Best anime like toradora: Otaku’s personal Recommendations

Best anime like toradora Otaku's personal Recommendations

We all know how Toradora has been fan servicing and how it has managed to win the hearts of the fans. To celebrate and in respect of this novel series today, I have come up with a list of Toradora-like series. The novel series Toradora is centered on a boy who was a teenager and was treated unfairly because of how he looked.

This boy could not be judged according to his tender heart but got judged by the way his eyes looked. Today, on our list, there are different anime series that are just like Toradora. Some series have a similar storyline to Toradora, while others are different. Well, let’s not waste time and get into today’s business.

1. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana_ The Flower We Saw That Day

This series has a mixture of romance, comedy, and a touch of an unforgettable cast. There is no doubt that this anime will get you emotional because the scenes are so touching. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day never disappoints as the storyline flows.

It is centered on a boy named Jinta Yadomi, who is tormented and troubled by the ghost of his friend. Now, he has to seek help from his former friend to put his friend’s spirit at rest. I don’t think this will be easy for this young boy. What do you fellas think about it?

2. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April

It focuses on a young boy with exceptional qualities or abilities with the piano. He has managed to get the spotlight due to his fantastic piano-playing abilities. The whole world turned upside down when Kosei Arima lost his mother. He broke down, and at a point in time, he lost himself and his ability piano skills.

We all know that the days are dark and there are few friends, but Kosei Arima had a friend who was always there for him. Tsubaki Sawabe was Kosei’s friend, a softball player trying everything he could to see his friend smile. He then organized a double date where Kosei had to meet a girl with some crazy good vibes.

Kaori Miyazono was just 14 years old, but she made Kosei smile again and return to his normal life. This series has a happy ending, but it is sad, especially when Kosei loses his mother. It wasn’t an easy time for Kosei, but finally, he was out of the sorrow and sadness.

3. Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi

Before I dig into the series, do you know why this young boy was denied the ownership of the candy shop? Well, I don’t have a tangible reason for that. I can tell he didn’t want to take over the family business. Kokonotsu’s father tried to convince him countless times, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

The only person who was able to convince this young boy was a girl by the name of Hotaru. But why, though? I think there is something about Hotaru that you have to find out on your own. Grab your copy today and share the story with me in the comment section below.

4. School Rumble

School Rumble

Are you looking for a series with great characters that you will fall in love with? Well, if that’s the case, your search is over. This series is centered on two characters, a girl and a boy, trying everything to win over their crushes. Note that these crushes are not just crushes but high school crushes; I know you can relate to this one.

These two have been going through hard times to express their feelings and their crushes. Do you think they will succeed in their quest? This is one of the series you don’t have to miss out on because it is good and has a mixture of comedy.

5. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Tadakuni wanted to live his life and have a person like his friends, but it’s not like that. Despite living in a good house, he always ends up in shameful situations, and it’s just bizarre.

He attends a certain school meant for girls, but his friends and himself have a way to be there. There is nothing much to say about this series; just grab your copy and enjoy the flow of the series.

6. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Moving on and healing from what happened in the past is not easy and hurts. A girl is trying to get over everything that happened to her during the war. She suffered some losses and is trying to pick up the pieces and pull herself together.

Amongst the wounds she endured, one of them failed to heal. Do you think the automatic trade doll thing will impact her life? Professor Orland invented these automatic memory dolls for the sake of his blind wife.

7. Shirobako


This series is mainly focused on the struggles and hardships that the five friends faced. There is also concern about how they would solve the problems and move forward. These guys were all working in the anime industry.

Their experience was based on what they got from their high school club that dealt without animation. This good series introduces new topics based on these guys’ daily lives.

8. Nisekoi


What else can we expect from something done out of force? It will be something negative. After Chitoge punched Raku in the face, the guy realized he had lost his pendant. To make matters worse, it was not just a pendant, but it was from his childhood lover.

After realizing all that, he had to force Chitoge to help him find the pendant, and they started hating each other. Note that Chitoge was the daughter of Raku’s father’s rival, Bee Hive. Raku was the son of Shuei-Gumi, who was a yakuza leader.

9. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I think you can all imagine the heartbreak of discovering something you have been trying to do or find is impossible. Well, that was the situation in which Kyon finds himself.

He just had to discover that all those paranormal concepts and theories are never real; they are just fairytales. On the other hand, Haruhi Suzumiya has only one goal: to meet paranormal people, psychics, time travelers, and aliens. He is like a metal attracted by the magnet of strange and paranormal things.

10. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

How could Tohru Honda have known that the family she is moving into has 13 cursed people? Well, this is not the juicy part of the series, but those cursed people are naked whenever they reappear in the human body. I know you are shocked, but yes, that happens to these 13 members of the Soma family.

This 16-year-old girl moved in with Yuki and Shigure because she had lost her mom. Since the time her mom passed away, she has been living alone in a tent. Whenever these people feel shameful, they become one of the animals you find in the Chinese zodiac.

The young girl finally got to know about this family’s secret. What do you think she is going to do about it? Would you continue staying with these people if you were in Tohru Honda’s shoes? Let me know about your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

11. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

This anime series focuses on the daily life of a certain group of girls and how they live their daily lives. Their day-to-day troubles, hardships, struggles, and how they solved their problems. Some clips will make you laugh your lungs out, and some will also wet your eyes. Let me not waste your time explaining all this; just grab your copy and enjoy.

12. Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

You can easily relate to this series because we all know how we behave at school and home. It is like we are people with different personalities. At school, we behave in another way, and at home, we also have different ways of behaving. Kyoki Hori is bright and famous at school, but when she is home, she is no star.

