Best Gory Anime That Will Disturb Your Way of Thinking

Best Gory Anime That Will Disturb Your Way of Thinking

Hey, have you ever been to a spooky house or a place? Or an old house? An old house is scary as it is.

You must have known how a sudden noise can make you shit your pants sometimes!

We are often afraid of something unknown or ghosty. Yep, it scares most of us like little kids.

Sometimes, horror is for entertainment purposes as well. Horror movies are the best examples of having fun while also being scared.

Horror also gives a twisted sense of humor (if you watch it a different way). If you see a black rope in the dark, dim light, you may think it’s a snake. In your imagination, it was a snake, but it was a black rope.

Well, that’s my point.

Horror can be creatively included in anime as well. If you are a horror anime fan, our list includes all the horror anime that will scare you.

20. Berserk


The ones who have watched the original 1997 Berserk series must be die-hard fans. Berserk is a cult-friendly anime series you will ever see.

If you want to find the original one, this is your hint: YouTube is your friend!

This horror anime has adopted Kentaro Miura’s legendary manga, known for its precise and intriguing art.

If you are curious about its plot, this anime starts with Miura’s sudden death at 54, and the series starts amid the alt-Universe Hundred Year’s War.

This war of mercenaries had a young mercenary who was gutsy and carried a comically big sword. He was from the band Hawk, which Griffith led.

19. Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Phantom

It is an urban legend because it’s based upon an urban legend. His death was personified. He can give you chills like never before.

This anime occurs on the Japanese stage, where ritualistic murders keep on happening. The audience will have to keep a watchful eye on Boogiepop to understand their evil intentions.

They keep shifting away from reality, but this doesn’t mean they are any less spooky. We are sure to tell you that this anime will keep its anime viewers on their toes. You will stay confused until the mystery is revealed at this show’s end.

18. Black Butler

Black Butler

It will surprise you that a 13-year-old boy, Ciel Phantomhive, is the head of the Phantomhive household. He serves as the young head under Queen Victoria.

Ciel Phantomhive can be considered the best in the detective unit. He can solve crime cases by being a part of the queens police. He also tackles the issues of London’s seedy underbelly. He is not alone in this conquest because there are many people to support him.

A series of horror activities started around him when he came in contact with the demon” Sebastian Michalelis.” He takes the demon’s help to find the murderer who killed his parents.

But with the demon involved, how can this bond be positive? But Ciel still forms the bond with the demon eleven if it keeps devouring Ciel’s soul.

17. Mononoke


Having a unique persona, Mononoke can pull in the audience instantly like the flowers attract the bees. His exciting character won’t let you sit with calm emotions.

This anime can keep you on your toes. Its horror story will keep you more deeply into the story. This anime is based on the Edo-Japanese era. They used to be a suspicious medicine seller.

The anime has similar vibes to Mushi-shi anime. The protagonist has to deal with weird spirits called “Mononoke”. This story will keep you surrounded with scary moments.

This series will visually arrest your senses, which can only be filled with a special sword. The protagonist deals with strange spirits, which are called “Mononoke”.

16. Mushi-shi


What if there are dangerous creatures that can’t be seen with a human eye? Mushi-shi anime explores the hidden world of rife.

The human eye cannot see what goes on in the world of creatures. These creatures are responsible for tragic things like death, pain and destruction. Sometimes, there is also the loss of purpose.

A wanderer named Ginkgo is cursed with the “Mushi” sight. These creatures are tiny and invisible to our eyes. These creatures communicate with each other in negative ways.

There are also happy and lucky spirits: These spirits take control of the eyes of a young girl and lead people to remote mountains where these humans fall or drown to their mysterious deaths.

Banishing the Mushi spirit is not easy, but even if it is scary, someone still has to do it. This job goes in the hands of Ginko.

15. Castlevania


Vlad Dracula gets killed at the end of the second season. But Dracula’s absence in the show was still highly recognized halfway through.

The specter of the Castlevania shows an ancient vampire, increased double fold. While Dracula was still absent in the Netflix “Dracula Anime”.

