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Best Student and Teacher Relationships in Anime

I can’t deny that anime portrays far better relationships between two characters.

You can easily see every emotion anime characters express, including love, anger, hate, etc. All these emotions are put into the anime characters so that people can easily resonate with them and feel connected.

And you know that it works, right?

Amongst all relationships, one of the purest relationships is the student-teacher relationship. Because after parents, it’s only a teacher who wants his students to succeed more than himself.

We all must have once in life fantasized about a student-teacher relationship. But relationships do have their twists. Who knows that there can be romanticism also involved in student teacher relationships.

It is seen as a taboo, but we can’t deny that this kind of relationship does prevail in society. They may be away from the eyes of everybody but they still exist.

Today, we will share the anime that perfectly portrays different types of student and teacher relationships.

All Might & Izuku – My Hero Academia

All Might & Izuku - My Hero Academia

Izuku, since his childhood, dreamt of becoming a hero from a very young age. He used to watch Might Guy from a very young age and wanted to be just like him.

Like All Might hero, Izuki also wanted to help save people from villain attacks.

But there was only one thing which kept Izuku away from this dream, he didn’t have any power like All Might. Izuku felt very low knowing that. But just one setback won’t stop Izuku from stopping midway chasing his dream. So, he decided to be a hero in his way.

Seeing such perseverance in Izuku, All Might saw great potential in this young kid. Izuku had all the qualities of becoming a future superhero. So All Might made him his apprentice and passed him on to his hero powers.

Throughout the anime, the audience sees All Might as a kind and caring mentor for his students. He even defended the young lad from troubles and advised him to help Izuku overcome his self-doubts. This anime showcases a truly beautiful relationship between a student and a teacher.

Gojo Satoru & Itadori  – Jujutsu Keisen

Gojo Satoru & Itadori - Jujutsu Keisen

The strongest character in the Jujutsu Keisen anime is Gojo Satoru. This teacher doesn’t have powers but is still liked by his students because he loves and cares for his students.

He saw great potential in Itadori and kept motivating Itadori to use his powers to commit good deeds. Gojo even protected Itadori from his higher-ups.

Koro-sensei & Class 3-E – Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei & Class 3-E - Assassination Classroom

If we talk about the most loved teachers, Koro-sensei’s name would be in the first row in fans’ minds.

When the whole school was on the verge of giving up on the students of Class 3-E, Kuro Sensei didn’t give up. Not only did he not give up on his students, but he also planned fun activities for the kids so that would forget their life troubles.

Kuro Sensei even stood as the pillar of motivation for the students to progress better.

But the students of the Assassination classroom were planning to kill their teacher all this time. It sounds hurtful to me, how about you?

At the end of the anime, Kuro Sensei was gone, but the class never stopped remembering their beloved sensei.

Reigen & Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Reigen & Mob - Mob Psycho 100 (2)

Reigen and Mob’s student-teacher relationship started on such a great note. Reigen wanted to use Mob’s for his powers. But time brought them together, and a caring relationship started between them.

Reigen is down to teach each and every skill to his beloved disciple. He wants to give him knowledge and skills from all areas of life, like love advice, life lessons, teachings, and self-worth or even helping him.

Nobody else can be more suited to teach Mob than the supernatural genius Reigen sensei.

Although Mob’s teacher doesn’t have any powers, he still truly respects Reigen for always encouraging him.

With all the training and inner determination, Mob became so uncontrollable in the last season of Finale Mob Psycho 100 that not even Esper couldn’t control him. Teacher Reigen was ready to risk his life to snap Mob back to reality. It was truly amazing to watch.

Rock Lee & Might Guy – Naruto

Rock Lee & Might Guy - Naruto

One thing that stands out the most about the Naruto anime is its portrayal of student-teacher relationships. Many ninja teams had sensei’s allotted to them.

Among all of them, Guy Sensei and Rock Lee’s relationship was wholesome. Their relationship was of a sweet and heartwarming nature.

