasons, so if you are planning to watch it, it won’t end as quickly as a black summoner, so you can enjoy it for a longer time.

Four heroes were summoned to this world. They go by the name of their weapons, which are sword, shield, spear, and bow. However, Naofumi, the hero with the shield, was considered useless and looked down upon by everyone in the kingdom.

A princess showed sympathy towards him, but little did he know that she was plotting to throw him into despair. She falsely accuses him of assaulting her and turns the whole kingdom against him, including the other three heroes.

Now that no one can help, Naofumi decides to go on a solo journey. Only people who don’t care about what he did are involved in shady business. He decides to purchase some slaves as they cannot defy him due to their contract, and he can’t trust anyone.

When Nofumi was visiting a slave trader, he saw a demihuman raccoon girl with lifeless eyes, so he bought her. Later, he also meets another demihuman bird girl, and she ends up becoming their third companion. During their travels, they form a deep bond and become trusted allies.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Who says slimes are the weakest monsters? In this anime, a slime has powers that rival dragons and demon lords. The protagonist of this anime died in an accident while protecting his coworker. And when he woke up, he was in a completely different world in a slime body.

He was the weakest creature on the food chain, but he didn’t give up and learned to adapt to his new life. After he started consuming things around him, he discovered that he could get the abilities of anything he consumed.

Soon, he meets a legendary dragon locked up in a cave. This dragon introduces himself as Veldora Tempest and says he has been sealed here for a long time. The protagonist introduces himself as Rimuru and becomes friends with this dragon.

He promises Veldora that he will one day return after becoming stronger and release him from his seal. So, Veldora also bestows him with some of his powers and gives him his surname. So, from then on, this little slime became known as Rimuru Tempest.

After that, Rimru meets monsters from different races, such as Goblins, Wolves, Lizardman, and Ogres. He spends many days naming them and bestowing his powers on them. Later, they form their own country and receive recognition from human nations.

Just like Black Summoner’s protagonist, Rimuru also has monsters as his allies; although he is not a human, he was reincarnated from another world. This anime has many seasons and close to 100 episodes, so you can savor this series without worrying about it ending too soon.

6. Death March

Death March

Unlike the protagonist from most series, who goes into another world after death or teleportation, this guy somehow gets stuck inside his game. He has powerful abilities, and after accidentally killing a horde of monsters, he gets lots of XP and becomes overpowered.

After that, he goes to a town and becomes a merchant who travels through different kingdoms. He also does some good deeds by saving people from bad guys. In this process, he also ends up having his harem.

Death March and Black Summoner have many similarities between them. In both anime, the main characters get overpowered abilities but hide their true powers from others. Therefore, we don’t see a lot of scenes where the MC does something unexpected and surprises everyone.

7. Arifureta


In this anime, the main character is also betrayed, like Naofumi from Shield Hero. Hajime Nagumo gets summoned to another world along with his classmates. They were summoned as heroes to save the kingdom from monster attacks.

A girl from Hajime’s class had a crush on him, but another girl had feelings for her. So, he decides to get rid of Hajime. He pushes him off a cliff and makes it look like an accident.

Hajime doesn’t die of the fall and manages to survive, but he is stuck inside the deepest part of the dungeon, where powerful monsters are roaming around. Hajime desperately tries to avoid them and manages to survive.

There, he meets a vampire and saves her. After this incident, he becomes a completely different person. His hair also changes from black to white; his personality also becomes that of a badass.

His classmates, who thought he was dead, are surprised after seeing his new look; they don’t even recognize him. He refuses to work with them from now on and says that he will continue his journey with his vampire lover and other girls from his harem. However, his goal of finding a way to return to his original world hasn’t changed yet.

8. Konosuba


I put KonoSuba on this list because of the scene where Kelvin makes the goddess her servant. However, there was a difference in their aims. Kelvin chose to do that because he loved her and wanted to be with her, but Kazuma did this only to teach Aqua a lesson and ensure his safety in this unknown world.

