Best Anime Like Prison School Less People Know About

Best Anime Like Prison School Less People Know About

Who doesn’t want to watch those sexy, hot, and seductive charming babes with all their big busts showing? This list contains sexually arousing and tempting anime series, so if you are not ready, just don’t try. But all I know is that we enjoy satisfying our eyes without this type of content and even want more.

Don’t embarrass yourself by watching these series on the list with some respected people because the content is explicit. Let’s not waste time narrating all this; just dive into today’s list, and please don’t forget to enjoy. If your partner is somewhere close, call them because things are about to go down.

1. Prison School 

Prison School

This series is focused on some boys who got a chance to get places at an all-girls boarding school. You can all imagine the boys’ excitement as they will have a variety of girls. Little did the guys know that the heaven they expected was something that was going to turn their lives into a living hell.

Well, these guys got enrolled at this school because the school has changed its policies. The boys were naughty and mischievous, which led to their end up in jail. Not forgetting to mention that this series is a comedy with a touch of humor that you will never forget about.

The most important part is that what we are looking for is also included in this series. Grab your copy today and enjoy satisfying your eyes.

2. Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Armed Girl Machiavellism

This series is not that different from Prison School as both have the same setting of school life. Just like Prison School, this academy started as a female academy only and later became a mixed school. This resulted in girls being allowed to bring some tools to protect themselves as they were now in fear.

I don’t know how to put it, but this whole thing resulted in chaos as a lot of injustice and unfair treatment started. The school also started to use weapons on students to try to maintain peace and justice, but all this was in vain. As a result, the situation worsened as time passed, and the school continued to insist on handling those who were mischievous.

This is where the leading character, Fudou, comes in after being forcefully enrolled in this school. He was forced to enroll at this school because he had fought before. Sometimes, we find it hard to go with the flow as we all have different backgrounds and beliefs.

Instead of going with the flow of the rules at the school, he had to challenge the school system. It is something obvious that it led to some unexpected twists and turns. This spiced up the whole series as conflicts started to take place, leading to a joyous and fun experience. This series is a must-watch if you are a true anime lover.

3. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

When we talk about brave girls in the anime world, Ryuko is one of them. She is someone who doesn’t rest until she gets what she wants. Ryuko gets into a dangerous and scary mission just to find the person who killed her father. Note that she also wanted to bring down Satsuki, a leader of Honnoji Academy.

This mission might appear impossible, but why would you worry when she had that special weapon by the name of Senketsu? This series involves sexual humor, and this is really what we are looking for.

4. SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

SHIMONETA_ A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

I don’t know what to say if you don’t laugh while watching this series, but you must be a weirdo. As Tanukichi Okuma enrolled at a certain school to pursue his crush, someone else was eying him. Tanukichi is the son of a renowned and well-known terrorist who is amongst the people spreading lewd content in Japan.

I know you are now starting to ask yourself what it has to do with Tanukichi pursuing his childhood friend. Well, the notorious behavior of Tanukichi” ‘s father drew the attention of a member of the SOX organization. Isn’t it obvious that he ended up joining the organization? Everything was okay till Tanukichi was put in a place where he had to go against the person he loved.

Do you think he will do it, or will he go against the organization? All I can tell you is that Tanukichi did the unthinkable, which you have to find out on your own, lol. There is an independent female character in this series, and the sexual arousing scenes are also included.

 5. Punch Line

Punch Line

Have you ever heard of someone getting to know about the power they possess after seeing a woman’s underwear? That is what happened to Yuuta, but this is where his problems and hardships intensify. It all started when Chiranosuke, a strange cat, stole his soul. This power wasn’t something cool because it would result in the end of the world he lived in.

The series centered on the two characters, Yuuta and his friend, trying to eliminate Yuuta’s power. There is only one way for now, which is Yuuta is not supposed to see a woman’s underwear, or the world comes to an end. The storyline of this series is more action-oriented and has a touch of fantasy.

6. Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool Of The Dead

Are you looking for an anime with lewd and ecchi scenes in the post-apocalyptic world? If that’s the case, your search is over, as it also consists of some amazing action. In this series, the main character, Takashi, has to kill his best friend to protect the girl he loves. I don’t think we need to judge the characters because, at this point in time, he had no choice.

It all started with two young men who journeyed through a world invaded by the dead. This series’s male and female characters cooperate to save their lives from the zombies. The zombies were taking over these characters’ schools, and they had to escape.

As Takashi tried to protect the girl he loved, he met with his schoolmates, who were also fighting against the zombies. All of them had to use their skills to fight for their lives.

7. Nanbaka


The setting of this series is a certain prison that none of you would ever want to be in. Despite the prison being large, powerful, and fearful, the series will make you laugh your lungs out because it is a hysterical series. Those criminals known for running away and escaping from the prison are taken to this prison.

The whole series is mainly about four prisoners staying in the same cell and being known for escaping from prisons. Do you think they will also do the same thing this time around? Escaping from this prison won’t be easy, but these guys can do something that is troubling the prison guards.

This is where the fans have fun and get entertained, as it portrays the fun side of prison life. Every new episode of this series brings a fantastic scene. This is one of the series you would not want to miss, so grab your copy today and enjoy.

8. Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City

This series is a dark comedy, but some will not even be able to realize it because the creative was done in smart ways. It mainly focuses on the life of a leading singer from a band called DMC. This leading singer of the Detroit Metal City band appears to have an evil and demonic personality.

