Best Yakuza Anime (These Criminal Organizations Turned The Anime World Evil)

Best Yakuza Anime (These Criminal Organisations Turned The Anime World Evil)

These criminal syndicate groups have been operating in Japanese society for a long time. However, Yazuka is no longer active as it used to be. These mafia groups used to influence the rise of Japan as a society.

It is sad that they negatively influenced Japan and made it a dangerous society and indecent. Most of the anime series were driven by these criminal syndicates.

For those interested in gangster and thug lifestyle, these are great gangster animes of all the time. Yazuka animes give a better view and a more realistic Japanese way of life. These anime include the philosophy of Yazuka, gangster life and Japanese politics.

For those stunned by gangster movies and the mafia lifestyle, here is a perfect, satisfying, and must-watch list.

16. K Project 

K Project

In this anime, there are different clans, and each clan has its own King, who is responsible for the survival of their clan. In other words the kings are the ones who run the clan and control the clan. The kings also possess special powers, allowing them to recruit people into their clan.

In addition, there are some differences between clans because of superiority. Each clan wanted to be superior so that other clans could submit to its superiority.

There is also an innocent boy who learned about his powers after being trapped in an unknown world of clan wars. Yatogami was trapped after being convicted of the murder of the Red clan clansman.

In his quest to prove his innocence, he learned about his superpowers. Do you think he will succeed in proving his innocence?

To those in love with gangster anime with supernatural elements, this is a perfect match.

15. Dorohedoro


This anime series is well known for its stunning visuals, unique characters and mostly for its dark humor. For those fond of dark humor, this series can provide the best entertainment for you.

It is from the story of a man named Caiman, with a lizard head. He is on a mission to seek revenge on the sorcerer who turned into a lizard. Caiman is also on a quest to find out his true identity.

Dorohedoro has a variety of gruesome and intense fighting scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Its humor also might not be tolerable to some viewers, so viewers’ discretion is advised. This is a fantastic anime series for dark humor lovers and those interested in intense fighting.

14. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy

This is a story about a man named Saichi Sugimoto (The Immortal). He was named The Immortal after his acts during the Japanese-Russian War era.

His only motive after the war was to fulfill his best friend’s last wish. Saichi’s best friend’s last wish was for Saichi to take care of his family. Sugimoto embarks on a journey to search for gold, hidden by the person who killed the Ainu. His only partner was an Ainu girl, and they are following a skin map.

These two on their journey have different motives, which is one getting what is rightfully hers and the other fulfilling the wish of their late friend.

They encountered different and various serious problems on their way. They had to fight some Yakuza members after that same gold. This anime is the best fit for those who like adventurous and treasure hunt anime series.

13. Gokuseni


This is the most interesting story of a young girl, Kumiko Yamaguchi, who lives a dual life. She’s the heir of Ooedo Clan, one of the strongest Yakuza clans.

Being passionate about becoming a teacher, Kumiko joined an all-boys school as a mathematics teacher. She teaches many troublesome students whom she has to help become better people. This doesn’t change the fact that she’s a clan leader and her people’s needs.

The whole drama unfolds when a conflict starts rising. It’s not that serious, but that makes the whole story funny and mesmerizing. Yamaguchi tried so hard to hide her yakuza life and conceal the secret. This anime shows how fate can decide someone’s future and destiny.

This anime is a perfect and fascinating one for those who love anime, with many unexpected plot twists and turns.

12. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

This is a story about a man who is in the business industry who goes by the name Rokurou Okajima, who lives a dull life.

Rokurou became a person whom he was afraid of at once after being let down and disappointed. Can you imagine being the worst person of your version? Well, that’s what happened to him because he was disheartened.

Black Lagoon, a mercenary group, kidnaped him, while he was going to Thailand on a business trip. The group did not benefit from him, so they had to free him.

This is when he started to realize how much he was neglected. This is vividly captured by the way Okajima decided to join the Black Lagoon and had to adapt to the new way of life. This he chose for himself, which is now violent and killing people.

This anime has the theme of betrayal, character questioning, and values. Betrayal and neglect of Okajima are major themes of this anime series.

11. Kemonozume


This is a story about a forbidden love story between Yuka and Toshihiko. Yuka is known as Kemonozume, a flesh-eating monster. It is also not a typical romance anime.

The series is famous for combining modern digital techniques and traditional hand-drawn animation. It also portrays different types of complicated and complex relationships between the characters.

Don’t let curiosity and anxiety kill you; grab your copy and enjoy.

10. City Hunter

City Hunter

This anime show follows the story of Saeba, a member of an assassin group called City Hunter. He is a contract killer who has no flaws when it comes to his job, and his job is to scum and kill.

Ryou is excellent at his job to the extent that even the Yakuza noticed and started hiring him. The Yakuza would hire Saeba to kill goons of other gangs for them.

They even went to the extent of cooperating to achieve personal goals. It has some parts where it is hilarious, but mostly it’s serious business. This is an amazing series for both comedy and action lovers.

9. Darker than Black: Kuri no Keiyakusha

Darker than Black_ Kuri no Keiyakusha

This anime is based on two gates, the Hell’s Gates in Japan and the Heaven’s Gates in South America. There is also the emergency of contractors with the gates, who gained some superhuman powers in exchange for their humanity.

