Best Mermaid Anime: Cherish the List of Ocean Queens

Best Mermaid Anime Cherish the List of Ocean Queens

It is always mesmerizing to have entertainment that takes you beyond the human world and gets influenced by folklore and mythology. This genre gives us exactly that and has been significant for years.

If you are a sucker for mermaids, there is a long list to pick from some of the best mermaid anime, even if they are not paid attention to as they deserve.

Mermaid anime is a rare genre you wouldn’t see every day. From the list below, some spectacular anime have spiced things up to better their craft, even though the standard and customary folklore directly inspires some of these suggestions. Without killing your excitement, go through the list of our best

choices below!

1. The Prince of the Coral Sea

The Prince of the Coral Sea

Topping the list of our choice only for you is this anime that explores the life of Ray, who resided on Okinawa island.

He makes it a sole mission to preserve nature, yet it still is inadequate. He comes across a mermaid who bestows him with supernatural powers to enable him to conserve the natural world.

Do you think that Okinawa’s ambition will prevail? You cannot afford to miss this timeless, amazing anime. In just 30 minutes, the story will give you unmatched pleasure without taking your eyes off the screen.

2. Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Hypothetically, what’s your next move if you see a fish in jeopardy trying to survive the contaminated, filthy river water? I’m assuming you will offer some help, right? What if it’s a merman!? Oops, did you give the same answer?

Let me introduce you to Tatsumi, the lead character who happened to be in the same scenario. What do you think he did after being the only hope of life to a merman trapped in polluted water? I am sure you have been given a clue by the title.

Doing the best he could, Tsunami provides shelter to Wakasa, the merman in his bathtub who is quite gorgeous. The enticement develops from the connection between this kind-hearted high school loner and the merman, which is relatable to some of you.

3. Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

This undeniable, beautifully executed masterpiece deserves to be in second place. This tale unveils the love story of a human prince and a mermaid princess named Mariana.

Filled with curiosity to explore the human world, Mariana bumps into the endangered prince drowning in the sea.

She instantly knew at first glance that she was in love with the unknown prince, preparing to do whatever it took just for them to be together. Nothing is going to be too much of a barrier in becoming human and being with the love of her life.

4. My Bride is a Mermaid

My Bride is a Mermaid

Worthy of its placement in the top 5 of this list, this anime’s narrative is too complex to guess despite its title making it appear simple.

The protagonist, Nagasumi Michishio, a teenager, was having a good time on vacation. He did not know that the course of his life was about to unexpectedly take a turn the day he was chilling in the Seto Inland Sea.

Having a good swim time, his leg got a cramp, leading him to drown in the sea.Out of nowhere, a stunning mermaid came to his rescue. Nagasumi was left speechless and in total disbelief of what was in front of him.

As if this moment of shock wasn’t enough, he realized that because he had seen the mermaid’s true identity, it meant death for her. Now, he has to return the favor of saving her. Let me not spoil the fun; make sure to watch it.

5. Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure

Leading an ordinary life was Manatsu Natsumi, a middle scholar whose life changed after encountering Laura, a magical mermaid.

Born in the Grand Ocean, she embarked on a mission together with the queen of the sea to search for their world’s foretold liberator. Following the attack on their city by the witches’ puppets, Manatsu discovers she possesses powers she was unaware of.

She gained herself the title of the iconic hero according to the prediction of the grand ocean legends. It doesn’t end there. She goes to stand up and battle for the ocean’s sake, but will she make it all by herself?

6. Mermaid Forest

Mermaid Forest

This is not just your usual mermaid anime. Giving you a taste of adventure and horror, this saga from 1991 shows you that by eating flesh from mermaids, one could attain eternal life.

Yuta, the main character, wanders in desperation for 500 years. He is looking for a way to end this curse of immortality.

He had unknowingly fed on the flesh of a mermaid a long time back. This resulted in his deathlessness, which he was trying to free himself from. Watch for yourself, Yuta’s quest for a peaceful, full death.

7. Lu Over the Wall

Lu Over the Wall

Let’s explore the tale of a boy who is not very pleased with small village vibes as someone who is a big city boy. Together with his friends, Kai became a music club member.

He was an enthusiast for being an instrumentalist and composing songs. At one of his rehearsals, he crosses paths with Lu, a mermaid on an island.

No one can resist dancing when Lu sings with her magnificent voice. Due to their gifts in the same field, a strong bond was created between them. Watching these two being brought together in admirable friendship by the art of music is a pleasure.

8. Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

Mermaid Melody_ Pichi Pichi Pitch

Another one l have picked for you! Lucia Nanami, the mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean, was blessed with a charming beauty and an angelic, melodiously soothing voice. You won’t mind her appearing on the screen over and over. Her love story begins after rescuing a drowning stranger.

As a symbol of their love, she gives the love of her life a magical ring. Eventually, wickedness started flourishing because the ring wasn’t there anymore.

Her melody becomes her greatest weapon as she battles evil. Put this anime on your bucket list and see how she tirelessly delivers her cherished people and kingdom.

9. Umi Monogatari

Umi Monogatari

Here’s a story of the sea featuring two beautiful mermaid sisters, Marin and Urin. One of the days, they discover a lost valuable ring on the seafloor. Their pure souls pushed them to make it a goal to give this piece of jewelry to its rightful owner, presumably from another world.

