Anime like gate: Better characters and more entertainment

Anime like gate Better characters and more entertainment

Nowadays, we see a ton of isekai anime coming out every season. In most of them, MC is sent to another world after dying in an accident. Sometimes, they even get teleported to another world by summoning a god. But Gate is very different in this aspect, as there are no unexpected teleportations, hero summonings, or accidental deaths.

Gate was released in 2015, and at that time, the isekai genre was not so popular. Despite all this, Gate will take you on a wonderful fantasy journey.

In this anime, you will find everything from a typical isekai anime, such as Kingdoms and royalties, elves, demihumans, magical powers, Knights with swords and shields, and extremely powerful gods and demigods.

In the story of Gate, a Gate suddenly appears in Japan, and on the other side of the Gate lies a world of Fantasy and magic. Anyone can travel between the two worlds by passing through the Gate. Now, Japan must send its army and representatives to this world to see if these new neighbors are friends or foes.

Yujji is sent to this newfound world to test the waters and, if possible, form a friendship with them. So, if you haven’t checked this classic isekai anime yet, go; you will enjoy it. And if you have already finished watching it, we have more suggestions for anime like Gate.

10. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company

Kanou Shinichi has spent most of his life inside his house playing video games, watching anime, or reading manga. Therefore, he has become an expert in this field. However, one day, he decides to get rid of his otaku lifestyle and get a job. However, as soon as he left his home, he was kidnapped by someone.

When he came to his senses, he found himself far away from his home and in a completely different world. After that, he finds out that the ones who kidnapped him were agents of the Japanese government, and they have a special mission for him: spread the otaku culture in this new world.

Shinchi will be working as an otaku ambassador from Japan. He has also been given two assistants, Petralka and Myucel. They will be transporting all the literature and other supplies he needs to spread the way of otaku in this country. It will be difficult for Shichi to do such a big task alone. So, he also has help from another otaku named Youji.

However, this mission will not be easy as many obstacles are in his way. And the first and biggest obstacle is the language barrier, as the world’s residents can’t read or understand Japanese.

So, this series gets very interesting as Shinichi takes on such unconventional issues in this new world. However, things get easier for him as a princess falls in love with Japanese manga, and now she wants Shinichi to read them to her every day.

Shinichi’s father and mother also come from this industry; his father is a light novel author, and his mother is an illustrator for eroge (erotic games). Therefore, Shinchi has grown up in such an environment. In Outbreak Company, the protagonist is sent to another world as a government agent, just like the Gate anime.

9. Kado: The Right Answer

Kado_ The Right Answer

Koujirou Shindou is working as a government official. He is exceptionally good at negotiating and has a good track record. He is a guy who can keep his cool under most intense situations.

A cube suddenly appeared before their flight when he was going on a business trip. The sudden appearance of such a big object made everyone, including the pilot, scared and surprised. But, as the plane went inside the cube, Kojiro didn’t lose his cool; he was sure this would be an experience like never before.

On the other side, the Japanese government was worried about what to do with this unknown object that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It could pose a threat to the safety of their citizens.

Shindou was standing before an unknown being who told himself to be Yaha-Kui Pashmina. He claims to be from a higher-level universe of Novo in another dimension. He says that he aims to share information between their planets.

This man doesn’t seem to be hiding any ulterior motives and says that he only has one goal: to help his planet become technologically more advanced. So, he needs Shindou’s help to become his negotiator, as others will not be able to understand him. So, what do you think? Will Shidou believe him and accept his offer?

8. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

Elder Tale is a popular MMORPG game with a huge player base. However, around thirty thousand players were stuck inside the game after the new update rolled out. All these players must live with tasteless game food and boring NPCs in this new world.

When a pro gamer named Shiroe finds out that he can no longer log out from the game, he sets off on an adventure to explore the game. He forms a team with his friends Naotsugu and Akatsuki.

Siroe is analytical, Naotsugu is a proud pervert, and Akatsuki is a ninja with a small build. Together, they travel in this dangerous world of Elder Tale, filled with dangerous monsters and PKers.

Shiroe has always been shy and introverted. Therefore, he spends most of his time inside the MMORPG game Elder Tale. Now that he is stuck inside his favorite game, he explores this fantasy world. Soon, however, he realizes that this game is no longer the same as it used to be and that a lot is at stake.

Now, he has to treat NPCs like real people and converse with them. They no longer feel like monotonous NPCs from before. There are also other players, and not everyone is good, so he must always keep his guard up. Some are just looking to deceive and steal from others.

Both Gate and Log Horizon take place in a similar setting. The protagonists must adapt to the conditions and dangers of a completely new world. The major difference would be that, in one, it is possible to return to the original world; in another, the protagonist is stuck in this new world with no way to return.

7. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

Lank is an otaku who spends most of his time inside his home playing online games. He has become the strongest player in the game. One day, he gets an unknown email and reaches a new level of existence called Tet’s realm. In this place, losing in the games has its consequences, and one could even become a mentally retarded person from losing too much or even lose their life.

Sora and Shiro are welcomed to this new world by a mysterious god. In This world, all of the small quarrels and fates of the countries are decided by high-stakes games. This system has a basic rule which states that both parties must wager something of equal value.

In this new world where games decide the value of human life, this duo of gamers, Sora and Sihro, are playing for a big reason: To make the sixteen races of Disboard come together and defeat Tet.

Negotiation is one critical skill in both of these anime as the characters are often caught up between political issues of two countries. Both anime feature a world of magic and have advanced technology and scientifically developed worlds.

