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Best Anime Like Hell’s Paradise

Are you a fan of the action-filled anime that also demands your full attention with hair-raising dark fantasy themes? If you have watched Hell’s Paradise, you know what I am talking about. This manga centres around Gabimaru, a ninja on the verge of death.

He is forcefully thrown into the magical island swarmed with terrifying creatures. Finding the essence of life amongst these threatening creatures would determine whether he lived.

All there was to these creatures was nothing but pure brutality, violence and cruelty. So, the good news is that if this is the type of vibe, why don’t you go through the list below and have more of that? These are my suggestions that I thought would give you the same feeling as you felt watching Hell’s Paradise.

Sit back as you go through each of them to see how these characters were willing to fight their foes. The resilience portrayed will surely make you stay until the end. Let the fun begin.

1. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

Get ready to be mind-blown by the crazy happening in Deadman Wonderland, played by Ganta. He was falsely accused of a massacre at school. This lie lands him in the deadman wonderland, a prison-like theme park.

People would come to this park for leisure, and you had to do crazy things to fascinate these tourists. Of course, it was dangerous, so it was a prison. During this time, Ganta found that he could stop his blood flow.

You know that when blood stops, you die, hence the title Deadman. His life is on the line, and he has little time to find out why he is here. Ganta wanted justice for himself and to preserve his life. This full-package anime gives you a taste of sci-fi, horror and action. So take your time and watch how resilient he was to get what he deserves and escape this mess.

2. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is set in the same age as Hell’s Paradise. The story is about a little girl named Fuu, fifteen years of age, working in a tea house. This was until the tea house was razed down during the intense combat between the Daikan’s son from the town, a wandering samurai named Jin and Mugen, the vagabond.

Jin and Mugen were to be killed the day following the fight. As they were arrested, Fuu would help them run away from this, but she wanted a little favour in return.

They were to help her look for the sunflower-scented samurai and find him for her. They agreed to this fair deal, but these two were professional enemies. Time and again, they were just trying to kill each other.

Most of the historical aspects of this are similar to Cowboy Bebop, including the characters. I can assure you there won’t be any regrets after watching Samurai Champloo.

3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

You wanna know why most viewers hype Demon Slayer so much? It’s because it perfectly combines sword fighting and Japanese folklore. This is just the icing because the plot is already phenomenal.

It explores the life of Tanjito Kamado as a demon slayer. He was just a young boy whose family was killed by these ferocious demons and got his sister turned into one.

Tanjiro wanted to reverse this curse and get his sister back. He eagerly wanted to get his much-craved revenge on the demon that had destroyed his life. I must tell you how spectacular the visuals are, making the experience of watching emotion-provoking, intense fighting scenes much more fun.

4. Berserk


The list wasn’t going to be complete without mentioning Berserk, one of the most famous anime in the industry. A certain black swordsman who goes by the name Guts is the centre of the whole story. Before becoming a member of Griffith’s band after being defeated in combat, he was a lone fortune soldier.

Griffiths has something that backed him up that no one knew of, and people couldn’t comprehend it. Still, it is an undebatable fact that the Hawk Band was very powerful.

Griffith prioritized power over everything and wanted the world to submit to him. This decision leaves Guts with the need to become a rival to his friend. He was left with no other choice. Fans from around the world have shown their heartfelt appreciation for this masterpiece. Berserk focuses on horror, dark themes and bloodshed.

It doesn’t dive deep into immortality as portrayed in Hell’s Paradise. Fans can find both fascinating as they have characters relentlessly fighting against supernatural forces.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Living amongst creatures that cosplay as you only for them to devour you anytime. This was a reality for people in modern-day Tokyo in the anime Tokyo Ghoul. There were creatures known as ghouls that were hungry for human flesh, so they preyed on them. Kaneki is the main character who turns into a half-ghoul after a date that he wishes he never attended.

The series paints us a picture of what humans are hiding and how the whole city is filled with ghouls in disguise. One thing about Tokyo Ghoul is that all the brutality and adult content was shown as it is. For a horror show, this is more than what fans could ever ask for.

6. Dororo


Most of us don’t know what to do or even react to misfortunes that happen to us, even when it’s not our fault. Well, let’s see how Hyakkimaru dealt with living with a disability that he didn’t ask for. He was a samurai with no master and had an unpleasant appearance.

This happened after his body parts were taken when his father got into an agreement with forty-eight demons. He partnered with Dororo, who had no parents, to look for these mysterious demons.

Hyakkimaru wanted to end them as revenge for ripping him off his body parts. The determination for revenge and survival portrayed in Dororo is an unforgettable experience.

They were journeying in a harsh world surrounded by circumstances that showed no mercy to anyone. You will see the untold darkness that lingers around humans and the system of these demons, as portrayed by Dororo.

7. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Seeing what Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise did after losing his family gives you an idea of Thorfinn’s path. He wanted nothing but revenge against his opponents. After several attempts to get revenge, but all to no avail, he wanted to withdraw from the fighting. He now wants to put an end to violence and all the battles.

The protagonists and plot are quite like each other except for the big difference in world-building. Gabimaru, however, didn’t get to the point of ceasing all wars. The idea of redemption came after he got married and didn’t want any more people to die. Go ahead and check it out.

8. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

If you are an anime die-hard fan, there is nothing much I can say that you don’t know already. The story centres around Eren Jaeger, a young boy, together with his best friend Armin Arlert and adopted sister Misaka Ackermann.

All of them grew up in a society that was surrounded by giant walls that acted like a shield to people from the Titans. These were huge creatures hungry for human flesh.

