Why Did Mikasa Have to Kill Eren?

Eren wanted to destroy all the lives that existed outside Paradise Island in order to save his homeland in the form of rumbling. And Mikasa was not about to let this happen because he could not stand to see this eradication.

Eren’s actions, though intended to be able to secure the future of his friends, would have resulted in a massacre of countless innocent people.

Mikasa, filled with the heartbreaking decision, actually chose to end Erin’s life just to be able to save humanity and uphold the values that they once fought for together.

The Tragic Destiny of Mikasa and Eren

From the beginning, Mikasa and Eren’s lives were mixed with threads of both affection and sorrow. Erenn was driven by the desire to free his people and being able to annihilate his enemies at the same time.

For doing this, he eventually embarks on a path that threatens to wipe out many people. This drastic shift makes Mikasa, who is Eren’s oldest friend and protector, an unforgettable decision.

And despite her profound connection to Eren, Mikasa had to face the truth, which she needed to stop Aaron as it was the only possible way to prevent him from annihilating many innocent people.

Eren’s Rumbling: The Motive Behind Mikasa’s Harsh Decision

  • Understanding Eren’s Vision: Eren’s drastic action, known as the rumbling, aimed to protect Paradise Island. And by unleashing the malicious power of the Colossal Titans, this decision could put him at odds with the rest of the world, even with the people closest to him.
  • Mikasa’s Conflict: Mikasa was torn between her love for Eren and her own moral beliefs and the struggles with the reality of Eren’s actions. This was because her internal battles were an important focus that showcased the depth that the character reached. And as she grapples with the impending decision, she conflicts with herself.
  • The Weight of the World: The global implications and global implications of the rambling force Mikasa to consider the greater good over personal attachment with Eren. This highlighted the themes of duty and sacrifice that pervade the series.

How Mikasa’s Love and Duty Collided in Killing Eren

Mikasa actually had love for Eren, and it wasn’t just familial or platonic; it was complicated and deeply rooted in a bond forged in shared struggles and combat.

And when it became clear that Eren’s actions could lead to something he might regret, Mikasa sensed a sense of duty towards her friend. And to all, not only to her friends but also to innocent lives and to the moral principles she believes in.

And the moment that she decides to kill Eren is not just a moment of love against duty. It was a painful reconciliation of the two because her love for Eren made her save him from becoming the monster he didn’t want to.

Climactic Conclusion of Mikasa and Eren’s Journey

The final chapter of Attack on Titan served as an important analysis of the causes, consequences and human condition because the journey that Eren chose to take was vengeful from the youth to a perceived tyrant.

And Mikasa’s pivotal decision to kill him sheds light on the series’s theme. The zenith of Mikasa and Eren’s story is cobbled with emotions and important revelations, highlighted by the path they chose and its impact on humanity’s future.

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