Who doesn’t want to watch an action-packed anime played by hot, eyeful characters? This is a very well-known mermaid anime due to the very noticeable looks of the mermaids, even though there are other reasons for its fame.

10. Muromi-san


You will love this series filled with comedy proudly brought by Muromi, a mermaid, and the protagonist, Takuro Mukojima. Their story began when Takuro caught the dumb-tempered mermaid on one of his fishing days.

Muromi could be described as a mythical creature in spite of looking like a mere 16-year-old. This anime will make you laugh, and you won’t regret watching it.

Sure enough, there are a lot of anime that didn’t make it on this list but are surely not bad, for instance, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid. Every year, a new mermaid anime is released, and we make sure not to miss them.

11. Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou

Like any other anime with all sorts of cute girls and mermaids, here the plot leads to Kurusu. He unfortunately experienced a shift in his life after being sent to a government scheme, leaving behind the life he was used to.

Several kinds of gorgeous girls approach him back to back in an attempt to be part of his life. This messes up his life. He learns that he can’t have intercourse with humans, and this shatters his fantasies.

12. Lupin III: Chi No Kokuin

Lupin III_ Chi No Kokuin

Keeping it short for you is this old tale. They believe that it was only through experiencing death that you could get access to the special gems of the primitive Yaobikuni’s fortune.

Lupin, the lead character’s granddad, got this treasure without stealing. Then what’s really the fuss all about from Lupin’s side? Curiosity can be killed only by watching this.

13. Squid Girl

Squid Girl

I still have more for you. An ocean mermaid named Musume was enraged by the continuous rise of water pollution caused by people from the foreign world and decided to end it.

Unfortunately for her, the mission wasn’t as easy peasy as she had anticipated as she found herself in an intense fight with Chizuru’s sister, Eiko. Following her defeat, she was obligated to fix what she had destroyed, which landed her a waitress job.

With time, she finds out that, contrary to her knowledge, things weren’t much of a hell. The plot continues to unveil her interesting experiences.

14. Magical Pokaan

Magical Pokaan

The beauty of this anime lies in its diversity. Featuring four girls who merge their different backgrounds, upbringings, characters, and breeds. Together they encounter peaks, valleys and drawbacks in the life that await them.

They are strangers to Earth and its way of functioning. In all their uniqueness, they unite to maneuver through their new way of living, simultaneously facing and conquering the obstacles they encounter. I guarantee you that it’s worth watching.

15. Restaurant To Another World

Restaurant To Another World

It would not be fair if l don’t put you on this anime. It’s a story of an unusual restaurant that has existed for 70 years. Unusually it opens only on Saturdays with a cat portrait on the entrance as decoration.

On a normal day, the restaurant looks normal with nothing more to it, but actually, there is. On Saturdays, the open door becomes a portal to another world with its life and creation existing there.

16. The Prince and the Coral Sea

The Prince and the Coral Sea

Not everything is supposed to make your blood boil. This anime is just a simple story of a prince who was determined to make a difference. He wants to put an end to the exploitation of Mother Nature, the sea, and his surroundings in general.

You will see the harmful activities humans do, which they should be accountable for. The anime has reasonably delightful scenes, regardless of its overall seriousness.

The moment when a pretty mermaid meets the prince and becomes of great assistance to him, also exposing him to the fascinating sea world, is quite entertaining.

17. A Centaur’s Life

A Centaur's Life

The main character of this anime is not necessarily a mermaid. What qualifies it on this list is the fact that she is not entirely human either. Luckily, she is not the only one because her class is full of mystical beings.

Relatably, this anime is nothing but a tale of three teenage close friends who are just experiencing life in school. They manage to find their happy moments but also go through teenage-related issues.

18. Saban’s Adventures of The Little Mermaid

Saban's Adventures of The Little Mermaid

This is basically another version of The Little Mermaid. Seeing a human prince for the first time in a drowning ship and saving him, Marina instantly falls in love. She decides that her love for the prince is greater and more important than retaining her mermaid identity.

I want you to see what love can do. Marina desperately negotiates with a sea witch so that she could be turned into a human and capture the prince’s heart in a common ground, both of them as humans.

19. Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor

This enticing anime incorporates all the diverse beings: mermaids, people, monsters, you name it, coexisting. Doctor Glenn carries out risky medical checkups and has done it all to keep his clients in good health.

Sometimes he gets himself in jeopardy because of it. According to him, this is not a big deal, just another day in the office.

20. 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams

100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams

This intriguing anime explores the girl’s invitation to the Dreamworld, a spectral realm that is under attack by the dream eaters. In order to find a solution to this, she has to awaken the prince who, sad to say, is not capable of doing so.

Teaming up with her friends, who were of significant help to her, she sets out to rescue the dreamworld. There is only one way for you to find out if the journey was a success or if the dream eaters defeated her. It’s a must-watch!

21. Ponyo


You can’t be a mermaid anime fanatic and be unaware of this well-known masterpiece. This anime, produced by Studio Ghibli, gets its inspiration from the all-time popular The Little Mermaid.

It unfolds an admirable friendship between two younglings, a mermaid girl and a human boy.

The mermaid girl wants to be a human like her friend. She then begins to daydream about living in the human world and starts scouting her surrounding environment.

The reality is more complicated than how easily the dreams appeared. Only time will tell what the future holds for them.

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