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Best Anime Like Vinland Saga: A Few Being Better!

Fans of the Vinland Saga, I’m here with the most exciting news. If you have found the intense wars from Vinland Saga to be your type of enterprise, then you are in for a treat. I have a list of my best selections that is going to keep you hooked for some time.

In the Vikings era, the series explores themes of horror, revenge, politics, history, and personal development. The characters are very captivating with their complicated personalities that suit their roles. So, without talking too much, let’s do what we are here for and give anime that I know you will love.

13. Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok

This series will need your attention, but you cannot afford to miss any detail. The future of humans was to be decided by the god. After every thousand years, they assemble in Valhalla, where the old souls rest.

Zeus, the greatest Greek god of all, was in charge of everything as they came together. This time, something changed; they all agreed to end the human race.

At that moment, Valkyrie Brunhild suggested they do something before going forward with their idea. He wanted them to face the humans head-on in the Ragnarok tournament and decide later if it was worth it. This is how it was gonna go: the most iconic and powerful thirteen human beings on one and thirteen gods picked from different mythologies.

If at least seven gods were to be defeated, humanity would be left to live. A chance of winning would be possible, but considering they were against the most powerful gods like Shiva, Zeus and Poseidon, they needed to up their game.

Valkyries Were the hope left for people to represent them. Thirteen mortal fighters were going to fuse with the sisters, as stated by the Volund principle. During this time, they had to imitate the form of a weapon that could destroy the gods. This was going to be a testament to proving that humans aren’t as vulnerable as they had anticipated.

12. Shigurui


Buckle up and pay attention as l tell you the thrilling plot around Shigurui. It is set in times where spirituality, sadism, military, wars and excesses are present. Master Kogan is the centre of attention here with his unbeatable sword style. Some people have tried to dare but to no avail.

None of them succeeded, and all died a very horrible death and were hurt beyond healing. Our brave Kohan is becoming old, but he needs to find a husband for her daughter and take up his position before he dies. This lucky man would come from among the people that followed him.

Seigen and Gennosuke were the best among all the samurais, and they had nothing in common outside that. This ignited a strong hatred between them, and their power hunger was gonna cause the downfall of one of them.

Too much of anything is bad; in this case, their desire for power would harm them and put everyone else in jeopardy. This series touches on the bad side of samurai that people don’t usually discuss.

11. Hunter × Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is quite a common anime among die-hard fans of anime. The storyline focuses on Gon Freecss, who has passionately wanted to become a hunter since he was twelve. It’s not the hunter that you are thinking of because, in the anime, you are someone of high value. Hunters were allowed to do nearly anything they wanted just by simply flashing their license.

The association will financially cater for everything; a hunter will just get it for free. By buying cars, their work equipment, houses, you name it, they could easily access it.

They could also trade; now you understand why Gon wanted to become a hunter, right? Not only were they able to acquire material things, but they could also acquire high positions in different sectors.

Some of them could become chiefs, zoologists, or archaeologists and become all the big people in society. Ging Freecss was the father of Gon and was considered to be one of the most prominent hunters during his days. So maybe being a hunter runs in the blood, and that’s why Gon was walking towards the same path.

10. Ninja Scroll: The Series

Ninja Scroll_ The Series

Going back to the ancient days in Japan when Hiiuno Genma was conquered fourteen years later, He was an immortal fighter who revealed to us the deep secrets of the supernatural world of ninjas, who were at this time called the shinobi. The story explores the existence of two dynasties, the Kimon and the Hiruko that were against each other.

Roga from Hiruko stole a sacrament dragon stone, which he would give Princess Shigure once he found her. She was the princess of light. Two other clans were also desperate to have this stone to themselves.

So they went after him, and the plan was to kill the village princess. The people of Kimon were so determined to kill the princes, but Jubei confronted them and allowed the princess to run away.

Roga, who had the stone, gave it to Jubei, who is our main character, by the way, in faith before he passed away. Many threats were after her from all the two clans until they realized that the Hikuro meant no harm to her but just protection.

To protect the stone that was gonna usher them into a new dimension of life. The Kimon were after invading the Hijoko, and whoever opposed them was in trouble.



I can guarantee you that you can never go wrong with Black Lagoon if you are in for a thrilling story. It all starts with a young Japanese named Rokuro Okajima working for a big company.

He was given an assignment to deliver a disc with crucial information. He is to go across the Southeast Asian seas. He cannot make a mistake, can he? It looks like the company depends on it.

But real trouble happened when a bunch of pirates destroyed his boat in an attempt to capture his belongings. Instead of robbing him and letting him go, they would keep him in their The Black Lagoon, their old torpedo boat.

But Rokuro is not bothered by all this because he hopes the company will come through for him. The plot twist is that these people were sent by his superiors at work to attack him and make sure no one ever hears of this disc.

Can you imagine the betrayal he felt upon finding out? After this masterpiece of an episode, he thought it would be safe for him to join the pirates. Would you blame him for making this decision? I personally would not, but you need to go and watch it for yourself.

8. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star

I have only picked the best, and this is undoubtedly one of them. The story happened after World War Three, which left the whole place inhabitable. A lot of people had died due to the harsh conditions that they didn’t manage, especially the fact that water was now scarce.

It became the most valued thing one can have now, just like how we want to be powerful. That is because the powerful are the ones with the greatest influence in the whole world.

A man whom people called the saviour of the end of the century came into the picture and changed things. He was a martial art expert known as the Hokuto Shinken, which works effectively against your rivals.

He took his time to perfect his craft to stand in the position of who he was meant to be. In the new world where people were vulnerable, he was needed to give them a decent life and protect their dignity.

7. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

Let me tell you the story of Manji, a powerful fighter whose rivals have nothing on him. The plot is set in the Edo times in Japan. Manji is an invincible warrior who cannot no one can kill.

He has a history of murdering a hundred, and that includes the man who married her sister. There was an 800-year-old nun who gave him essence, a type of worm that gave him the ability to have an unending life.

This was also going to help him in healing when he was hurt, even if it meant his legs and arms were cut off. Everything will be restored and go back to normal.

When his sister died, he took the mission that was gonna save himself, and that was to take the life of a thousand wicked men. Fate led him to meet Rin Asano, whose family had been murdered by Kagehis Anotsu’s group of professional swordsmen.

These evil men had killed Asano’s father and her entire family. Whatever she was going to do, she was doing it for her family. Don’t miss out on this anime and see how the tables turned for Manji and Anotsu.

6. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

One of the anime series that does not need any introduction is Attack on Titan. The story centres around Eren Jager, a young boy, together with his best friend Armin Arlert and adopted sister Misaka Ackermann.

All of them grew up in a society that was surrounded by giant walls that acted like a shield to people from the Titans. These were huge creatures hungry for human flesh.

There is no reason why they were preying on them, but it was so. For 107 years, the walls have separated people from these humanoids, but one day, the walls were broken. The Titans had broken down the wall to reach humans, and while other people survived this tragedy, Eren’s mother was killed along with other victims.

After this traumatic experience, Eren makes a promise that he will avenge his mother’s death and kill every Titan there is. There is no good enough reason for you to not watch this show.

5. InuYasha


The story told by InuYasha happens during Sengoku, which is a time when one country is fighting against another. This was way before the 1600s when people and spirits coexisted. These monsters or spirits were called Mononoke/ Yokuai and could come in different shapes and forms.

But their burning desire for human flesh was something they shared in common. From time to time, they keep destroying the village people, making them so afraid that more damage can be done.

As the story progresses, the focus goes to Inu-Yasha, a partly human and partly demon known as Hanyu. In his attempt to steal Shikon, he attacks the village surrounding it, takes Shikon No Tama and flees.

She was valued because she had a unique gift and powers no one else had. Whoever captured her would continue to increase their demonic powers. This is exactly what Inu Yasha was after; he wanted to become a complete demon without any human trace. He knew that with the powers of Shikon, it would be possible. Go ahead and check it out.

4. Kingdom


Kingdom might appear emotional for some viewers, but it’s worth watching. The plot explores the life of two young children who had lost their parents during the war and ended up being sold into slavery.

Somehow, a fire in them still keeps them alive; they hope to become Heaven’s Great General one day. It looked like it was just another hopeless dream, but things took an interesting turn. Piao, one of two siblings, gets a job to work in the Royal House.

There was a moment when power was about to be served from the hands of the King, which led to Piao getting injured. This incident gave him the chance to meet the King, and his friend Xin saw this.

This is a moment where his life changes, and he is found amid battles. What is to become of him? Are his dreams going to die? There is only one way to find out.

3. Fate/zero


Fate/zero is a series you can’t skip, especially if you are looking for intense fighting and the supernatural. I am taking you back to years before what happened on Fate /Stay Night. Seven of the greatest Lords given the power by the Holy Grail will conduct a fight session.

This took place during the holy grail war, and it’s not just normal fighting but a do-or-die type of fighting amongst the spiritual beings. They were known as the servants, and it wouldn’t stop until only one person was left.

There was no sign of hope from the three previous wars, and it was supposed to be redone again. The masters, known as mages, join forces with Fuyuki to help fight the way, believing they may get a different result now. Whoever will come out victorious will be given a chance to say whatever they wish, and it will be done for them.

Kirei Kotomine was one of the masters who was just there and didn’t care about the Holy Grail. Kiritsugu was the complete opposite because he was putting his all into getting the holy grail for himself.

The ongoing hatred between these two men becomes the story’s core, including the hardships masters and servants went through. If you want to reveal the truth about the fourth holy grail war that happened ten years before the Fate/Stay Night from the video game, then watch this. You will also see Kirigutsu Emiya’s fight, Shiro’s Foster father, and Tokiomi, the anime hero.

2. Claymore


Claymore is next on the list, with a very enticing plot for all anime fanatics. The plot unveils a supernatural world that is swarmed with Yomas, which are demons.

There was a group of women fighters known as the Claymores, where Clare belonged. Their blood had traces of the yoma blood, allowing them to challenge and fight these scary yomas from which everyone was running away.

Clare focuses on one particular yoma that had done something bad to her. Her ignoring all the others and keeping an eye on one becomes the interesting part of the story.

Why many fans have loved Claymore and rank it so high because it talks about a lot of themes. There is drama, horror and action, which seems complete for every enthusiast.

1. Berserk



The list wasn’t going to be complete without mentioning Berserk, one of the most famous anime in the industry. A certain black swordsman who goes by the name Guts is the centre of the whole story.

He was a lone fortune soldier before joining Griffith’s band after being defeated in combat. Griffiths has something that backed him up that no one knew of, and people couldn’t comprehend it. Still, it is an undebatable fact that the Hawk Band was very powerful.

Berserk appeared to dive more into the mature side as compared to Vinland Saga. It also takes you on a thrilling journey of fantasy, horror and dark moments. What makes them similar is that they are both rooted in history with events set in the Middle Ages Europe.

All character roles were gradually developed in a way that would hook every viewer. A deep yearning for revenge is what drives characters from both shows despite them being people of different characters.

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