Best And Equally Romantic Anime Like Rent A Gf

I bet you, after completing reading this post you, will ask me to send you the next post relating to this everyone right now. The Rent-A-Girlfriend is top-notch in the anime story, as it has created a lot of traffic in public spaces. The genre of Rom-Com has some human-related facts.

Here, we have a main character named Kazuya Kinoshita. Ashe is so lucky to have met a real girlfriend after renting girls. I’m listing out the eight best anime series like Rent a Gf. I promise this will make your entire day beautiful. The anime story is packed with characters you will fall in love with.

Trust me; you will like similar anime stories like Rent-A-Girlfriend. You will fall in love with it. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones. Okay, let’s go!!!!

 8. Fuuka 

Number 8 on our list today is “Fuuka”. This story will thrill you as you read through it. It’s one of the most interesting and unique anime love stories you can ever find out there. The storyline starts like this: We have Yuu Haruna, a guy who spends almost his entire time on Twitter either reviewing people’s posts or posting content himself.

This fateful day came when, on his way to get dinner for himself, he decided to post a photo on his phone to Twitter; a young, beautiful high school student called Fuuka Akitsuki smacked his phone on the floor and broke it. When she was asked why, she said Yuu was using his phone to take pictures of her underwear, but this is a pure accusation.

After this discussion, she left her right in the scene of her CD but thought it was by mistake. But as the good and gentle boy that Yuu is, he decides to trace her to where she stays and handed over her belongings to her the next day after that awkward incident.

This very kind act paved the way for him, to the extent that Fuuka immediately fell in love with him and decided to form a relationship with Yuu. The question I want you to answer is, will this relationship affect his life? This anime will keep you wanting to see more because it’s interesting as it keeps viewers glued to the screen.

The suspense in this anime story is just something I can’t explain, not until you see for yourself. From the beginning until the end, you will keep asking yourself, what will take place again in the next scene? This anime story has several unique and special characters, though some also have flaws.

You will never find any uninteresting scenes. You can verify this by asking people who have seen this anime story, and they will give you a trailer about it. The sequel to “Suzuka” is heartwarming, full of love, and pretty scenes you will never get tired of seeing.

7. Suzuka 

The very rom-com anime story is one of the most controversial so far. Well, it’s also interesting and epic. Just read through with understanding. The story talks about a promising young man, Yamato Akitsuki, who has two focuses at a time. He pursues athletics and, on the other hand, love.

He was born in Tokyo, though he studied in a high school. He stays with his big aunt. Though his aunt doesn’t operate male onsen, she only operates those for girls. As a high school student, he started living a normal life you can never imagine a young boy can leave. I know you can guess what’s next.

But then, one fateful day, he came across this beautiful damsel; guess what happened next? He lost his focus immediately. What surprised him the most was that this girl he met, Suzaka, was his next-door neighbor.

It was a big shock to him as he found out this. This girl jumps well; she is a natural jumper. Yamato decided to impress her by joining the track and field team so she could see him in almost all the games. Do you think this method of getting her can work?

Remember, he was this guy who left a cool and gentle lifestyle, but gradually, his behavior and attitude started changing as he found out that he was indeed good when it came to sprinting. He even became the top in the game.

If you have noticed most rom-coms, you will agree that their major problem is that they are highly predictable; Suzuka is just so different entirely.

Did you know this anime has so much connection with how humans live, too? The characters and the various roles they play relate to real-life experiences. It also brings so many vibes and comedy scenes. You should go for it. It is the best anime series on our list, similar to Rent-A-Girlfriend.

6. Kimi no Iru Machi

The next one on our list is similar to Kimi but without Iru Machi. Here in this story, we have this guy called Haruto Kirishima, who loves living a calm life without looking for anime trouble. As far as his stay in the countryside is concerned, one beautiful day, which I can say is one of the most amazing days of his life.

Yuzuki Eba comes into his lonely life, though I will explain how it happened. But then her origin is Tokyo, where she lived with her family for a while. However, when she came and spent just a brief moment with him, the memories never left him.

Now comes the heartbreaking part of this story: Yuzuki left Haruto just like the way she also came into his lonely life and the meaning of it. He keeps asking himself so many questions.

Now, it’s as if Haruto is missing Yuzuki and will probably want to get her back no matter what. The story has it that after a while, he moved to stay with his sister in Tokyo, though he went to Tokyo to become a professional chef and will probably reunite with his ex-girlfriend.

However, his plans didn’t work the way he thought. Immediately, he arrived at his sissister’sace, and the first girl who met him was Mishima Asuka, his sister’s neighbour. At first, when Mishima saw him, she became afraid, thinking he was a robber.

But then, the misunderstanding settled after a while, and he started growing butterflies in his belly. Now, he is at the point of choosing between Yuzuki and this new girl. He thought the reason his ex avoided him was Azuka. Now I think you should watch this story yourself. See how it ended. Sorry for keeping you in suspense. Go see the story.

5. Golden Time

From the Golden Time anime series, we have Banri Tanda. This guy has a strange occurrence that always happens to him. He goes off memory, in other words, amnesia, whenever something very bad happens to him or anyone around him.

So, at one point, he decided to live a new life. This happened when Mitsuo Yanagisawa had already become his friend, and he also started studying law at the law school.

As time passed, just as he tried so hard to make sure that he moved on with his life, one beautiful day, he came across this beautiful lady called Kouko Kaga. Their meeting together was an accident, though, but then it remained an epic moment that will never go out of the mind of most anime fans worldwide.

But then, after experiencing what it takes to be a college student, he realizes his full potential and also knows for himself that life isn’t all about once you fail you are condemned already, but it’s all about falling and rising; he could also see that he could fall in love and make friends that will love him too.

