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Best Anime Like Blue Lock: Start Watching Right Next

We are all aware of the Blue Lock anime series; some anime series also consists of football, just like Blue Lock. It is not only football bad also. Some other sports are included as well. Today, we are going to look at this amazing series. These series are the best for anime fans who are into sports.

The characters in this series will keep you on the edge of your seat as they are amazing. Some of the series on our list today have the same storyline as Blue Lock, and some just have a few similarities.

This list might not meet your expectations, but at least it will quench your thirst for a Blue Lock-like series. In this series, you will discover what it means to have a passion for sports. Let’s not waste time and get into business; don’t forget to suggest what you want next after this list.

19. Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation

When we talk about passion and inspiration, this series takes the trophy. It has the real essence of what it means to follow and make your dreams come true. This series has two good friends; I mean best friends who love ping-pong on some other level.

The two are Makoto, aka Smile, and Yutaka, aka Peco, and these two have a lot of differences, but ping-pong brings them together. Despite Peco being an annoyance to his team due to the issue of missing practice, he dreams big. He wants to be the best player ever in the world.

On the other hand, Smile was a superstar because he was born good at this sport. However, Smile never played at his best because he was hesitant, and I don’t know why. Smile later got Katase’s coach, who was trying so hard to help him eliminate his fear.

The only reason he keeps him playing is because he loves the game, not to become thethe world’s best player. This changed over time after meeting some great and strong players. Do you think these two are gonna get to the top one day? Don’t forget to drop your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.

18. Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond

Despite Eijun Sawamura having some extent of not usual qualities, it results in something unexpected for his teammate. Eijun himself is a left-handed boxer who leads with his right hand. He is a baseball player, and after this, instead, he was fortunate that some reputable school still had to take him.

The reason why they took him was that they noticed his hidden potential. He had to leave without fulfilling his promise to his teammates after they all encouraged and supported him to get to Seidou High School. Imagine you get to a place hoping you will be the best, but you find out you still have a long way to go.

Before challenging the school champion, he has to first beat his teammate, who is just first year. Guess who it is; well, it’s just Satoru Furuya.

17. Whistle


At some point, I felt 6 Kazamatsuri Shou was just not getting time to sharpen his skills at his former school, but he is a good player. He started improving when transferring to his new school, Sakura Joushi Junior High, He took it as an opportunity to go and make his dream come true as he wanted the opportunity to play.

This boy has been dreaming of becoming the best soccer player, but his skills say the opposite. Things have become easier for him since he finally got the chance to play and has friends to support him.

He can inspire the audience by showing that hard work pays off through his determination. It is vividly captured in the series how his skills just started developing after joining this school.

16. Yowamushi Pe

Yowamushi Pe

Sakamichi Onoda has just recently joined his new school, and all he wants is to join the anime club at his school. He was unfortunate that the team had been disbanded, so it could not work. This boy tried all he could to revive this club and make it work, but his efforts were in vain.

When he realized that it was not working he gave up on that and decided to go on his usual trip to Akihabara. He has been cycling for 90 kilometres every week to this place since he was in grade 4. One day, he was on his usual trip when he met Shinsuke Imaizumi, a first-year student and was impressed with Onoda’s skills.

He had to challenge him for a race, and with one condition, guess the condition. The condition was that after the race, he would give him a position in the anime club. What do you think about this? Isn’t it a cool deal?

15. Days


There is no doubt that Tsukushi and Jin are the centre of attraction of this series. This series is not only focused on sports to add flavour to it; it is also a power-packed action series. You are all aware of how Jin is a very good soccer player and Tsukushi is just nothing at all.

He has no ability, but you wait and see the results of hard work and perseverance. It is shown that when one is determined and strongly wants to do something, they are gonna do it. Success is not just a word it needs dedication and commitment.

What do you think about Tsukushi’s improvement and the way he became so good? Don’t be hesitant to share your thoughts and opinions.

14. Kakegurui


This school’s reputation and what is done during nighttime at this school is just something else. This Academy is private, and for most of the students at this Academy, all they care about is money and show off. This results in the gambling sessions that take place at night to see who is more rich.