There is no reason why they were preying on them, but it was so. For 107 years, the walls have separated people from these humanoids, but one day, the walls were broken.

The Titans had broken down the wall to reach humans, and while other people survived this tragedy, Eren’s mother was killed along with other victims. After this traumatic experience, Eren makes a promise that he will avenge his mother’s death and kill every Titan there is.

The show is packed with intense, thrilling action that gets the full attention of all those watching it as humans try to free themselves from the chains of oppression and sacrifice all they have to survive in a cruel world. There is no good enough reason for you to not watch this show.

9. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss

Nobody knows how deep and dangerous the pits of the Abyss are. Even though we end up seeing poor little Riko trapped in them.

Riko was trapped in the pits of the Abyss, where her life changed, and not in a good way. She kept going deeper into the unforgettable terrible moments that haunted her for life while still trying to figure out why her life was like this. The Abyss was home to creatures and dark secrets that left Riko with tiny chances of survival.

In order to save her life, she is put in a compromising situation where she has to do some of the most unimaginable things that could alter the rest of her life. She then comes across a robot looking like a young man who seems to have grown up in the Abyss. The story highlights how a bad environment can rip the innocence out of someone.

Riko is a good example; her life never remained the same. It is a movie that I would highly rank any day and any time. Now that Riko has someone, will she be able to find her long-lost mother? Or will they also be swallowed up so that no one will ever find them again?

10. Himawari!


If you are looking for something that shares the same historical perspective and visual style as Hell’s Paradise, Himawari is a very good choice. The plot is set in the Village of Mist, commonly referred to as Kasumi Kogen. In that village was the Shinobi Gakuen, which was established solely for the purpose of training female ninjas.

The best students across Japan would come together to enrol at this academy. Among them was Hinata Himawari, who had just got there and had the task of shielding Marikuoji Hayato as she swore upon her arrival.

This new role could bind her unknown and mysterious past. If I were to give my honest opinion, I would say this isn’t the best anime on the list, but we cannot ignore the good story.

11. Tower of God

Tower of God

Let me tell you about the heartwarming story of Bam. When I am done, you will understand why I said heartwarming. Bam got into a tower searching for his friend Rachel but didn’t know what to expect when he got inside. It went up high, with many levels, each having obstacles and risks.

While continuing to go up, he makes new friends who are going the same way as him. Amongst them was the mysterious princess named Yuri. Throughout the time he was in the tower, he met allies to find out the deep secrets buried in the tower.

Rachel is really lucky to have a selfless friend like Bam. Kinda trapped in this fantastical world, he goes through a stage of self-discovery and growth, which makes the viewers want to stick to the end.

By now, you might have realized that the biggest similarity between the Tower of God and Hell’s Paradise is that they are rooted in a complex world. The main characters from both series face tough situations they should overcome by not backing down.

12. Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion

One thing I know that drives people the most is hope. A hope that the light will be brighter at the end of the dark tunnel. The plot centres around a bunch of kids who are kept at a refuge-like facility with no exposure to the real outside world. There was Maru, a young man who travelled with Kiruko as a bodyguard in an attempt to find Heaven.

The children in the sheltered facility had their lives in danger as the vicious monsters were preying on them. While Maru and Kiruko were also trying to survive the bloody monsters, the hope of finding safety in Heaven was still alive.

Eventually, the children and this duo crossed paths, and now they should join forces. Maybe together, they can save their lives in a world where all odds are against them.

13. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Let’s get into the story of Chainsaw Man and see the willpower portrayed by Denji. He is the main character of this show, a young man from a very poor background. Together with the devil dog, Pochita, he kept it as a pet to obtain the Chainsaw Man. This is a demon hunter that can turn into a chainsaw-wielding devil.

In order to conquer the forces that were fighting against the human race, Denji joined the Devil Hunter Public Safety Division. He moves into the life-threatening points of life on his mission to fulfil his assignments.

Chainsaw Man talks about survival, friendships and the slight difference between the mortal race and the supernatural. It uncovers the truth that lies between demons and where they come from. So why don’t you go ahead and watch right away?

14. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

Buckle up and enjoy this thrilling combination of drama, paranormal action, comedy, and true friendship in Jujutsu Kaisen. The story talks about a student, an exceptional athlete named Yuji Itadori.

One day, he stumbles upon a cursed item that ends up getting him trapped in a world contaminated with witchcraft and curses. While there, he joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical School.

Their purpose was to keep a healthy balance between the cursed world and humanity by driving out these curses. Yuji, with the allies that he had made, started to unravel the deep secrets and curses of this world.

When he finds he is more powerful than he thought, he takes this privilege to fight against the forces that are not good for either side. Try this anime and watch the complications of this supernatural world and its fascinating storyline.

15. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Not only is Devilman Crybaby an undeniable masterpiece, but my favourite thing is that it keeps you guessing until the end. The story centres around Akira Fudo, who lives with his crush, Miki Makimura and her family.

The crush has been on for the longest time, just so you should know. Miki comes from a two-parent household with a brother, and they all live harmoniously.

Akira does not feel neglected either because they treat him as their son. A guy named Wamu was the boss of a gang that tried to kidnap Miki. Akira came through for his crush in full force to rescue Miki.

Will his attempts to get Miki out of trouble be successful? This is my last recommendation; you should watch this to find out. The theme songs at the beginning and end of the show are bangers that will get anyone watching to be drawn to the anime.

We must also credit the amazing animation and thrilling combat in the series. Both Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise and Akira Fudo are very humble characters who are very strong simultaneously. They are people of warm hearts and are hilarious, and their comic side comes at the right time.

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