What if Eren Ate the Jaw Titan?

If Eren could consume the Jaw Titan, it would importantly change his ability in “The Attack on Titan”. The Jaw Titan is well known for its fast speed and strength, which is brutal. And through its powerful characteristics, it could enhance Eren’s combat effectiveness.

Combining these traits with the ones that already exist in Eren might actually make him nearly unstoppable and change the way he approaches battles. Within the series, which will potentially impact the overall storyline and outcome of of the important conflicts.

Potential Power Boos with the Jaw Titan Abilities

If Eren could get Joe Titan’s power, things in Attack on Titan might go down a bit wilder because it is known for its ferocious bite and how it moves elegantly. The jaw, the jaw touching, could give Eren some important upgrades.

So, let’s look at it and understand this in some detail.

  • Enhanced Combat Skills: the jaw titan is like the ninja of the titan world. And Eren adding this ability to his attacking arsenal could make him unstoppable regarding combat skills.
  • Destructive Bite Force: The Jaw Titan’s main event is its bite. It is very capable of biting through almost anything. And Eren chowing down on armored opponents would be very important in how he combats his opponents. And yes, that would have added a whole new layer to his skill repository.
  • Stealth and Surprise Attacks: combining the speed and the tactical mind that Eren Yeager has could lead to the most devastating sneaking attack. That would happen in the series and leave enemies not knowing what hit them because Eren could have utilized Jaw Titan to strike swiftly and retreat before the enemies knew exactly what had happened.

How the Jaw Titan’s Powers Could Have Changed Eren’s Fate

  • Battlefield Mobility: imagine Eren just going across the battlefield with the agility of a cat. And. This flexibility would have allowed him to execute more complicated strategies and rescue more allies in a whiff of an eye. And maybe it could have even helped him avoid heavier hits that he took while alive.
  • Quick Escape Routes: with the Jaw Titan’s speed, Eren could have just made it quickly in terms of getaways and regrouping and attacking again from a different angle because of the speed that the Jaw Titan possesses. This hit-and-run strategy could have been one of the most important things in upgrading his fighting skills.
  • Potential for New Allies or Enemies: owning multiple titan powers might have changed the alliances. The power struggle would have shifted, and the series of rivalries would have changed.

Theoretical Battles: Eren Yeager as the Jaw Titan

  • Eren vs. Armored Titan Revisited: with the Jaw Titan’s power, Eren could match the Armored Titan, and it could have gone differently if he had eaten the Jaw Titan. He could even have been able to bite Reiner’s armor.
  • Crystal-Crunching Showdowns: imagine Eren going head-to-head with many enemies using crystallization for defense. He could shatter these walls like glass with the amount of jaw power.

Eren possessing the Jaw Titan’s power opens up a world of what-ifs. It can even make fans’ speculations high to think about it because Eren is already a powerful force, and if he gets combined with the unique abilities of the Jaw Titan, then it would make him an unstoppable force in the attack of the Titans universe.

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