I know now everyone is worried about the new girl, Yumeko Jabami, who has just arrived at this school. Worry out about that because she is the goddess of gambling, and no one knows how to do it better than her.

She is not afraid of putting her money at risk because she has mastered the skills of gambling very well. This girl may look innocent and so naive, but deep down, she is nothing but a gambler.

13. Classroom of Elite

Classroom of Elite

As always, things in reality look so different from what they seem when you look from a distance. In this series, there is a school by the name of Koudo Ikusei Senior High School. This school is a well-reputed and renowned school for the best services that it offers to the students.

There is also employment guaranteed after graduating from this school. However, the truth about all this is far from what people see from the outside. There are divisions amongst the students at this school from A to D. They believe that D is for the ones who are not serious with their studies and are mischievous.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouiji is shown to be breaking the record and doing something different. Imagine someone excelling so well despite being in the last class classified as a dumpster. The relationships in this series are characterized by betrayal and deception. It’s now the Kiyotaka’s responsibility to make their way out of this class with Suzune Horikita.

12. Baki


There is some sort of rivalry between the ruthless criminals of the underground world and the elite martial artists. Baki is also a target of these criminals as they are on a mission to get victory in any way possible. This diverted Baki’s attention because, at this point in time, he was set to go and challenge his father.

He challenged his father because he wanted to get the title that his father owned. This whole thing was not just going to be done randomly, but there was a process that was to be followed. The process was through the tournament, and Tokugawa Mitsunari was the tournament organizer.

Since the five death row criminals had set out on their way to attain victory, Baki was their major victim. Now he has to use all his skills and abilities to protect himself and his city as well from these criminals.

This fight is only gonna be the survival of the fittest because the criminals are also hungry and thirsty for victory. Grab your copy today and see who will attain victory.

11. All Out!!

All Out!!

This is one of the best series because it is relatable, and it gives a touch of reality as it has a high school setting. It’s also a sports anime series but centred on rugby, where we see guys with well-built bodies. This sport requires someone capable of teamwork to win.

There is something about this game; it is not complex to understand how it goes because it is simple. The moment you get the ball you need to avoid being tackled by the opponent so that you can carry the ball past the goalposts. What do you think? It’s easy stuff, right? Well, this sport is not a kid’s game, lol.

Through determination and hard work it is revealed that with any shape and size of the body, you can play rugby. This is shown through the character Kenji Gion, who had a height disadvantage, but with determination and training, he became a star.

It also shows how Sumiaki Iwashimizu was his pillar of strength from the moment they started training together. The two are going to get where their hard work takes them.

10. Shakunetsu Kabaddi

Shakunetsu Kabaddi

It is something shocking that after quitting sports as the best soccer player, Tatsuya, after resuming, became a kabbadi superstar. Since the time he quit and decided to be a live streamer on the internet, he has never shown any interest in sports. Later on, after some time quitting, a boy by the name of Souma Azemichi, who plays kabbadi at the school club.

He then went to try the game, butat first, he was not impressed at all because of the game’s rules. After some time, he ended up joining the game, and he realized that he was good at it.

He was unsure about what he was about to do, but he was forced into joining the most scary match. Tatsuya found out that he was fond of this sport and was going to take it as far as he could.

9. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

Of course, he wanted to stand his own ground due to the bullying that Makunouchi Ippo went through at school. This pushed him into joining boxing, where he got started as a very small and young boy, but this was just the beginning. The way he was bullied made him someone else who he is not at all.

It all started when Takemura, a heavyweight boxer, started showing interest in him, and he inspired him. Makunouchi then joined the gym where Takemura went and started training together. This is when he realized he had some hidden skills and abilities. What do you think about this young boy, is he going to get to the top where he dreams to be.

8. Slum Dunk

Slum Dunk

I can’t imagine approaching girls and getting rejected fifty times and still wanna keep trying. Maybe it’s because of his red hair and his fiery temper that is causing all this trouble for him, what do you think? He is not that grown up; he is just a high school student who is having a hard time getting a girlfriend.

He is pushed to go to a new school in search of love. All that is being emphasized on is his bad reputation, but that’s your homework to know what a bad reputation is. As always, not everyone will be aware of someone’s bad side. He finally got someone who likes him.

