You are currently viewing Best anime like spy x family that will entertain you even more

Best anime like spy x family that will entertain you even more

Suppose you are here; I assume you are a big fan of Spy x Family, which l am too. Because this series has been trending and caught the hearts of many, I have a list of more masterpieces that give the same vibe as Spy X Family.

So the story is basically about a spy who had a mission that could only be successful if he got a family. 2019, a manga with the same theme was released, and then the anime series aired in 2022.

The list below has a variety of anime of the same nature. Some are mainly focused on spying and undercover adventures, but you will be surprised that some have hilarious characters like Loid, Yor, and Anya.

They do their work while doing their best to make their relationships work. What makes fans more delighted is the heartwarming family dynamics portrayed in all of them. So, let’s get right into it.

1. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

Get ready to get your feelings trampled on by the heart-breaking story of the promised Neverland. Set in a Victorian country, there is an orphanage by Isabella where eleven-year-olds Norman, Emma, and Ray stay. Their everyday life is monotonous as they spend all day playing, resting and taking aptitude tests.

Through these daily tests, their intelligence is measured to see who is the smartest of them all. It happens that a young girl, Conny, just 6, is getting ready to leave with her new family that had adopted her. She forgot her favourite toy, which Norman and Emma had wanted to bring to him.

Nothing could have prepared them for the dark secrets they were about to uncover. Upon entering through the door on the wall, they see Conny lying dead. It is at this moment they learn that there are demons that are secretly working with Isabella.

She was nurturing these children so that she gave them to the elite to feast on them. How depressing! They uncover this shocking truth because Norman and Emma wanted to give Conny her puppet since she was not gonna leave forever. You have to watch this series.

2. The Quintessential Quintuplets / The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets The Quintessential Quintuplets

The moment Futaro dozes off and closes his eyes, he gets a flashback of the moment he set his eyes on his now wife. The narrative started when Futaro was a second-year high school student who was so smart. His life outside school was a complete mess as poverty was doing him dirty with his Raiha and his sister.

This was because of the burden of unpaid debts his father had left on him. A new student came to join the school named Itsuko Nakano. She asked Futaro to tutor him, but he refused and seemed not even to pay any attention to her request.

Raiha comes soon after this conversation to let him know that his father had gotten him a job to teach the daughter of a millionaire.

I think he only took this job to get his family out of debt. It was Nakano Quintuplets, whom he was supposed to tutor, but Itsuki was the youngest daughter. It was now his job to make sure that they both graduated. This story cannot be missed for anything, so why not try it now?

3. Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning

One of the soft and warm plots is Sweetness and Lightning, which perfectly executes the cute relationship between a father and a daughter. The story centres around a caring father, Kouhei Inuzuka, and his daughter, Tsumugi.

Following the death of his wife, Kouhei stayed with his daughter, just the two of them. Kouhei was a teacher with no kitchen experience whatsoever, so he bought instant meals for his daughter. One of Kouhei’s students, Kotori Iida, offers him and his daughter to join them at their family’s restaurant for dinner.

With time, they realize that most of the time, the restaurant is not open. So Kotori ends up having dinner alone because of this. But it became a habit for Kouhei and him to share meals with Kotori.

This beautiful relationship continues to fill my heart as the father prioritizes his daughter’s happiness. Living an experience of what a family looks like. This is one of my solid recommendations.

4. Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop

Get ready for this mind-blowing story, which starts with Daikichi, at 30 years old, discovering a shocking secret. He learned at his grandfather’s funeral that he was seeing an unknown woman and had this 6-year-old girl that he is just seeing now.

Rin’s presence did not sit well with the family, and the cold shoulder he received from the family was just too much, to be honest.

This touched Daikichi, and he took it upon himself to care for Rin. Despite not knowing how to parent a small girl and being alone most of the time, he still took on this responsibility.

He faces the problems of being a single parent as he tries to care for Rin. He learned much from this chapter of his life as their connection grew. Daikichi realizes that everything he has for Rin is starting to pay off in only one year.

After ten years, the story is rewarded when Rin is now a high school teenager. The beginning of this series highlights the viewpoint of Daikichi doing all this parenting thing alone. The relationship between Rin and Kouki is further brought to light as it flourishes. She grows into finding who she is and getting into the journey of her desired life.

5. The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED

The Millionaire Detective Balance_ UNLIMITED

If you are one of those who enjoyed Spy X Family, then there is no reason not to watch The Millionaire Detective Balance. It’s almost a complete replica that will entice every die-hard fan. The plot talks about one of the professional spies named Daikuke Kambe. He was one of those who had the most spies given to the most dangerous tasks.

Where there are many spies, it’s not easy to tell who is better than the other. Is it Loid or Daisuke? Both are good if you look at it from what they do best. Daisuke works together with Haru Katou, while Loid is a line rider.

When Haru Katou and Daisuke started working together, there wasn’t that vibe between them. With time, you will begin to love this duo as they solve some of the strangest cases. It is the best part of the series, in my opinion.

6. Hinamatsuri


Yoshifumi Nitta is an ambitious young yakuza from the Ashikawa-gumi. One fine day, while relaxing in his apartment, a mysterious metallic object shaped like an oval suddenly fell on his head.

A young girl named Hina is inside; the latter has telekinetic powers and forces Nitta to care for her. If, on the one hand, Nitta sees a certain usefulness in Hina’s powers to regulate her yakuza affairs, she can sometimes lose control and destroy everything around her.

