Why Did Eren Send the Titan to His Mom?

Eren Yeager did not intentionally send the Titan to execute his mother. The attack on Shiganshina, where his mother inherently passed away, was not due to him but the result of colossal and armored titans being able to breach the wall.

Later on, it shows that Eren, influenced by the attack on Titan’s power to see memories of the past and the future, inadvertently influenced events. However, he did not directly send the Titans to execute his mother.

Eren’s Involvement in the Tragedy at Shiganshina

The very place where this whole thing began was the tragedy at Shiganshina. This is where Eren’s tale of titans, tears, and total determination kicked off. But let’s take a step back. What was the actual story here? Was Eren just a victim? Or was there anything more to his role in the cataclysmic event?

The young Eren Yeager was the first to watch the Titans knocking on the door. And this wasn’t just a bad day for him but a ruining moment for his whole life. I will talk a little bit about the story of Aaron and his mother.

Eren was completely tossed around, and after that day, his life was destroyed. Because amidst the chaos, Eren lost something irreplaceable: his mother.

This pain wasn’t just a plot point. It was a catalyst for Eren that propelled him into the path of rage and revenge against his father and Titans. It was the moment where Eren’s childhood ended because he embodied this vengeful crusade that he began.

The Impact of Wall Breach on Eren’s Family and Motivations

Finally, let’s consider how the wall breaches not only the walls of Shiganshina but also the walls around Eren’s heart. Understanding this,

  • Family Ties: the loss of his mom in such a brutal manner left him permanently injured in terms of his personality. And this wasn’t just a motivator but something that forged him into a tempered person who became fierce and unbreakable.
  • A Motivation Born from Ruins: Eren’s primary motivation emerged, ensuring that no one had to experience the same loss that he had gone through. Because every scream and loss he suffered fueled his journey toward becoming a titan in the fight against the Titans.
  • Eren’s Transformation: The tragedy transformed Eren from just being a small child to being mostly feared in terms of being a warrior. And his motivations changed from just being a simple person to being a complicated person. It shows his complex quest to try to understand the Titans and use that knowledge to ensure that humanity’s fate is in safe hands.


Eren’s journey from being a simple village boy to one of the most important roles in humanist faith shows his loss’s deep-rooted.

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