Did Eren Want to Be Stopped?

In this series, Attack On Titan, fans and the characters have an important, back-to-back conversation about whether Eren wanted to be stopped in his plan to use the devastating rumbling.

Towards the end of the series, Eren is seen through his interactions with his peers and tries to suggest that he might have wanted his friends to stop him, which provided them with the role of heroes who saved humanity.

Eren’s Final Moments: A Desire for Redemption or Resignation?

So, the journey that Eren took throughout the series is not simple because as the series draws closer to its intense finale, his actions leave us wandering.

Was he seeking redemption or just trying to resign himself to a fate he believed to be solved? To answer this question, let us dive deep into the complications of his final choices and what they meant.

1. Facing the End

  • Redemption vs. Resignation: in his last moments, Eren seemed to be wrestling with the heavy costs of his actions because he was trying to make everything right. And let me tell you that this gray area was making Eren a fascinatingly tragic figure in the series.
  • Eren’s Sacrifice: it appears that Eren understands the intensity of his undoing and is more than prepared to face the repercussions of his actions. This suggests a blend of redemption or even giving up because it seems he is ready to sacrifice his desire for the greater good.

 2. Mixed Feelings Among Allies

  • Friends’ Reactions: Eren’s close friends were torn by the horror of his actions. But simultaneously, they were feeling sorry for his apparent surrendered fate. This conflict contributes to an important layer of Eren’s conclusion, which magnifies the emotional impact on us as viewers.

Eren Yeager’s True Intentions with the Rumbling

Eren’s master plan, the rumbling, was very dangerous, but let’s look at what he was trying to achieve. Was it something that was a desperate grab for freedom, or was it deep-rooted into completely unrelated?

  • Freedom at Any Cost: Eren’s driving force has always been about freedom, not just about himself, but for the people that he cared about. And the rumbling, which was a devastating event, was his extreme method of acquiring freedom. However, it came with the questioning of his moral integrity.
  • Protecting the Future: Eren’s aim to eliminate threats to his homeland once and for all was to ensure that future generations would not suffer as he did. And this act can be both self-sacrificial and terrible.

Did Eren Plan His Defeat?

Eren’s idea that might have orchestrated his downfall is a testament to his complex character. But, if we ask ourselves, did he set up his endgame? We might be able to answer this question.

  • Strategic Loss: some hints suggest Eren already knew he wouldn’t survive his final plan because he ensured his defeat. He might have planned to bring peace and become a symbol of the horrors of unchecked power.
  • Ensuring Change: Eren’s death could have catalyzed change because it forced others to find peace without relying on the powers that the Titans brought. And his defeat could be his last step in making sure that his friends and the whole of humanity survived.

Eren Yeager: Mastermind or Martyr?

  • Eren the Mastermind: Eren’s actions throughout the series were shown to incline to a strategic mind, which was capable of long-time planning and deep manipulation.
  • Eren the Martyr: Eren’s willingness to end his own life for the sake of others’ freedom and peace sheds light on him being a martyr whose strategy path provokes both admiration and a little bit of pain in the end. And this was because he was beloved even though he was controversial.

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