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Best Tank Pokemon You Need For Your Team

We have our best creatures, who are known as tanks when taking hits in Pokemon battles. These creatures are some of the reasons why almost every anime is interested in Pokemon games. Pokemon series are mostly centred on games, and the tanks mostly dominate the games.

We also should not forget that despite the tanks being good at being defensive, they are also offensive. However, they should not be offensive in a consistent manner throughout the match. As always, we have our different preferences when it comes to the best and favourite tank of each and every one among us.

Don’t worry about that because I have prepared a long list of the best tanks, and there is no doubt that you will have one, lol. The list below helps gamers choose the best tanks for their matches as we get to know their strengths and weaknesses. These tanks have different skills and different ways of dealing with their opponents.

Do not forget to tell me about your best tanks in case I miss out on today’s list. I am always pleased to have your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Do not forget to drop a comment. Let’s not waste time; let’s just get it done!

16. Bastiodon


I know some have already started asking how this tank got on our list today. I also haven’t seen Bastiodon being a diamond player, but that doesn’t mean Bastiodon can’t be on our list. It’s not a secret that Bastiodon is good at defence despite being a wannabe dinosaur.

When we also talk about hybrid tanks, Bastiodon is one of the largest and most heavily built. Some gamers might not be familiar with Bastiodon since this tank is usually not on the front line.

Bastiodon being in the background deprived him of the chance to be known by many gamers, just like the front-line tanks. It is one of the tanks that protect some strong members of its team, and sometimes it kinda brags about it.

15. Shuckle


This is one of the amazing tanks with great defending skills. It is not cool that all of Shuckle’s stats are very poor, which makes it hard to impress the fans. This tank is amazing in its description, not forgetting that the beach usually chills it.

There is something that amazes me about this tank: it is yellow. Are you all aware that Shuckle, despite being in legendaries, shares a PU spot with the tank on number fifteen of our list? Shuckle can also be transformed into a powerhouse; yes, it is part and parcel of the tricks associated with it.

It has a matching Sp of base 230. The shuckle’s shells are red and hard despite the many white holes. Shuckle is one of the tanks that are made for their use. It is capable of both defence and special defence with the help of its hard shell.

Shuckle is more effective and useful, especially in tag team battles. It has some hidden capabilities, and it is also capable of staying long and sustaining the opponent’s attack. Thanks to its digestive juices that it uses to dissolve rocks and hide under the rocks. It is also more reliable than other tanks because it keeps food in its shell while other tanks look for food.

14. Cloyster


This is one of the tanks in our old-school Pokemon, and when it comes to its defence, it is outstanding. Regarding old-school Pokemon, Cloisters’ base defence (180) is great. It is also another tank in shells, just like Shuckle, though they are different water tanks. This tank is different from others as it has some other potentials except being in defence only.

Cloyster has high potential as a wall breaker or a sweeper, which makes this tank outstanding and more reliable. This tank is not to be underestimated because it has access to some moves like Shell Smash and Spikes.

No lies to be told; this tank is more capable as a sweeper as it is good at taking hits and causing great destruction. However, Cloyster has a big weakness, and I won’t tell you. Find out its weakness and drop it in the comment section below.

13. Miltank


It is a cow tank that is relaxed and less inhibited in the Pokemon world. It differs from other Pokemon as they are on different grounds, with most of them on our list. It is rare to find tanks with a versatile move pool and good defensive capabilities, and Miltank is one of those rare.

Old Pokemon fans are the ones who are familiar with this tank, as it caused fear to Gym leaders. It challenged them in a way that had never happened before, which made him be recognised as a PTSD causing fear.

12. Metagross


You can all agree with me that this tank is more reliable, whether it’s being offensive or defensive. The only format that it cannot stand the competition with is Uber. The rest, it’s an obvious case. Despite having better and more effective steel tanks below, Metagross can not go unnoticed.

This tank allows you to play in any generation you want. It also has one hundred and thirty-five attacking means and a base defence of one hundred and thirty. Isn’t it cool? What do you think? Drop your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.

11. Snorlax


Snorlax is one of the best mammalian Pokemon. This is one of the most preferable tanks as it eats anything that appears to be food to itself. Snorlax is unlike other tanks with a specific type of food, thanks to its strong stomach. Its stomach is strong, so even if it eats bad food, it won’t feel sick. We can even call Snorlax a foodie because of the way it eats.

It requires four hundred kilograms of food before going back to sleep; it’s not bad, though, since it is strong. Most gamers only dislike Snorlax because it is lazy despite being so strong and powerful. This tank is known to be getting into villages and stealing their food, and it does all this without warning them.

Snorlax’s description can’t be forgotten. Lol, its body is mostly its stomach because it is so big. It has two limbs that it uses to walk, small ears on a big head, a face that is coloured cream, and two pointed teeth. Snorlax is dark blue-green, with short and long arms and five finger-like claws on each hand.

10. Umbreon


Are you looking for a tank that has an amazing evolution? This tank can even see its opponents in the dark. I truly believe that there is something exceptional about this tank. What’s your take on my opinion? Let’s move on to its description, which is how Umbreon looks. It has a smooth, black, glossy body and four legs.

Whenever Umbreon is exposed to the moonlight, he gets some strange energy. At some point, I started to think that Umbreon was nocturnal because it hunted at night, which was the best time for him to get rid of his prey. This tank always amazes me with its special abilities, as it also has poisonous sweat that it sprays in the opponent’s eyes.

It has two jaws, each with a pair of teeth, which you can only see if its mouth is open. Umbreon is one of the rare species of Pokemon; it is not common, and it has strong defence abilities and skills. There is also something about this tank when it is delightful: its yellow rings glow.