Other ninja students had the ability to wield chakras, but Rock Lee lacked this power. It means that Lee also doesn’t know other ninja techniques like Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

This will act as a big disadvantage for Rock Lee when he has to face his enemies. But Rock Lee got the skills of Taijutsu from his master trainer, Might Guy Sensei. He saw great potential in Rock Lee. To be honest, Rock Lee was the star of his eyes.

Lee also has an unbreakable determination and an amazing fighting spirit. His dream is to become a good fighter. For Rock Lee, Guy Sensei is his favorite teacher.

Urokodaki & Tanjiro – Demon Slayer

Urokodaki & Tanjiro - Demon Slayer

Tanjiro desired to bring an unstable demon, and Urokodaki took the demon under his care. He started training his new disciple with respect and care but with tough love from starting itself.

He could have easily handed Nezuko to the Demon Slayer Corps if he needed to, but ex-water Hashira chose to protect her. He prepared food for Tanjiro daily. His students have to be prepared to face the worst of demons.

Saitama & Genos – One-Punch Man

Saitama & Genos - One-Punch Man

Saitama is the most powerful fellow in the Universe. He just wanted a student with heroic qualities. Saving the people is not an easy task. But Saitama kept on refusing Genos multiple times, and still, he achieved the task of becoming Saitama’s disciple.

It’s funny to see Saitama and Geno bonding, watching them fight, and then taking notes.

A superhuman can’t teach a cyborg anything, but he still doesn’t mind having the cyborg around.

Saitama even scolded Genos for overusing his powers, possibly leading to his self-destruction. They both became nice friends with pure heartstrings attached.

Hachiman & Shizuka – Oregairu

Hachiman & Shizuka - Oregairu

It’s known to the world that Hachiman and Shizuka do not have a pure student-teacher relationship. Their relationship is more leaning towards romanticism.

Hachiman’s life involves more highlighting of his teen romantic life. The relationship between these two defies a normal student-teacher relationship.

One day, he even accidentally told Shizuka to marry her if someone else didn’t because he thought she was cute.

Reigen & Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Reigen & Mob - Mob Psycho 100

Reigan’s and Mob’s relationship started with using Mob’s powers. But their bonding became so sweet that Reigan started caring about Mob. His lessons start from giving love tips, extending to choosing self-worth over helping others.

It is easy to explode with the powers, but the real teaching comes with explanations of controlling powers. With time, the supernatural genius Reigen is suited to be Mob’s teacher. Mob knows that his trainer has no powers. Still, he respected his teacher for giving him motivation.

In the latest season of the Finale of Mob Psycho 100, Mob lost control of his powers to control him. Reigen didn’t even think about his life to get Mob back to his senses.

Natsuo & Hina – Domestic no kanojo

Domestic no kanojo

Did you wonder how it would feel like, if you get to live with a teacher you have a crush on? This situation is real for our protagonist, Natsuo, who now lives with his teacher, Hina.

Hina is also his step-sister. Natsuo gets the shock of his life when he learns that the girl he had one night stands with is his step-sister.

This is a pretty messy situation to be in for Natsuo. Even thinking so makes my face go red. He has to figure out how he will continue to live in the same complicated family environment.

Ai & salaryman – Tawawa on Monday

Tawawa on Monday

“Tawawa on Monday” anime does not exactly portray a student-teacher relationship. This anime is the story of a teen girl, Ai, and a salaried man. They both started to meet on Monday on the train; he just wanted to help Ai by being her bodyguard.

You do not have to teach something to be someone’s teacher. This unique combo still turns out to be on our list because, as strangers, too, we can learn a lot from each other.

We can learn this by watching the situation between Ai and the salaryman. Is there something more to their story? Watch more to figure it out.

Ichiro Sato & Kana Kojima – Why the hell are you here, senpai

Why the hell are you here, senpai

The Why the hell are you here Senpai” series is fun to watch. The story has a few students who fall in love with their teachers. This series only has 12 fun episodes.

High school student Ichiro Sato was in weird places with his teacher, Kana Kojima. Stay away from your family’s eyes when you watch this anime, or be ready to feel awkward if some family member accidentally sees you.

