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Best Anime Like Black Lagoon Ranked By The Expert

According to an expert who has given a list of anime series that have similarities to the black lagoon, I will be bringing to you the list, and for sure, they will thrill you. For many anime fans who have watched this very anime series titled the black Lagoon Blues, you will know the reason why we are using it as the case study.

There are just a few anime series that I can recommend that can be equated to that of The Black Lagoon, like the sadistic gunslinger Revey and her team of mercenaries. If you are done watching it, you should definitely watch out for the black lagoon, as it also comes from the top.

One of the criteria this expert used to create this list of anime series like The Black Lagoon is because of the action and gunfight scenes, with some characters that have depth impacts on the lives of people, implanting morality and one more thing that you about this anime like this, is that the protagonists that they use are majority female.

The toughest sides the fans love the most about this anime series are the underground activities that go on behind the scenes.

Though up till today, many still argue that this anime series is not the best series ever, they don’t realize that among the recent seinen manga series, the Black Lagoon is ranked the best. Also, the scenes displayed here are chaotic and some mature scenes.

One of the things you will also be one of the qualifications of this anime series is that the protagonist that is maintained happens to be the best when it comes to anti-heroes anime. No doubt it stands out the best. In this post, I will bring you a similar series like black lagoon.

10. Gungrave


In the history of the world, here come these two best friends who happen to be the protagonists in this series; their names are Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell; they are just friends, but due to the bond they share, so many people take them to be brothers.

Now, one fateful piece of news came to them: the entire world was about to witness a merciless incident that would cause it to be easygoing, and so many pretty women would be committing theft to survive. But they forgot the reality of life, that nothing comes so easily. Life is full of ups and downs that no one can escape.

As they approach the Millennium, this group of people is well known for being the mafia syndicate in that particular region. Now, they put the two friends, Brandon and Harry, in the ranks at the bottom of the food chain. But then, while they placed them as food manager, some other thing was going through the mind of Harry to ascend to the rank of the head.

To replace the Big Daddy, who happens to be the highest leader. Meanwhile, Brandon only thinks about how he could support his friend to make Big Daddy happy; maybe it is for him to free the woman he loves that he has placed in his custody. Gungrave is an epic anime story with much action, gunfights, betrayals, and thrilling features to make your day.

9. Michiko to Hatchin

Michiko to Hatchin

Here, we have two individuals who played a very vital role in this series have the like of Michiko, who happens to be minded and has nothing to worry about in his life.

Michiko Malandro now comes into the life of Hanna Morenos, who bears who is also known as Hatchin, who happens to be an orphan without a father and mother to rescue him from his foster father who was molesting him and also claiming to know the whereabouts of her father.

Now, the journey to finding the real father of Michiko began; they took their direction towards a reminiscent of Brazil, and they were aware that this journey could be so dangerous and deadly.

Their journey also showed us what took place in this very anime story. What I can say about this anime story is that it involves many emotional moments attached to it. Also, there are action scenes and lots more you can discover yourself when you watch.

8. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Another interesting anime story similar to that of the Black Lagoon is “Hellsing Ultimate,” one of the scariest anime stories you can ever find. Once upon a time, creatures from the dark world existed, and a very terrible disaster came as a plague upon the night. Their mission is to devour anything alive, especially the human that comes their way.

Now, this organization that calls itself the Hellsing Ultimate has taken it upon itself to ensure that it fights and destroys these ugly creatures that have invaded the land and are causing a lot of havoc everywhere.

This organization is headed by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, let me shock you she happens to be a woman. Throughout her lifetime, she has dedicated herself to the Arm Force to fight against deadly creatures and dreadful wars.

Meanwhile, she has a weapon that you can consider as an ultimate weapon. Here comes an exterminator for the Hellsing who seems to be working against his team; he is a vampire Alucard and his newly recruited servant, Seras Victoria.

Now that he has joined forces with Hellsing, he has a lot of battles to confront because both monsters and other opposers will arise and challenge him.

7. Canaan


Now, counting down on our list, we have a Japanese photographer named Oosawa Maria who has dedicated her entire life to her career as a professional journalist. She is based in Shanghai, China. This is where she carries out her duties. She works alongside Mino who happens to be her partner in the field.

Their main focus is to capture the most interesting incident and start their investigation without wasting time. Mostly on the events that are so strange and dangerous that’s the places you can find Maria and Mino doing their job.

But one fateful day, she almost got caught while doing her undercover work; if not for her old friend named Cannaan, who showed up immediately and helped her run away from the place, she would have been prosecuted immediately.

With the look of things, Canaan is also an investigatory journalist who may have stopped functioning due to some incident that happened in the past. But now she is having a second thought when a deadly virus approaches the city. So she is now taught to continue to help in the situation and save her best friend Maria.

6. Great Pretender

Great Pretender

The next one on our list is The Great Pretender, a very interesting Japanese anime series that is a must-watch. Most anime fans who have seen this series ask for the next season. It follows the story of a talented and skilled con character, the “Great Pretender”.

At a point, his con business became an international enterprise, connecting with Laurent Thierry and making his empire so large and wider. Now, he recruited other members of his team. He is so good at it that he can heist out a lot of money by pretending to be someone who is not and splitting his identity into multiple people.

