10 anime like konosuba: Thank me later

10 anime like konosuba Thank me later

As the title stated, after finishing this post, you will have every reason to thank me later; here we have Konosuba, which means “God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” This anime is one of the most popular in the history of the Isekai anime community.

It was talking about a very popular anime character, which many of you might have heard about, as he bears the name Kazuma Satou. He was that influential, but according to the story, he died a very tragic and amazing death.

According to the story, it was said that he died on his way to buy a game. When he died, he was transported to the underworld, where a beautiful goddess appeared to him and gave him the option to choose where to be since it was confirmed that he was dead on Earth.

Now, the goddess gave him an option to choose whether to return to his game world or go to heaven. But this question was difficult for him to answer straightly.

Meanwhile, Aqua is also there; due to his confusion, he does not choose any of them but requests to do it later. If you love anime, we recommend watching Konosuba on Crunchyroll or Netflix.

So, after reading from here, you can also refer to this platform to gain more knowledge about them. It’s not a joke when we say you will thank us later; it’s.

We have received different testimonies from all around the world of anime lovers who came across this post. It made their day and put a lot of endless smiles on their faces. Sit back and take a cup of coffee, relax your mind, and go through this amazing list together.

Now, without further ado, we bring you the list of best anime that resembles our title, KonoSuba; this 10 list will give you a clue about what Konosuba looks like.

1. Re: ZERO (2016)

Re_ ZERO (2016)

Just like our like similar anime, here we have one of the scariest and most action-packed with a lot of negative vibes; the main character here is Subaru Natsuki, who embarks on an incredible journey to a fictional world called Re: ZERO due to this journey he came across this mysterious Satella, this led him to a deadly adventure.

Before now, if you are an anime fan, you might have seen different series that involve so much entertainment, but I bet you haven’t seen R: ZERO. This series is full of wars and bloody scenes.

Now you can see that R: ZERO and Konosuba have some similarities, which include the action and bloody scenes, though, in Konosuba, we have some comic moments. It’s also very important to note this series is one of the most loved anime ever.

2. Endless Hilarity & Charm!

Endless Hilarity & Charm!

If you want an anime where the action seems live while watching, I recommend the “Endless Hilarity & Charm!” As the name of the title states, this series is entertaining and so interesting.

If you watch this series while eating, you might choke because it will make you laugh continuously. Remember, in our KonoSuba, we also had some hilarious moments here. Sit back and enjoy.

From our introduction, you have read about Kazuma, who hails from the anime series KlonSuba and is one of the story’s most iconic figures. Now, let us look into that story one more time.

Kazuma died and found himself at the underworld where he came across the goddess whose name is Aqua. This goddess gave him two options: ascending to heaven or being in the RPG-like fantasy world.

Turned out that Kazuma chose the second option which is to be teleported to his fantasy game world. Now, he was finally given the last task before they finally granted him his request; the task was to fight and defeat the demon king, and after that, he could take one item along with him while going.

Kazuma accepted the deadly challenge and killed the demon king. Now, it was time for him to pick any item. To show you how hilarious this guy was, he chose the goddess Aqua.

Unfortunately for him getting there, he discovered that his chosen goddess was good for nothing. That was when he realized he had made the greatest mistake of his entire life.

You also see how this series connects with Konosuba, where we had both war and hilarious moments.

3. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Let’s see a brief introduction about this series titled Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, produced in 2026, from January 11 to March 28, 2016. It appeared as number 12 + OVA from the Episode.

Now let’s go: We have a boy named Hauhiro from this community with 12 others. They were not remembering anything at all apart from their names. These considerations have deprived them of different opportunities, so instead, Hauhiro and his friend joined the Army as volunteers.

Haruhiro and his other friends include Moguzo, Ranta, Shihoru and others. They also have a leader in this group whose name is Manato.

As life goes by, these friends continue to blossom not until they embark on a bloody mission. The leader, Manato, was killed and confirmed dead; before he finally gave up a ghost, he requested Haruhiro to take off the office of the leader.

