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10 Best anime like more than a married couple

As the name implies, “10 best anime like more than a married couple”. In this post, I will be bringing to you the list of the most interesting anime series ever that are even more than Married Couples. Rest assured that you have everything you want in this series, including comedies, romance and hilarious moments.

Though some of these couples in our list are not really those not married, they happen to be married. You can also check out some of these programs that will really make your day: A Couple of Cuckoos and Spy X Family.

From this program, we have seen these strange couples that were used in a social experiment at Jiro Yakuin’s high school; they actually set up these two opposite couples Shori Sakurazaka and her Love.

So, see if they can maintain a healthy and romantic relationship. But then this pairing up together would have been preferable if these couples voluntarily agreed to faux as couples.

Do you also know that amongst the most watched anime series you have ever watched, apart from the action series, the best are actually the romantic ones, where you will experience a lot of romance and comedy?

So many anime fans love this part, so as much as they clue their eyes on any of the programs that involve romance? Now, one of the anime series with the description we just listed is “More than a married Couple, But Not Lovers”.

This very series was brought into the public space around 2022; when it recently came out, so many anime lovers fell in love with it because it has both romance and comedies.

In this particular story, they talk about a famous anime character named Jirou Yakuin, who happens to attend a high school with one of his beloved friends they have known for years. Her name is Shiori Sakurazaka.

I don’t know if I should call it a good thing, but this high school has this principle of pairing students of the opposite sex together. I don’t know why that happens, but the administration monitors them.

1. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (2019)

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (2019)

From Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (2019) we have two amazing characters that played important roles in this anime story. They were called Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya; these two amazing prospective couples were the most intelligent in their school, as they both held several important positions in their school, Schuchiin Academy.

Miyuki was appointed by merit as the council president; besides that, he is also the highest-ranking student nationally. But then he was the vice president to  Kaguya, who was the president.

Kaguya is not only intelligent, but she comes from one of the most respectful families. As stated in this story, Kaguya Sama means love is war. These two prospective couples became the centre of talk in this school; some people just wished they were the one.

Though the two of them held a very prestigious position in the school, this made them a little bit proud of how to professed their feeling for each other.

But then, it was not as if anyone who first confesses love to another is the winner; instead, it was the opposite. These two funny couples were trying to force the other to be the first to say it out. But then this continued. What do you think about this situation? Who do you think will be the loser?

2. Horimiya (2021)

Horimiya (2021)

When you talk about romance in the anime industry and don’t mention “Horimiya of (2021) “, do you know you are missing a lot? That is the greatest mistake you can ever make.

Because this anime story is full of romance and has created a lot of impact on anime fans in the last two years, it has won the hearts of many anime lovers.

I know you would want to know these two amazing characters that made this series so interesting: Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. Hori happens to be the female; she is so cute and sweet as she has everything a man admires from a woman and everyone always feels good whenever she is in the scene.

Though some might say because she is beautiful, then her character will be bad, but no, Hori is so kind and always respects her parents, and she makes sure her younger brother is well taken care of. But then here comes her crush, Miyamura; this guy has tattoos all over his body and pierces almost all parts of his body.

This actually wasn’t what Hori wanted from a guy. But then she loves him and decides to give him a try. After classes, they will always hang out together and share some romantic moments; Hori usually uses her place as their venue. Their love continued to grow, and everything was just aligning for them.

3. Toradora!


You are about to get thrilled as I bring to you this amazing dramatic and romantic anime, “Toradora!” where we have one of the characters who happens to be a high school student, Ryuji Takasu.

He has been looking for a girl to love him like he is, but unfortunately, no girl wants to accept him. Once upon a time, in their school, he stumbled upon a slim, beautiful girl, Taiga Aisaka.

But then this girl never liked him. Now, they were both friends. Suddenly, Taiga asked Takasu to connect her with his best friend, Katamura. She never loved Takasu; instead, she was interested in his friend.

One of the most funny parts of this story is the part where we also realize Takasu was also crushing on Taiga’s friend Minori and not her.

So, as the case may be, they both decided to help each other get their crushes, but then the ironic part is that instead of sticking to the agreement, they both fall in love with each other instead. I think we should call this twist of love or what do you think?

4. Nisekoi


This very story is quite similar to our main story, More than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers, because in both stories they have one particular character that will always be forced to marry someone they don’t like.

As we saw in More than a Married Couple, an MC was forced to marry someone he wasn’t in love with because he already had someone he really loved. But Still, they forced him to marry the girl they brought for him.

Now, in this story, Nisekoi has the same concept that we have from the family of the main character Yakuza Family, where they were forcing their son to marry the daughter of one of the most notorious gangster families they called the BeeHive gangster family, this agreement was made between two families in other for peace to rain.

After they got married, initially, there was no connection between them, But then, as time went by, the fake feelings were transformed into true love. I think this happened due to the commitment between these two amazing couples. Love is sweet.

5. Classroom Of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite

Aso is similar to More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers, we have seen where two so-called lovers just flirting around and deceiving themselves that they both love each other.

While it wasn’t true at first, we have seen manipulative moments. They try to make us believe their relationship was healthy but it wasn’t at all. In the same way as Classroom of The Elite (25+ Episodes), we have seen even more trickery and deceitful couples.