So, all this caused him to start who he was. The memory he lost came back. I think. k his life would have been a total mess if he hadn’t gone to this college at first that caused h, causing him to realize himself. And now he has a wider chance for a more promising future.

Because there is no way a man can succeed without succeeding in mind. Should this anime story win an award? It made me cry while reading it because it pictured most real-life situations.

This story took us in-depth into how this young man was feeling. One good thing about this anime story is that it makes you feel like you are watching part of your life. It is worth coming under the list of anime stories like Rent a Girlfriend’s.

 4. Masamune Kun’sMasamune-Kun’s Revenge

This very story will make your day. Here we have this young, chubby guy called Masamune Makabe, even though his girlfriend was born into a rich family. She is a beautiful young girl, but that couldn’t stop him from being rejected and abandoned. The reason will shock you. His girl Aki Adagaki left him to waste because she said he was overweight.

In fact, as a result, even his mother’s name is “piggy.” This was heartwarming, and everyone who saw this series became emotional. Masamune starts hitting the gym to make sure he keeps fit and becomes normal.

But then he also has the attitude of being a proud guy in his school, though high school. After some time, they decided to take him to another school, but then Aki’s school.

His aim for coming to this school is to make Aki his girlfriend and dumb her immediately. I think we should just call this revenge. His mission begins as he struggles to ensure the girl accepts him. But then, at first, he got stocked. Carrying on his mission for revenge, he received an email from an unknown source called “Piggy.”

So, by the time this happened, he was very curious about who this person was. Now, he discovered that the mailer has a special identity and personality. Well, I will recommend this very story to you. Go watch and enjoy.

3. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Once upon a time from 3D Danojo: Real Girl, we have this young guy who sees anything called social life as awkward; instead of Hikari Tsutsui associating himself with people around him and making friends with them, he would rather stay indoors with his video games and anime.

He had never considered making new friends, but this became a big problem. His classmates start making gestures for him, but he keeps insisting that the world of 2D is far better than that of 3D; his reason is that 2D is simpler and more beautiful.

To make him feel he is on the right side, his best friend Yuuto Itou also believes in what he believes. But then Yuuto Cat’s ears are the only thing differentiating him from his friend Hikari.

Here comes this fateful day when Tsutsui arrived very late at his school. So, according to the rules, if you came to school late, you would be punished; hence, he was given instructions to clean and wash the pools. So, while he was doing this, suddenly, a girl named Iroha Igarashi appeared in the scene, but her character and reputation were not so interesting at all.

She happens to be a girl who leaves a carefree lifestyle, and this behavior of hers has chased a lot of friends away from her, including the male student, because of how she treats them most times. This character of hers also makes people isolate themselves from her. She now tends to be alone. No female friends, no male friends either. What a life.

So, after Tsutsui has considered all angles whether to go after her, he finally resolves in his heart not to go because, according to him, she will end up causing chaos. We can conclude that this anime story centers on two awkward people; one is the boy who is an outcast and doesn’t go around making friends, so lonely all the time.

The girl seems to be a heartbreaker, especially to the guys who try approaching her. I tell you the truth: if you see this anime, you will definitely come and thank me later; the plot of the anime, the characters, and everything is just so unique and well-animated. This anime can make you fall in love. Try it out.

2. Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

From Koi wa Ameagari no You ni, meet the most talked about young and pretty lady, Akira Tachibana. This girl is so beautiful that almost all the guys in her class want her to be their girlfriend. He continuously turns down their proposal because he doesn’t like boys at all.

But the only issue that seems to be a medical problem is that she can’t participate in racing. According to the doctor’s report, she has a severe foot injury. I forget she happens to be a former track athlete and a shy student. But then, after this injury happened to her, everything changed about her.

As time passes, she falls in love with this man of 45 years, Masami Kondou, who happens to be a manager when she works as a part-time employee at Garden Café. Despite the huge gap in their age, that did not stop her from loving this old man.

Akira loves him because he looks genuinely after people around him and has a kind-hearted heart. As time went by, they started meeting in the restaurant and having talks together after work hours, and this caused their love to grow stronger.

Now, after considering how both of them will settle down together. And start up a family. She finally professes her feelings for him. What do you think the result will turn out? Well, I believe age is not a barrier at all. What should matter is love. The man should accept her because, with the look of things, she truly loves him.

Watch the series yourself and confirm whether the two of them will go along. As you have read so far, who will agree with me that this anime series is so interesting and emotional simultaneously? And the drama in it seems so real and perfect. You should see this story.

1. Nodame Cantabile

Shinichi Chiaki is the most adorable and top-notch musician in town. His voice is just so perfect. However, he had a dream: too perform among the top elites in Europe. They share the same stage with legends in music from Europe.

Even though Shinichi was born into a very wealthy family, he never stops being kind-hearted. Everyone loves him for his genuineness and how he doesn’t even think about himself but about others.

You might be wondering what’s stopping Shinichi from getting to his dream and flying to Europe instead of getting stuck in Japan, where he was going to school at that time in one of the most prestigious musical universities in the nation.

But then the fears in his mind wouldn’t allow him to focus on his dreams. While he was still going to school, he met this beautiful lady called Megumi Noda, but then, due to her outward appearance, he taught Nodame never to have any ambition in life. Do you think he is right or not?

But then, one fateful day, Nodame plays the piano while Shinichi is watching, and the sound from the string melts his heart as they both fall in love. But then he wasn’t really happy with himself knowing that she happened to be his next-door neighbor and they hadn’t known each other all this while.

One of the most interesting things about this anime series is that it comes with so much romance in a real-life scenario, and also for people who are passionate about going into relationships.

However, However, some scenes are pure drama and twist with beautiful music. This anime story, Nodame Cantabile, deserves to be on our list of similar anime to Rent a Girlfriend.

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