Why Did Eren Punch Mikasa?

In the series’ Attack On Titan’, Eren is seen punching Mikasa during a training session. It was very intense. This accident reflects how Eren was easily frustrated and his complex feelings about Mikasa’s overprotectiveness.

Eren, who sometimes was struggling with his own vulnerabilities and desire for independence, reacted impulsively to what he perceived as Mikasa’s controlling behavior.

This eventually helped both of them understand the tension and unresolved issues lingering in their relationship. And to take this a step further in understanding why this happened,

Eren’s Frustration with Mikasa

If you can think about it, Eren and Mikasa were like the perfect duo. As fans, we always rooted for them.

Let’s see why Eren might sometimes get frustrated by Mikasa’s overprotective nature.

  • Overprotectiveness Overload: Mikasa got a super intensive protective streak when it came to Eren. It was like her whole world was self-centered around Eren. And while this sounded nice for Eren, in other instances, it felt like he was micromanaging by someone who never gives out. And this can just get a tad suffocating, Eren, especially when you are someone who’s in pursuit of freedom.
  • The Freedom Factor: Eren is about seeking freedom in life and, more likely, breaking walls and trying to change the world. But in Mikasa’s case, she was always over him. And this sometimes made Eren feel trapped. He cannot move without someone watching his back; it’s one of the things that frustrates him.
  • Ego Check: Now, let’s face the fact that Eren is one of the selfish characters, and he always wants to be the one who saves the world. And Mikasa being right there, just to be able to jump in, was a factor that made him feel like he was not being the leading man of his own story. It’s like he was trying to be the star quarterback while someone is just trying to keep running your way.

The Complex Dynamics Between Eren and Mikasa Explained

  • Sibling Vibes vs. Romantic Hints: their relationship was toggling between siblings and couple. And this type of secrecy can stir up all sorts of unpredictable feelings and tensions. Eren might have sometimes felt like he was being cornered by the expectation of having a deeper bond while Mikasa might be hurt by the standoff attitude that Eren possessed.
  • Dependency Dilemma: Mikasa depended on the emotional stability of Eren and seeing him as her family after losing her real family. And for Eren, understanding this level of attachment while he was just trying to fight Titans could have come at a heavier load. He was just trying to juggle humanity’s fate and the emotions Mikasa had for him.

Eren’s Impulsive Actions and Their Impact on His Relationships

  • Rash Decisions, Big Consequences: Eren’s exactly the kind of boy that we are accustomed to those kinds of people would think things through. But he’s well known for his impulsive moves like how he decides to take on a group of titans on his own. This can create rifts, especially with Mikasa, who sometimes swoops in to pick up the pieces that Eren was throwing around.
  • Trust Tensions: every time Eren bolts off on a dangerous trip, it is not just about bravery but also trust issues. It signaled to Mikasa that maybe he did not trust her enough to beg him when things got messy. For someone as devoted as Mikasa, this could have come from a frustrating point of view.

The relationship between Eren and Mikasa is a rollercoaster of emotions with Mikasa trying to be overprotective and Eren failing to communicate with Mikasa and interwoven with them having intense care for each other.

And while it provides some of the most touching moments in the series, it also highlights how complicated and strenuous the relationship can be if they are constantly under pressure.

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