This anime is full of horrifying moments for horror anime lovers. We assure you that you will get to see more and more twists from Dracula. You can view Castlevania on Netflix as well.

14. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte_ The Maxim

Scientific studies have shown that our body consists of many parasites that survive by feeding on us humans. But how would it feel if these parasites suddenly turned big and started delivering us from the inside? Horrifying, isn’t it?

If you are ready to see some brutal body horror, Parasyte: The Maxim is really for you.

Izumi lost one of his hands fighting with parasitic shapeshifters. The alien went off target while going to reach Shinichi’s brain. The parasite finds contentment only till staying inside Shinichi’s brain.

Shinichi and the Parasyte form a symbiotic relationship as they work together, to save other humans from the parasite attacks.

Migi and Shinichi aim to fight back the parasites from the world. The part that makes the story very exciting is how they both work towards reaching their goals.

13. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Satoshi kon is a legendary filmmaker known to make many enigmatic TV series.

A paranoia agent is on an exploration journey of a serial killer named” slugger”. Little Slugger is a student who wears skates with a basketball cap. He carries a bent baseball golden bat. He goes around terrorizing the people of Tokyo.

The police are searching for this killer through day and night. The police have a hint that Tsukiko Sagi, a designer, has dreams about the killer’s next targets. But how is Tsukiko connected with this all?

This series is a psychological horror story filled with mysterious threads. You will see that Kon’s works are still worth the watch. If you are a viewer who enjoys decoding the mystery horror series, then you will enjoy decoding who Slugger is.

12. Sankarea


Not all boys require a beautiful girlfriend. Some males have weird interests, like having a zombie girlfriend. Chihiro Furuya is one such guy who is obsessed with horror. Like a song says, “The heart wants what it wants.” For Chihiro’s heart, it is a Zombie girlfriend.

One day, Chihiro loses his cat and starts to practice a weird revival magic that brings a dead person back to life.

He was searching for the portion of revival for his cat Bubu, but suddenly, his classmate Rea Saneka came back to yelling about her terrible personal life.

11. School Days

School Days

The name of Makato’s love attraction is Kotonoha. She is the type of girlfriend whom Makato needs.

Makato has to repay his female friend Sekai for her efforts in bringing Kotonoha into her life. For this, he just has to place a kiss on her.

But who knows, this small moment of gesture can turn this situation into a love drama. Now, the issue is that Senkai loves Makato. How will this love triangle turn out to be? As Sekai becomes increasingly jealous

This situation leads to disturbing events and even murders. It’s a dramatic anime drama that’s turned dark.

10. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Grace Field children are unhappy living in the orphanage. Their time gets spent on dozens of things, like playing games with brothers and sisters at the orphanage. They are taken care of as if they are in the warm embrace of motherly love.

But with warm care, some rules come, like the kids cannot go beyond the orphanage compounds. If the kids ensure to follow the orphanage rule, that is ok. But what lies beyond the orphanage compound is still a mystery.

9. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain was released simultaneously with other anime series like Neon Genesis Evangelion and one more anime, Cowboy Bepop

The protagonist of this anime is Lain Iwakura, an introverted guy. He loves to hang out with Wired, the future iteration of the internet.

After a series of strange events occur, her acquaintances at school receive an email. This email is not from anybody but Yuki herself. Her future self is writing emails to Yuki to warn her against the potential dangers her friends are in.

This anime dives in to solve the mystery behind cyber crimes. Lian was losing touch with reality within the wired world. This psychological horror will play with your consciousness.

8. School-Live!


Yuki Takeya is a little forgetful girl, leading a happy, normal life studying at Midorigaoka Private High School.

She loves to go on adventures and observe the world around her. But her life is not the same anymore as the zombie apocalypse has taken over the world. The school where Yuki studied collapsed!

The zombies have wiped out everything around them. Yuki now lives in a dream world, escaping reality by thinking the zombie apocalypse never happened. If you are after the story of this anime, we can only tell you that you won’t believe how the ending happened.

