Best Old Man Anime Characters That Beat Youth

Best Old Man Anime Characters That Beat Youth

If you have an anime fanbase, you might have seen numerous old male characters in it. Have you? Now, you might wonder what’s so special about them.

They have grown old. Well, sometimes you shouldn’t go on the appearance. Though they have wrinkled physiques, they have some strong powers beneath them.

Through their high fighting spirits and transmutational skills, you would get confused thinking about whether they are old. Their strong abilities become inspirational for their future generation.

That’s why most of the anime feature the past stories of their old male characters.

Now, after knowing some wonderful characteristics of the old male characters, I am sure that a lot of excitement would be tumbling in your head. Let’s say – which anime features such great old men, the names of those old men characters, and the list.

But you don’t need to worry as I have brought you the 15 best old men anime characters I am sure will win your hearts. So, without wasting much time, let’s start our exciting journey.

15. Bomb – One Punch Man

Bomb – One Punch Man

You would find multiple S-rank heroes in “One Punch Man” anime. In this world of S-ranked heroes enters the 83-year-old surprising package “Bomb,” opposite from all of them.

But wait. Why am I calling Bomb a surprising package?

Well, it’s because despite the age of 83 years, he fights enthusiastically, just like the S-rank heroes. These are his hidden powers, which you will be able to notice as the story of One Punch Man proceeds.

How come Bomb can do this? Well, he is a martial artist. That’s the only reason for me calling him a complete surprise package. As the story unfolds, you get some exciting moments where Bomb is fighting with high energy levels with the highly rated S-heroes.

Now, I am sure you might have got excited to meet Bomb. If yes, then you should surely watch the anime One Punch Man.

14. Monkey D. Garp – One Piece

Monkey D. Garp – One Piece

If you have watched One Piece, you might remember Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather, Garp. In the series, he was seen as a Navy officer who was extremely powerful in his glorious years.

Due to his powerful skills and strong physique at his young age, he had a lot of Navy admirers of which Kuzan was one of them.

Being impressed by Kuzan, Garp even trained him for the Navy. You might wonder why Garp was so strong and popular at a young age. Well, it’s because of the powerful physique that he used to possess at a young age.

Whether it was about sinking ships through his powerful throwing abilities or shaking the entire island with a single punch, Garp was amazingly strong and powerful in every single way.

That’s why Garp has made it to my list of best old men anime characters.

13. Van Hohenheim – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Van Hohenheim – Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood

Discussing the most powerful old men anime characters and Fullmetal Alchemist’s Van Hohenheim would not come to mind is impossible. Not only is he strong, but he is one of the most alive personalities in the series.

He has lived for 400 years. Though it’s hard to believe, it’s true. Van is the father of Full Alchemist’s main characters, Edward and Alphonso. Besides the long age, you would be surprised to see Van performing some astounding transmutations in the series. Yes, you read that right.

Moreover, Van’s one characteristic that makes him one of my favorite characters is his alchemistic characteristics. There is not a single thing that Van cannot change through his transmutational powers.

Van can fight when needed and possesses some wonderful alchemistic characteristics. So, after knowing such an amazing complete package, Van, who would not fall in love with him?

12. Housen – Gintama

Housen – Gintama

Have you ever imagined aliens creating humor? Though it is slightly unbelievable, the Gintama anime series has made it possible for us to imagine. A world of the most powerful aliens bringing joy and laughter to our faces through their humoristic yet engaging concepts.

In this series you would find one old man named Housen. He is an aged humanoid alien accumulated with strong powers and strength. Gintama uncovers many moments of Housen of his glorifying days.

Housen was one of the most undefeatable aliens in his world. There would be hardly any battle that Housen would lose( Well, I guess it was none). Even he had the superpower of getting healed faster. It won’t be believable, but that’s true.

That’s why Housen was made the king of the most powerful alien community, Yato. He even used to lead one of the most powerful alien groups, Harusame Space Pirates.

The best part is Gintama uncovers Housen’s amazing and powerful strengths in an exciting yet humorous way.

Now, you only say how the Housen character would not make it to this list.

11. Orsted – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Orsted – Mushoku Tensei_ Jobless Reincarnation

You all might remember the Dragon God of Mushoku Tensei, Orsted. Of course, he was not officially any sort of God figure; however, because of his supernatural powers, he was given this title in the series. He used to easily intimidate the dragon form and defeat his enemies like Rudeus and Rujierd.

