Did Eren Turn Into a Bird?

In this series, Attack on Titan, it is not outrightly stated that Eren turned into a bird. But in the conclusion of the manga series, the actual series features him as an imagery, which served as a symbolic nature of a bird.

Many fans perceive this as representing Eren’s spirit of freedom, Eren’s spirit of freedom. This imagery aligns with the thematic elements of freedom and the themes important to Eren’s character throughout the series.

The symbolism of the Bird in the Final Chapters of ‘Attack on Titan.’

  • Freedom Flyers: in a world so crammed with giants and inside giant worlds, birds are the only creatures that are free. And they are not just chilling but show the freedom every Eldian dreams about. And these birds flapping away represent the overall goal that the Eldians are chasing.
  • Messengers of Hope: throughout the storyline, birds often appear during moments of hope and transition. In the climatic finale, these birds are seen as messengers, just flying away at the end of conflict and the beginning of a new era. You can try to perceive them as the feathery version of a group of chat sending out positive vibes.

Interpreting Eren Yeager’s Connection to Birds

If you have ever wondered why Eren seems to have these personal connections with the Bird, then let me make you try to understand this,

  • Symbolic Wings: For Eren, who has been caged up in walls, birds signify his deepest desire, which is to be free. We all know that birds are free and unbound. And in this case, Eren aspires to be that as well. Because every time Eren looks up and sees these birds, it’s like he’s seeing his dream, flying away and flying high from all the boundaries.
  • Eren’s Spiritual Avatar: some of the speculations have been thrown by the fans that the birds in the scenes with Eren represent his spirit or his thoughts on breaking free from the physical constraints of the Titans. These moments give us a sneak peek into Eren’s mind. It is constantly thinking about freedom while seeing the vast skies.

Analyzing Fan Theories: Eren’s Transformation into a Bird

So we are about to uncover this because some fans believe that Eren didn’t die. He transformed himself into a bird. This might sound crazy, but you never know. So, let’s dive into this and see why this theory isn’t just for the birds.

  • Symbolic Rebirth: the theory goes that Eren, after the struggles he faced and the sacrifices he made, actually gets reborn as a bird and this is just not about getting wings. Birds symbolize freedom through their way of flying. And this is the thing that Eren fought for his entire life.
  • Eternal Watcher: as a bird, Eren would be free to watch over his friends and the world, ensuring his dream of becoming free wasn’t just trampled again. It’s a poetic end for this guy who has been through many troubles during his life.
  • Closing Scene Clues: In the final episode, you see a bird wrapping a scarf around Mikasa’s neck. Now, many fans throw out speculations that it was Eren who visited her. This symbolizes and shows that he’s still with her in one form or another.

Wrapping up:

The birds in Attack on Titan are more than just background feelers. They are a powerful symbol of freedom and hope, or maybe Eren’s final form.

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