The name of the girl was Haruko Akagi, who immediately fell in love with him. Despite Hanamichi having no interest in basketball at all, he had to do it to impress the one. He ended up hurting himself while trying to do a slam dunk, but still, Haruko never changed her mind about it.

She even had to tell the basketball coach that Hanamichi was an amazing basketball player. I know everyone now wishes to have a girlfriend like this amazing girl.

7. One Outs

One Outs

With all how famous and well-known Toua Tokuchi is through playing baseball, it’s not from the heart but just a means of earning money. The only reason why he plays baseball is to get some money, not out of passion or what. His pitching and gambling skills are always the best, and it’s not an easy task to beat him.

Now, a guy was eyeing him while he played and wanted to hire him. This guy’s team has been losing constantly and having Tokuchi in his team was going to work to his advantage. This was not easy, so Kojima had to risk his career just to get this guy. After agreeing and winning a match, Toua had to get into a fuss with Tsuneo Saikawa, the team owner.

The reason why the two were fighting was because he was refusing to pay Toua the money he wanted. Later on, Toua got into contracts before playing so that this thing wouldn’t repeat itself.

6. Kaiji


Sometimes, situations that we face in life push us into doing things that we don’t plan on doing at all. Kaiji this time, is in trouble not because of what he did but because his friend did. His friend owes some thugs, and to settle the debts, he has to pay for his friend.

Now, the problem here is that there is nowhere this guy can get such a huge amount of money. The only option he has is to gamble, but this gambling is not for the kids. He had to put the little he had at risk to get more. Now, since he has to make partners in this gambling, he has to find people that he can trust.

This is not going to be an easy task since the people into gambling most of them are full of deceit and some are betrayers. Will he be able to choose the best allies for himself? Well, just grab your copy today and enjoy.

5. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Tsubasa Oozoea is an elementary student and all he thinks about is soccer, nothing else. This whole thing developed into an obsession that even pushed his mother to take him to another school in the city.

This is where his skills have to improve. But he faced problems since the competition was no longer easy back home. He had to meet more enemies and fewer friends to achieve his goal and achieve his dream. With the power of his friend’s support and encouragement, he became the best.

4. Food Wars

Food Wars

This series might differ slightly from others on the list as it focuses on food competition. Souma has become a good and outstanding chef because of his exceptional cooking skills. This started when he was working with him at their family restaurant and all he ever dreamt of was taking over the restaurant.

Well, things did not go as planned as his father later closed the restaurant without even him knowing. This was kinda a disappointment to him because he was enjoying making new dishes for the customers.

Thanks to his father, he did not forget his son’s passion; he enrolled him at a certain culinary academy. The cooking competitions at this academy were not easy, but he managed to be at the top. This is what we call passion.

3. Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi

A boy named Ashito Aoi in this series plays at another level. You can never predict his next move when he gets the ball. He is a superstar but has too much ego, which will ruin things for him. Aoi is so full of himself that he makes decisions that don’t mean anything good for himself and his team.

When it comes to soccer, for a team to succeed, there is a need for cooperation and teamwork, but Aoi feels like he is enough. It came to a point that he started thinking of quitting soccer because they kept on losing till someone calmed down. His life coach told him he only had to keep his ego aside and would get there.

2. Haikyuu!!


There is no doubt that volleyball is one of the sports that requires height amongst the sports that requires height. Well, watch out for Karasuno, a volleyball team that plays volleyball with all their hearts. Hinata Shouyou in this series will prove you wrong with his short height but being a very impressive volleyball player.

He had exceptional jumping skills that enhanced his volleyball skills. No one noticed him the first time he showed up because they judged him by his height. As the series proceeds, you will realise that he is one of the best volleyball players throughout the series.

1. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket

In this series, it’s not only basketball but the characters’ unusual abilities and capabilities. There is a middle school that has become the best when it comes to basketball. Now, it was time for the members of the Generation of Miracles to go to high school, and they all went to different schools.

Later, a certain high school started taking people who could play basketball. Guess what? The members of the Generation of Miracles were now going to reunite again. Now it’s gonna be something that you don’t wanna miss. Grab your copy and enjoy.

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