From this story, you talk of romance then it’s in this anime story, where we saw romance in the high school and outside the school. Here we have Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, who happens to find himself not really loving this cute and lovely damsel Kei Karuizawa but was going closer to her for a relationship, as she finally accepted him.

They both started sorting out their differences and more until they started having deeper affection for each other. We can confirm from this story that love can grow.

6. Rent-A-Girlfriend


As the name implies, Rent-A-Girlfriend, due to pressure and peer groups, everyone wants to be in a relationship. They don’t care what it takes; they can even go the extra mile to make sure they prove a point to their friends. From this story we saw a guy called Kazuya Kinoshita who found himself in this situation because he was desperate to have someone as his girlfriend.

He focused on this beautiful girl, Jirō; he wished to be in her shoes. But then, unfortunately for him, his school follows a particular guideline that you must rent a girl. This became tough for him because he had to obey his school’s command instead of going for the person he was crushing on.

So, he finally rented this cute Chizuru Mizuhara; after they met, he immediately brought her to his parents and even went as far as introducing her to their family business.

What surprised me was how fast everything was going. It was no longer fake as they started developing real feelings for each other. As this happened, other girls became jealous of them and tried to draw close to Kazuya, but then he decided to stick with Jirō.

7. My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage

I will recommend this anime story, “My Happy Marriage”, to anime fans who love romantic stories and historical facts, and I also recommend it to those facing issues in their homes as couples.

This story is really interesting as it takes us back to the time during the 19th-century Meiji Restoration, when magic and spirits were coexisting and, at the same time, passing away.

From this story we saw that the universe then was controlled by supernatural powers. Now, a young and pretty lady, Miyo, was born without these powers. So she thought that she might not survive after getting married without these powers.

But it turned out to be in her favour as she got married to a commander in the military who was allegedly considered to be heartless. But then this marriage brought out her real potential as it put smiles on her face because her husband wasn’t what people thought he was.

They both were leaving so happily. This story, too, isn’t just centering on Romans but as well how family can grow for the better. My Happy Marriage is indeed a perfect 19th-century setting anime but should be replicated in this modern generation.

This is well taken care of. But then here comes her crush, Miyamura; this guy has tattoos all over his body and pierces almost all parts of his body. This actually wasn’t what Hori wanted from a guy.

But then she loves him and decides to give him a try. After classes, they will always hang out together and share some romantic moments; Hori usually uses her place as their venue. Their love continued to grow, and everything was just aligning for them.

8. Bluer Than Indigo

Bluer Than Indigo

The “Bluer Than Indigo” story centres on these two amazing characters, Aoi Sakuraba and Kaoru Hanabishi. Before we dive into how these two met, let me briefly tell you what happened.

In modern-day Tokyo, one of the main characters, Kaoru, by peradventure, stumbled upon this beautiful damsel who was putting on a kimono.

Luckily for him, the young lady was his long-term fiancee, who travelled to Tokyo to find him. However, the two of them lost contact with each other, especially after the death of Kaoru’s mom. But then Aoi was still trusting that one day she would definitely get to reunite with her lover.

As time passed, these two amazing couples started developing and building a bond that was almost lost due to distance. But then the love grew, and they both became so much in love that they had to get married for life.

This very story should be an eye-opener to this modern generation. Telling us that commitment in a relationship is really important and it’s always the right thing to do.

9. Still World is Beautiful

Still World is Beautiful

Next on our list, “Still World is Beautiful” is one of the most romantic and beautiful anime love stories you can ever find. If you want to watch and experience romantic moments from anime married couples, this series should be for you. Here we saw couples that weren’t so much in love at the very time they newly got married, but then after a while, the love grew.

We will be considering Nike and Livius, two amazing couples from this series. Their parents actually planned their marriage; they didn’t fall in love with each other initially willingly. It took Nike a very long time to fall in love with Livius and also embrace his behaviour and attitude. It wasn’t easy for her at first.

But then they have to sacrifice so many things to ensure the marriage works. They have to train themselves to develop feelings with each other. And this actually worked. As the romantic moments actually grew into real love. But the process didn’t come all of a sudden.

10. Golden Time

Golden Time

I promise you that “Golden Time” is a must-watch anime story where we see a lot of romantic moments in almost all the scenes. Here comes Banri Tada, a freshman in the faculty of law.

He lost his money, which fell off him onto the bridge, as he was just there stranded. He bumped into another freshman, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and they became friends. Here came a very beautiful and gorgeous lady that walked toward them.

Her name is Koko Kaga; she came close to Mitsuo, put the flower in her hands, and slapped it on his face; this was a sign of love. Koko happens to be in love with Mitsuo but he never loved her for a bit. So, at a point, she gave up on her pursuit to get Mitsuo to fall in with her.

Banri started developing feelings for Koko, and he started drawing closer to her as they spent time together, gisting and playing around. As time went by, Koko realized that she also loved him too.

These two amazing characters develop deeper feelings for each other. There came a point where the two disagreed, but in that situation, too, they were growing in love, and they built a happy married life together.


Congratulations for reading through this post of the 10 best anime like more than a married couple. Please also recommend this post to someone you know who might also need it so you can save someone’s relationship.

We saw how most of the couples started on the wrong note, but as time passed, due to their commitment and readiness to build a lovely family, they finally fell in love. Thanks so much for your time. Please keep in touch with our channel and remain tuned as we come your way next time bye.

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