Best Less-known Anime Like Black Clover

Best Less-known Anime Like Black Clover

This series is centered on a boy ready to do whatever it takes to become a magician at any cost. There is no doubt that the moment you start watching this series, you will fall in love with it. He went on his journey to make his dream of becoming a great magician.

This boy’s story is some sort of motivation to anyone who watches it. This is why most people are interested in watching this series. Below is a list of those series that are similar and more like Black Clover.

Some of these series even have the same storyline as Black Clover. These series are not just about magic but how hard it is sometimes worked for.

The leading character in the series, Black Clover, goes by the name Asta, and he is a loud and strong character. What makes this story more interesting is its magical fights. There are a variety of series in the list below; some are directed to young audiences, and some have mature themes and subjects.

Note that I also went so far as to include some of the most important details concerning the series in this list. I have included these details so that they can help you with your search, as well as the ratings and genres.

Let’s not waste time on this discussion and get into today’s list. Are you ready for what’s to come? Well, let’s get started;

1. Soul Eater (2008-2009) 

Soul Eater (2008 2009)

Viewers’ discretion is advised before I say anything about this series because it also has spooky concepts. This series is so exciting and interesting you won’t even want to miss a single episode out of the 51 episodes. It has the same supernatural theme as the one found in Black Clover.

The setting of this series is a strange place, aka the Death City. What could have been happening in this city to get such a name? The main focus of this series is on a school in this city named the Death Weapon Meister Academy. This school is a renowned and respected school governed by the Shinigami Lord Death.

There is Demon Scythe, who is training so hard to be amongst the best. The most typical weapons in this series are the human hybrids that have the ability to become demon weapons. Like Astra Yuko, demon Scythe Evans, and his pair try to be the best. Hence, the similarities and likeliness of the two series are great.

2. Demon Slayer (2019-2022)

Demon Slayer (2019 2022)

One day, Tanjiro Kamado is late from selling charcoal and is compelled to sleep at a stranger’s house. This young man had no idea of what he was doing to himself. After his father’s death, Tanjiro became the breadwinner and did whatever was in his power to provide his family with a peaceful life.

Everything changed overnight, during the night he spent at a stranger’s place. He learns about evil spirits that move around strangers’ places at night. When he got home the following day, only his sister was left alive, and all other family members were slaughtered. Now left with his sister, who had been transformed into a demon thirsty for blood, he vowed to protect her.

3. Berserk (2016-2017)

Berserk (2016 2017)

This series is named after a certain comic source material of manga. Despite not being the original series, it is still a good one. The original series was created in 1997 and only had 25 episodes.

Have you ever heard of someone having a destiny to be haunted and troubled by demons till their death? That is Guts’ life, and to get rid of this thrilling life, he has to go for revenge. He has to get revenge on the person who made this happen.

He is fortunate to have company from a young thief and a small elf. Do you think he is going to succeed in his mission, or is it a dead end?

4. Naruto (2002-2017)

Naruto (2002-2017)

There is no doubt that Naruto is the first to come to anyone’s mind whenever there is mention of an anime series. This is not only for anime fans but anyone else who is just in this world and has heard about anime. There is a portrayal of Naruto Uzumaki’s life, the first as a pre-teen and teenager.

It was not by his choice to have the nine-tailed demon fox reside in him, but it was done when he was born. When this young boy grew up, he was a happy kid, but people were neglecting him because of the demon in him.

He wanted to be the head of the village, and he made enemies and friends during his quest. This series resembles Black Clover because the leading characters struggle to be the best.

5. Bleach (2004-)

Bleach (2004-)

According to the creator of Black Clover, Bleach was his source of inspiration. The creator of Black Clover was motivated by this series to come up with Black Clover, so I urge you to watch this one as well. The series by the name Bleach is full of amazing designs for characters, and aesthetics is the real definition of this series.

It consists of some scary battles that make it full of action. All the 16 seasons of this series are amazing. Ichigo can see spirits and has to team up with Rukia, a soul reaper. The two had to fight against the evil spirits known as hollows after they had destroyed his family.