9. Chansey


This is one of the tanks that have access to learning a few useful attacking skills. Chansey has a great evolution that will leave you short of words and surprised. Its evolution draws the games’ attention mostly because it makes Chansey effective and reliable for any game level.

This Pokemon can endure pain and all sorts of from the opponent, and it has amazing abilities like being a healer. The Healer mode of this Pokemon makes it very useful to its teammates as it can heal them. What do you think it looks like With everything I have said about Chansey so far? Well, it is an egg Pokemon; you heard me right and egg.

This amazing egg Pokemon has some skills and tricks that can paralyse, freeze or burn the opponent. The chance of getting this damage done to the opponent is high because it is forty per cent.

Trust me when it comes to this tank: as long as you know how to play your game well, you will not regret picking this Pokemon. What do you think about it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

8. Blissey 


How can we speak about the bed tanks in the Pokemon world without mentioning Blissey? At some point, I feel like calling Blissey a better version of Chansey can be cool. I know you are now starting to ask yourself why I said so; it’s because of what Chansey does.

Blissey can do better. This tank beats Chansey in any way you might think; now, imagine how Chansey is and rate Blissey on your own. There are certain moments when you have to use an Eviolite while using Chansey, but when you have Blissey, there is no need.

This clearly shows how using Blissey is an added advantage to the gamer. Despite having a weakness like any other tank, it has admirable stats: an HP of 255 and a Sp defence of 135. Isn’t it amazing? What do you think?

7. Tyranitar


This tank is amongst the strongest hybrid tanks in the Pokedex through its capability to complement stats. There is no doubt that this tank was invented for attacking as it has an attacking base of 134. This tank has won the hearts of all gamers, and almost every gamer and fan of Pokemon matches is aware of this Pokemon.

Despite its defence not being that amazing, it still can defend with an Sp defence of 100 and a defence of 110. I don’t think that a defence of 110 is bad for a typical attacker. This is what I think; I don’t know, what about you? We know that most gamers use Tyranitar as their main mon because it is from a Sandstorm team.

6. Steelix


I guess so far on the list, this is one of the tanks that have an amazing base defence. It has an extremely large base defence of two hundred. Yes, of course, I said two 200; I know some of you are in shock because we have never seen it playing at a high level. It has an enormous evolution, which gets the game on its highest defence.

Of course, it will be next to Shuckle. Don’t joke with its attacking capabilities because it is great at defending. I urge you to use this tank, and I don’t think you will regret it because it will boost your defence on another level. Steelix’s ability to also be the Stealth Rock will always make it a star.

5. Skarmory


Through this Pokemon, we can also see that sometimes it is not only because of having great stats but also logic. This tank’s defensive and attacking stats are very poor compared to Steelix’s, but they are better than Steelix’s. Don’t be confused because this Pokemon uses its ability to set up for the better.

It even reaches the top of the Pokemon mountain, where Steelix can’t manage. You are impressed despite its defensive stat being lower than Steelix’s. It has a defensive stat of 140 and an attacking one at 80. Skarmory has access to spikes, whirlwinds, and toxic substances, making him exceptional. Try this tank, and you will thank me later, lol.

4. Avalugg


The existence of this tank also means the existence of Cetitan. Avalugg is a Pokemon that lives in areas of high altitudes. This tank’s appearance is one of the most amazing appearances of the tanks in the Pokemon world. This creature is huge and has four legs, and its body is also flat. It is like how it appears like an aircraft carrier when Bergmite is on its back.

Avalugg has cracks on its body that are pale purple, and these cracks are deep during the daytime and normal at night. The description of this tank is something that I also fail to understand how it looks as its legs are cylindrical.

Its body is something beyond my understanding as it has a wedge-shaped head with yellow eyes diamond-shaped. This tank is amongst the big guys of the Pokemon, and it also has a beard which is of short icicles, lol.

3. Toxapex


This is one of the new tanks recently added to the game, so don’t be surprised if you have never heard about it. I like this creature’s eyes because they are bright blue. This creature’s head is purplish pink, and it looks like a starfish. This Pokemon has legs that look like starfish, and the legs are many; it has twelve legs.

Do you think its legs are long or short? What do you think? Just take a guess. Its legs consist of spikes which even reach out to the outer leg. Toxapex’s spines help it fight its opponents as it can throw them on the opponent, and there is poison in its spines.

2. Ferrothorn


How can we leave out this amazing tank on this list? That won’t be justice, considering the capabilities and skills of this tank. Ferrothorn has a base defence of one hundred and thirty, which is great. The moment this tank was introduced into the gaming world, it managed to get fans through its competitive skills.

Through the help of his Stealth Rock and Spikes, it has managed to be one of the best hazard setters in the Pokemon world. This tank can also learn Leech speed and Knock Off, which can work to its advantage. If you are interested in this tank, let me tell you where to find it.

Ferrothorn is seen in the Master’s Division regularly, which will also happen for some time. What do you think about Ferrothorn being at the mid-to-high trier of the overall defence? Don’t forget to drop your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.

1. Corviknight


When we talk about the strongest Pokemon birds in the Galar region, Corviknight is among them. This tank is a bird that looks like a raven; it has some features that make it resemble a raven. It has two colours: its legs and the lower beak are matte, and the rest of its body is lustrous black.

This tank can’t be scared by other tanks, but it is the one that scares away other tanks. It is smart logic and has exceptional skills or abilities to deal with opponents. Corviknight provides services for moving people from one place to another at a certain company named Galar Taxi.

Like any other tank, it also has violent scandals, especially with Skarmory. Despite Corviknight being intelligent and smart, another Pokemon is always attacking it. The name of this Pokemon that always attacks Corviknight is Tinkaton.

Back to Corviknight’s description, its nails, upper beaker and head are armoured. Undoubtedly, it is the most outstanding tank on this list. What do you think? Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome.

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