Though he accepted to lead, it was difficult for him, and as a result of this, he just decided to only inherit his will and keep the rest for his legacy.

4. Gin Tama

Gin Tama

Gin Tama was first streamed in the year 2006-march 25, 2010, Number 201 of the Episode. If you love anime, I’m sure you might have come across this very series.

It’s like Konosuba, where in here we saw a lot of horrors and war. There came an alien called Amanto. |Amanto is one of the most deadly aliens ever who invaded Edo Ero in Japan. There were so many creatures, and the scary thing was that the war lasted, and they were finally defeated.

Now, this chief alien has started making rules in Japan. He stated that wearing a saber is now forbidden, But most of the people here did not obey his command as they kept wearing their saber.

There came a guy called Gintoki Sakata; due to his experience and skills as a retired samurai, he decided to save a young teenage girl whose name was Shinpachi Shimura. Sakata did something that no one has ever done by risking his life to ensure he saved these people.

He didn’t save only this girl but also her sister Tae, who was almost used and forced to join the brothel business. This would have been a big distruction to this young lady. The aliens are so wicked. But after Shinpachi was delivered, he became an apprentice to him. Hence, all their bills were sorted out.

5. Hataraku Maou-sama! (2013)

Hataraku Maou-sama! (2013)

In this story, we had a lot of interesting moments and, at the same time, scary moments as well. It’s talking about one demon lord who was also considered Satan.

This being is super powerful in his world and has so much power that he can do what you never expected; this guy called Demon lord can conquer the whole community at large.

This terrible creature uses his full squad of killers and invades a land called Ente Isla and defeats it. Satan came across this other guy that is so strong, whose name was Emilia; this guy made nothing out of Satan, to the extent he never had any option but to go for exile and exit his realm.

Now he landed and saw him on the planet. One might ask, what did he now start doing as he came? This is hilarious, but that is the truth: Satan became a waiter in the restaurant.

The name of this place is MgRonalds, and the restaurants he goes to are employed. This anime series also made it to our list not by mistake but by merit.

We have seen from our introduction that the story was full of comedy and war. The battles in this series also indicate that it’s now balanced, so its qualification to be on our list is authentic.

6. Dog Days

Dog Days

Dog Days is one of the anime that captured the hearts of so many anime lovers from April 2, 2011, through March 28, 2015, Episode No: 38; let’s see what happened here.

There is a continent called Fronyald in the republic of Biscotti; this community has been at peace for a long time without facing any issues of any kind, but sadly, all of a sudden, their neighbouring community started causing trouble, and war broke out.

The mysterious thing here is after every batter you won’t see any blood or something to prove that there was war. Some say it is referred to as a sporting competition.

In this land of Biscotti, they have a very brave princess, Millhiorre F., who happens to be the leader of the land; now, to safeguard her. Now, the princess decided to hire someone who could stand for them.

Now, here comes the warrior Shinku Izumi, who the princess hired. This guy is from the earth. This guy didn’t have much experience and exposure to fighting; instead, he was equipped and even given some dangerous weapons to fight and defend his land.

This weapon is the scariest weapon I have ever seen; they call it “Palladion “. One thing you must take to bank from this story is the courage and the braveness of the princess.

Regardless of her status as a female, she never allowed that to be a barrier. Instead, she took it upon herself and made sure that she looked for a means to bring peace to her land. She did this by inviting someone she thought could have delivered this mission.

7. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

This series was originally produced from October 3, 2013, through December 19, 2012. The Story we have here is so interesting and entertaining. If you are an anime fan, you might have come across the name Otaku; manga fans will also know about him. This guy is from Shin’ichi Kanō.

This guy hates everything known as being social or whatever. Some might say, why is this so? Otaku has a reason not to socialize with people anymore; he was a very good social person, not until they rejected his proposal. He didn’t take it off his mind since it has taken up to several years.

