You are currently viewing 10 best anime like darling in the franxx you definitely must watch

10 best anime like darling in the franxx you definitely must watch

This very anime story is a must-watch for everyone, especially if you love anime. In this post, I will bring you the 10 best anime like Darling in the Franxx; this very anime is one of the most popular and thrilling anime series you must see. Let me briefly tell you about this anime before we continue.

Once upon a time, in 2018, January to be precise, this unique anime series was released into the anime industry. Darling in the Franxx is a Japanese anime with everything you can ever want to see in an anime storyline: romance, science fiction and others are all in this series. It centres on this iconic character, whose name is Hiro.

He is the most brilliant among the other 10 pilots in this series. Apart from Hiro also comes an amazing character among the pilots; he is also exceptional together with his supernatural powers. His name is Zero Two; he can transform into a real human being.

These 10 pilots were all formed within a plantation. This actually sounds strange, but again, the scary thing about these pilots is that they all live inside a birdcage.

If not for the help of Franxx, these guys wouldn’t have known what it meant by existence. They only know to fight with this creature called Kyouryuu, though they even do this with the assistance of a robot.

When you talk about the best anime series that have lasted up to more than 1 decade, Darling in the Franxx is always on the list. Because it brings us stories similar to what is happening in the real world, now sit back as I bring you other most wanted anime like Darling Franxx; it will be awesome. LetLet’s!!

1. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

In the series story, there two most important characters were mentioned. The first is a 14-year-old Renton Thurston, who, all through his life, has had this ambition to be like a certain group that is wanted in the town.

They are called Gekkostate. While growing up in his adventure of what to become in life, but then his grandfather expects him to take over his mechanic shop and be a mechanic like him and also to find out what really killed his father, Adroc; after doing this, only he can keep his daddad’sgacy. LetLet’snd out if he fulfilled this or not.

But then you know one beautiful thing about humans: we always have what we want, not what people impose on us. RenRento’sppiness is always riding the Trapper Wave, specifically in the air. This very sports activity can be equivalent to surfing. Luckily for him, a Light Finding Operation (LFO) crashes into this garage one fateful day.

The next character in this series is Eureka, who suddenly emerges from the robot that just crashed. They both got along and in the process, Renton discovered that this guy was a bonafide member of a group he had never wanted to join called Gekkostate. Now, this wish was granted, and he became one of the pilots of the Nirvash.

Just like the darling in the Franxx story is the same as Eureka, it has a lot of exciting scenes and amazing characters that will make your day. In this series, heavy men use sophisticated weapons and robots to fight wars. Eureka Seven is not easy to understand as you watch, but if you pay attention, you will realize it’it’sjoyable.

2. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

This very anime story has a lot of suspense in it. One of the most delusions about it is that it was actually made in 2029. In this story of Guilty Crown, we can summarize by saying it’it’srk, fictional, scary and one of the most romantic series you can ever find out there.

Their story brought to use how the so-called unknown “Ap” calypso Virus” i” caused a lot of chaos in Japan; this operation was known as the Lost Christmas.

If not for the GHQ, which happens to be an international body that decided to come through for Japan in the series, they actually restored peace and tranquillity to all the citizens in this country.

This very anime is loved and cherished by so many anime lovers worldwide as it also shares some similarities with Darling in the Franxx.

3. RahXephon


Have you ever seen a robot have a special relationship with a human? Well, in this story of Rahxephon, we will see how. This is strange, but of course, we all know that they are just fictional stories.

Here comes a 17 years old boy called Ayato Kamina who, all through his life, has had this special ability to steer up the RahXephon robot. His reason was to know exactly why it exists.

One thing about this robot is how unique it is. There have been a lot of theories and stories behind the mystery of this robot called RahXephon, but then leave the scary part. This very series is so beautiful.

4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

We also have another award-winning anime very similar to the Franxx called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; from this series we have seen how the dystopian world as of then claims that for humanity to be safe in their future, they must make use of a strange power called mecha.

In this series, one of the most shocking things is that some people were unaware that there is anything called the outside world. They have stayed beneath the ground for years because they weren’t formed by anyone, especially the two characters, Kamina and Simon.

Now, these two guys embarked on a dangerous adventure to meet with these creatures like robots with powers that have changed and caused pain over the years. But this did not affect Gurren Lagann; they made it from another studio production called TIGGER production of the best in town.

5. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte_ The Maxim

If you talk about anime series that are full of science fiction, you must not forget to mention Parasyte: The Maxim, as it happens to be a very unique and sweet anime story and the most unique one you can ever find.

During the first episode, we saw how it focused on the transformation and the changes made to the characters from the beginning to the end. As I mentioned, Ovid’s works immediately came to mind as a contrast.

This anime series focuses on our main character, who happens to be the parasite in this series, Chinichi Izumi; he is a hybrid monster, so he only feeds on other people to survive; he kills and eats them as if it’s nothing. This continued for a very long time. How can he advance from eating someone to being a good monster?

6. Witchblade


Just like Darling in the Franxx, we also have this amazing character called Masane Amaha. She happens to be a single mother without someone she can call her husband, but this does not limit her in any way to protect and guide her family and loved ones.

No matter what she is going through, she uses the mysterious titular weapon to fight against some set of humanity that also wiped away all their future.

