Best Anime Like Arifureta For Your Watchlist

Arifureta is one of the most outstanding isekai anime series on Netflix, and I’m speaking with you now. This anime story has gained the hearts of most anime fans worldwide. However, it’s a fantasy story with much entertainment and action. The English translation is also out.

Surprisingly, Arifureta has hit about 15 million views within the short period it was published in the public space. This anime gained popularity overnight and became the hottest Isekai anime ever. The story talks so much about a character called Hajime Nagumo, who, according to the story, was called to an unknown world he knows nothing about.

However, this wasn’t just him alone but together with some of his classmates. The task they gave them in this new world was to go save the entire world. This anime should be on your watchlist and the ones I’m about to list now. You should see them all and thank me later. Now, let’s see some anime similar to Arifureta.

1. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon)

When it comes to living a social lifestyle, Noir Starga is nowhere to be found, as he seems to be at the minimum. As a result of this, his agemates and friends don’t treat him well. But he also happens to come from a prestigious family. However, even the people around his area don’t give him a chance to speak with them.

The only thing in my heart is to talk with Great Sage Noir; he is a close friend. But then, one fateful day, he decided to register in the Hero Academy. But then his thought at first was that everything would be easy now. The Hidden Dungeon made it possible for everyone watching it to want more.

2. Infinite Dendrogram

This anime story is one the craziest series you can ever get. Though it’s a fantasy story that took place in 2024, this was during a full-dive VRMO and was the first time it was in public space.

And now, do you know one of the most interesting things about virtual reality games is that they make many people use all their five senses while playing the game? This caused so much curiosity among the fans who wanted to know more about how this works; excitement became something else.

One surprising thing is that about two years after it was published, a guy called Reiji became so excited that after craving the game for a long time, he finally played it. But then, he never knew anything about the game or how to play it.

If not for his brother Shuu, who thought he would handle the virtual reality game with his partner, Embryo. The characters are so unique in playing their various roles so perfectly. It also talks about the over-the-top monsters, which I think is one of the reasons it is so similar to Arifureta.

3. Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

This story centres on a young boy whose name is Haruto Amakawa. He is said to be a 20-year-old college student. Unfortunately for him, he got into a severe accident and died on the spot as everyone wept and sympathized on his behalf. F is thought he meant to go, face judgment, and serve eternal life.

And this time, he was born as a guy, and his name became Rio, but this world where he finds himself is different. Ros’s first wish ever in life is to make sure that he kills the people who murdered his mom.

Now, he became a superman because he acquired a lot of powers, though his power is magical, saving the lives of royal princesses in the kingdom and ensuring the enemies don’t harm them.

Although he was doing all these good things without expecting any favour whatsoever, it came to the king’s hearing that such a kind person with some supernatural powers existed in the kingdom. Hence, the king ordered him to come and allowed him to join the Bertram Royal Academy.

Now, it has become a very good platform for him to show the world the kind of power he is operating. Haruto now has the opportunity to showcase all his powers to the nobles even though he is contributing to the growth of this unknown kingdom.

He also has the mentality that he will go back home very soon. This anime became our list of the same anime series as Arifureta. Wow. What a f ex.

4. My Iseka Life

I’m recommending this anime series to you, “My Isekai Life”. It was fascinating; we saw characters like Yuuji Sano, an employee of this black company. Though before the bad incident that happened to him. He was given a task and aimed to ensure he completed it.

So, one fateful day, he was suddenly teleported into this unknown world while he was just completing the task. By the way, he got into this world, and they gave him a more dangerous and scary task: to be a Monster Tamer. It’s no longer news anymore.

Everyone knows that once anyone becomes a Monster Tamer, that’s the end of him/her becoming a good adventurer or whatever. This magical, supernatural power seems to come upon him, helping him acquire things by luck and no longer by chance.

However, some people only know Yuuji as a Monster Tamer. But no, he is also a skilled Sage. What unique abilities does he have? Do you wish to be like him?

5. Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy (Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu)

Though this anime series is not the Arifureta, as people will think, the scenarios are quite similar. You should try watching this anime. But let me briefly explain what transpired in this anime story. Here comes a guy called Makoto Misumi. The ability to have strength and supernatural powers is beyond any power in the world.

But this supernatural power came upon him due to the contract made by his parents during his birth, which happened many years ago. According to this source, the contract states that Makoto has to visit this goddess who will fortify him and give him the power to deliver and become the hero in his land.

However, something strange happened in the line. Unfortunately, the goddess didn’t like Makoto at all, although I don’t know the reason for the dislike. So, instead of giving him her powers, she took out his ability to understand languages and left him with just understanding other kinds of languages apart from the human ones.

As if this wasn’t enough, she did something ridiculous by sending out to the edge where humanity was found. There, he was isolated. But by the time he was in this lonely land, he had developed a lot of powers; among the fantasy powers you can ever think about, he had all of them.