But can we judge someone’s personality because of their appearance? I don’t think that’s a good thing to do because he is a very nice person. His name is Souichi, and he has a normal, very normal while being an average college student. He is trying to win over a girl with whom he seems to be in love.

Despite him being popular, he had to quit school and focus on singing as he was trying to earn a living. His true personality is expressed in his songs; on the other hand, having problems keeping up with life. Young audiences might not understand this series as it is full of adult humor.

9. Kakegurui


I am starting to fall in with the school setting series as they are relatable. The series mainly centers on a girl named Jabami Yumeko. This girl had just transferred to a new school, which seemed dangerous and unconvincing. The reason behind this is that she appears to be easily influenced by other students, and she looks so innocent.

But the question is, is she really innocent, or does she just appear naive? The opposite is true, as this young female character is shown to be the master of gambling. Let me take you back to what the school is like. This school is a school for the rich, who come from rich backgrounds, so as a way of trying to show off, there is gambling at night.

This was an advantage for Jabami Yumeko, and this is the place where she belongs as a professional gambler. When it comes to gambling, she is not scared at all, unlike other students, even when the gambling intensifies. I don’t know how you see this character, but I fell in love with it.

10. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

KonoSuba_ God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Are you looking for a comedy anime in a world full of fantasy elements and magic in an isekai world? This series is exactly what you are looking for and includes the concept of reincarnation. There is a high school student who is given a task to defeat the demon king after his reincarnation.

In this series, after Kazuma is given a second chance to live, he only has to take one thing. Yeah, he took the goddess herself without knowing she wouldn’t be helpful because she knew nothing about that world. She did not even have friends or anyone to call upon for help in this world.

The worst part is that the demon king would not keep a blind eye for long. Kazuma didn’t focus on overpowering the demon king but on how to earn money to manage expenses and food. This character is fun and does not forget the people he meets throughout the series. There is more to this series that qualifies it to be among the best anime comedies ever.

11. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

This series is about a boy named Kintarou Ooe who desires a perfect job. He has great enjoyment and eagerness to learn, just as women do; he goes on a journey to have a taste of life far from ordinary. There is the use of provocative humor, and the female characters in this series will leave you speechless.

They are amazing in appearance and charming personalities; don’t get carried away, lol. Like Prison School, this series portrays men’s innocence in trying to understand the female characters. All this is vividly captured in every episode of this series. This series is a piece of art and creativity from the old days that can also be included among the greatest comedies.

12. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

Ozunika is a lawless gang leader who spends most of his time looking at girls in a sexually provocative way. I’m also surprised by how he wanted to be the best teacher, not just a teacher, while he thought of becoming a teacher to get girls. Yeah, of course, he got close to girls.

Life became difficult for him after being given classes with notorious students. The classes that Onizuka had to deal with were full of students who insulted their teachers and didn’t care about it. Anyway, Onizuka can’t be called a great teacher for nothing; he manages to lure the kids into becoming better people.

He used smart methods to win over the kids and change them for the better. I find it hard to admit that he cared for the students when I look at his past, the person he was back then.

Undoubtedly, this series also falls under the category of best anime comedies. Just think of the way Onizuka was funny and convincing to his students. I recommend this series as it shows how people can improve despite their dark past.

13. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

This series focuses on a boy who is useless and does not have any special powers, and is enrolled at a Yokai Academy. He had to conceal his identity because this academy was for monsters and supernatural creatures.

Despite this beautiful vampire girl named Moka Akashiya falling for him, he can’t tell her the truth. This boy is surrounded by beautiful, hot, charming monster girls, but he must stand his ground. Little did the boy know that he was the worst monster.

14. Grand Blue

Grand Blue

This is one of the anime series that any anime fan should watch. Lori realizes that his life is unsafe, moving to his uncle’s place. The young man had no idea how much fun he would have at his uncle’s scuba diving place. He must have felt uncomfortable his first time seeing men naked at this place, and this was going to be a usual thing.

The reason why Lori had to move to this coastal town was because of his new college. This young man realized how much fun life can be underwater as time passed. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat laughing.

The storyline of this series does not get stale; it flows in a way that keeps it fresh. You will never forget the characters in this series because they are so amazing.

15. Gintama


Gintoki Sakata seemed oppressed in his society as he had so much love for samurai, but swords were banned. As the boy worked as a yakuza, he met some people who were eager to be part of his quests.

He went with his friend on numerous missions where they would encounter some dangerous people and even assassins. This series delivers mature comedy, and young audiences might fail to understand it.

16. High School DxD

High School DxD

At some point, as a character, you would feel useless. Imagine this young boy who is a high school student, and you are so horny, and all you want is to fuck maybe your classmates. The moment that you think the time has finally come when a girl asks you out, she goes and kills you.

She will kill you after revealing to you that she is an angel. Fortunately, you reincarnate in a world of demons and fallen angels who are sexy. Just after that, you are wanted by a certain demon named Rias Gremory as her servant. How would you feel in this situation? Drop your comments in the comment section below.

17. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Guess what we have last on our list today? It is the story of a girl who enrolled at a school for mages to study some phenomenon. The phenomenon’s name is the Breakdown Effect, which destroyed her hometown. She is fortunate enough to be amongst the seven toppers, and they are on a quest to study this phenomenon.

Note that these seven students represent seven deadly sins. These girls are working on how to prevent this phenomenon from happening again. Guess the deadly sin represented by this girl, lol.

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