12 Best Anime Like Hunter X Hunter To Watch Asap

12 Best Anime Like Hunter X Hunter To Watch Asap

I strongly believe that no other anime series screams shonen more than Hunter x Hunter. Every Shonen fan will have no complaints from start to end, be it the enticing plot, the unforgettable characters or the suspense built up throughout the show.

In 1999, an adaptation aired, but not many people know about it. Most people know and love the one released in 2011 the most. It wound up around 2014. So, if you know that Hunter x Hunter is your vibe, I have brought you a special treat. It’s a list of all masterpieces that are exactly like Hunter x Hunter.

They are all shonen series that are similar in themes, the adorable characters and that bond to give us the most amazing relationships across all anime shows. If you are ready, allow me to take on this beautiful ride I am confident you will enjoy.

1. ‘Naruto’



There is nothing much to say about Naruto because I am so sure that everyone has watched it before. Since its release in 2002, all the fans worldwide have been crazy about it. When l say all, I mean all, and if you haven’t watched it, I don’t know if you have been living under a rock or what.

Some die-hard fans don’t even know that Hunter x Hunter inspired the making of Naruto. Yoshihiro Togashi and Masashi Kishimoto are friends in real life and are the brains behind this.

They have been known to share their ideas, which is why the two anime series have a lot of similarities. For example, if you look at the Kurta Clan in Hunter x Hunter and the Uchiha Clan from Naruto, both used to be powerful people.

They soon were brought down to nothing, and only one survivor would make it. The characters possess mighty powers once their eyes turn red in both shows.

2. ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Jujutsu Kaisen

The way Jujutsu Kaisen blew up in 2020 after its release is unbelievable. But honestly, that was expected since it was during the lockdown, and people were doing nothing. This doesn’t remove the fact that it is still a phenomenal show.

Gege Akutami had written a manga of the same name before releasing this anime. It is a good representation of shounen but also brings a new vibe to the existing genre.

The plot focuses on Yuji Itadori, who doesn’t like an ordinary human being. As you might have thought, he gets unstoppable powers and becomes a villain. The series has a bit of a touch that cannot be found in any other anime series. I know for a fact that you won’t regret watching it. Thank me later.

3. ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’

The Seven Deadly Sins

Tell me about the thrilling plot narrated in The Seven Deadly Sins. The story follows a group of the seven deadly sins who were legendary knights falsely accused of planning to conquer the Liones kingdom.

But soon, they flee from the land after being overpowered by the Holy Knights. After ten years had passed by, Princess Elizabeth looked relentlessly for the seven deadly sins.

She wanted their help to eliminate the Holy Knight, who had infected the country with corruption. Then she bumped into the leader of the sins named Meliodas, who was running the Boar Hat tavern. In both Naruto and Hunter x Hunter, we see both the main characters getting great help from their allies.

During their long journeys, they encountered many people with whom they formed great friendships that would get them out of trouble whenever needed.

I guarantee you that you will be enticed by how things are always twisting and turning, which adds more to the thrilling experience. Characters in both anime have powers that you will surely enjoy watching.

4. ‘Made in Abyss’

Made in Abyss

What Riko went through is the same as what Keyaru endured in Redo of the healer. Riko was trapped in the pits of the Abyss, where her life changed, and not in a good way.

She kept going deeper into the unforgettable terrible moments that haunted her for life while still trying to figure out why her life was like this. The Abyss was home to creatures and dark secrets that left Riko with tiny chances of survival.

To save her life, she is put in a compromising situation where she has to do some of the most unimaginable things that could alter the rest of her life. It doesn’t get as far as ROH, but the story and its impact on us are worth mentioning.

The story highlights how a bad environment can rip the innocence out of someone. Riko is a good example; her life has never remained the same. It is a movie that I would highly rank any day and any time.

5. ‘The Promised Neverland’

The Promised Neverland

Get ready to get your feelings trampled on by the heart-breaking story of the promised Neverland. Set in a Victorian country, there is an orphanage by Isabella where eleven-year-olds Norman, Emma, and Ray stay. Their everyday life is monotonous as they spend all day playing, resting and taking aptitude tests.

Through these daily tests, their intelligence is measured to see who is the smartest of them all. It happens that a young girl, Conny, just 6, is getting ready to leave with her new family that had adopted her. She forgot her favourite toy, which Norman and Emma had wanted to bring to him.

Nothing could have prepared them for the dark secrets they were about to uncover. Upon entering through the door on the wall, they see Conny lying dead. It is at this moment they learn that there are demons that are secretly working with Isabella.

She was nurturing these children so that she gave them to the elite to feast on them. How depressing! They uncover this shocking truth because Norman and Emma wanted to give Conny her puppet since she was not gonna live forever. You have to watch this series.

6. ‘No Game No Life’

No Game No Life

Get ready to be bewildered by the gripping story of the famous step-siblings in Blank. It was a virtual online gaming world where Shiro and Sora were most known among all the other champions. One day, they receive a challenge from a deity named Tet in another realm to compete in a chase game.

After winning this game, they were elevated and summoned to a different world called the Disboard, where the leadership is in the hands of those who play games well.

They were introduced to a system where all the disagreements were solved by playing a game. One good but tricky thing about it is that you can chest however you want as long as you don’t get caught. Upon settling in Disboard, they became friends with one of the most important figures named Elkia.

