Does Eren Love Historia?

The nature of his feelings towards Historia Reese is complicated and is always open for speculation. Because there are important moments of affection and mutual support between them, the series does not confirm a romantic relationship between them.

Eren has a deep-rooted respect and protective nature towards Historia, especially concerning the role she played within the walls and her lineage. However, their relationship is primarily portrayed as being spiritual rather than romantic.

The Protective Bond Between Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss

Eren Yaeger and Historia Reiss are the dynamic duo of the Attack On Titan series. Their relationship isn’t just about sharing a lot of secrets. But it’s a complex bond that is important in the storyline. Besides this, they have trust for each other that constantly keeps on knocking them.

Analyzing Key Moments Between Eren and Historia

1. Cave Scene Revelation: 

If you remember the intense chaos scene, it is one of the game changers of the series because here, Historia learned about her royal blood. Also, Eren discovers some uncomfortable truths about his powers in the same instant.

And this moment isn’t just a simple thing. It’s a turning point that binds Eren and Historia together with secrecy that could shake their entire world.

2. Historia’s Choice: 

In one of her greatest moves, Historia decided to go against her dad. And the person who was there to cheer her up was Eren. And this is where Historia steps up as the Queen.

She was meant to be all along. And it’s all because Eren held her hand throughout her heir agenda. And it wasn’t just the victory for Historia, but it was a win for their trust in each other as well.

3. Uprising Arc Bonds:

During the whole political uprising mess, both Eren and Historia stood strong. We’re talking about figuratively. Though they shared this pressure of knowing a lot, they could handle it like grownups.

And this cemented their bond, which gave an insight that these two are not just comrades but survivors of the shared cause.

The Impact of Eren and Historia’s Alliance on the Storyline

1. Shifting Allegiances: The alliance between the both of them wasn’t just about friendship. It changes the entire series game with Historia as a queen and Eren’s new resolve. These new positions gave both of them a chance to fight against their enemies, Titans and corrupt politicians, more strongly. The people that were being looked down upon all of a sudden had their Queen and man.

2. Strategic Moves: Eren’s determination was coupled with Historia’s claim to the throne. And this made it look like one of the most strategic moves in the series. It’s not just about brutally enforcing their will, but it is about being able to be smart because in the world they were navigating, they didn’t know exactly what they were getting themselves into.


The bond between Historia and Eren is a very strong way of strategically developing plots in the series. Also, it involved emotional growth and a mixture of mutual protection and shared interest.

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