7. Tokko


A man named Ranmaru Shindo moves to the city of Tokyo with his young sister Saya after both of them lose their parents in a gruesome massacre. Ranmariu starts to dream about a girl with a bloody sword. She believes that she is the woman who killed his parents.

After graduating from the Special Public Safety Task Force (Tokko), Ranmura is shocked to see the same girl from his dreams in his new class. Ranmura starts to search for clues to know her real identity and what went behind the massacre of his parents and other people.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

The city life of Tokyo Ghoul is a dangerous one. Imagine the fear of the residents who have to worry about the criminals and not getting eaten by the flash ghouls.

Ghouls can hide among the humans and roam around the city streets during the night, creeping for substances and eating human flesh.

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of this anime, who is himself a victim of ghouls who are searching for eating human flesh. But things change for Ken Kaneki after he turns into a hybrid human ghoul. Kaneki is forced to live a duality of both ghouls and humans.

Things have their consequences. As for Kaneki, he has lost appreciation for many things in life, including giving up on everything he used to appreciate.

5. Theater of Darkness

Theater of Darkness

A bite-sized anthology series that has enough horror to keep you scared throughout its length, “Theater of Darkness” is an amazing Gory anime for viewing.

A depressive era inspires this anime but has a comic scene every 5 minutes. It has a unique storytelling style, “Kamishibai. ” Its plot is filled with spine-tingling moments and urban legends stories. If you are a fan of ghost stories, enjoyment is promised for the audience.

A young boy whose family has horrific smiles to strive off the spirit of their great father and a girl with some skin condition. This anime has some disturbing stuff. If you are brave enough to view horrific action, this anime has multiple scenes.

4. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

One night, when the snow was falling, Yuki Cross got attacked by a rogue vampire. It was a pure-blood vampire passing by and saving her from the rogue vampire. From then on, Yuki has a big crush on Kaname Kuran, but she has very few memories of her past.

During the day, Vampires try to hide their disguise by maintaining their secrecy and attending evening classes at Night school. Yuki is accompanied by a friend named Zero Kiryu.

She must hide the vampire’s identity from blowing up. Otherwise, the whole school may be in danger of being wiped out by the vampires.

On the other hand, Zero is showing strange signs of bonded feelings towards Yuki. Yuki is in love with a vampire; she must face her own reality and the consequences of falling in love with the vampire.

This anime is a horror thriller with the added touch of supernatural elements and romance, which can be a very satisfying combination.

3. When They Cry: Higurashi

When They Cry_ Higurashi

You might be slightly confused if you think the adorable girls in the anime “When they cry: Higurashi” are innocent. But it’s not the real case. When you assume these girls are innocent, you might fall on your face facing downwards.

The anime starts around the situation where the town’s inhabitants are dying one by one by supernatural beings. But the matter is far worse because knowing the truth can get you in big trouble.

This anime is truly disturbing for a first-time viewer. You will seemingly feel lost if you fail to concentrate; the plot changes so differently.

2. Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Princess Miyu

The progeny of a human and a God-Demon is called Shinma. Miyu is a young vampire girl who is in charge of hunting down the Shins so that they can be sent back to where they came from -” The dark world”.

Miyu is a demon herself. She, too, wishes to return to the dark world, but she can’t go back to the dark world.

She is working hard to complete her mission before her 15th birthday. Minyu is not alone on her mission; she has a companion, Larva. Miyu doesn’t recall her past and is confused about who she is and what she is exactly. She is trying to find a way to know how she got into her present state.

Vampire Princess Miyu anime has all the spooky elements, including culling set pieces, costumes, and concepts from traditional Japanese folklore. Altogether, they make this anime an elegant watch.

1. The World YAMIZUKAN


Are you a fan of pulpy horror comic anime? You are going to enjoy this one! The World YAMIZUKAN will be the closest to the theme of horror comics.

This anime has both the traditional and Western elemental style of portrayal in its episodes. While the anime retains its Japanese sensibilities, it is worth every second of your time. Its freaky and scary tales will keep you.

The strange story of a woman who disappeared in the woods will be shocking. Some of the stories in this anime are really shocking but strange enough; they are still very enjoyable!

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