Orsted is one character in the series who lived for a thousand years. Yes, you read that right. He was so powerful that he was able to destroy the entire world.

Moreover, he had a good grasping power. That’s why he had conquered the mastery of the magical world by grasping any magical trick easily.

Now, when you are so strong and popular, it is obvious to have a good list of enemies. Orsted also had one, and he was none other than Hitogami. In the entire series, you would find Orsted having only one life goal,: to kill Hitogami due to his cunningness.

In the entire series, you would find Orsted defeating his enemies who had cunning natures. Due to his good and powerful nature, Orsted has made today to this list.

10. Zeus – Record of Ragnarok

Zeus – Record of Ragnarok

Many of you might have watched Record of Ragnarok. It features a strong battle taking place between humans and gods. Now, some confusion would be tackling your mind like a fight between humans and gods. How’s that possible?

Well, this is the uniqueness of this anime. This uniqueness lies in its concept and one of its most aged yet powerful characters, Zeus.

I would advise you not to get confused with Zeus’s wrinkled physique because his real powers lie inside him. In the series, he is even addressed as the Godfather of the Cosmos world. And there is no doubt that he deserves this title.

What he cannot do? He can throw the dragon single-handedly. Can you believe it? Moreover, you would find him defeating his own Titan father, who is more powerful than him.

Besides this, you will easily find Zeus defeating the most powerful Gods and other deities in the series. Isn’t it great? Even you would have got goosebumps after knowing this.

9. Bang – One-Punch Man

Bang – One-Punch Man

Do you remember Bomb, whom you met at the beginning of this list? Bang is another powerful character from the same anime series, One Punch Man. You would be shocked to know that Bang is not Bomb’s brother.

Though Bang is not the main lead in the series, you would find him performing some heroic deeds. Due to his powerful martial arts skills, Bang is able to fight single-handedly with his enemies. He is able to do all this with trembling hands and a wrinkled physique. Isn’t it amazing?

Because of his high fighting spirit, Bang is addressed as the S-class hero in One Punch Man. And why would he not get such a great title?

Through his powerful hands, this old man can destroy the meteor fragments in no time. And that part in the series is one of my favorite must-watch. That’s why I didn’t forget to include Bang in this list.

8. Silvers Rayleigh – One Piece

Silvers Rayleigh – One Piece

You might have seen powerful pirates in many anime series. They are young and powerful. What if I tell you that powerful pirates need not be young?

Yes, that is possible. Even the pirates of old age can fight enthusiastically. Thanks to One Piece, who gifted us with one such old pirate, Silver Rayleigh.

We can say age is just a number for Rayleigh. This is because, despite being old, Rayleigh can do everything that any young pirate would do. He can easily defeat the young and most powerful people like Admiral Kizaru with a high fighting spirit.

Due to his high energy levels and powerful physique, Rayleigh was made the vice-captain of the Roger Pirates group. This group contained all the most powerful pirates in the world.

Moreover, when crossing the islands, Rayleigh is no more than the black marlin. Of course, he has to fight with deadly sea beasts while crossing the islands. However, he is able to do it single-handedly.

You might have understood how Rayleigh has made it to this list.

7. Hiruzen Sarutobi – Naruto

Hiruzen Sarutobi – Naruto

What if you find an old man fighting with high spirits using multiple battling elements single-handedly? I am sure your mind might have gotten stuck reading this.

However, I have seen one such old man in the Naruto anime. He is Hiruzen Sarutobi. He was one of the most powerful shinobi in his village, Hidden Leaf. Due to such amazing powers, Sarutobi was made the third Hokage, the leader of his village.

There was not a single battling component that Sarutobi would find difficult to hold or use despite being at such an old age. So, you can imagine how much fine grip he would have in holding things.

Sarutobi had many enemies out of whom Orochimaru was the most powerful. Orochimaru wanted to destroy Sarutobi’s entire village. But how could that be possible when Hidden Leaf had such a powerful old man, Sarutobi?

And, of course, Sarutobi doesn’t let this happen. Even though Sarutobi has gotten old, he can easily defeat the young and most powerful Orochimaru.

6. Isaac Netero – Hunter x Hunter

Isaac Netero – Hunter x Hunter

After meeting Zeno, you all might be thinking about how powerful an old man he is. Well, you guys would be shocked to know that one more old man is more powerful than Zeno, also from the same series Hunter x Hunter.