6. KonoSuba


Kazuma Satou is a high school student who spends most of his time inside his room playing games. When he was going back home after purchasing a game, he tried to do a very heroic deed, but he ended up dying very pathetically.

After his death, he finds himself before a beautiful goddess named Aqua. Kaazuma has two options to choose from. One is to go to Heaven; the other is to reincarnate in a beautiful fantasy world of swords and magic where any man can become a hero.

After reincarnating in this world, Kazuma will have to face an evil fallen angel king running rampant, and no heroes can stop him. Furthermore, he can take any item to help him complete this mission. So, to be safe, Kazuma chooses Aqua as her companion in this new world. But things didn’t go as he planned.

Gate and Konosuba are isekai anime, and the protagonist spends most of his time in this new fantasy world. Gate focuses on a more serious issue on a political level, while KonoSuba is filled with lots of puns and characters that will never let your smile fade away.

Both series feature a protagonist with brains who knows how to survive and deal with unexpected situations in this unfamiliar world.

5. Re: Zero

Re_ Zero

Natsuki Subaru is a NEET who spends most of his time inside his house. After his death, Subaru finds himself in a different world, wearing the same tracksuit from his death in his previous life.

There, he meets a woman named Satella who is looking for her stolen Insignia. So, Subaru gives her a helping hand, and they do manage to find it, but soon, both of them die in a very dreadful way.

After his death, Subaru once again wakes up with a jolt. He has returned to the same scenario where he encountered Satella. Soon, he dies again and finds out that he has an ability that lets him do over from the last saving point before his death. It’s like cheating ability in a game.

While Youji does not have any special abilities like Subaru, both of them used to be otakus before they ended up in a fantasy world; both of the series take place inside a fantasy world of magic and swords, and both the protagonists don’t have any overpowered magical abilities.

4. World Trigger

World Trigger

The Border Defense Agency is fighting against the invaders from other dimensions who invaded Earth after the dimensional barrier was breached. They use Triggers as special weapons to fight off against these creatures. This battle has been going on for more than ten years, but there is no clear winner between them.

The government has named these creatures as Neighbors. Normal guns don’t work against these enemies. Therefore, the Japanese government desperately searched for a way to deal with these mysterious enemies. And they finally found a weapon to deal with these neighbors.

They call them Triggers. They formed the Border Defense Agency to train the Triggers to defeat the neighbors.Triggers are only able to use their powers inside the headquarters.

When a new student is getting harassed by other students, suddenly they are attacked by Neighbours, so Mikumo uses his trigger powers to fight off Neighbors. At this time, he also learns a surprising fact: another student named Yuuma Kuga is a neighbor. But then how does he have the powers of a Trigger?

The most common thing between Gate and World Trigger is its Military theme. While Gate features more mature and adult characters, World Trigger has a school theme for teenagers. On one, it’s about making friendly relations with otherworlders; on the other, it’s about fighting against them.

3. Overlord


The story takes place in a VR game. The famous Yggdrasil game is finally coming to an end. As the players leave the server, Momonga, a wizard from the dark guild called ‘Ainz Ooal Gown,’ decides to spend his final moments inside the game until it’s officially shut down. He remembered all his time there with his friends and how they built the guild together.

But he was shocked that the game was still going, even after the countdown had reached 0. He also noticed a significant change in the game; they were in a different world than Yggdrasil’s. And his NPCs were now intelligent.

He took the name Ainz Ooal Gown (which will soon spread worldwide). These new self-aware NPCs viewed Ainz as their master and decided to serve him. He then commanded his servants to investigate and conquer this new world.

Youji and Momonga are both otakus who were thrown into another world. While Momonga is a tactician in the game, Youji is a military personnel.

2. Drifters


Toyohisa Shimazu was a rearguard in the troops. He always fought with bravery and protected his allies. He fought many battles throughout his life, but he wouldn’t be able to forget the battle of Sekigahara.

That battle was different from the ones he had fought before. The enemies had better weapons than them, and they were unfazed by any attacks inflicted upon them. During that battle, he fought bravely as a rearguard to protect his troops.

Things became worse when, suddenly, he found himself rushed down an unknown hallway. With hundreds of doors on both sides, he faced a stoic named Murasaki.

He was pulled in by the nearest door and entered a new world completely different from his. Marvelous creatures and great warriors from different times were present in this strange world.

He was summoned to fight against the ones liable for creating the Orte Empire, whose goal was to destroy the Drifters like them. He quickly became friends with the ancient archer named Yoichi Suketaka and an Infamous warlord named Nobunaga Oda.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Virtual Reality has made significant improvements. By 2022, players could control their avatars in a game called ‘Sword Art Online’ (SAO) using the NerveGear technology.

Many people bought the game on its release day and tried it out, including a young game enthusiast named Kiriyagi Kazuto. Players were excited to explore this medieval world filled with monsters and weapons.

However, the players’ display soon became miserable when they realized they couldn’t escape the game. There was only one way to get out of the game: Clear all 100 levels without dying.

If you die inside this game, you won’t be spawned back to the last save point, as you do in other games. It means that you would die in real life, too. So now, 10,000 players were inside the SAO game, fighting for their lives. There’s a saying that goes, “Life” is a game.” It” seems that the makers of the SAO game took it to their hearts.

However, Kirito tries his hardest to get out of the game alive with the girl he loves, named Asuna Yuuki, whom he meets inside the game.

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