Best Electric Type Pokemon Scarlet

best electric type pokemon scarlet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have many new and familiar faces of every type. You’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking for an electric Pokemon to add to your team. 

Electric is a very strong type as it’s only weak to ground type attacks.

However, many electric types also have a secondary type that you’ll have to keep in mind when utilizing them in the heat of battle. With that in mind, here are the top 10 best electric Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

10. Pawmot


The most recent of the electric rodents is Pawmot. It’s dual fighting, and the electric type has a base attack of 115 and a base speed of 105, which means it can hit hard and fast. Its hidden ability is Iron Fist, which powers up its punching attacks. So you can get quite a wallop out of teaching it Thunderpunch.

It’s also got a hefty set of moves that it can learn naturally and by TM. So, you have plenty of room for unique strategies that play to its strengths. Unfortunately, since it has the fighting type, it comes pre-packaged with weaknesses to fairy and psychic types.

9. Raichu


An old favourite from Gen 1 is Raichu. Unless it evolves in Alola, Raichu is an electric type through and through. And it boasts a base speed of 110, while both attack and special attack have a base of 90.

You really can’t go wrong with Raichu; it’s a classic for a reason. No matter which eyes you’re looking at, it’s got a sweet and squishy face. 

8. Belibolt


Belibolt is an electric-type Pokemon introduced in the Scarlet and Violet games.  With a base HP stat of 109 and a base special attack, it follows close behind at 103. Its defensive stats aren’t too shabby, either. 

7. Jolteon


One of the best Evolutionary electric types is Jolteon. It has been around since the original Pokemon games and has appeared in every game franchise to some degree. 

Its base speed lead is 130, and it has a base special attack of 110, which makes it one of the snipers of the electric types. It can’t take much of a hit, unfortunately. So you need to pair it with a good team defender or teach it Vault Switch to maximize its damage while keeping it away from harm.

6. Toxtricity


This punk rock poison electric type was first introduced to us in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Most of these Pokemon stats are around 70, with its highest base stat being special attack at 114, which is very good for its type combination.

It also has good type coverage, and its natural moves are well-themed. Unfortunately, its poison typing, in addition to being electric type, makes it extra weak to ground type attacks. So you’ll need a clever strategy to avoid getting knocked out before you can get some licks in yourself.

5. Eelektross


While it’s not the coolest-looking or most beautiful Pokemon in the Pokedex, Eelektross has its unique charm. However, it takes a long time to raise, and its pre-evolutions are relatively fragile.

If you’re willing to put in the time though, you’ll be rewarded with a very versatile attacker with its high attack and special attack stats. 

4. Rotom


While its base form is an electric slash ghost type, Rotom is one of Pokedex’s most versatile electric types. As it can change its form, you will have the Rotom catalogue and secondary typing between 5 options.

Each form comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and your team makeup will determine which will be most beneficial to you. 

Rotom is one of the few electric types with immunity to ground type attacks. Thanks to its levitate ability.

3. Ampharos


Starting as an adorable Marip, Ampharos is both adorable and cool. Aside from its mega evolution, where it gains the dragon type, Ampharos is a mono-electric type. 

It has a base special attack of 115, and its special defence and HP are at a base of 90.

Ampharos also has access to good support moves. You only need to worry about Ampharos’s speed stat, which is easy enough to work with 2.3. 

2. Sandy Shocks

Sandy Sharks

The ancient ancestor of the Magnumite line, Sandy Sharks, is a paradox Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It’s a ground-slash electric type, making it a great counter against other electric types. It doesn’t have a base stat below 80 and a special attack base of 121. With the added ground typing, it gains weakness to water, grass and ice.

However, it’s well-equipped to handle these new threats. Its high base stats and powerful and broad move pool make it a powerful ally. 

1. Iron Hands 

Iron Hands

If you’ve done any amount of high level terror raids online, you’ll no doubt already know how powerful Iron Hands can be.

Utilizing its quark driveability with the booster energy-held item and by using the move barely drum, Iron Hands can quickly overcome many opponents. 

With a higher attack stat and even higher HP, Iron Hands is the perfect candidate for a physical sweeper and a must-have in the party of any electric-type fan.

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