Now, you might be excited to meet him, right? Well, he is Isaac Netero, who is the chairman of the Hunter association in the series. Isaac has many powerful skills that make him a deserving character in this list.

One of his amazing skills is his high speed of skill usage. Yes, he can transform himself in any form with ease at a fast pace. You would find him having many transformations in the series.

One of my favorites from those many transmutations is when he transforms into 100 different forms of Guanyin Bodhisattva in no time. You will not even get the time for counting also.

So, you can imagine how fast he would be. Due to his faster and more powerful nen skills, Isaac has made a place in my heart and this list.

5. Makarov Dreyar – Fairy Tail

Makarov Dreyar – Fairy Tail

You might remember the old man in the Fairy Tale anime series, Makarov. You might wonder what Makarov is doing in our list of the most powerful old men. Well, Makarov was short in height, but his abilities were extraordinary. That’s why I have introduced him to this list.

Although Makarov was a dwarf, he had the power to turn himself into a giant man in no time. Once, he had turned himself to the size of the island. Yes, you read that right. Seeing him turning like that, I had my mouth wide open.

Through this ability, Makarov would become helpful in defeating his enemies who would try to harm his Fairy Tail Guild. However, every good thing has some drawbacks. Makarov also had one.

He had the power to turn good friends into enemies. Not only this, but he would increase the enmity level to the extent that people would try to kill each other. This is the point where Makarov becomes slightly evil in my eyes. What do you guys think about it?

4. Zeno Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Zeno Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter anime features various characters equipped with great net powers. One such individual you would find in the anime is Zeno Zoldyck. He is an old man and the grandfather of one of the main protagonists in the series, Killia.

If we go through the character of Zeno in-depth, you will find that he is a very happy-go-lucky person. He never likes to involve himself in unnecessary fights, though he is a powerful nen. However, this doesn’t mean that Zeno is weak. Not at all.

With years of expertise, Zeno is the most skilled nen professional. He can transform himself into any form very easily. Say it to be transmutation or enhancement; Zeno doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

Its perfect proof of strength could be seen in the series itself, where, at one point, Zen turns himself into a golden dragon that can destroy the world in no time.

You would even find Zeno fighting with numerous young individuals in the series who try to harm him. So, you can think of Zeno as a silent yet one of the most powerful old-man anime characters.

3. Muten Roshi – Dragon Ball

Muten Roshi – Dragon Ball

Do you remember that old man with short height, Muten Roshi from Dragon Ball? He had some great enhancing powers through which he used to get enlarged in no time. And seeing him perform that transformation in the series was one of my greatest experiences.

His amazing, powerful features were the only reason for Goku getting trained by him. That’s why Muten is even addressed as Master Roshi in the series.

One of the most powerful talents of Roshi was his Kamehameha strategy through which he could destroy even the moon. Can you believe it? Even I was shocked to see it, but that was true.

And, being Goku’s trainer, Muten also taught his powerful tactic to Goku. This shows Roshi to be a good teacher who always passes his knowledge and talent to his students.

2. Whitebeard – One Piece

Whitebeard – One Piece

We cannot forget about One Piece’s Edward Newgate when talking about some great old men anime protagonists. Although he has grown old, he was a superhero in his younger days.

He had many qualities similar to the Pirate King. And, if you have seen any pirate-centered anime, you might know how tough it is to match the Pirate King. So, how was Edward able to do it? Well, it’s merely because of his strong powers and skills.

Even at such an old age, he used to lead the Marineford and save it from destructive attacks. Further in the series, you would see Edward having his organization, Whitebeard Pirates.

He had some great powers, but they were harmful, too. Through his powers, he was able to create destructive earthquakes and tsunamis. So, you can think of Edward having amazingly great powers, but some were destructive, too.

So, at some point the character of Edward is a bit confusing. Don’t you think so?

1. Yamamoto Genryusai – Bleach

Yamamoto Genryusai – Bleach

Which anime character comes to mind when discussing the sword legendaries? Without any doubt, it would be Yamamoto. The kind of fineness and precision he has while swording is to the next level.

Due to his fine skills, he can cut his enemy’s head and other body structures in no time and with perfection.

Besides fine swordsmanship and a strong physique, Yamamoto also has some amazing spiritual powers. With the help of such powers, he could destroy his enemies by suffocating them on the battlefield.

So, you can think of Yamamoto as the strongest anime old-man personality due to his full-packaged extraordinary skills.

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