This series also has some OVA episodes where you will see their relationship going to the next level.

Takao & Yukino – Garden of words

Garden of words

Skipping school is something most of us have done at least once in our lifetime. How many of you have enjoyed it? The anime “Garden of words” has a character named Takao, who skips his school to draw a beautiful garden picture. One day, he meets a girl whose name is Yukino.

Takao and Yukino kept on meeting with each other until their teacher caught them. Now is the time of revelation of truth.

Takao was meeting Yukino to make a shoe for her. How nice of him, isn’t it? But let’s be honest, will this relationship go any further, or will the love remain hidden in their hearts?

Setagawa & Ooshiba – Hitojire my hero

Hitojire my hero

Bullying can scar a person for a lifetime. Its wounds can go deeper than the roots of a tree. Hence, it’s necessary to stop bullying. This is where our hero comes in.

A bullied teenage boy, Setagawa, meets Ooshiba, who is against all the neighborhood gangs. They both grow closer to their math teacher, “Kosuke.”

All three of them grew very close enough to be in a relationship. It’s a matter of time before we will find out if their relationship will break or stay.

Anzu & Tsuchida – Hanamaru kindergarden

Hanamaru kindergarden

Not all student-teacher relationships turn out to be rough ones. Some relationships even have sweetness involved. One such relationship is a student and a teacher the anime “Hanamaru Kindergarten.”

This anime has a student named Anzu, and she is in a relationship with her caretaker, Tsuchida. A relationship with a caretaker! That’s something utterly new to me.

On top of that, young Anzu continually convinces Tsuchida to marry her. But if you want to know when enjoyment is the highlight of this show, you can watch and enjoy more.

Aoki & Daisuke – Kodomo no jikan

Kodomo no jikan

A 23-year-old guy, Daisuke, got his first job as a teacher at an Elementary school. A girl student from his school who calls herself “Aoki’s girlfriend” has a crush on Daisuke. Daisuke may lose her job if the school finds out about their relationship.

But Aoki still doesn’t stop to pursue Daisuke. Aokiji’s problems get bigger and bigger as more and more people get involved in her matter.

Hana & Okito – 25-year-old high school girl

25-year-old high school girl

A teacher, Okito, finds out that his former classmate Hana got into the school disguised as a student. The matter was that Hana got into the school just to help her friend. Okito decides to keep it a secret, and their relationship starts with a kiss.

A student-teacher relationship is considered taboo, but there can be exceptions that must be accepted. What is your take on this, dear audience? Do share via comments.

Lulu Sanjō & Hibiki –  Strawberry eggs

Strawberry eggs

Lies are a prevalent practice among job seekers who can tell any lie just to get a job. But lying goes on a whole new level for Hibiki, who dressed himself as a woman to get a teaching job.

It would be hilarious to see how he lied about his true identity to earn a good living and change the school principal’s perspective.

It will be fun for the audience to see students of both genders getting attracted to him. Hibiki has to be very protective about his real disguise and not get involved with his students romantically.

Kusanagi & Mizuho Kazami – Please teacher

Please teacher

In a setting where humans live with aliens, you see a character named Kusanagi, who falls in love with his alien teacher.

This anime is a romantic comedy between an alien and a human who later on marry each other. But this thing about their relationship must be kept a secret. How they keep this marriage and relationship a secret will be fun.

Souji & Nano – My matchmaking partner is my student and troublemaker.

My matchmaking partner is my student and troublemaker

Many students fall for their teachers, but not all make a move on their teachers. This anime brings one such fantasy to life.

Souji did want to be with his Sensei Nano. How did Souji meet Nano? He met her by changing his place with his brother, who was scheduled to meet her for marriage purposes.

Nano also thinks that Souji is up to her liking, but she is in a dilemma about their relationship. However, their families agree to the marriage. How will their taboo relationship survive? I feel it’s their choice. We only have to watch the anime to understand the depths of their relationship.

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