You are currently viewing Anime like romantic killer that give you sizzling feel

Anime like romantic killer that give you sizzling feel

This is one of the best anime series you can find easily on Netflix, and it will drive you crazy. Almost everyone who watches this series falls in love with it, and I hope you are amongst those people so you can relate. Anzu, who is the center of attraction of the series, has just started high school, and she is fond of video games.

This young woman also loves Momohiki, her car that is always cuddling. Chocolates seem to be her favorite because he always eats chocolates whenever he gets a chance. Anzu met a wizard named Tiri through a video game she was playing one of the days.

This was during the days when Japan’s population was gradually diminishing. The wizard told Anzu she was the first subject to be tested concerning the company’s project.

The young girl shows no interest in romance until Riri thinks of taking away Anzu’s three favorite things. What could that be? Well, he only agreed to return them once Anzu gets romance. Anzu tried to make Riri give up on his idea of making this girl get to be romantic, but this could not work the moment she met Tsukasa.

Isn’t it obvious that she gave in to the guy? Well, if you are on the lookout for series and shows that are similar and likely to Romantic Killer, worry not; I got you. Below is a list of similar series that will make you fall in love. Let’s not waste and get on with today’s business.

1. Skip Beat

Skip Beat

No matter how many people are around you, it is never easy to identify the real and fake ones. Some people are ready to do anything for you, and some are pretending, but how will you differentiate between the two? Kyouko was so much into her friend only to overhear him speaking so badly about her.

I don’t think it was bad for her to promise to take revenge on him. He started it, and he deserves it because a snitch deserves stitches. This seems like it was a bad idea, but it worked. It even pushed her closer to her dreams and goals. She does not give up until and unless she gets what she wants, a typical Anzu lol.

2. Toradora!


Who could have ever imagined Ryuji and Taiga being in love with each other? No one, but anyway, it happened. At first, these two high school students had no feelings for each other, meaning they felt nothing for each other.

It is unbelievable how they finally fell for each other because their goal was to work together to devise a way to confess their feelings to their crushes. The more time they spent together, the more they started falling for each other. Despite these two being so shy, they have warm hearts and are very loving.

3. Chihayafuru


Do people like Chihaya Ayase exist? People who don’t think about love and romance, not even for a second, are never concerned about it. By the time of Chihaya Ayase, it had become hard to find who played the poetry memorizing game in and out of Japan. Chihaya focused on becoming the greatest player in this game in Japan and the world.

The focus that Chihaya has and where she finds herself is shocking. She ends up in a love triangle with her childhood friends, which will get her into a mess. Do you know what led Chihaya to get involved in this love triangle?

4. Nisekoi: False Love

Nisekoi_ False Love

Pretending to be in love with someone to keep peace must be hard. When Raku Ichijo gathered the courage and confidence to confess his feelings for his crush, he discovered something. Ichijo discovered that his father had arranged a marriage for him with Chitoge.

The man was furious, but there was nothing he could do if he wanted to keep the peace between the two gangs. Ichijo falls for Chitoge despite his pretending to love her all this while. Note that Ichijo, at first, wanted nothing that had to do with love; he wanted to avoid love for good.

5. Gamers!


Despite all the fights, arguments, and debates, Keita and Karen ended up in a romantic relationship. The two, Keita Amano and Karen Tendo, have different ideologies when it comes to gaming. Karen was the president of the gaming club, and she believed that games should be taken seriously, not for fun.

This was the opposite of what Keita believed; he had to say no to this beautiful girl. He said no to the offer to join the gaming club because he wanted to stick to his ideology. I don’t know how and why, but this gave the two a powerful connection that made them fall for each other.

6. My Senpai Is Annoying

My Senpai Is Annoying

There is a girl who is struggling to build her career, and she is trying so hard to get respect from others. As things stand, she absolutely has no time to think about romance, let alone love. Whenever Futaba Igarashi is frustrated, she behaves childishly, making her make some mistakes at work, which costs her career.

But will this ever end? Takeda is always teasing her from time to time. Well, you won’t believe that in the end, she will eventually appreciate Takeda’s teasing and share romantic moments.

7. My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom

My Next Life As A Villainess All Routes Lead To Doom

The leading character of this series was fortunate that she had been reincarnated in a dating simulator video game, which was her favorite. If it was not for reincarnation, this character would just be like Anzu.

Catarina Clares is now her new name after reincarnating, and now, for survival, she had to use all her gaming knowledge. This is the only way to keep herself alive and from death.

8. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Although the living conditions with cursed people were not favorable, Tohru Honda had no option after the death of her mother. When Togru’s mother passed away, she had nowhere to go and no one to live with, which led her to stay with the Sohma family.

She had no idea that some of the family members were under a curse and would change into animals of the zodiac. To show gratitude to the Sohma family for giving her shelter, she has to get into a romantic relationship to save them. No doubt romantic moments occur after people have lived together for a long time.

9. Cross Game

Cross Game

Growing up, stories are always amazing; imagine getting love during childhood. Ko Kitamura is not really into girls because he has lost the person he loved so much. This girl passed away in a very serious and unfortunate accident, which left the boy heartbroken and no hope for love.

He had to focus, take baseball seriously, and not think about girls. This series covers many subjects and concepts. Some of the subjects include romances at their best and rivalry. This series shows how love is so real when growing up; there are no betrayals, and losing your lover is the only heartbreak you can experience during that time.

10. Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss Him, Not Me

I failed to understand this girl; the way she was so obsessed with the boys in her favorite anime was something else. She is acually a pretty girl, but I don’t know what her problem is . Those who like her don’t notice them; she imagines his fantasy boys.