She was a citizen of a nation with no humans but was also on the verge of falling. It is almost unbelievable that Shiro and Sora were victorious even in this game they played against Elkia.

The goal was to conquer other species as they were here to represent the human race. What makes No Game No Life similar to Hunter x Hunter is that the wars were almost similar to what Shiro and Sora went through as they got their intelligence tested throughout their journey.

Both series focus on adventures as the main characters try to make it in these new situations they find themselves in.

It is only that Sora and Shiro are moved to a whole new world and attempt to overcome the ten pledges that were in control. On the other hand, Gon embarks on his quest to become the greatest Hunter. He moves in and out of different places, coming across creatures of all kinds and adversaries that want nothing but to take him down.

7. ‘My Hero Academia’

My Hero Academia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everyone had powers? Maybe this aspect made My Hero Academia popular among fans worldwide. In the show, nothing is shocking about one having superpowers because everyone was born with some kind of power. Our focus is on Izuku Midoriya, who does not have any powers.

His biggest desire was to be like All Might, the all-time superhero who inspired him the most. As soon as he starts going to UA High School, his quirk begins to show off because he is always surrounded by heroes. The simplicity portrayed in this series will make you pay all your attention to the good story.

8. ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

An anime show being a masterpiece is one thing, but for it to get appreciated by people is another. Among all the famous anime out there, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has to be one of the shows that has a ton of fans. Hirohiko Araki created it and has had several adaptations throughout the years, with every season focusing on a particular generation of the Joestar family.

They all possess an ability to summon the mighty forces that will manifest through the people who carry the spirits. These entities are commonly known as the Stands.

Each of the Stands is uniquely powerful in a way that allows them to have their own rules that are different from those of the others. They are a necessity for the Stands users during the battle.

The funny thing is that no matter what happens in each season, it always ends up with Dio Brando as the villain. In the initial series of this anime, he is one of the major characters, and his role has a major impact on how the story goes in all the following seasons. If you haven’t tried it already, you will be doing yourself a favour by trying JoJo.

9. ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’

Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood

One thing about Full Alchemist Brotherhood is that they did exactly what the viewers wanted. The dark themes portrayed in this series were done thoroughly, just as you see in Hunter x Hunter. The darkness all comes together, be it when the main characters die or the heart-wrenching situations that they go through.

Someone raised Gon as his child even though they were not related and were like a guardian to him. Regardless, he still wanted to know who his real father was and, hopefully, one day, get to meet him.

As kids, Alphonse and Ed both knew who their father was but grew up without them after death took them away, including the mother.

The difference between Gon and Edward is that Edward doesn’t look like he will easily forgive his father for abandoning them, but Gon looks at this situation differently. He is very eager to know what could have possibly mattered more to his father than staying with his family. Was being a hunter more special?

10. ‘One Piece’

One Piece

I firmly stand by the fact that Monkey D Luffy is one of the most easily-liked main characters in the history of anime. You might agree with me when I tell you about the plot of One Piece.

This anime can be safely ranked at the same levels as Dragon Ball and Naruto. Monkey D Luffy wanted to one day become the King of the Pirates even though he was just a young pirate.

His dream was to be the one who first placed his hands on the treasure of One Piece. His craziness mostly shines its light when the most scary and hair-raising scenes come through.

He never fails to lighten the mood. If you didn’t know, One Piece is the longest-serialized anime on this list, with 1051 episodes. You have to brace yourself for the long run, and it’s not even done yet.

It’s up to you to watch this one time or skip and pause whenever you feel like it. Once it entices you, just know it will be there for life. I went through that. That’s why I know how much l have become attached to it.

11. ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Let me tell you about one of the most heartbreaking stories the anime industry has ever given us. The plot centres around Tanjiro, who had just lost their father during the Taisho period in Japan.

So he was left in charge of his family, who was into coal trading. Tanjiro tries to keep the business and explores the town for business purposes. The family eventually reaches a point where they are just satisfied with the little things in life, even though life is tough.

One night, there was a flesh-hungry demon that was roaming around the city at night. Tanjiro couldn’t go back home anymore, but someone he didn’t even know took him in during this time.

When the coast cleared, he returned, but nothing could have prepared him for what awaited him. His family was gone; the demon had attacked them. It was a sad moment.

12. ‘Dororo’


Not everything we go through in life is necessarily our fault. The storyline of Dororo makes this point very clear by showing us the life circumstances of Hyakkimaru. He was already a warrior at a very young age; unfortunately, he had no limbs. His father had made a deal with the demons that cost him his physical looks, including some of his facial features and several body parts.

One generous man who was a doctor raised him like his own child. He eventually gave him artificial limbs and weapons that he was to use later. He eagerly looked forward to taking down the demons that had put him in this situation and restoring what rightfully belonged to him.

There was Dororo, who became a thief very young and met Hyakkimaru along his journey. Together, they travelled along ancient Japan, and they continuously faced forces that were against them. Some powers that wrestled against them were foreign to the human race.

The biggest similarity between Dororo and Hunter x Hunter is that the main characters go through things that will develop their mentality and character. You might see the major differences when it comes to the setting, the theme and the storyline.

Despite their young age, Gon Freecs and Hyakkimaru’s personalities transform as they journey through the dangers of life. Whatever they went through became proof of their newly found identities. You just have to watch it and see the problems for yourself; you might learn one or two things.

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