Anime Like Akame Ga Kill: My Personal Recommendations

There is no doubt that Akame ga Kill is one of the best and most developed anime fantasy series. It is full of amazing characters who have captured the fans’ hearts with their amazing acts. Trust me, those 30+ episodes in this series were not enough because it is so nice that you want more.

The storyline of this series is well crafted, and it’s not complex, which makes it more interesting. When Tatsu went to the city, he saw it as an opportunity to redeem his starving village. He joined the Night Raid, a powerful group whose goal was to take down the government because it was corrupt.

On our list today, we are having series that are more like this series: similar storylines and similar plots. Well, let’s not waste time and get into business. Don’t forget to let me know which one is your favourite.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai)

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Holy Knights and their activities contradicted the name of their group. How can they have such a name when all they know how to do are evil acts? Well, the same also occurs with the Seven Deadly Sins, another group of good people. We are all aware that everyone has good and bad aspects, so we don’t take sides yet.

The Seven Deadly Sins is a criminal group, and at this point, this group is the community’s only hope. This is because the Holy Knights are very corrupt, and all they care about is power and their glory, nothing else apart from that. Elizabeth, the princess herself, started the idea of bringing in The Seven Deadly Sins.

She strongly believed that only that criminal group could help them dethrone the Holy Knights as corruption was increasing daily. Do you think she will be able to find these criminals after the rumours of them stopped operating? Well, I can’t tell you everything. Grab your copy today and enjoy the amazing series with awesome characters.

2. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack on Titan

This series is more centred on Eren Yeager, who swore to take revenge on Titans to make up for his mother’s death. He saw his mother being eaten by a Titan after they had come into the human world after a certain colossal giant broke the wall. Since the moment the Titans came into the picture, humanity is on the verge of finishing.

This is all because humans now seem powerless since the Titans are smarter. The worst part about these Titans is that they are eating humans alive. Now, in order for Eren Yeager to fulfil his desire, he had to join the Scout Regiment. The environment is not predictable because anyone can die at any time.

Things have become more tense with the coming of the Titans, causing chaos all over. Instead of humanity dealing with that colossal giant alone, now they also have to deal with the Titans. Do you think things are going to get better anytime soon?

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

This one can’t be left out when we talk about dark fantasy anime series. It is derived from a manga with the same name, “Tokyo Ghoul”. How would you feel going out on a date with a girl and she attacks you? Well, that’s what happened to Kanei Ken. He is a college student who is fond of reading books but also shy.

Kanei later meets a girl named Rize, who is also into books. These two started getting along and went out on a date when Rize attacked Kanei and almost got killed. This is when Rize reveals that she is not a human but a ghoul and that to survive, she has to eat humans.

After waking up in the hospital, Kanei realizes he is half human and half ghoul. I know you are now wondering how it happened; well, the doctors had to use some of Rize’s parts to save him.

4. Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

Future Diary

In this series, it is revealed that only the fittest can survive in the jungle. Every character in this had to eliminate and kill a certain character to achieve their personal goals. This all shifts our focus to Yukiteru Amano, a shy high school student. He spends most of his time in his phone diary to make up for his shyness.

He doesn’t have anyone; he only has an imaginary friend, Deus. Later on, his diary started showing him things in the future, and that’s when he learnt that Deus was a God of time and space. He also learned he needed a successor because he would die soon. This is where Yukiteru teamed up with Yuno Gasai and joined this death match.

5. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

This one is more like the same with Akame ga Kill. We all believe that being kidnapped and held captive is a nightmare, but what made Okajima join his kidnappers? Well, he has a normal business, and he was held captive by the Black Lagoon for negotiations.

The Black Lagoon is a group of people paid to do illegal work. During Okajima’s captivity, he started bonding with the Black Lagoon members. After the Black Lagoon had then released him, he got to know that his company had presumed him dead and had cut him off. This is when he then decided to join his abductors.

6. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

There was an outbreak in Japan, and this series is set just after that virus outbreak. Shu Ouma is the subject matter of this series and is anti-social. He later got some magical powers known as the Power of Kings. Through this ability, he could take a certain weapon from anyone who had that weapon.

Now, he has to use his ability to find out about the outbreak and the mystery behind the virus. As this was not enough, he struggled with whether to pick sides as he was between two groups. There is one named GHQ, which is suppressing and oppressing the community.

On the other hand, there is a Funeral Parlor, a group against the GHQ. In this situation, betrayal is the only way to move forward. Which one do you think is going to win? Well, don’t forget to share your opinions and thoughts.

7. Fate/Zero


If you are a fan of Holy Grail, this series is easily relatable. The setting of this series is during the Fourth Holy Grail War, in which there are powerful magicians. Now, these magicians are using their powers and abilities to call upon spirits that have the potential to fight in war.

It was not only potential, but they could also fight and become magicians’ servants. These were the ones who would fight for the magicians instead of people going to fight on their own. Kiritsugu Emiya is the leading character in this series and was betrayed. Now, I leave it all to you. Grab your copy today and watch as the drama unfolds.

8. Seraph Of The End

Seraph Of The End

There are some outbreaks that we all can say we can manage, or it’s not a big deal, but a vampire outbreak is something else. In this series, a boy named Yuichiro Hyakuya is one of the survivors left among the living. He survived because he was one of the children under 13 and the only one spared.

After this outbreak, the vampires came to power and took the remaining humans as their subjects. They were kept like animals, and all Yuichiro wanted was revenge for the death of his family.

Yuichiro was fortunate to escape being taken as a subject and had to join the Moon Demon Company. This is where he managed to find out about the virus outbreak. The company operates to fight the vampires and win back their world of humanity.

9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Imagine being trapped in a game, and you can’t log out unless you complete the game. It’s an amazing series, as the setting consists of an upgraded and unwell-developed gaming world. Kazuto Kirigaya, aka Kirito, the well-known gamer, also got trapped.

Now, they have to choose whether to move forward or just die, and dying in the game also results in real-life death. Do you have any idea what happened after all this? Well, Kirito had to tag team with some other players to complete the game so they could be free again.

This is not a kid’s game because the world they are trapped in is very dangerous, but they have to fight for survival. What do you think? Will they find a way out, or will they just die?

10. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Imagine bearing a title everyone fears, and suddenly, it all fades after giving it up for the better good. Anos Voldigoad was once a feared and respected King, and for what he did, he gained more respect. He had to make himself an offering to preserve and keep peace between humans and demons.

After two thousand years, he then reincarnated and tried to claim his title, but it wasn’t as easy as he had thought. Anos had to join the Demon King Academy to reclaim his title, but the hierarchy of the Academy was corrupt.

What pushed him into confronting the academy hierarchy was that he was not being rated and graded as he was supposed to be. All Anos rooted for was justice, and that’s all he wanted for real, nothing else.

11. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

This title is also the name of the subject matter of this series. He is known as the Goblin Slayer because of his reputation for killing goblins. This series is the best for those who are into adventures because the whole series is an adventure.

There is a priestess who joined the Goblin Slayer on his adventures, and I bet they are gonna be an unbeatable pair. Before going on this adventure, this priestess was once abducted by some goblins, and the Goblin Slayer was the one who rescued her. Now, you will see and realize how cooperation works on their missions together.

12. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Some accusations are too serious for a student to be accused of. Well, Ganta Igarashi was framed for deliberately and brutally killing his colleagues. This resulted in him locked in a prison where he had to fight for his own life. What happened in this series is not a kid’s game because Ganta is in a complicated environment where no one wanna be.

He has to fight to survive, which is when he realizes a new ability. Many dark and scary secrets surround the prisoner keeper and the prisoner. His goal is to bring justice for himself and let the world know that he didn’t do anything. At this point, he was also using his blood as a weapon. There is no doubt that this series is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat.

13. Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs

Being expelled and chased out of his orphanage home doesn’t make Atsushi a bad person. He had a certain ability that would allow him to transform and change into a tiger. This may be the reason he was chased away from his orphanage. Despite being left with nowhere to live or go, it was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Later on, he revealed and exposed conspiracies and some bad acts by criminal organizations. Atsushi was doing all this under a certain group of people with different abilities, and they were using them for the greater good. These group members dealt more with crimes than the police could manage.

This is to mean that the cases were deadly and very dangerous. Grab your copy and enjoy the amazing series of all the time.

14. Berserk


I wonder if Griffith’s obsession with power was normal at some point. Guts never said or showed any interest in becoming the leader of the Band of the Hawk, so why was he freaking out. He feared that with the power and abilities that Guts possesses, he was gonna be dethroned.

Now, he had to do something evil to Guts, and now, Guts has the responsibility and liability to take care of his loved ones. He has to protect them against Griffith’s conspiracy and evil forces. At the beginning of the series, Guts is a lonely person with a traumatic past but has exceptional fighting skills.

Guts contributed a lot to the victories of his mercenary group. At some point, Griffith felt intimidated and wanted to stop Guts so badly.

15.Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Sometimes, what we desire and deeply want costs us a lot. In this series, there are two brothers whom their neighbours help after trying so hard to bring their mother back to life. This is another series for adventurers. Trust me, this one is gonna be one of your favourites.

After all these tragic events, the two brothers went on an adventurous quest. Guess what? They were looking for something that could grant them immortality. This was a stone named the Philosopher’s Stone, which led to the discovery of many hidden secrets. Honestly, the humour in this series drives me crazy. Just try it, and don’t forget to thank me later.

16. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs

A lot occurred after Atsushi joined a certain organization that dealt with some criminal cases. This organization favoured the government and was operating for the greater good. All this organization was to put all the mafia gangs into their place.

This is a comic series, and it is not so intense that you will keep your face serious throughout. Grab your copy today, and don’t hesitate to share your experience and opinions.

17. Code: Breaker

Code_ Breaker

I honestly don’t know how to explain how justice is met in this series. The Code: Breakers are a certain group of people who seek justice for everyone and cannot rest until justice is served. For this organization, it’s a tit-for-tat. They don’t smile for evil or justify any evil acts, no.

When Sakura Sakurakoujo saw Rei Ogami burning some people to death using his abilities, she got confused momentarily. The reason why she got confused is because Rei Ogami belongs to the Code Breakers group. She later learned that he was one of the members of the Code Breakers who eliminated evil through evil acts.

In her quest to change Rei Ogami, things do not go as planned because she is convinced. So, will she even consider it a bad thing, eradicating evil by doing evil? Well, I doubt that. What do you think?

18.Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Garo_ Honoo no Kokuin

Like Akame ga Kill, a minister takes over the kingdom in this series, and whoever appears to be a threat is eliminated. Those seen to have the potential to resist the minister’s rule are also being eliminated.

Is there any hope remaining for this kingdom? This guy is extremely smart; imagine that after poisoning the king, he misled the kingdom concerning some knights and priests. The reason behind this is that these people won’t back him for the corruption that is taking place in the kingdom.

A certain shocking event took place as one of the Makai priests was burnt to death after being framed for being a witch. A baby was born from that pyre, and a Gold Knight was the one to save it. Later, after some years, there is the search for this child to get the throne he rightfully deserves. Do you think they are going to find him anytime soon?

19. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Despite contradicting and very different storylines, the two series have similar names. The two series are also full of fascinating mysteries. There is a girl who got enrolled at a certain school as a way to get something concerning the person who killed her father.

Do you think she is capable of taking revenge for her father’s death? Well, it’s something that you have to check on yourself. Just grab your copy today and enjoy.

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