Now the question remains: Can he survive all this punishment and still function for the purpose for which he was created? Please share your opinion.

6. The 8th Son? Are you kidding me? (Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!)

Just as the way knows when he/she dies, that’s the same thing that happened to Shingo Ichinomiya; he never expected in his life that that moment he closed his eyes to sleep would be the very last time he would ever open it. By the time he wakes up, he discovers that he is no longer in the current world where he was but in a completely different world.

Now, the most shocking thing behind this story is that by the moment he woke, he also realized that he was now a 6-year-old baby born in an unknown fantasy world, yet it exists. By the time this happened to him, his life was transformed entirely; he had changed from what he used to be previously into a completely different personality.

One of the most painful parts is that in his previous life, he was a farmer who did his things in a coded way. But now, finding himself in this new world acting as an 8th son in the Baumeister family, not even a first or a second son but the eighth. This is indeed awkward, I must confess, even though he never liked all of this.

But then he had to face reality, so he faced who he had become and tried to adapt to his current status. By the time he came to realize that he had to see anything that happened to him as the will of God. He decided to acquire powers to protect his current family and increase their financial stability.

7. Word Art Online

According to the name of the game that is being played in this story, the anime was named after it. Sword Art Online. His series is very nice and fascinating. You should also put it on your watchlist. t talks about a guy named Kazuto Kirigaya who became so happy after playing this game owned by this prestigious brand.

The name I mentioned earlier is Sword Art Online. If you don’t know much about this, it is generally based on a kind of virtual reality that takes people into the world of Aincrad. While playing this game, the players involved must use a certain scary device called the Nerve Gear.

But Ut then Kirito discovered this shocking incident that had always happened to them. He notices that the game’s creator causes it whenever they are held. To come out victorious in this game, you must defeat the final boss and clear all the floors of Aincrad.

The scariest thing about this game is that they told them that part of the rules is that if you die in the fantasy world, it will automatically replicate in the real world. This made all of them so afraid, very careful, and overprotective. Do you wanna try out this game? Type in the comment session.

8. Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

There is this belief that has spread over the land in this very anime story “Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage, according to the story that was told by this so-called legend that a day is coming in the world at that time that there will be a very terrible strike like a natural disaster that will occur and this will wipe away so many children as well.

It will only spare the child whose fate has been sealed. Among the families that have ever benefited from this has always been the Reiken family. This is according to history, though. Due to this, they decided to open an academy and enrol students, but before they admitted anyone, that student had to pass the entrance examination first.

This was happening because they believed that they could train that child to have that fate that is sealed to avoid the strike when it came.

Amongst so many participants who came for this entrance examination, there is this guy named Lu Wang, his hair is so long, and he is just so handsome as well. Now, there is this special thing about him; he has a special soul, among others.

He never knew that; the moment he decided to partake in that examination, the realization of becoming a world-renowned sage started manifesting through him. Everything about him just changed all of a sudden.

9. Isekai Cheat Magician

This very anime story centres so much on magic. We have two unique casts from this anime, Taichi Nishimura and Rin Azuma. I’m pretty sure that by now, you should know where this story is driving. Well, let me tell you about these two guys I mentioned earlier; they were reincarnated into this world where everything they do is just magic and nothing more.

Before now, in this strange land where they find themselves, monsters always attack every adventurer that comes into the land. This is why these two guys, Taich and Rin, tried out their magical ability to defeat and overpower these monsters. Now, this is the best part of it.

They called this story the Cheat Magician because their powers are just so different from the rest of the characters, and so many people now think they are using some cheats to do this.

Now, they were just randomly trying to explore their powers and see if they were truly different from others. Now, this quest caused them to be teleported into this unknown land. This anime is similar to Arifureta.

10. I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Yuusuke Yotsuya is the young kid who has hated people for no reason throughout his life, though I can lay my hands on anything, you can say. Okay, this is the reason why he hates everyone. When it comes to playing games, it’s the worst of it. He doesn’t want to see anyone around him.

He feels like he can do it all by himself. Not until one fateful day does a game lord come to him and propose that their life is in danger if he refuses to play a game with them. This alone caused his entire life and belief to be transformed. Though this story is unrelated to the common isekai anime you have known all this while, there is a slight difference.

The cast that always goes into the game world or a fantasy world in the normal Iseika anime never returns. Still, here, they only give them some kind of task, and the rule is that they only return to their world after completing their task.

It’s not a permanent teleporting at all. However, a little risk is involved as they don’t just send them into this world without any time limit. They always give them a specific task to accomplish their various tasks and return as soon as possible.


So, in conclusion, in the list of anime stories that look similar to Arifureta, I must say that, indeed, it’s a very unique and powerful story no one should ever miss out on. I’m sure you had so much fun, and you were entertained as well. You should recommend this post to a friend.

It also talked about some anime characters teleported into a fantasy world. Some of it happened by dreams as a result of the virtual reality game they were playing, and all of a sudden, they were being teleported into an unknown world.

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