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Best Anime Archers: You’ll be Shocked By Their Accuracy

Anime archers are among the most loved characters. When we talk about anime characters using guns or swords, you will find a lot of them. However, there are only a few characters that can even surpass them with just archery.

Also, there are not many anime acres, but they are often the main part of anime instead of being just side characters. Anime archers often have a special plot attached to them.

Some archers use their sniping skills, while some casts magical spells with their arrows, but they always elevate the interest in anime battles.

Although archery isn’t an easy task, but In this guide, let’s know about the 15 top anime archers that took archery to another level and will impress you with their skills.

15. Sawa Okita – Tari Tari

Sawa Okita - Tari Tari

Is it necessary to associate Archery with serious combats and battles? Can’t it be a soothing and refreshing activity for the practitioners? Indeed, it is! In Fact it can be picturesque for the viewers as well. Especially when the archer is a pretty girl and shooting at bullseye is her cup of tea.

Hold on friends, we have one such character from Tari Tari Anime named Sawa Okita. She is a daughter of Shōichi and Shiho Okita.

For her archery is what she practices but riding horse is her dream. Despite being a skilled archer, she dreams of becoming an equestrian.

She is a fun-loving and amiable person and a member of the archery club. Don’t miss seeing this pretty girl with bow and arrow holding in her hand creating a visually soothing appeal to her viewers.

14. Yona – Yona Of The Dawn

Yona - Yona Of The Dawn

It’s always interesting to know how archery became the protective shield of the ancient prince and princess.

Especially when they are left alone and their parents are slaughtered by the enemies. The need to pursue archery and become the epitome of the skill, to gain justice and to avenge the enemies, becomes the only goal of one’s life.

Meet one such royal victim named Yona, from the Yona of The Dawn manga series. She is the princess of Emperor II and Queen Kashi and the heir of Kouka kingdom.

Her story is tragic. When she was sixteen, her father got killed. She took refuge and learned archery to protect herself from the enemies. Later on with utter diligence and endurance, she became the master of it.

At present, her skill has mesmerised viewers with sequential shooting of 200 arrows with absolute accuracy. What a crazy bow-women to watch for in the anime series!

13. Irvine – Berserk

Irvine - Berserk

Watch out for this voracious archer who shoots arrow after arrow and none deflects from its aimed targets. We are talking about Irvine, the captain of the archers and the top commander of Griffith in the Berserk series.

The speed of his arrow is immeasurable and when he crafts a special arrow from his fur, it surpasses all the limits. Do we need to say what happens when these fired arrows hit the target?

Ruthless tearing and inside-out chopping of the body is just a mere elucidation of his performed act.

Needless to say, Irvin’s accuracy sets the new paradigm for the archers and definitely dominates the category of Best Anime Archers list.

12. Uryū – Bleach


Saviour and beheader, what an oxymoron! Have you come across someone who is skilled to save as well as to take a life?

Well, we have found one! Uryu from Bleach is one such character who exhibits both the skills. By profession, he is a doctor and works at Karakura Hospital. He used to be a member of Wandenreich’s Sternritter and an archer.

He appears as an introvert and does not like to open up. He can not take impartiality and willfully stands up to protect others. His archery skills are unmatched and his arrow can knock out anyone from a distance.

These contradictory skills are spellbinding and create a visual appeal for the fans.

11. Itsuki Kawasumi – The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Itsuki Kawasumi - The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Summons and returns are the common phenomenon of the anime world. It gets more interesting when the characters return with some special skill sets or magical powers.

Watch for this supportive guy named Itsuki Kawasumi from The Rising Of The Shield Hero anime, who shares a similar story of summoning to a different world.  With Naofumi and four others chosen heroes, he returns to earth as a skilled archer.

Even though he appeared to be on the wrong path in the initial phase, viewers have stuck their eyes to see what surprise he can bring to the plot with his archery skill.

10. Sailor Mars – Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon

We have a very ambitious archer in the list. Just like humans, she has a dream to be everything at once! She wants to be a singer, a song writer, an actor, a model, wants to settle in life, get married and the list goes on.

Meet Rei Hino, popularly known as Sailor Mars appears in Sailor Moon series. Besides all these ambitions, she nurtures unusual qualities like Pyromancy, precognition, purification and sixth sense.

She exhibits excellent Archery in the “Mars Flame Sniper Attack”. She created a bow and arrow from fire and precisely shot at the target. Her shooting skills gained appreciation at that point.

9. Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke

Cursed yet philanthropic, meet this noble prince Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke anime series. Being kind-hearted, he is always ready to help the strangers and regain peace in the territory.

He is an excellent warrior and practises archery. His instant catch of a shooted arrow, calls for his vigilance and prompt reflexes.

8. Archer – Fate/Stay Night

Archer - Fate_Stay Night

Meet a saviour who traded his life to save the lives of  hundreds of people on the earth. He is Emiya, an archer from Fate/Stay Night series.

He is a servant of the Fifth Holy grail war in the series. He became the Counter Guardian to fix the mistakes of mankind on earth. Betrayal has made him a bitter person. He is sarcastic and can be ambiguous at times. But he is honest when he utters the complete truth.

Just like his life, his archery also gains a credulous eye of his fans. He is known to shoot precisely from a distance. Accuracy with normal arrows is obvious; but with long arrows it is visually baffling. Don’t miss out to watch this hero for whom precision is not a desire, but a mandatory norm.

7. Sasha Braus – Attack On Titan

Sasha Braus - Attack On Titan

Meet novice archer Sasha Braus from the Attack on Titan series.

In the first season, she appears to be kind, amiable, strong and a highly intuitive person. She is also a member of the Survey Corps. Learning from her failure and backed by intuition, she diligently completes her every duty.

She uses a bow and arrow for the first time in the second season. The compulsion to save a girl made her shoot the first arrow. She turned to guns after archery. Her archery skills led her to be  the best sniper in the team.

6. Sinon – Sword Art Online

Sinon - Sword Art Online

Switching guns to a bow and arrow is uncommon. Often modernization replaces the traditional weapons.

Well, in the Sword at online anime, Simon seems to be impressed with archery and decides to leave guns after the Phantom Bullet arc. She is a sharp shooter and always hits the target. She is a well composed and humble person.

5. Seiya – Saint Seiya

Seiya - Saint Seiya

We have group archers who are bestowed with responsibility to protect the goddess Athena.

Amongst the chosen, Seiya from Saint Seiya manga series is one of them. She is the lead character and nicknamed as Pegasus Seiya.

Seiya receives a special gold armour from sagittarius. She is an excellent archer. Her special bow and arrow are known for creating havoc in the battlefield.

4. Kagome – Inuyasha

Kagome - Inuyasha

We have one more reincarnated character here. Meet Kagome from the Inuyasha manga series. In her previous birth as Kikyo, she used to be an excellent archer and a priestess. She nurtured courage to speak her heart and to fight for the other’s rights.

Even Kagome chose a bow and arrow to fight evil. Initially she lacked the required skill, but with hard work and dedication, she has mastered archery. She hardly misses a target.

3. Tigrevurmud Vorn – Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigrevurmud Vorn - Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Lazy yet alert, meet Tiger from Lord Marksman and Vanadis series. His vigilance and hawk eye is all thanks to his hunting skills, else what to expect from a guy who loves to sleep till noon. He is the most respected war hero who always priorities justice and safety for his people.

His archery skills are noteworthy to a point that he can shoot 3 consecutive arrows while riding a horse. He is known as “monster” due to his exceptional archery skills and is envied by his allies and enemies.

Did we mention that he hardly misses a target ? Watch him while he shoots an arrow, We are sure you will admire archery even more!

2. Madoka Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

An ordinary school girl turning to a magical lady in exchange for a wish. How does it sound? Totally fictional and quite interesting. Isn’t it?

We have Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga series in the list. After she met Kubey and Homura, Kubey offered her to gain magical powers in exchange of a wish. Without any reluctance, she accepted it.

In her magical form, she uses a bow and arrow which turns out to be interesting at the climax. Do watch her for her archery and magical skills, must say it’s an interesting one!

1. Uryu Ishida – Bleach

Uryu Ishida

Spiritual powers are paramount and are truly reflected in the anime Bleach. Uryu Ishida is a human spiritualist who can convert her energy into bow and arrow. Amazing , isn’t it?

He belongs to the Quincy Clan, a human spiritualist group.He was portrayed as an antagonist at the start and fought against Ichigo to prove the superiority of the Qunicy clan over Shinigami.

His loss of the Quincy clan, especially his grandfather’s death sowed seeds of bitterness in his heart.

Despite being the last member, he turns out to be the best archer in the series.

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