What is the best mega pokemon: I’ve got the best answer

What is the best mega pokemon I've got the best answer

Some upgrades in the Pokemon gaming world allow a Pokemon to change its form. Unfortunately, not all Pokemon have gotten this transformation upgrade, which we know as Mega Evolutions. These transformations help Pokemon change and boost their stats in the game.

A Pokemon is only able and capable of changing its form only once throughout the battle. It is amazing how these Mega Evolutions work in favour of the Pokemon that can have some features. Let’s get into today’s business witlet’swasting mutoday’sour time and have an adventure on Mega Evolutions.

24. Altaria


This is one of the trainers with a graceful and stylish appearance, and its defence stats are admirable. There is no doubt that this Pokemon is powerful as it has the help of Mega Evolutions. You cannot convince me that you did not like its soprano voice when it is in the skies, flying in a manner that can even weaken the opponent.

The soprano voice of Altaria is capable of taking you to the dreamland. I think Solana was about the geomagnetic thing that she mentioned that Altaria uses when they are flying. Despite being good at defence, this same Pokemon has an ability and is capable of attacking its enemies, showing them no mercy.

However, this is only when it is provoked. This Pokemon sometimes lives in mountainous places but is mostly found in forests. You can never believe this Pokemon can be aggressive with its opponents if you see it fly calmly in the sky.

23. Sceptile


I tried to understand how this Pokemon looked, but all I could tell was that it was fast, like lighting. Sceptile, also known as a speed demon, has such a great speed that I had never imagined a Pokemon having such speed. I want to tell you that this Pokemon looks great, amazing, fantastic, blah blah, no, this one is scary.

If you are against this big guy, you must be ready for what is to come after. Its defensive skills and capabilities are beyond amazing. Don’t forget that it is a fully evolved Pokemon and makes some amazing moves like Dragon Pulse. When we talk about being frightening, this thing we are talking about right now has reached the level of a Giga Drain.

22. Ampharos



When discussing Mega Evolutions with nice hair, Ampharos will be in the league and will likely win the trophy. Don’t mind my obsession with its hair, but it is amazing. It is one of the best Pokemon in the whole series, with amazing attacking capabilities. The way it attacks can even surprise the opponent, and at some point, it makes the opponent scared.

Despite being mostly not to be the first to attack on the battlefield, its stats are solid. The moment it evolves, it becomes partly Electric and Dragon-like Pokemon, so you have to be careful. This is one of the Pokemon with Mega Evolutions you would never want to mess with.

21. Gardevoir


This Pokemon inspires fear or respect by being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable without being evolved. Now, guess what will happen after the Mega Evolutions? Well, it becomes unstoppable and stronger. This Pokemon is a fairy and psychic, which makes it clear why it is the way it is.

Some Pokemon are just the body when they evolve, but when it comes to Gardevoir, even its brain structure changes. This is when its violent nature and behaviour are activated. Its temper is too much to the extent that it is known as the deity of destruction in some areas.

Have you ever heard of a rampage that lasts for a month? Well, that is what this Pokemon’s Pokemon’s Rampage is like. It has been known for its destructive nature since long ago. I am still trying to figure out how it can crush stones with fangs. Mostly, it appears when there are misunderstandings and has scales that are even harder than Steel.

Tell me something: what do you think about this Pokemon? Don’t forget to drop a comment down there.

20. Abomasnow


I can’t say much about this Pokemon, but I can only tell that once it becomes Mega Abomasnow, it is wild. This Pokemon makes me feel like it is smart, the way it waits for its foe to take the move first. There is no justification for its wildness; imagine it has a speed of thirty, so what else do you expect? It is clear that it just behaves according to its speed.

Do you know what this Pokemon is like? Well, let me tell you what it is like. It is an ice type and grass Pokemon. Its attacking capabilities make it very effective and worth being on the battlefield. Taking this Pokemon into the match is just a way of making your opponents fear you.

19. Alakazam


Allow me to say that I love this Pokemon, especially after its evolution with a white beard, which is becoming thicker and even longer.

After this Pokemon’s evolution, I believe it has become more useful and even seems cool. But wait, I have a question: what is it with that red organ that comes on the centre of Alakazam’s forehead after its evolution? This Pokemon gets its full psychic potential when it evolves in exchange for its muscle ability.

