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Best Uncensored Anime With Sexual Scenes

Let’s talk about some of the best ecchi anime. More importantly, we are not talking about Hentai because it has a different purpose. But don’t worry because if you think of ecchi as some sprinkles of spice, then today we will show you the true potential of ecchi anime in its uncensored form.

So, are you ready for these hidden, uncensored anime with sexual scenes waiting for you?

You can also watch these anime in English on dubbed anime sites, so yeah, we’ve got your back.

1. Shinmai Maou in Testament

Shinmai Maou in Testament

The main character Toujo Basara’s life changes significantly after his father remarries. Moreover, two new members join his family, Mio and Maria, his new stepsisters. However, things take a dramatic turn when he discovers that his new sisters are demons.

This series, “The Testament of Sister New Devil,” combines comedy, action, and Harem with a lot of ecchi content. The plot becomes interesting when Basara protects his demon sisters from various threats due to their supernatural background.

In this series, characters undergo release play to get a boost in their powers. The greater the climax is, the greater the powerful abilities they get in return. Shinmai Maou no Testament is a great ecchi anime with a lot of uncensored content.

This series became so popular because of its combination of genres like Ecchi, Harem, Comedy, Action, and Supernatural.

2. Prison School

Prison School

The story of Prison School takes place inside Hachimitsu Private Academy; until last year, this school was a girls-only school. But, starting this year it will be a co-ed school.

Five new male students enrolled at Hachimitsu Academy located in Outskirts of Tokyo. They come here with dreams of enjoying their school life in this paradise filled with beautiful girls, but little did they know about the schemes of a dark organization called Underground student Council.

Prison School is filled with many ecchi elements that will arouse your worst perverse desires. So, watch this NSFW anime with caution.

3. Kissxsis


Imagine living with two beautiful twin stepsisters who have an affection towards you. Keita Suminoe is living with his two older sisters, Ako and Riko.

They often bully and embarrass him; however, during this time, they develop romantic feelings towards him, and their bullying turns into something entirely different.

Moreover, their crazy parents don’t mind them anyway since they are not actually related by blood. Therefore, Ako and Riko use every means they can think of to make Keita fall for them. So what will Keita do in this situation? Will he fall for their temptations?

Keita is put into a tight spot since he can’t pick one between them as doing so will break the heart of the other, so who will respond to Ako, Riko or Both of them? Watch Kiss xSis to find out.

4. Shimoneta


Can you imagine a world without perverted jokes, lewd acts, and adult magazines? This is what Shimoneta is about a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist.

The government has passed a law that basically bans all inappropriate things, and the government is confiscating all of the literature that has adult material in it. Moreover, they also keep a close watch on the citizens so they always behave appropriately.

Now, an organization known as SOX has risen up against them; they are spreading dirty jokes and banning literature around the world. So, Tanukichi Okuna also joins this organization in their fight against the government.

5. Maken-Ki

Maken Ki

The story of Maken-Ki revolves around a perverted teenager, Takeru Ohyama. This story takes place in a world where everyone must test their fighting skills. So, how will our protagonist, Takeru, fare against his opponents?

Most of them see many attractive beauties engaged in fighting and some different activities. Before you start watching this series, let me warn you that many scenes aren’t pleasing for all audiences.

So, I highly recommend cautiously viewing this exciting, uncensored ecchi anime. In short, this is some good material for a single night.

6. High School DxD

High School DxD

You will surely find High School DxD in most of the ecchi or harem anime discussions; reason? It is one of the best anime in this segment, with a great storyline and some sensual fan service moments, which gives it more depth.

After a long wait, Issei Hyoudou has finally managed to go on a date but turns out to be a fallen angel, and his life ends on her very first date; later, he is revived by another fallen angel named Rias Gremory.

Currently, he is a member of the Occult Research Club and serves this beautiful demon girl.

Now that Issei has become a demon and got entangled with angels and demons, will he realize his one and only dream from when he was alive, to create his own Harem.?Find out in High School DxD.

7. Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete

Eiken Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete

This anime follows the life of a student named Densuke; due to his interest in extracurricular activities, he joins Eiken’s club. After joining the club, he discovers it offers bikinis and other accessories. However, Desuke has a crush on Chiharu Shinonome, who is very shy.

There is also an interesting ecchi episode where they slide on a slide; you will easily understand where things are going by the characters’ expressions and movements.

This show makes up for the lack of plot by adding some of the best expressions and moves, so you don’t have to worry about things not being conveyed properly. Moreover, This show also has some of the best female characters with mind-blowing physiques.

8. To Love-Ru

To Love Ru

Believe me when I say that you will be rolling on the floor with laughter while watching this anime. The story of To Love-Ru follows a young high school boy named Rito Yuki. He has feelings for Haruna Sairenji but can’t tell her.

But there is also another girl named Lala, who is an alien. Lala comes from the planet Deviluke and she is also the girlfriend of Haruna. Later, she also joins the Freya, and things become complicated. So, who does Rito end up marrying? Find out into Love-Ru.

You can watch all the seasons of this series without any restrictions. There are several episodes where girls are wearing semi-tight clothing and showing nudes in public.

Despite all the fan service and pleasures, this anime is an enjoyable watch with many delicate and extraordinary scenes.

9. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Imagine some girls being hunted by a shady religious organization, and suddenly, a young man comes and protects them. Now, you may argue what’s special about it, and you have seen similar stuff in lots of other anime.