The unexpected happens to Yoshifumi Nitta while he is in the comfort of his home. Nitta is a young Japanese gangster with big dreams. Out of the blue, his head is hit by an oval-shaped metal thing from the roof. What’s even more odd is that there was a girl.

7. Great Pretender

Great Pretender

Do you know the feeling of outdoing someone and then realizing they are way better than you? Well, Makoto Edamura, a skilled con man, tried this and found out he wasn’t who he thought he was.

One day, he tried to scam Laurent Thierry from France, only to realize he wouldn’t beat him to his own game. Laurent was a much better scanner than him, so he decided to join his team.

They were now about to trick the richest and most influential people across all parts of the world. You’ll see them targeting different people in each series and relocating from city to city to be close to their victims.

Most people they scam have a record of doing evil, so their scamming feels like they are bringing justice. The depth and enticement from the great pretender from the character development, insane plot twists and the intricate plans.

8. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Let me tell you about one of the most heartbreaking stories the anime industry has ever given us. The plot centres around Tanjiro, who had just lost their father during the Taisho period in Japan. So he was left in charge of his family, who was into coal trading.

Tanjiro tries to keep the business and explores the town for business purposes. The family eventually reaches a point where they are just satisfied with the little things in life, even though life is tough.

One night, there was a flesh-hungry demon that was roaming around the city at night. Tanjiro couldn’t go back home anymore, but someone he didn’t even know took him in during this time. When the coast cleared, he returned, but nothing could have prepared him for what awaited him. His family was gone; the demon had attacked them. It was a sad moment.

9. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

One of the anime series that does not need any introduction is Attack on Titan. The story centres around Eren Jaeger, a young boy, together with his best friend Armin Arlert and adopted sister Misaka Ackermann.

All of them grew up in a society surrounded by giant walls that acted as a shield to people from the Titans. These were huge creatures hungry for human flesh. There is no reason why they were preying on them, but it was so.

For 107 years, the walls have separated people from these humanoids, but one day, the walls were broken. The Titans were destroyed to reach humans, and while other people survived this tragedy, Eren’s mother was killed along with other victims.

After this traumatic experience, Eren makes a promise that he will avenge his mother’s death and kill every Titan there is.

10. School Babysitters

School Babysitters

This heartbreaking beginning of Ryuuichi Kashima’s story is a pain in the hearts of many viewers who watched school babysitters. One fateful day, there was a plane crash that threatened the lives of his parents.

Now, he was left responsible for parenting Kotarou, his younger brother. Katarou always maintained his quietness even though Ryuuichi was very nice towards him.

Their life drastically changed when Youko Morinomiya, a very unfriendly chairlady from a prestigious school, approached them. As much as it was a lovely (Kawai) gesture, a condition was attached. Ryuuichi was to come and join the academy and work for the school’s babysitter club as a part-timer.

Kotarou and Ryuuichi ended up coming across other kids who were chaotic and uniquely outstanding.

11. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Have you ever tried to imagine what life would be like if you were surrounded by people with things you don’t have? My Hero Academia shows us a world where everyone has powers, “the quirks”. Our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, and a few other people possessed no quirks. This does not kill his dreams of becoming one of the greatest heroes one day.

He planned first to join the Yuei Academy, one of the biggest branches of that time. On one fateful day, Izuku met his role model, the man he had been looking up to all this while. All Might gave him his powers, which is my favourite part of the movie. Izuku got what he had always been longing for.

12. Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority

This anime is one of its kind and is no adaptation of anything that has ever been made. It has a little kick for those who have deep feelings as it touches on issues like self-image, bullying, trauma and societal expectations and pressures. The plot centres around Ai Ohto, a much-pressure and isolated girl.

One day, she unexpectedly encountered a peculiar egg while strolling late at night. Curious got the best of her, and she cracked it open, and a girl came from it. I did not see this coming. Ai is introduced into a world she never knew, filled with creatures she never knew. Each of them depicted a trauma she was somehow familiar with.

13. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Full Metal Panic_ Fumoffu

Let’s take a moment to dive into the lives of Sousuke and Loid, the main characters of this anime. They wake up one day only to find themselves in a parallel world, facing problems they were supposed to fight. While fighting, they should also try to cope with the challenges to survive.

Sousuke manages to get used to this new life effortlessly while doing his military obligations. On the other hand, Loid is a pro when fooling his surroundings by being who he is not. Sousuke was given the role of taking care of Kaname.

She was just a high school girl but was a crucial figure in their mission and had to be protected with all they had. Loud goes on to fake being a family man, which connects him to Yor, and with Anya, it starts to feel like a father-and-daughter-daughter relationship.

The same happened with Sousuke as he got closer to Kaname, and their bond blossomed despite their complicated situations. You will love the comedy they throw here and there, more so the first days of Sousuke trying to fit in school. It was one of the most loved scenes of this movie.

14. The Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons

The Yuzuki Family's Four Sons

Let’s discuss the four siblings from the Yuzuki Family’s Four Sons family to wind up the list. They were left orphans after their parents lost their lives in a fatal accident. Hayato, the eldest son, took it upon himself to care for his little siblings since they all looked up to him. Mikoto was the second son known to be more of an indoor person with a big heart.

His love was mostly expressed towards Minato, his little brother. Minaro was full of life, bubbly but very clumsy. Gakuto was the last born, seen as the smartest of them all, and was an undeniable bookworm.

The series centres around these four young men who had to do life on their own despite being mere children with no life experience whatsoever.

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