There is a city near Hell’s Gates, which has a chief named Misaki Kirihara. Misaki joined hands with a contractor by the name of Hei to unravel the mystery of the gates.

This whole idea was motivated by their gain. Some Yakuza members are at the gates and are planning on plan the gates’ presence.

8. The Way Of The House husband 

The Way Of The House husband

This series is heartwarming and hilarious, giving a unique vibe to the Yakuza genre. It consists of the story of an ex-Yakuza member named Tetsu. After retiring from the criminal underworld and becoming a househusband, he lives a great life.

It consists of Tetsu’s fiery dedication to household duties and deadpan humor. This anime has quirky and lovable characters who make the whole series likable. This series also explores themes of honor and loyalty. It also has some comedy slices, making it light-hearted in the Yakuza games.

7. Gangsta


This anime series consists of human beings and genetically modified humans (Twilights) inhabiting the same city. The city goes by the name Ergastulum.

It is a place where cops, petty thieves, mafia and prostitutes roam around freely in the streets. This makes this city dangerous and unfavorable for those who inhabit it. The story has a mature tone and devours themes like redemption, discrimination and violence.

Two leading characters take various jobs for different small organized groups in Ergastulum. The two handymen work for the mob as well as the police. The duo also deals with some jobs that no one else can handle.

If you are looking for a gangster anime movie with bribery and fraud, this is the perfect match.

6. Durarara!!


It is one of the best anime series with unexpected plot twists and turns. This anime has many themes, including the identity crisis of characters, mythology, friendship, betrayal, sci-fi, gang-wars, and everything in between.

Characters who seem dull and simple have dark and surprising secrets, which gives them a unique feature.

Mikado Ryuugamine is a boy from a small town, and he is simple. His dream had come as he had recently moved to Tokyo, which is something he always wanted.

Sadly, he is stuck in circumstances he never imagined let alone being prepared for. The characters just don’t come and go but must serve their purpose.

Are you searching for an anime series with a dream that comes true, then suddenly, it becomes a nightmare? This is the best anime for you.

5. Hinamatsuri


It is an anime about a duo, Hina and Yoshifumi Nitta. This duo consists of one possessing strange telekinetic powers, and the other is a minor-age Yakuza member.

It also has a superhero genre, which makes it unique and more interesting. It has heartwarming moments, humor, and action, a fantastic blend.

Nitta adopted Hina, and their bond grew deeper and became a family. Hina is full of deadpan humor, and she is blunt. Some other characters have their own eccentricity and dark humor, making them unique. This anime has themes like family and loyalty, vividly captured in the duo’s life.

4. 91 Days

91 Days

This anime series follows the story of Avilio Bruno during the era of prohibition in the US. Bruno’s story of revenge is set with a gritty and dark tone. He is a young man taking his revenge for the family’s murder against the Vanetti family.

Avilio went through some deadly and dangerous paths on his quest to take his revenge. There is the exploration of betrayals and complex webs of allegiances. Viewers’ discretion is advised because this show consists of brutal and intense shootouts.

3. Baccano!


This is an anime series that consists of intertwined storylines and complex, which makes it more unpredictable. It will keep you hooked because of its unpredictable and constant plot twists.

It explores different themes like betrayal and loyalty. This anime series is a must-watch for those interested in Yakuza games. Characters’ relationships and their past come into light as the story flows; it is not a hodgepodge series but well aligned.

2. Kaiji


Have you ever heard of an aimless and unbothered person? That was Kaiji Itou before his friend tricked him into taking a loan. Kaiji was someone who lacked enthusiasm and had no purpose in life till a time his life took a twist.

The only thing he knew how to do was steal hubcaps and drink beer. This pushed him to live a life like hell because he faced mind games, constant betrayal, a huge debt and dealing with gangsters and Yazuka members.

Kaiji got to know about the true colors of those he used to consider friends and their worst sides. He also could not find himself because of what he had brought upon himself. He was trapped in the gambling world and could not find his way out.

This is a gritty and serious anime series that mainly focuses on the members of the Yakuza more than their victims. It brings out the whole Yakuza genre. This one is a must-watch for those interested in serious and tense anime series.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

It is a short that consists of 12 episodes, leaving a great and deep impression on the audience. This anime consists of a man who is a Yakuza member who decides to be a teacher for a specific reason.

Onizuka wanted to get a wife to serve him when gets old, so he decided to be a teacher. As time passed, his passion for teaching grew, and he wanted to become a better teacher. Why a sudden change of mind? Is he up to something?

He is a teacher of some unruly students who had driven away their last teacher. Will they be able to drive Onizuka away? Well, Onizuka is no less their previous teacher because he was once like his students and knows how to handle them.

As a responsible teacher, he discussed different types of problems that students face, for example, suicidal thoughts, bullying, and harassment. Great Teacher, Onizuka, after discussing these issues, then maturely dealt with them.

The same way Onizuka had a beautiful side the same thing with the students. Onizuka is trying his level best to become the best teacher and I think it is also a way of building a new life and a fresh start. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

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