Unlike Black Summoner, which is more serious, KonoSuba is filled with many hilarious and funny moments. First of all, the season starts with a dramatic scene where Kazuma dies in an accident while saving a girl from getting hit by a truck.

But, later, when he meets the goddess, she reveals that he didn’t die of the accident; he died of getting scared from the shock.

After getting reincarnated into another world, his plans are foiled when he finds out that the goddess is useless, and she becomes a burden to him. Moreover, suppose one useless teammate is not enough.

In that case, he gets another useless girl in his team who refuses to learn any useful spells and can only fire the most powerful explosion spells several times.

In this anime, you won’t see MC getting stronger or defeating the demon lord, unlike other isekai anime. This anime feels like one of those gag anime that focuses more on making you laugh rather than on story progression.

9. The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made

The Fruit of Evolution_ Before I Knew It My Life Had It Made

It was a regular school day until a strange announcement appeared on the intercom. The voice said that all the students would be sent to another world as heroes, and they aimed to defeat the demon king who wanted to destroy everything.

However, one student was left behind, Seiichi Hiiragi. But, the one who transferred them was set on sending all of them, so he again used his powers to send Seichii to his friends. But Seichi ends up deep inside a mysterious forest.

In his old world, Seiichi was often bullied due to his fat and smelly body. But, after eating a mysterious fruit called “Fruit of Evolution,” He started becoming slimmer and handsome. And there is also an unknown change happening to his body that he didn’t know about.

He also meets a pink gorilla who falls in love with him. Later, she turns into a beautiful girl after eating the same fruit. During the journey to find his classmates, Seiichi meets other girls who fall for him and join his harem.

10. Kemono Michi

Kemono Michi

Genzou Shibata is a professional wrestler. But, in the middle of his match, a mysterious phenomenon occurs, and Genzo is teleported to another world. Things become crazy when everyone sees Genzou German suplexe the princess and her panties present there.

Now, What did she do to deserve this? She just asked him to kill the beasts attacking the kingdom like every normal princess. But, Genzou is an animal lover, so he got pissed off at her request of harming animals.

After this, Genzou doesn’t go on any adventures but opens a pet shop, in other words. He tames all kinds of wild monsters and also befriends demons. Similar to KonoSuba, this anime is also filled with lots of hilarious moments. But, I included this anime to this list as both anime focuses heavily on monsters.

11. Summoned to Another World for a Second Time

Summoned to Another World for a Second Time

We have seen anime where people disappear from our world and appear in another world and try to find a way to get back into our world. But this anime does it differently; it follows the story of a guy who returned to another world and was transferred to the same world again. But, this time, he went there with his original appearance so his old allies could not recognize him.

Kazuki is once again sent to another world, but his classmates are also with him this time. Last time, he saved the world from danger and brought about peace.

However, he was surprised that a war would soon erupt between humans and demons. Therefore, Kazuki leaves other students for training and goes on a journey with an old friend, who is the legendary creature Levithan.

I put this anime on this list since it has many similarities to Black Summoner and is slightly different from other isekai anime.

12. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Cautious Hero_ The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

I know it’s good to be cautious, but this hero takes being cautious to a whole new level. Seiya Ryuuguuin is sent to another world to save it from impending danger. But, before going to any battle, he prepares so much that it feels like it is all wasted. When facing a weak slime, he will unleash full-power attacks so that it doesn’t get any chance to hit him.

In most of the anime, heroes rush to the battle without any preparation or suddenly get attacked by enemies. So there’s always a lack of preparation. Therefore, this anime brings something new to the plate. Like KonoSuba and Kemono Michi, this anime also has funny and hilarious moments as the goddess Astarte, who summoned him, gets tired of Seiya’s overly cautious nature.

13. Demon Lord, Retry!

Demon Lord, Retry!

Akira Oono is a normal guy who somehow ends up inside his game. In this world, he is known as Demon Lord Hakuto Kunai. After entering the game, he suddenly finds a little girl chased by a demon.

He kills the demon effortlessly and saves the girl. However, there is one thing he finds surprising: he doesn’t remember creating such characters in the game. So, he sets out to find answers and explore the world of his own game.

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