She is so obsessed with her favorite boys that when one of them dies during the show, she cannot eat. She had to lock herself inside in grief, of course. But do you think this is something normal, or must there be something wrong with this girl? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

11. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (2014)

Monthly Girls Nozaki kun

What is a series without romance and comedy? Well, this one got us covered. It blends comedy very well with romantic moments. Sometimes, being misunderstood works to your advantage, as shown in the Chiyo, who became Nozaki’s manga assistant.

It all started with the request for an autograph, and she was misunderstood for the first time but kept on being misunderstood. After all these early misunderstandings, the two became partners in a partnership, which is the major concern of this series.

While she was helping Nozaki with his studies, Chiyo hoped that one day, Nozaki would understand her feelings. I won’t lie to you; being misunderstood is hilarious but embarrassing at some point. It’s not easy confessing your feelings to someone, which sometimes makes life hard for Chiyo. What would you do if you were in Chiyo’s shoes?

12. I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

Im The Villainess So Im Taming the Final Boss

The way Aileen Lauren Dautriche was dumped by her fiance, Prince Cedric, and publicly humiliated was something else. She never imagined this happening after being transported into one of her favorite games. All she thought about and expected was to live an awesome life, not knowing that what awaited her was something else.

Well, something else, which, to her advantage, took place the moment she met the Demon King Claude. This was somehow a way of taking revenge on Cedric because the two were brothers. One way or the other, Aileen Lauren finds herself in a romantic relationship with the king.

13. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling

The only difference between Marine Kitagwa and Anzu is that Marine is obsessed with cosplay, not cats. Their obsession with video games is the same; Marine also pays attention to what she puts on. Marine’s sewing skills were insufficient for her to go for her dreams to make them come true.

Now she feels incapable, but there is no need to worry because she has met a handsome guy, Wakana Gojo. Despite this guy being handsome, he was weird. Does this awkward and handsome guy help Marine fulfill her dreams? Grab your copy today and let me know in the comment section below.

14. New Game!

New Game!

In this series, there are no romantic moments, but don’t worry, there are a lot of dramatic scenes that will keep you posted. It consists of video game programming and designing. After Aoba’s graduation, she was hired by a company that makes the game series Fairies Story, which is her favorite.

She was assigned to install her favorite game and work under Kou. Aoba then made a promise to help the Eagle Jump company come up with a good Fairies Story. We know this is not a kid’s game but a serious task requiring constant effort. The worst part is that Aoba had no idea that this task was not going to be easy.

This is where the game brings out the hurdles in developing and developing a game. She wanted perfection to the extent that she had to work extra long hours to come up with something worthwhile. Note that there is comedy in this series that will make you laugh your lungs out.

15. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya sama Love Is War

Despite Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shimoniya having feelings for each other, these two are resistant. These two student body members are trying to fight romance, but it seems like the only way out. The reason why these two could not agree to a relationship is because they were scared of being judged by other students.

Miyuki and Kaguya wanted to suppress their feelings for each other for the sake of reputation, but will they succeed? The more the two tried to fight romance and their feelings, the more they always ended up in a rivalry. This makes it clear why this series was titled Love is War; the more they went against their feelings, the more they argued.

Heartwarming and funny moments were shared by the two outside and inside the school in this series. The only way these two can have peace is to agree with their feelings and do what they must.

16. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Like any other high school anime series, this series is also not disappointing. It deals with high school stuff, which makes it cool because it is relatable. Just like Anzu was so energetic in the series Romantic Killer, we have Haruhi, who is just like Anzu.

This anime has been fan-serving as it details high school issues and how to get rid of it all. It brings out the solutions for bullying and low self-esteem as well. Let’s not forget that it also gives a touch of the positive vibes of high school life, not only the negative side of it.

In this series, Kyon will meet Haruhi, and their life won’t be the same again. Guess what happened after the two met, lol. Grab your copy today and enjoy; don’t be left out.

17. Maid-sama!

Maid sama

Imagine being a sharp and respected student at school, but a lot happens after school hours. Misaki is the president of the student council at her school. She is a hardworking student who makes the lives of the girls who have just enrolled easy.

This young girl’s reputation at school is now at stake after Usui Takumi had seen her doing her part-time job. After school, Misaki works as a maid at a certain cafe to try to make ends meet.

Now, her reputation lies in Usui Takumi’s hands, whether she wants to spill the beans to everyone or keep it to himself. I know you are going to love the end game between these two.

18. Masamune Kun’sMasamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune kuns Revenge

There is something about revenge in this series, as Makabe Masamune is set to take revenge on Adagaki Aki. Makabe, as a child, his weight was too much, which made him a victim of teasing and bullying. A girl by the name of Adagaki Aki was his worst nightmare, as she constantly teased and bullied him without remorse.

This made Makabe work hard on self-improvement and transformation into becoming the opposite of his childhood. He became a famous, handsome, and good-looking guy. Now, with all the handsomeness, the grades, and the body, he had to transfer to Adagaki Aki’s school to make her pay for the past.

This would have worked because Aki could not recognize him by then, but things didn’t go as planned.

19. God Troubles Me

God Troubles Me

I wonder to what extent these people in this series have developed to the extent that the gods and the demons could not maintain balance. In the course of the gods trying to find y of restoring order to society, there ,is a girl who haswith a demon child personalityt imagine what this girl was doing to the extent of having a personality that is of a demon child.

Su Moting is, therefore, requested to leave her family sta, start her own life, and grow up. This is where she meets a God named Tianjin and the demon cat Dukui. The gods and demons were sent to society to find the key to salvation, which was going to help restore balance in society.

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