His parents saw how this was eating him up. They offered him an opportunity to resume his studies, probably already holding his first degree, or they proposed he might now go and look for a job.

After several thoughts, he finally decided to apply for the job his parents proposed; he applied to a certain company called Sōgo Entertainment Shōsha Amutec-sha. Luckily for him, after interviewing him, this company decided to turn him in. Jinzaburo Matoba conducted this interview.

Before you knew it, he found himself somewhere that made him start thinking, and to his greatest surprise as someone from Otaku, he saw a very pretty damsel that approach him speaking in an unknown language, and that was the first time he could ever talk with someone more especially after what happened to him previously.

But this girl brought a ring and she introduced herself, immediately he also introduced himself. Afterwards, we were all surprised how this Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces Minori Koganuma came onto the scene; as if that was not enough, Matoba also introduced herself as the head of the Authority to exchange and promote Far Eastern culture. This is the name of the Organization this Matoba is coming from.

8. Senyuu. (2013)

Senyuu. (2013)

This episode is considered to be one of the best anime ever that had similarities with Konosuba; in this Story, we heard that there was a guy called The Demon Lord Rchinmedes.

He became a great terror to the world at large. The way he carried and paraded himself made the entire world afraid of him. Whenever he appeared, people began to shiver; this continued for a very long time till there came another strong man who happens to be the hero in this Story.

His name is Creation; he not only defeated the Demon Lord but also bound and sealed him, making sure that he never came out from there. This victory meant a lot for the entire community. Something happened again after a very long period.

It was said that a mysterious space broke out between the spirit world and the human world; this allowed them to start tormenting the world again. The painful part was that there became a mixture between the good spirit and the descendant of that evil Creation.

The king wanted to do a separation, but it was an impossible task for him as he couldn’t conduct that. So he now chose 75 per cent of different warriors from Alba Fruhling. These people had the most skilful soldiers ever; they went by the name Ross.

But this suffering continues in the land of Albas. My question: Will the king ever find a solution to end this great suffering? Tell us your opinion and what you probably want the king to do to salvage this situation. And please don’t forget to relate it to our topic. And explain your opinion to your friends. Let it be like a debate.

9. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (2016)

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (2016)

In this anime story we saw some guys mysteriously transported into an unknown world. Now, this world is considered a game world. Here, it takes only the strongest to survive.

Okay, before we continue. Do you know that these guys didn’t even know how on earth they got in there in the first place? Instead, they were all confused and never knew who to ask or where to go from there.

And the most painful part of it was that their memory became empty; they didn’t even remember anything but just their name. But they had to survive, so they all joined the Army.

But in this land, it takes only the strong ones to gain employment as soldiers; unfortunately for some of them, they were not taken, but few of them got the opportunity to become soldiers.

Now, there is a struggle also. In this game world, either they kill you, or you will be killed. This anime story made it through our list because it has a lot of similarities with our topic.

10. Magi: Adventures of Sinbad

Magi_ Adventures of Sinbad

Have you ever wondered why most famous anime characters are more popular and relevant than the rest? Well, one of the reasons is their roles and, more especially, not letting out their full sorry that many people don’t know about.

In this Story, we will highlight one of the most talked about characters in the anime world today. If you love anime, you might have heard about the name Sinbad.

Before mentioning any anime character that is well known all over the world for his adventurous movements, you first call Simbad. In their quest to explore the globe, he came across the original Magi of all time; this became a plus to him as he explored more.

Many people, especially anime fans, so much cherish the character of Sinbad as he notdoesn’t only entertains them but goes to different places no matter how dangerous those may be. Trust me, Sinbad is ready to explore at all costs.


Congratulations as you have made it to the end of this post of 10 anime like Konosuba; we have seen different amazing stories that have thrilled us and entertained us so well; please, we urge you to also recommend this post to someone who might need it.

We are always here to give you the best in anime. We’ve always got you covered. Otherwise, stay fresh and see you next time, goodbye.

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