Rukia later lost her powers for good, and Ichigo was also responsible for taking care of her. He even promised to eliminate the hollows and protect anyone against them.

6. One Piece (1999-)

One Piece (1999-)

The death of Gol D Roger was something that no one could have expected to be the way it was. The government executed this renowned pirate, aka Pirate King, after his capture. Before he died, in his last words, he said something about great treasures, and they were yet to be found.

This is where this young boy, Monkey D. Luffy, comes into the picture. He is just a 17-year-old boy, and he is not just a boy. This boy went to show the world what it means to be a pirate. He doesn’t do it like the other pirates do; he has his ways of doing it. According to his personality and appearance, you won’t even think he is that great.

He embarked on a mission to find One Piece, the greatest treasure in the Pirate King’s last words. This series is similar to Black Clover because they are both sourced from manga comics materials.

7. Hunter x Hunter (2011-2014)

Hunter x Hunter (2011-2014)

There is no doubt that this series stands a chance of winning the best anime with action and adventure. This series has 36 seasons, and to get the full details, you have to watch all six seasons without leaving some. I won’t lie that this series is cool; it consists of thrilling action scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Imagine being raised as an orphan and later on discovering that your father is still alive somewhere out there. He then aimed to be a hunter just like his father, but I don’t understand the logic behind maybe he wanted to hunt his father down lol.

This is nearly impossible for the young man to do because there are a lot of problems and hurdles in this. Like Astra and Yuno were friends in Black Clover, Gon was friends with Killua, and they went through a lot together. This similarity and likeliness of this series and Black Clover is shown through the theme of friendship.

8. Food Wars (2015-2020)

Food Wars (2015-2020)

Being so passionate about cooking and becoming a better cook than his father, Souma enrolls in a culinary academy. This was after his father, surprisingly, sold the restaurant and got a job in New York. Souma Yukihira has always been by his father at the restaurant, making quality food for their customers.

We can’t deny that he was hurt when his father sold the restaurant, but he had nothing to do about it. Souma, someone who has wanted to be a cook, went to make his cooking skills professional at Tootsuki Cooking Academy. Despite competing with the best chefs, he was exceptional and became an expert.

9. My Hero Academia (2016-)

My Hero Academia (2016-)

Imagine being amongst the 20 percent without any powers in a population of 80 percent having superpowers. It must be the worst feeling ever as we look at a certain individual amongst the powerless. His name is Izuku Midoriya. He is a lucky individual, and his dream came true after meeting his role model.

His role models’ superpowers could be passed on to someone after his death. Guess who becomes the All Night’s successor. I don’t think there’s even a need to guess; isn’t it obvious that Izuku got the position? Don’t be mistaken that he got the power without paying the price; no, he had to go through tough training.

He went to the extent of enrolling at a school that trains superheroes so he could attain some skills concerning his job.

10. Blue Exorcist (2011-2017)

Blue Exorcist (2011-2017)

The story of Rin Okumura is touching as we see this young teenager trying to save himself and the human race. In this series, there are two realms; there is only one way to get to the other realm if you don’t belong there. The only way you can do it is by possessing what is in the other world, but it must be strong enough to possess it.

There are two realms, Assiah and Gehenna, where Satan, the devil himself, rules Gehenna. Satan wants to conquer Assiah, but no vessel in that realm is strong enough for him to possess. Well, he had to send his son so that he could use him to get through the realms.

This is when Rin Okumura’s life changed as he was captured by a group of demons who wanted him to work for the devil. His father wanted his help so that he could rule Assiah, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He had to go against his father and become an exorcist to save the humans.

Do you think he will win over his father, or is it just a dead end? What do you think? Drop your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.

11. Zatch Bell! (2003-2006)

Zatch Bell! (2003-2006)

Do you have any idea what happened to Takamine Kiyomaro and why he is depressed? Well, this is a story for another day. This young boy does not care about anything; he is just a living human wrapped in sorrow and sadness.