What do you think about it? Is it worth giving its muscle ability in return for its full psychic potential? What else would you want from a Mega Evolution when it can just get to know everything about anyone just by one look at a person? It is not even a look but a gaze, lol.

18. Diancie


Alakazam is not the only Pokemon that trades something in return with Mega Evolution; Diancie is also in the same category. This Pokemon, Diancie, trades its defence and special defence in return for a sweeper mode. How it will attack after the Mega Evolution is unexplainable, as it has a speed I can’t even describe.

Despite Steel being much better than Diancie in defence, Diancie’s Diancie’s quadruple is a weakness for Steel. Diancie, after the evolution, gets an ability by the name Magic Bounce, which makes it more reliable. What do you think about this Pokemon? Let me know in the comment section below.

17. Absol


There is no doubt that this one is best for trainers as it will benefit you. It has its ways of making up for its weaknesses and flaws. You don’t have to worry much about this Pokemon because as soon as it evolves, it gains speed, which is fantastic. Trust me, given that you do what you must, you will win the match with no doubt.

16. Gengar


This Pokemon has won the fans’ hearts and become the best of the fans. Can you guess what could be the reason behind this? Well, there is no doubt that it is all because of its mega evolution that is so amazing and fan servicing.

Its evolution has also upgraded its abilities and skills, making it the best Pokemon in the Red and Blue Pokemon anime. There is a combo of moves that this Pokemon is capable of, and this will overpower the enemies.

15. Aggron


Despite this Pokemon’s flaws and weaknesses, its defence and attack stats are amazing. The most unfortunate weakness of this Pokemon is the quadruple, which is something essential for gamers to win the match.

Its mega evolution is amazing. Though it does not erase all its weaknesses, it makes the burden easy. If a good gamer takes this Pokemon and uses it well, it will become an unstoppable monster.

14. Metagross


There is no doubt that this Pokemon is not for the weaker opponents because it is designed strong without even evolving. If it is strong without the mega-evolution, then what do you think will happen after the mega-evolution? It will become stronger and more powerful, and no Pokemon wants to mess with this one.

Metagross even gets four more legs after its evolution, which makes it obvious that it will rock the battlefield. This Pokemon is sometimes cruel to its opponents, which always results in it exploding. Metagross also has the advantage of its psychic inside power, making it strong and formidable.

13. Lucario


In the series this Pokemon featured, it managed to be in the spotlight and become famous. This is all because of its amazing special attack and attack stats with an enhancement of some speed. I won’t lie to you that its defence stats are not bad; they are beyond being bad.

They are the worst. However, it gained some strength after its evolution and helped its defence ability and capabilities. It won’t be a bad idea to try it out because once it evolves, it can even reach the total base stat that is above 600.

12. Aerodactyl


Are you looking for a Pokemon that has dual features? This Pokemon is the best for your match as it is both a flying type and a rock Pokemon. Its defending skills are not the best like other best-defending Pokemon, but trust me, one way or the other, you need this one on your team. After its Mega evolution, it gains some amazing attacking stats and speed, which benefits you.

You can avoid deadly attacks by teaching this Pokemon the mega Aerodactyl fly. Is it not amazing? Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

11. Scizor


Are you looking for a Pokemon that can cover all the bases? Well, despite it not being the quickest bug-type Pokemon, it is useful for a match. It can make the opponent go crazy as it is resistant to poison-type moves.

There is also something we can’t deny: this bug-type Pokemon is dope and looks cool. I would advise you to try this steel bug sometime, and don’t forget to thank me later after winning.

10. Tyranitar


If it wasn’t for this Pokemon’s weaknesses, it could have been among the best Mega Evolutions ever. One of its weaknesses is that it is okay to dislike it because it will cost you.

How can a single Pokemon have seven weaknesses? What else will you expect from such a tank? This Pokemon can’t stop from being on the list, as its evolution comes with many things at once. This Pokemon can only be useful to someone who knows how to use it well, or you will be defeated.

9. Steelix


There is no tank without flaws; this one has four weaknesses, which sometimes pull it back, but don’t worry. It has ways of making up for its weaknesses and making the match to your advantage. This Pokemon does not joke with the opponent. It does all it has to do to get over the opponent.

Steelix’s mega evolution boosts its speed as well as its defending stats. What do you think about this Pokemon’s stats? Are they really good for one to take it on in a match? Don’t forget to comment in the comment section below. Your opinions and thoughts matter.