The Great Pretender anime series will put viewers in suspense as they can’t wait to view another episode immediately after the current one. It’s also known for its action and fighting moments. Makoto and his team must settle some problems before they can succeed in their operations.

These are some dangerous and deadly worlds of international con artists. Not just that alone, they have to settle some internal issues within themselves.

When it comes to the Great Pretender, expect so many betrayers, deception, and good and evil moments in this anime story. This anime story brings to light the activities of these powerful criminals who have hidden in the darkness of deception and exploiting people.

5. Baccano!


Once upon a time in the 1930s, in Chicago, USA, we had this transcontinental train just there to fly pussyfoot. The entire story begins when this train leaves blood in the country. On the other hand, in part of this story, we have a New York scientist who is very enthusiastic about aiding Ennis and looking for missing bottles of the immortal elixir.

He goes by the name Szilard. Also, in this series, we have one of the fiercest wars ever going on between the mafia groups, and it gets intense as time goes by.

Baccano happens to be an award-winning story that has won a lot of competition. And gained the hearts of so many anime fans.

4. Gangsta.


When it comes to Handymen, Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo were staying in the city of Ergastulum. They handle tough jobs that can not be handled by police or most agencies. They are always ready and willing to carry out their job properly.

They were given a task to kill someone, but after they did, they hired another Handyman among their team. Their name is Alex Benedetto, and she happens to be a prostitute.

Once upon a time, Ergastulum was one of the safest places for Twilights. In this city, we also have some superhuman beings, especially those born in this city. But afterwards, they started being killed by some underground organization. These men can’t withstand the war that is coming on their way.

3. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom_ Requiem for the Phantom

Once upon a time, in the streets of America, Assassinating people was just a normal thing to the Mafia. One can say it is just rife in America, as it seems like there is nothing wrong with it.

There is this dangerous weapon that this company is using to cause this crisis and crime, it’s called “Phantom”. What this strange company does is use this weapon. In other words, the phantom simply means close humans that are invisible but causing a lot of harm.

Now, there is a tourist who hails from Japan. He mistakenly stumbled into this land where the Phantom is located. The moment he arrived, the attack on the Phantom became so intense that he became worried and wanted to leave immediately.

But this Phantom came as a woman this time around and revealed herself to him; she is named Ein and also the head of the Inferno in “Scythe Master” Now, as soon as this tourist was captured, she confused his brain and made him believe what she wanted.

It didn’t stop at just making him believe what they wanted, but they gave him another name; the tourist now bears the name Zwei; this innocent tourist is not used to making their wish, but without the full knowledge because his brain is being manipulated.

He has moved from being a straightforward tourist to a deceitful and violent person. For him to save himself, he must find a way to escape, maybe one day. But then his life is at risk now. Because it seems his life is under a spare.

2. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

The story of the Cowboy Bebop is just a fictional story that portrays meaningful thoughts. Now join me in taking you in depth in this story of the cowboy; once upon a time, 2071 an evolution happened in the whole universe. That occurred when all the humans living on Earth decided to take over the other planets and the moon.

The Earth became empty, and war began in the entire galaxy. The police tried to quench the chaos but didn’t prevail; now, a hunter called Cowboys with another team aboard a spaceship, Bebop.

Here comes Spike Spiegel, who finds plain ground and shares the same idea with his pragmatic partner, who goes by the name Jet Black. Spike and Jet hunted in a realm full of catch, though they also went to discover hidden facts and expected to get a reward for their successful outcome.

In the course of this journey, which seems to be an adventure, they meet Ein, who happens to be an expert in genetics; she is indeed a smart Welsh Corgi. Also, in this series, another character seems mysterious and unpredictable when tricking people and brainwashing them.

Her name is Faye Valentine. And I won’t fail to mention the likes of Edward Wong, who is so good with computers and how they work, he can manoeuvre whatever needs to be done just with a computer but uses his knowledge to defraud many.

Fans of anime love the character of the Cowboy in this Cowboy Bebop series. I recommend this anime series; it should be on your watchlist. You will be thrilled.

1. Jormungand


Finally, on our list, we now have the top anime with great similarities to the Black Lagoon. Among the series that came from the Japanese manga series ever, the Jormungand is regarded as one the best. It’s been narrated and illustrated by Keitaro Takahashi.

According to the story, a military officer in a private company, Koko Hekmatyar, deals with arms. Now, she has a male bodyguard named Jonah; he is just a recruit in the armed forces. All the evil he did in the past is pursued after his life.

One fateful day, Koko and her team got caught selling weapons and were involved in classified political matters. Now, the chase became so high because so many of their enemies were after Koko and her team members, including the arms dealers, her opponents in the game, and the government.

This series focuses on war, the arms trade, violence, and many other vices, including crime and fights. You should definitely watch this anime series and thank me later.


I’m sure you’re thrilled with this list of the best anime series that is just like the most favourite and loved anime series that has ever existed: “the black Lagoon”. Please also recommend this wonderful post to a friend or two. Have a wonderful day till we come your way next time. Bye.

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