But though her main priority was on her daughter, it was said that she must do literally anything to safeguard her only daughter; also, she has some deep secret in the past that no one knows about.

But before Masane discovered that she had this divine power within her actually took some years. But finally, she discovered her destiny: she could wield the Witchblade to defend the lives of so many innocents.

This very anime series has many intense scenes full of action that you can’t even afford to miss a single session. The casts used for this series are so good and can thrill you to continue watching until you get satisfied.

7. Kuromukuro


Kuromukuro follows me gradually from this series as we see what transpired here. This story is due to the legal degree that was made when the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute constructed Kurobe Dam to start research on ancient artefacts.

Just as the research procedure began, there was this very young lady who was the chief patron of it; her name was Shirahane Yukina, and she also happened to be the daughter of the head scientist who was in charge of the facilities.

Her first visit is to visit her mother, so she unlocks the artefact and starts seeing different things, like a naked Ouma Kennosuke Tokisada, who happens to be a sword bearer or a samurai during the time of Sengoku.

She also invaded a looming alien. This was very dangerous, but then she discovered that she could defend herself and protect everyone on Earth from this alien. Also, some gigantic robots, or Kuromukuro, were defeated.

Another interesting scene from the Kuromukuro moments where we had these very amazing two characters who happen to be male and female and protagonists in this story some considered their story as a fairly interesting storyline.

This also shares great similarities with our major topic, the darling Franxx, as they have paired together and this very civilian who has bore the missing key for a very long time to use it as an effective pilot robot relic.

Also, one of the most important differences is the one of the protagonists. This time around, the high school protagonist was actually a student.

8. 86 Eighty-Six (2021)

86 Eighty-Six (2021)

The next on our list that matches our topic of Similar anime series like The Darling in the FranXX is this very anime story that was released in the year 2021, and the title will thrill you; they called it 86 Eighty-Six, as we dig deeper you will see why they gave it this name.

This centres on propaganda between two kingdoms, the dystopian world where the Republic of Magnolia and the Giadian Empire went into a great war against each other. The Empire that was victimized was the Giadian Empire.

One of the things you will find out from this series is how the people were forced to fight for the Empire’s autonomy. This was getting out of hand until Vladilena Milize rose up to challenge the status quo of the Spearhead Squadron, which was led by Shinei Nouzen, and he was also the only survivor in the kingdom. Also, he is known for obeying fallen comrades.

The unique thing about this series that qualified it to be on our list of Similar to Darling in the Franxx is the setting that was carried out in this very series, where they feature the chief character, a female, feeding the political intrigue with classified information.

But now there is another Stoic male hero. Everyone loved so much, especially the love from the women; this was because he had many ways to navigate and come out from the war. However, he has a strong military background.

9. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill is one of the most interesting and amazing anime series you can ever find worldwide. It comes with all the packages you can ever like from an anime story when you talk about action, comedy, adventure and so on.

But it features more comedy scenes, leaving the audience with so much laughter and fun. One other thing people love about this series is just the simplicity. The producers did a very beautiful job. They didn’t try to create any deep impression whatsoever. They kept it as low as possible but super amazing.

Out of hatred and avengers in the heart of this young lady, Ryuko Matoi, who happens to be an orphan after losing her dad, became homeless, and her heart becomes so bitter as she picks up battle with the head of Honnouji Academy student council as if that wasn’t enough she also fought with Ragyo Kiryuin’s fashion empire. What do you think of her? Do you think she is doing the right thing?

10. Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (Star Driver: Shining Takuto)

Star Driver_ Kagayaki no Takuto (Star Driver_ Shining Takuto)

Just as the name is long, it goes the same to the story. But then it’s a perfect exam of anime that has so many relationships with Anime Like Darling in the FranXX; in this very story, we are going to begin with a group of enigmatic organization, where people calls the Glittering Crux Brigade as they don’t meet in on the land but instead they hold their meetings underground.

Their aim is to find this thing called “Cybodies’ ‘. This work is to build a gigantic robot that is mainly for fighting in the realm of “Zero Time”. They want to abolish Zero Time through the help of these Cybodies and find where the island’s four seal maidens are.

Once upon a time, one fateful night in this Crux Brigade, one of the members called Tsunashi Sugata, who washed ashore, was saved by this seal maiden named Agemaki Wako and her fiance, whose name is Shindou Sugata. Immediately, he came out from that place where he was safe; he befriended them.

After this incident occurred, he was trying to show them appreciation through his allegiance as he joined this secret academy where student bodies are part of the Glittering Crux Brigade. Though Takuto bears some supernatural powers, can he stop the whole Crux Brigade from coming after the guys who helped him?

Here are the similarities between Darling of the FranXX and Star Driver: both settings are mecha placed in a school. The main character in Star Driver happens to be Takuto while in Darling of the FranXX happens to be Zero Two, where both are mysterious protagonists with unique powers. These various secret schools of both anime series contributed a lot to influencing students.


In summary, we have seen through this post a list of anime series like The Darling of the FranXX, where various anime stories were related to our topic.

From the list, we have seen some interesting and mysterious stories that will make you want to watch the real anime to really understand it in detail.

But then, for now, you know the Anime 10 list that shares similarities with Daring of the FranXX. Keep connecting with us and invite more friends to join us as we bring you anime topics you probably haven’t heard of before. So stay safe and keep reading as we come your way next Time. Goodbye.

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