Why Didn’t Eren Eat the Jaw Titan?

Eren did not consume the jaw titan for a strategic reason. Although the jaw titan’s powers could have improved his abilities, his primary focus was using the founding titan’s power, which gave him a more cautious way to manage and control all titans.

Furthermore, holding the Jaw Titan during tough battles played greater tactical decision-making, which affected the storyline and the balance of power among the Titans.

The Tactical Importance of the Jaw Titan in Eren’s Plans

Eren, known for his complicated strategies, was a bit of a wildcard in his approach to attacking the Titans. And he had fundamental reasons for violating Jaw Titan. Now, let’s explain why this instance was more than just a set of sharp teeth for Eren’s bigger plan.

  • Speed and Agility: Jaw Titan is very fast and agile at the same time. Eren leveraged this by delivering quick strikes to his opponents, where speed was necessary to outmaneuver enemies. That’s when he was supposed to use the jaw Titan, especially when he wasn’t just supposed to use brute force.
  • Piercing Capabilities: The jaw Titan could break through walls or hard stuff with ease. And Eren needed this much because not all things could be punched away. For example, the crystal encasing the war hammer Titan. So Aaron needed this ability because it requires you to,
  • Surprise Element: The Jaw Titan had great surprising elements because of its ability to get in and out before even the enemy knew that it was being attacked. And this was an advantage to Eren Yeager, which made him keen to exploit.

Why Preserving the Jaw Titan Made Sense for Eren

Keeping the Jaw titan in the game was like keeping a secret weapon up his sleeve. And here’s why Eren Yeager thought twice before letting this Titan power slip away.

  • Utility Belt: The Jaw titan’s unique ability made it necessary because it wasn’t just about fighting for Eren Yeager. It was also about using the right thing for the right job, which made his strategy more flexible.
  • Diverse Tactics: by preserving the Jaw Titan, Eren ensured his team had a wide range of capabilities, which were important to him in adapting to unexpected changes in the battle.
  • Continuity Plan: Jaw Titan was part of Eren’s backup plan for the tough battles. Because in the case of war, having a lot of options at your disposal is always better than putting one option to trust.

Eren Yeager’s Calculated Choices in Titan Warfare

Eren wasn’t just throwing punches wildly. His moves were much more calculated, with each titan chosen for a specific reason. And here’s how he managed to orchestrate a titan team like a chess master:

  • Strategic Deployment: Eren used the Titans just like the piece of chess. As we all know, chess pieces have different goals for every scenario, each with a specific role and purpose. So, he deployed all the Titans based on their strength and their needs, which helped them maximize their impact on the field.
  • Adapting Strategies: evolving his strategies based on his opponents’ moves. He was always ahead of his enemies, which ensured he always had the upper hand when he was walking into battle.

Eren Yeager’s use of the Jaw Titan was a good example of his greater strategic mind. He didn’t just use these Titans for their own strength, but he also considered their unique capabilities and how they would have been intertwined into his overall battle plans.

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