He did not realize that he was taking care of a certain demon by the name of Gash Bell; it was something that was just happening. Later, he learned that Gash was not just a demon but also on a mission. The mission is to find a master in the human world, just like any other demon.

This was not the end of the mission, but there was a competition on who would survive because it was some sort of a fight. Will Takamine Kiyomaro be able to survive this with his demon Gash Bell? He became Zatch’s master, and this is when he got courage and learned about friendship.

12. Magi The Labyrinth of Magic (2012-1014)

Magi The Labyrinth of Magic (2012-1014)

This series’ setting is a fantasy world where magic drips with amazing experiences. There are magicians in this series, known as Magi, who teach their students how to be Magi. Each Magi will have to choose a candidate worth being a king amongst all his candidates.

These chosen candidates will then undergo training to become experts in their skills. These candidates also have to overpower djinns and take their power so that they can use it to their advantage. There is also the building of a city expected to rule over the world in the coming days.

This is where Aladdin, a young candidate, goes on an adventure to know who he is. He was accompanied by his djinn friend, whom he would summon by the sound of his flute. He later met Alibaba, who accompanied him to a nearby dungeon, leading to some amazing adventures.

I don’t think you would want to be one of the people who missed this series, so grab your copy today and enjoy.

13. Fairy Tail (2009-2019)

Fairy Tail (2009-2019)

Like Black Clover, there is a struggle to become the best magician, which appears to be a mission impossible. This series is centered on a girl named Lucy Heartfilia. She is from a kingdom where magic is a daily thing and a way of life. This girl dreams of becoming amongst the best magicians known as the Fairy Tail.

Her journey to become the best magician started when she met Natsu Dragneel, who invited her to the guild. The environment was tense for her as she was just a beginner, and the other members were always doing amazing magic. At some point, she felt she did not belong here, but she had to keep up to fulfill her dream.

She felt her life threatened when it came to Zeref, the master of dark magic. However, the coming of Zeref into the picture meant more adventure, and it was beneficial to Lucy to improve her magic.

14. Gurren Lagann (2007-2008)

Gurren Lagann (2007-2008)

It is normal to find two brothers completely different in everything. Kamina is a brother to Simon, and he is full of goals and eager to make all his dreams come true. Simon has no goals but is just a living person with nothing. These two brothers lived in a deep underground village, isolated from the world.

These two brothers later found a certain ignition key for Legann, an old war artifact. They then went on to fight to protect their village with the help of Yoko and their new weapon. After the battle, they could now see the sky, so the three decided to go on an adventure, which resulted in another battle.

On their quest to explore the other part of the world, they met with robots that looked like human beings fighting the human race. This battle was not easy, but finally, they treated these humanoid robots.

15. The Seven Deadly Sins (2014-2021)

The Seven Deadly Sins (2014-2021)

Princess Elizabeth, the third princess of the Liones Kingdom, is the one who brings the two groups of knights together. The reason behind her doing all this is that she wants to put an end to an unjust world and get what she deserves.

The setting of this series is during the European Middle Ages, where there are two groups of knights. The most respected group of knights is the Holy Knights, meant to protect Britannia. It is believed that these knights had powerful magic. The other subset of knights, the Seven Deadly Sins, was destroyed by the other group of knights.

Despite their defeat, it is still believed that these knights exist, which is why Princess Elizabeth wants to bring them. The Kingdom of Liones had turned upside down since the Holy Knights became the rulers. Do you think the Princess will be able to bring these two groups of knights together?

16. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009-2010)

Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood (2009-2010)

This series is centered on two brothers who became alchemists after being saved by neighbors. These two brothers, Alphonse and Edward, tried to bring back their dead mother to life, which endangered their lives. After that incident, they were saved by their neighbors and worked hard to become alchemists.

The brothers tried to heal themselves and wanted to get eternal life, which would lead to the revealing of some hidden truths. These truths are concerning the Philosopher’s Stone that the brothers went to search for. According to them, this stone is the only way they can have eternal life, but are they ready for the truth to be revealed about the stone?

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