She is the one to take care of her little brother and the house. Whereas Izumi, the quiet and most insignificant student, is a weirdo when he is home. He is the same person with so many piercings who helped Kyoko Hori’s brother when he was injured.

Kyoko Hori is found in a situation that was not as good as we all expected; the good thing is that they both kept it all to themselves. Now Kyoko knows what Izumi is like when he is home, and the same for Izumi knows how Kyoko is like when she is home.

13. Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp

Despite Rin enjoying being alone, it turns out she is later convinced that the company feels good. Rin helped a girl named O after moving to Japan with her family. Later, the girl’s sister found her, and they exchanged contacts, which is how they kept in touch. They kept talking till Rin was surprised by her friend and started liking being around her.



The series is centered on a girl named Aoba Suzukaze, who works at a company that invents video games. This young girl just finished high school. She just found out that her superior designed her favorite game characters.

The name of the company where Aoba works goes by the name EagleJump. Aoba is also starting to design game characters, and it seems like she will have so much with her workmates.

15. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

I know you all can relate to how it feels being just that one person in class who is behind and everyone else is ahead of you. This is the situation in which Yugo finds himself after going far away from home for University.

The rest of his classmates came from farming backgrounds, and they knew how to do it. Despite not being good at agricultural practicals, he would help his classmates with other subjects like math. Do you think he will be able to keep up?

16. My Love Story!!

My Love Story!!

Love could not make it in Takeo’s life’s dictionary. The reason behind this is that girls were scared of his huge body. This guy was too masculine to the extent that it became scary and frightening for girls to accept him. The way Makoto was able to win any girl’s heart made life miserable for Takeo.

When Tekeo saves Rinko from a naughty guy, he no longer has hope for love. Takeo had already given up and started helping Rinko to get Sunakawa because he thought she had feelings for him.

This was far from the truth because Rinko was looking for true love, not just a boy. Do you think there is going to be something between the two? Let me know in the comment section below.

17. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana

This anime drama has romance concepts and comedy, which makes it perfect to watch. After Yuujibis is attacked by a strange monster from another world named Denizen, Shana saves him.

Shana is a girl with red eyes that blaze like fire, and now, after saving this young boy, they are on a mission together. Do you think the two will succeed in their mission? I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that the two want to destroy and overcome Denizen. Grab your copy today and enjoy this comedy and romantic drama.

18.Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi_ Love Is Hard for Otaku

This series shows how two people can be perfect together, but their relationship is beyond complicated. This series has some weird romantic stuff, perfecting it with a slice of comedy. Hirotaka has no time for his girlfriend because if he is not working, he is on his console, gaming.

19. Wolf Children

Wolf Children

Sometimes, love can lead one to make decisions that are far from being understood by others. As Haba fell in love with his werewolf boyfriend, she went as far as getting pregnant. Despite the boy revealing to her that he was a werewolf, she kept loving him and gave birth to two kids for him.

Her first child was Yuki, aka Snow, and the second was Ame, aka Rain. It was after the birth of the second child when the father vanished in thin air. She had to search for her man but just found out that he was dead and she was left alone. It wasn’t easy, but she had to raise the children independently, even though she feared they could turn into wolves.

She was later threatened by the owner where she stayed that she suspected the presence of animals. Hana then decided decided to go with her kids to live in the countryside so they could be free. This is because she didn’t want to restrict her children; she wanted them to decide who they wanted to be.

20. Golden Time

Golden Time

Mitsuo must be going through hard times as he thinks he has left his old friend and meets new drama. Banri and Mitsuo met on their way to the university as they were both lost. The two were conversing when Mitsuo revealed to Banri that he chose university to flee from someone.

That someone appears to be his childhood friend, and he feels like her actions subject him to aggressive pressure or intimidation. The reason behind this is that she calls herself Mitsuo’s future wife. Koko just came out of nowhere and told them she would always stay close to him no matter where he went.

Banri now finds himself amongst this mysterious couple and feels sorry for Koko. Don’t forget that Banri met with an accident just after graduating and lost all his memories.



Losing a partner is shown to be something that is not easy for the remaining partner to swallow. This is captured in the way Okozaki’s father got trapped in alcohol and gambling stuff after the death of his wife. Okozaki is engaged in or showing deep thoughts about something that makes one sad, angry, or worried.

This is the death of his mother and his father’s well-being at the same time. When his mother passed away, he was left staying with his father, who couldn’t bear the loss and became the worst.

This high school student had to leave his father because their relationship was no longer working. It was not easy for Okozaki because he completely changed into a different person with a different personality. He was always at war with his thoughts; he suffered a lot and wanted to improve his life.

Although Furukawa Nagisa was mysterious and difficult to understand, she changed Okozaki. She made him see things more clearly and better, which was a ray of hope for Okozaki. As the series continues, new things occur, and he meets new people and problems.

22. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Natsume's Book of Friends

Some might find it cool, but Natsume found these ghost-like images causing him inconvenience. Youkai and Ayakashi are supernatural Japanese spirits that Natsume could see alone, only him. He would find himself in a shameful situation because it was not normal.

These spirits were also able or likely to cause harm or injury to Natsume as no one would understand him and his weird behavior. The worst part is that he doesn’t have anyone; he lost his parents, leading him to be an orphan. This boy suffers from discrimination by some other children because of what happens to him.

Natsume had to move from one family to the other (foster families) because they couldn’t understand him. On the other hand, the other spirit started chasing him, and he didn’t know the reason behind the attack. As Natsume was trying to run away from this spirit, he freed a certain trapped cat.

Do you think the cat is going to help him in any way? Well, this led him to discover what his grandmother left behind after her death. He had to use his grandmother’s book to trap Youkai again so he could be free. It wasn’t easy because he had to fake a friendship with the spirit to trap it again.

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