8. Houndoom


I don’t think there is anyone who thinks of being this Pokemon’s opponent just by looking at it. Let’s not rush because sometimes looks can also be deceiving. What do you think? I won’t lie, but this Pokemon is bad at defence and, therefore, covered by its evolution.

When it comes to speed and special attacks, it is also enhanced by its mega evolution. This Pokemon is useful at some point, and you might need some other time; don’t turn a blind eye to it.

7. Gyarados


Something will be wrong if you ever come across a list of the best water-type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet and Gyarados is missing. How can these Pokemon be missed while they had power and influence over others in the metagame? I love how this Pokemon’s evolution is not fancy and complicated; it is simple and fantastic.

This Pokemon should also be recognised amongst the best Mega Evolutions ever. The reason is that it has stats that even reach one hundred and fifty-five attacks. However, just like any other Pokemon, it also had faults, which we can regard as its weaknesses.

6. Charizard x

Charizard x

This is a Dragon and a flying-like Pokemon after its Mega Evolutions. Are you aware that only two Pokemon can choose regarding Mega Evolutions? All these two are indeed good and have high stats; they are not only good but outstanding and excellent. I haven’t seen any Pokemon feared the way Charizard X is feared after the Mega Evolution.

This Pokemon’s special attack and attack stats are balanced and not bad. Don’t tell me that you don’t know this Pokemon can also defend. Are you looking for a Pokemon that has access to the Dragon Dance? Well, your search is over because this Pokemon does it best.

5. Blaziken


This is just a beast that no one would ever want to mess with because of its stats and everything about it. Its rapidly attacking power goes high and gets more by its Mega Evolutions. You also can’t forget how its evolution can transform it into a snowball with great speed.

What do you think about this Pokemon’s durability? It might not be like Charizard or have abilities like Charizard’s, but that can not stop it from being exceptional. All its stats are not bad, and when it comes to its attacking stats, they are also high, as it is always on the offensive.

4. Kangaskhan


At some point, this Pokemon is underrated despite being the worst mega evolution. Don’t get this whole thing wrong; I’m not denying that this Mega Evolution is not good, no, but the way this Pokemon can double attack, hmm. It has some special ability where it uses the secondary effects twice, and something will occur.

This Pokemon turns into some frightening and ferocious thing that can stand a chance of winning over its opponents. The design of this Pokemon is not good; the only thing that seems good about it is its ability to use secondary effects twice.

3. Garchomp


Whenever we talk about the big guys that gave us some heroic character in the Pokemon world, Garchomp can’t be left out. What’s your take on this? Are you aware that this big guy is among the highest stats champions? This was when he reached 170 attacks stat; I know you are surprised, but don’t be because there’s more than that.

It is fantastic how this Pokemon gets access to some physical moves that are so powerful. I bet that this Pokemon will forever remain a champ amongst the Pokemon in the Pokemon anime history. Some of you will not agree with me, so drop a comment mentioning your mega-evolution Pokemon of all time.

2. Rayquaza


I don’t know how to explain and describe this Pokemon, so you all understand how strong it is. This is one of those Pokemon that are undefeated and unstoppable by their opponents, making it valuable for a match. This could end your search if you are looking for a very strong legendary Pokemon.

Before evolving this strong and unstoppable Pokemon, you must teach it a certain move called Dragon Ascent. Don’t be surprised why you have to teach it that move; it is because it is a Dragon flying like Pokemon. I think Rayquaza can be the best Pokemon for attacking and special attacking because its stats are more favourable.

Not forgetting how it is unique with its ability to do something that seems impossible and can only be done on a few rare occasions. I am sorry, but I will not tell you the rare ability; that’s your homework to find out. Don’t forget to comment if you get it; share it with me in the comment section below.

1. Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo Y

Are you looking for a Pokemon with two Mega Evolutions? Well, there is something special about this Pokemon named Mewton Y. Just like Charizard, this semester has always been amazing and doing the most. I would advise you to use this Pokemon, especially when it comes to hitting.

It hits very fast and so hard; when it comes to its stats, they are so dope and amazing. This Pokemon can help you with tough opponents as it has fantastic coverage. I don’t think anyone would want to mess with this Pokemon with a double Mega Evolution. What do you think?

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