However, when the hero uses iron Manipulation abilities to fight with the cult members, his magic powers get depleted, and now he needs to drink human milk to replenish his magical powers. So, how do you think our protagonist will recover his magic powers during the fight?

Due to such strange scenes, users started to refer to it as “the milk-drinker anime” or “anime boy who sucks milk during the battle”.

Moreover, there are also lots of other foreplay and entertaining scenes in this anime. Although this anime is relatively old, it still ranks among the most hilarious and crazy ecchi anime.

10. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Ecchi anime is the best place to see the perfect combination of creativity and ingenuity. These beautiful ladies who can turn into monsters will get mad with excitement.

The large variety of beautiful monster girl characters makes this show more exciting; there are centaurs, lamia, catgirls, harpies, and many more. These Monster girls will go to any lengths just to make humans happy, whether good or bad, because it is the only way to keep their existence.

The government allows them to have human relationships through a program called “Treaty of Cultural Exchange Between Species.”

Kuruso Kimito applied to participate in this cultural exchange program after taking a lamia named Miia. His life will be completely changed as he takes care of different monster girls.

These monster girls have quirky personalities that need to be dealt with, which doesn’t make Kuruso’s life any easier. So, watch Monster Musume at Iru Nichijou to see the daily lives of monster girls as they live in Kuruso’s house.

11. Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood

What makes this show impressive is its small things you won’t usually notice. But, sometimes, the show takes these things too far ahead. If they didn’t make it into the arc episodes, this anime would be one the best-ecchi anime of its time.

In short, this is a great show that you will enjoy. The art style and simple little things are this show’s heart.

Even though nothing is unique about this show, If you can stick to it after a few starting episodes, you will probably enjoy the rest of the episodes.

That is why I have still recommended this anime here, Despite lacking in many things, even if there aren’t any exceptional or eye-catching things about this anime.

12. Masou Gakuen HxH

Masou Gakuen HxH

What do you think would happen if you put all the perverts and all kinds of fetishes inside one anime? Well, the result is Masou Gakuen HxH.

The story takes place in a military school, where a boy named Asou leads a group of girls to fight against the aliens.

The start of the anime is pretty normal, like other magical academy anime, but things change when Asou gives power up to girls by doing erotic things. There are a lot of heavily sensual scenes throughout the series.

This anime will keep you hooked the entire time with lots of foreplay scenes with many different girls throughout the entire series. As the story progresses, the protagonist’s mother and his loli sister can’t escape this mess, But I won’t talk about it much here so as not to give any spoilers.

Later, Asou gets so skilled with his abilities that he starts getting entangled with hardcore psychological fetishes. So, Masou Gakuen HxH surely deserves this spot on our list.

13. Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs

Fuyuzora has spiritual powers and since his childhood he has been obsessed with ghosts. Moreover, he dreams of living a happy and normal high school life.

However, he is very poor and homeless, so he is looking for an affordable apartment. After some searching he finds a very cheap hostel called Yuragi-sou.

Now, this hostel has a very interesting history. It used to be a very popular place due to hot springs, so it was rolling in some decent profits.

However, Yuragi-sou is now haunted by a ghost so not many people visit it nowadays. Fuyuzora believes it is currently the best option for him in this difficult situation.

But, he never imagined that he will end up with a roommate who will be such a mysterious disembodied person, who can transform into a sexy girl in a mysterious way.

This anime with some haunted and mysterious elements will be a good change for you. So, what will happen when Fuyuzora, who has supernatural abilities to see ghosts, starts living in this hostel. Moreover, what will happen to his dream of a normal high school life?

14. Monogatari Series

Monogatari Series

When talking about the modern Japanese NSFW anime industry, Shaft is a company that has made many great contributions.

In this industry animators have to deal with various complex issues everyday. They must try different scenes and ideas to see what looks best. So, their drawing style is always changing.

If we talk about one such hilarious moment from this anime, it must be the scene where the protagonist cleans his sister’s teeth. This moment triggers an unknown excitement in them.

Akiyuki Simbo has created many decent works and we have already discussed them. Moreover, in this specific anime, you’ll see many hilarious erotic scenes. And as we come closer to the ending of this season there are many mature elements.

15. Kill La Kill – Exhaustive Anime

Kill La Kill Exhaustive Anime

The next one on our list is Kill La Kill. This series is overpacked with comedy and humor. This anime follows Ryuko Matoi, a school girl leading in rebellion against the system. Her character is very striking, and you’ll get to watch some of this series’s most intense fighting scenes.

Let’s also talk about what you came here for, ecchi scenes, right? This show is filled with many hilarious characters and NSFW scenes.

If you like BDSM then you’ll love one of the characters who wears a costume that you’ll think of him as a pervert with BDSM; whenever he turns into combat mode.

Another character beats himself up using a whip to get stronger. Moreover, the characters have almost no clothes and they are almost Naked. So, this is probably one of the best uncensored anime if you are looking for some notorious characters.

16. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

The world of anime is filled with such girls who can develop an NSFW virus, which can work as a weapon. And it will also turn them into Extras. So, they will release sexual energy when they are sexually stimulated.

When a high school girl named Mamori Tokonome got her identity as an outsider discovered, she rushed to reach the island of Ruskala. But, there she encounters a veteran fighter Miray Shikishima, who transforms her into a sword, by kissing her.

Later, she finds that this entire island is with couples who fight regularly. So, now they have become a combative couple who can easily defeat enemies.

They will attack anyone who tries to put their safety in jeopardy. Therefore, During this story we see them adapt to this new environment and give rise to new feelings between them.

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